04/17/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: April 17, 2018
Location: New Orleans, LA
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with The System already in the ring. Amanda Kraven spoke to Matt Kraven, putting him over to the crowd, and then turned her attention to Miles Lynch. She said that at Devastation Miles was set to challenge Matt Kraven for the FFP World Championship, and if Miles didn’t do the right thing, they could risk two of The System’s key players being injured. Miles said he would do the right thing, and smiled. But what did he mean?

The scene cut backstage where Giovanni Gotch cut a promo about facing off against Roxi Haacke next week. Gotch said that Christi Carter would again be in her corner and would manage Gotch onto victory.

JJ Perry & Elijah King vs Eddie Siebenthaler & Dash Cormac
A solid tag team match. JJ and Elijah showed off their diversity as a team and pulled out the victory.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with Zoey Kiehl. Tyrece asked Zoey about her injury and how she had been doing since she suffered her injury. Zoey said that she felt pretty good and would do her best to work her way through the FFP Spirit Title Tournament.

FFP Spirit Title Tournament | Opening Round
Izzy Laroo vs Ava St James

Both women came to the ring ready to win. A lot of back and forth, with Ava St James taking liberties when able to. Ava hit the Pedigree for the three count.

After the match Izzy went for a handshake, but Ava ignored her. I’d love to see them go at it again.

Roderick Jamison vs Damien Graves
Two big men going at it. Damien hit some nice strikes, but Roderick showed off his athleticism, which is super impressive for a big man like him. Jamison hit an over the shoulder reverse piledriver for the pinfall.

The scene cut backstage to Anarchy. We hadn’t seen him in a while. Anarchy said that he needed a little time off, but now he was back and ready for competition. He said that next week he would go out to the ring and issue an open challenge.

FFP Spirit Title Tournament | Opening Round
Zoey Kiehl vs Sophia Ishmael

Sophia Ishmael jump started the match, attacking Zoey Kiehl before the bell. The two battled back and forth with Sophia continuing to use cheap tactics. Eventually Kiehl was able to get the upperhand and hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for the three count.

Hayden Flowers vs Cooper Albright
A slug fest if I ever saw one. Hayden Flowers is an awesome technical wrestler, but when Cooper brought the fists, so did Hayden. Cooper however was able to get the better of Hayden, and hit his finisher, called I Hate Everything About You, for the pinfall victory.

The scene cut backstage to Raquel St Claire who was joined by Carla Ray. Raquel spoke with Carla about the Spirit Title Tournament and Ava St James who will face off against Carla next week. Carla said that she figured Ava would win her match, but it didn’t matter because at the end of the day Carla would become the first ever FFP Spirit Champion. She said that if anyone said any different, they were stupid.

Odell Porter vs Nathan Caine
Another battle of two styles, although Nathan knew how to mat wrestler. Odell was just simply better. Caine hit some power moves, but Odell was able to gain the upperhand and hit a beautiful flying elbow drop on his way to a victory. Porter gained the win with The a Regal Plex.

After the match Joey DeMarco came out and attacked Odell Porter. The two are scheduled to end their feud in a steel cage match at FFP Devastation.

In the Ring
It was time for the Noel Zelig vs Anna Minster contract signing. And much to the surprise of everything, this didn’t go down with a brawl, a slam through a table or even a slap or punch to the face. Both women signed the contract and shook hands. Let the best woman win. Best 2 Out of 3 Falls Match at Devastation for the FFP Ironwoman Championship.

The scene quickly cut backstage where the FFP Women’s Champion Amy Kraven had been laid out. She was being pummeled by the team of Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke. The duo would challenge Amy in a handicap match at Devastation to become the first ever co-Women’s Champions. Security arrived and finally pulled Kenzie and Fiona away from the Women’s Champion.

FFP Network Title
(c) Kashimanaki vs Duncan Wright

A phenomenal main event. The New Orleans crowd was clearly behind Kashimanaki, especially after Duncan’s attack on the champion last week. Duncan controlled a good portion of the match, but Kashimanaki was able to hit a hard kick to the skull, followed by a German suplex that folded Duncan in half. Kashimanaki then planted the challenger with the Kashimanaki Driver for the three count.

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