04/10/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: April 10, 2018
Location: Columbia, SC
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance of the owner and President of Full Force Pro, Amanda Kraven. Amanda was all smiles as she climbed into the ring. In the center of the ring, was a table. An object was sitting on the table, and the object was covered by a piece of velvet fabric. The object was obviously a championship belt. Amanda took a microphone and welcomed everyone to tonight’s show. Then she announced that she had a huge surprise for her husband Matt Kraven. She introduced Matt, and he came down to the ring with the FFP World Championship on his shoulder.

Brian Young and Morgan Alexander speculated what the surprise could be. Obviously it was belt related. But was it a new World Championship, or was it a new championship all together? Morgan guessed it was yet another championship to be given to Matt Kraven. Young said that it would be another championship to stroke Kraven’s ego. Morgan quickly snapped at Brian, saying that he shouldn’t talk about Matt Kraven like that – obviously sucking up to the bosses.

Amanda gave her husband a kiss. Then she announced that she had been working on this surprise for a while, and since Matt was such a great and hard working World Champion that he deserved a brand new FFP World Championship to show just how great he is. Amanda then pulled the velvet fabric off of the championship to reveal Matt’s new World Title.

Amanda then said that they would retire the old title, and Matt would get to place it on their mantle at their home forever. Kraven wrapped Amanda in a hug and kissed her. He thanked her, and quickly held the title up in the air. For the moment, Kraven had two World Titles on his shoulder.

Matt said that he would do everything he could to make Amanda proud, and to do this beautiful World Title justice. Then the two walked off as the crowd booed them.

Six-Man Tag Team Match
#EgoTrip vs Anarchy, Kashimanaki & Kade Haddix
Several champions featured in this match, and what a match it was. A lot of close falls, including Kade Haddix dropping Aiden Conrad with an awesome brainbuster for a two – with the Rich Boys breaking up the pin. Eventually Kashimanaki got his strikes in as well, not only kicking Aiden across his chest five times, but doing it also to Matt and Billy. Anarchy got to get into the ring as well, and hit each guy with a couple of suplexes. Matt and Billy turned the momentum to their side with a double superkick on Kade Haddix, then sending Kashimanaki tumbling over the top rope. Then, it was a three on one on Anarchy. He faired well at first, but eventually fell victim to Aiden’s Beauty Maker. But Kade Haddix was able to break up the pin.

However, after he broke the pin up, it was a three on one on him as well. Kashimanaki joined the fight, but the advantage was with #EgoTrip. After knocking Haddix back out of the ring, Conrad hit the Beauty Maker on Kashimanaki on got the three count.

In the Ring
Odell Porter came out to the ring and said that he had had it with Joey DeMarco. Odell said that enough was enough and they needed to end this feud once and for all. Porter then challenged DeMarco to a Steel Cage Match at FFP Devastation. Joey came out onto the stage and gladly accepted the match, saying he would be happy to end this feud by destroying Porter inside a cage.

On April 29, 2018 from Austin, Texas Full Force Pro will present it premier edition of it’s new April pay-per-view FFP Devastation. Already scheduled is Amy Kraven defending the FFP Women’s World Championship in a handicap match against Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke. And also Noel Zelig vs Anna Minster in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match for the FFP Ironwoman Title. You won’t want to miss this awesome event!

The scene cut backstage to Zoey Kiehl, who would be wrestling in the FFP Spirit Title Tournament after earning a spot by defeating April Hunter last week. Tyrece Beckman was there to ask Zoey about he injury, caused by a handicap match that Amanda Kraven had set up. Zoey said she understood that she had gotten on the bad side of Amanda Kraven by sticking up for her boyfriend Matt Evanston. But Zoey said that she didn’t care if she was on the bad side or the good side of Amanda Kraven. That all she cared about was presenting herself in a positive way, wrestling the best she could and hopefully winning the FFP Spirit Title.

