04/13/2018 FFP Friday the 13th

Date: April 13, 2018
Location: Birmingham, AL
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

FFP Friday the 13th opened up with the entrance of The System. The FFP World Champion Matt Kraven and owner and President of FFP Amanda Kraven led their group to the ring. Everett Moses, Miles Lynch and Vanessa Rocha followed the power couple and entered the ring with them. Matt Kraven then got on the microphone and talked about how today was Friday the 13th, an unlucky day for most, but a very unlucky one for Deshaun Reed. Kraven said that Deshaun was going to attempt to win the World Championship tonight, but just like how Jason Vorhees cuts his victims down, Matt would do the same tonight against Deshaun. Matt said it would be fast and easy.

Deshaun then came out with a microphone in hand. He got a pretty nice pop from the Birmingham crowd. Deshaun said that at the end of every Jason movie, the masked slasher ends up defeated, and tonight it would be exactly the same. Reed said that as he stands over Kraven’s body he would hold the FFP World Championship in the air, and the crowd would be chanting “you deserve it”. Of course this made the crowd break into that exact chant.

Matt Kraven quickly interrupted, saying that he and Deshaun were tonight’s main event, but that Kraven would be more than happy to get the match done now and shut the Birmingham crowd up right now. Deshaun agreed and headed to the ring.

FFP World Title
(c) Matt Kraven w/ The System vs Deshaun Reed

So the main event was going on first! Deshaun got into the ring and Kraven immediately attacked. The System hasn’t even had a chance to get out of the ring before Kraven hit Deshaun with a couple kicks, a few forearms and a big spinebuster. It wasn’t looking good for Deshaun as Matt Kraven loaded up, getting ready for the Superkick. But as Kraven went for the move, Deshaun dodged and hit the World Champion with a snap German suplex. The momentum of the move made Kraven hit the mat, but flip back over and end up in his knees. Deshaun then cracked Kraven with a Superkick. Matt’s body went limp and he fell face first to the mat. Deshaun rolled Matt over and hooked his leg. The referee slid into position. 1…2… and Kraven barely kicked out in time!

Deshaun couldn’t believe it. He thought he had won. The System couldn’t believe it either. They all breathed a sigh of relief. But Deshaun wasn’t done. He took to the top rope. And hit a beautiful 450 Splash. He hooked he leg again. 1…2… and this time Amanda Kraven grabbed Matt’s leg and placed it in the bottom rope. Reed again thought he had won. He slapped the mat and stood back up. Now setting his sights on The System, Deshaun hit the ropes and dove over the top rope, landing on Everett Moses and Miles Lynch while Amanda Kraven high tailed it away from the challenger. Vanessa took possession of the World Title and went after Deshaun. She attempted to hit him with it, but he ducked and she cracked Miles Lynch right in the skull. Lynch felt back to the arena floor. Vanessa again attempted to hit Deshaun but he ducked it and she nearly hit Amanda Kraven. Kraven let out a scream as Vanessa put the brakes on. Everett Moses then tried to hit Deshaun from behind. Again Reed moved out of the way, and Moses crashed into Vanessa and Amanda Kraven. Sending both women to the arena floor.

The System had been wiped out, at least for the moment. Deshaun slid back into the ring to go at the World Champion again. But Kraven had gotten back up, and immediately hit Deshaun with a Superkick. Deshaun fell to the mat, and the World Champion made the cover. 1…2… and Deshaun kicked out! Brian Young couldn’t believe it. He shouted on commentary, “He kicked out! He kicked out!” Kraven pulled Reed back up to his feet and set him up for another Superkick. Deshaun was standing in the middle of me ring, groggy. Kraven went for the move, but Reed dodged it again and hit Kraven with a knee to the jaw. He then grabbed Matt and drove him to the mat with the Crash Landing! Kraven had to be out!

Deshaun hooked Matt Kraven’s leg. The referee again slid into position. 1…2… and suddenly the referee was pulled out of the ring by Everett Moses. The referee had landed in his feet, so he immediately began yelling at Everett. The camera picked up the referee screaming, “what the hell are you doing?!” Deshaun still had Matt Kraven pinned, so the referee went to get back inside the ring. So Everett blindsided him with a shot to the back of the head. The referee slammed into the apron of the ring and fell to the arena floor.

Everett now slid into the ring. Deshaun got up to try to fend off the monster, but Everett got his hands on Reed and hit him with a big slam, all of Everett’s weight coming down on top of the challenger. Moses now pulled Matt over top of Deshaun and exited the ring. But the referee was still absolutely knocked out. Moses pulled the ref up and slid him back into the ring, but he was still out cold. Finally a second referee rushed out from the back. He slid in and began making the count. 1…2… and Reed was somehow able to kick out. The Birmingham crowd exploded. They loved it. The match would continue.

Matt Kraven pulled Deshaun up. Kraven was obviously frustrated and surprised. He did not think Deshaun would give him this much fight. Kraven set Deshaun up for a piledriver, but Deshaun reversed into a back body drop. Matt Kraven was able to land on his feet, and immediately went for a Superkick. Reed moved out of the way and Matt inadvertently hit the referee. That’s two referees down in this match!

Kraven turned his attention back to Deshaun, but Reed cracked the Champion with a roaring elbow. Reed then scooped Kraven up and hit a beautiful Death Valley Driver. Miles Lynch now entered the ring. Deshaun caught a glimpse of Lynch, but it was too late. Miles hit him with a hard punch to the jaw. The sound echoed through the arena. Miles then took hold of the challenger and spiked him face first to the mat with the Flatliner. Miles then stood, looking down at Kraven who was just getting back to his feet. Lynch flashed a smirk and put his hand out, looking to almost present Kraven with Deshaun Reed lying motionless on the mat. Miles Lynch was set to challenge for the World Championship at FFP Devastation. Was this Lynch warning Kraven, saying “look at what I can do”?

Miles climbed out of the ring and Matt Kraven made the cover. The original referee for the match was finally gaining consciousness, and made the slow count. 1……2……3! Matt Kraven retained his World Championship, but needed a ton of help to do so.

Kraven rolled out of the ring and took possession of the World Title. He walked to the back with The System behind him. Except Miles Lynch, who had walked backstage after the Flatliner to Deshaun Reed.

After The System disappeared behind the curtain, and Deshaun had regained consciousness, the Birmingham crowd gave him a standing ovation. Reed waved to the crowd as he walked up the entrance ramp.

On April 29, 2018 from Austin, Texas Full Force Pro will present it premier edition of it’s new April pay-per-view FFP Devastation. Already scheduled is Amy Kraven defending the FFP Women’s World Championship in a handicap match against Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke. And also Noel Zelig vs Anna Minster in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match for the FFP Ironwoman Title. You won’t want to miss this awesome event!

Nathan Caine vs Trent Wolfe
This match started off with a lot of solid striking. The Birmingham crowd loved the back and forth loud strikes. European uppercuts, forearms, chops. Trent hit a back elbow off of an Irish whip followed by a running big boot for a two count. He missed a clothesline and Nathan responded with a belly to back suplex. Caine then hit two hard clotheslines and a spear for a two count. Trent fought back, hitting two headbutts and a running STO. Wolfe then hit the Bloody Sunday, and got the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman caught up with Miles Lynch. He asked Miles about his interaction with Matt Kraven earlier in the night. Miles said that he was only making sure that the right man won. Tyrece then asked Miles about him challenging Matt at Devastation. Miles said that right now his mind was on that Kraven retained, and not Devastation.

No Disqualification Tag Team Match
Taylor Clawson & Masina vs Nina Fox & Veronica Clyne

Another back and forth matchup. But this match turned into a brawl quick. Spilling to the outside of the ring where Taylor and Masina got the upperhand. Taylor slammed Nina into the guardrail and Masina charged, crushing Nina inbetween herself and the guardrail. Veronica grabbed Taylor and rammed her into the steel ring post. Veronica then went toe-to-toe with Masina. Clyne hit a couple solid punches and slammed Masina into the ring apron. Veronica pulled Nina up and the two muscled Masina into the ring. Nina hit Masina with her Superkick. Then Veronica scooped Masina into her shoulders, setting her up for the Go to Sleep. But Taylor came in and chop blocked Veronica, who fell to the mat, crushed by Masina.