FFP Spirit Title Tournament Opening Round
Gina Dilano vs Chloe Banks
The Columbia crowd was happy to see Chloe Banks back in Full Force Pro. Gina Dilano came out on fire early on, landing strikes and looking to make quick work of Chloe. A good strategy in a tournament. But, Chloe ducked a clothesline and hit Gina with a running bulldog. She followed that up with a running knee while Gina got to her knees. Chloe then planted Gina with a DDT. She hooked the leg, but only got a two count. A lot of solid offense quick from Chloe Banks. Banks pulled Gina up and set her up for a German suplex, but Gina fought out and went around Chloe, hooking her leg and taking her to the ground. Gina then applied an ankle lock to Banks. Chloe was in pain, trying to kick Dilano off but no such luck. Chloe kept trying and trying to get to the ropes, but Dilano pulled her back to the center of the ring and held onto the submission move.

Eventually Chloe was able to fight to the ropes, forcing the break. But Gina continues working on her ankle. Dilano had a good game plan of working on a body part. But Banks caught Gina with a hard elbow off of a missed clothesline. Then she spiked Gina to the mat with a DDT. Banks continued working Gina down, but Gina was able to hit a German suplex. Chloe looked to be in trouble. Gina then pulled Chloe up and scooped her onto her shoulders. But Banks was able to escape Dilano’s grasp and hit her with the Impaler. Banks then made the pin and got the three count. She advanced in the FFP Spirit Title Tournament.

George Furst vs Hayden Flowers
Hayden Flowers always seemed to enjoy proving himself against big men. And Hayden came out hitting some solid strikes on George Furst, but Furst had a huge strength and size advantage. George tossed Hayden around a little and ended up hitting Flowers with his finisher, the Lariat from Hell, absolutely turning Hayden inside out. George then made the pin and got the three count.


The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was standing by with the FFP Honor Champion Kade Haddix. Haddix talked about facing off against Alexander Modest at Devastation, and said that he would wrestle his best, and retain his championship. He said that he has worked hard to continue to successfully defend the Honor Title, and that Alexander Modest has bitten off more than he can chew.

FFP Spirit Title Tournament Opening Round
Carla Ray vs Beth Tilly w/ Sophia Ishmael
Carla Ray came out and took the microphone, not only guaranteeing a victory tonight, but of the entire tournament. Beth Tilly took a microphone too, and said that Carla was over looking her. Beth said that she would take Carla down on her way to the Spirit Title. Eventually they got into each other’s faces and began to push back and forth. The shoves turned into punches and the match was under way.

Carla took Beth down with a quick headlock takedown and held onto her for a pin. Beth quickly kicked out, but Carla got up like she had won the match. She put her arms out as if to say “that wasn’t even a challenge”, but then she was flattened by a spinning kick from Beth. Beth began pummeling Carla down with kicks and stomps. The two traded the momentum with Beth eventually hitting a couple strikes to gain the upperhand. She rolled Carla up, pulling on Carla’s tights, but she was still able to kick out. Sophia then got up onto the apron to argue with the referee. Carla was able to shove Beth into Sophia, sending Ishmael to the arena floor. Beth turned around only to get hit by Carla’s spinning hook kick. Carla then hooked the leg and got the one, two, three. Carla Ray has advanced in the Spirit Title Tournament.

Next, the scene cut backstage to Tyrece Beckman, standing by with Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke, who would challenge Amy Kraven for the FFP Women’s Title in a handicap match. Kenzie and Fiona agreed that Amy had no chance at retaining her title. They said that they would be the one and only duo to hold the Women’s Title, and that they would have special titles made after they won, so they both could proudly hold the championship and be the official co-Women’s Champion of the World.

Blaine Edwards vs Caleb Newstead
This was a back and forth match, with moments of technical brilliance from Caleb Newstead, and high flying and fast paced action from Blaine Edwards. Newstead hit Blaine with a monstrous clothesline that looked to be from a 400 pound powerhouse. Edwards flipped over backwards and landed on his chest. Caleb then hit a couple of stomps and locked Blaine in a modified camel clutch. Blaine fought, eventually getting to the ropes, but the clothesline and camel clutch combo took something out of Edwards.