Taylor then went after Nina. Taylor and Masina double teamed Nina, hitting a double suplex, followed by Masina hitting a big leg drop. Taylor then pulled Nina up and planted her with the Flatliner. Clawson then made the cover, but Nina was able to kick out. Taylor got up, and Masina immediately hit a running big splash. She then made the pin on Nina. 1…2…3! Taylor Clawson and Masina has had won the match.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Aiden Conrad w/ #EgoTrip vs Blaine Edwards

Yet another back and forth matchup. Blaine Edwards grabbed the upperhand early, working on Aiden’s arm. Conrad fought back, hitting a couple of punches to the head followed by a hip toss and dropkick to the back of the head. Aiden went for the Beauty Maker early, but Blaine dodged and hit a belly to belly suplex. Edwards then blasted Aiden in the face with a running dropkick. Blaine hit a couple of stomps and planted Aiden with a DDT. Blaine continued working on Aiden’s arm, and shoulder. Edwards hooked the Adrenaline Champion in a bridging Fujiwara Armbar. Aiden was in pain. Screaming to Pandora and the Rich Boys for help.

Pandora climbed onto the ring apron. Meanwhile Matt and Billy slid into the ring. Blaine released the hold and caught Matt with a forearm. Billy went for a clothesline, but Edwards ducked and Billy connected with Matt. Blaine then hit Billy with a German suplex. Edwards had dispatched the Tag Team Champions. Aiden was getting back up and went for Blaine, but the challenger rolled him into a small package. The referee was still distracted by Pandora, so no count was made. The crowd made the count, “1, 2, 3!” But after a few more seconds Blaine released the small package and turned his attention to the official. He screamed at him, and explained he had Aiden beat. When Blaine turned around he was leveled with one of the Tag Team Titles by Matt Rich. Matt and Billy then pulled Aiden over Blaine’s body. Pandora climbed down from the ring and the official turned his attention to the pin. 1…2…3! Aiden Conrad successfully defended his Adrenaline Championship.

The Rich Boys got into the ring and began pummeling Blaine. Aiden joined in on the beat down. But then, Lizzy Kraven and Olivia Lee charged the ring. #EgoTrip quickly exited the ring as the Women’s Tag Team Champions entered, saving Blaine from the beatdown.


FFP Network Title
(c) Kashimanaki vs Duncan Wright

Duncan Wright got quite a response from the crowd due to this being his first match in a long time due to retirement. Kashimanaki also got a great response from the Birmingham crowd. Kashimanaki stuck to his regular gameplan, hellacious kicks that looked and sounded like they hurt. Duncan Wright, a very accomplished mat wrestler, attempted to take Kashimanaki to the mat. The two sprawled, which was very entertaining to watch as they both tried taking the other one down to the mat. At one point Kashimanaki hit a knee to the top of Wright’s head. Kashimanaki then hit a reverse DDT and a springboard dropkick. Wright rolled out of the ring, but was immediately hit with a suicide dive. Kashimanaki rolled Duncan back into the ring and went for a cover. 1…2… and Wright got his foot on the bottom rope.

Kashimanaki pulled the English wrestler back up and set him up for the Kashimanaki Driver, but Wright fought away from the finisher and rocked the champion with an awesome European uppercut. Both commentators made not of how loud it was. Duncan hit a couple solid punches and a snap suplex. He followed that up with a couple kicks and dropped Kashimanaki with a belly to back suplex on his shoulder. Wright then hooked Kashimanaki in an armbar, Ronda Rousey style.

Kashimanaki tried to break out. He tried to reach for the ropes. And finally he spun to his knees and turned Duncan on his shoulders, performing a modified school boy. The referee made the count, but Duncan kicked out at two. As Duncan got up onto one knee, Kashimanaki cracked him with a shining wizard. The champion immediately pulled Duncan back up and planted him with the Kashimanaki Driver. He hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Kashimanaki successfully defended the FFP Network Championship against Duncan Wright.

After the match Kashimanaki helped Duncan back up. They shook hands and Kashimanaki hugged the challenger. But after the hug Duncan hit him with a punch to the jaw. Then he planted Kashimanaki with a piledriver! The crowd couldn’t believe it. Brian Young and Morgan Alexander couldn’t either, although Morgan said it was an admirable thing to do.

Duncan left the ring while Kashimanaki lie motionless. Apparently we hadn’t seen the end of these two slugging it out.


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