Newstead hit a couple snap suplexes and went to the top rope. Caleb wasn’t as much of a high flyer anymore, but still hit a senton off the top for a two count. But after Blaine kicked out, he was able to grab Caleb’s arms and roll him up in a crucifix pin for the three count. Talk about shocking, Newstead couldn’t believe it!

The scene cut backstage inside The System locker room. Matt Kraven stood with his new World Title. Amanda Kraven by his side. Everett Moses and Miles Lynch were also there. Matt again walked to Miles Lynch and asked him if he understood the plan for Devastation. Amanda even chimed in, saying that it would be best for The System if Miles laid down for Kraven. They promised him many other opportunities if he would just do this. But Miles still seemed hesitant, and eventually walked out of the room.

This Friday night FFP presents FFP Friday the 13th. Already signed is Matt Kraven defending the FFP World Title against Deshaun Reed, Kashimanaki defending the Network Title against Duncan Wright, and Nathan Caine facing off against Trent Wolfe. But that’s not all! You won’t want to miss this event, which could have quite an impact on the FFP Devastation card later this month!

The scene cut to the locker room of Anna Minster. Anna talked about her upcoming 2-Out-of-3 Falls match versus Noel Zelig at Devastation for the FFP Ironwoman Championship. Anna said she respected Noel. She knew the two had great matches and knew this would be the toughest of them all. But Minster said that with her preparation and her will and determination, she would take Noel down and take home the gold.

Nina Fox vs Lenore Spade w/ Simone Williams
Nina Fox came out with a lot to prove, getting ready to battle Taylor Clawson at Devastation. But Lenore Spade was trying to prove herself as well, taking down one of FFP’s best woman wrestlers ever. Nina grabbed the upperhand early, working Lenore down. Simone quickly got involved, tripping Nina up, and later on bodyslamming her on the arena floor. But Nina is a tough woman. She fought back, eventually rocking Simone with a European uppercut and slamming her into the guardrail. Lenore went for a baseball slide dropkick, but Nina caught her legs and pulled her to the outside, slamming her to the floor.

Nina sent Lenore back into the ring and continued pummeling the blonde. A couple arm drags, a Northern lights suplex and a dropkick took Lenore down. Then, Taylor Clawson came out onto the entrance stage. The crowd noticed. The commentators noticed. Then Nina noticed. Nina dared Taylor to come down to the ring, but didn’t turn her attention for too long. That is until Taylor came to ringside. Then, Nina hit a suicide dive, sending Taylor crashing to the floor.

Nina reentered the ring, continuing her beat down on Lenore, but Lenore caught the upperhand as Nina entered the ring, hitting her with a knee to the head, and a swinging neckbreaker. Nina fought back, as only Nina does. With a headbutt and a couple elbows. But then Taylor Clawson slid into the ring and attacked Fox from behind. Lenore seemed aggravated for a moment. Technically she lost the match by DQ due to outside interference, but Spade didn’t take long to slide out of the ring and make her exit. Taylor pummeled Nina down, stomping the hell out of her. Then she pummeled the dark haired wrestler up and slammed her to the mat with the Flatliner. But Taylor wasn’t done. She continued laying into Nina, hitting repeated punches.

As Taylor continued her beat down of Nina Fox, FFP Hall of Famer Veronica Clyne rushed to the ring to make the save. Taylor Clawson climbed out of the ring, and Veronica checked on Nina. But the action wasn’t over. As Veronica checked on Nina, Masina made her way down the isle. Veronica stood as Masina climbed into the ring. The two women went eye-to-eye. That is until Masina hit Veronica with a nasty clothesline. Masina then pulled Clyne up and hit her with a powerbomb. But she wasn’t done yet. Masina climbed up onto the middle turnbuckle and flattened Veronica with a big splash. Satisfied with the beat down, Masina smiled and left the ring.

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