04/24/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: April 24, 2018
Location: San Angelo, TX
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance of the FFP Women’s Champion Amy Kraven. Amy came out and said that she was tired of the sneak attacks by Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke. She said that if either of them wanted a fight, she knows she could defeat them one-on-one. She said this Sunday at Devastation she had her hands full against the two of them, but that she would put up the toughest fight she could and try to walk out the Women’s Champion.

Amy was interrupted by the entrance of Kenzie and Fiona, who walked down to the ring and circled around it. They climbed onto the apron as if they were going to pounce on Amy yet again, but Lizzy Kraven rushed to ringside to stand side by side with her cousin. This sent Kenzie and Fiona retreating to the backstage area.

CULT vs Tokyo Bomb Angels
The Tokyo Bomb Angels showed off their impressive speed. Meanwhile Kennedy Matthews and Amanda Cortez showed their versatility, doing nice brawling as well as technical wrestling. Akane Mae hit a nice stalling German suplex on Kennedy which set her up for a flying knee from Hisoka Li. Hisoka then hit one of her finishers, the Spinning Palm Strike for the three count.

After the match Amanda Cortez entered the ring and attacked. A brawl between both teams broke out with the Angels clearing the ring. Obviously there was a lot of unfinished business with these two teams.

FFP Spirit Title Tournament | Semifinal
Ava St James vs Carla Ray

Both women came out of their corners with an eagerness to tear into each other. Both beautiful blondes were looking to get to the finals of the FFP Spirit Title Tournament which would take place at FFP Devastation. And Ava looked like she was on her way. Especially after whipping Carla down by her hair, slamming her head into the mat. St James followed up with a running knee to the skull and went for the pin. But Carla was able to get her leg on the bottom rope. Ava thought she had won it, and even put her hands in the air to celebrate. As the official corrected Ava, Carla got up and proceeded to hit her Spinning Heel Kick. Carla then made the cover and got the three count.

The scene cut backstage to Tyrece Beckman speaking with LBK. They talked about LBK making his debut this Sunday against Trent Wolfe. LBK said that he was looking forward to the challenge, although it would be a tough one. He said that he would bring everything he had to the match and hopefully walk out victorious.

Giovanni Gotch w/ Christi Carter vs Roxi Haacke
A hard hitting match. Giovanni and Roxi had a lot of heat between them, mostly for the stress Giovanni has felt battling with Roxi while the world assumed Christi and Giovanni were on the rocks. In this match Christi climbed onto the apron presumably to gain the attention of Roxi, but Haacke whipped Gotch into the ropes and she crashed into Carter. Roxi then flattened Giovanni with a Spear and got the three count.

After the match Giovanni was angry. She called Christi into the ring, and began to berate her about the mess up. But this time, Christi shut Giovanni up by hitting her with a right hands. Gotch stumbled back, then was floored with a spinning clothesline. Carter turned to exit the ring, but Gotch was quick to get back up and hit Christi from behind. This brought Roxi Haacke back into the ring to chase Giovanni off and check on Carter.

This Sunday from Austin, Texas Full Force Pro will present Devastation. Don’t miss several titles on the line, such as Amy Kraven defending the FFP Women’s World Championship in a handicap match against Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke as well as Noel Zelig vs Anna Minster in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match for the FFP Ironwoman Title. You won’t want to miss this awesome event!

In the Ring
Anarchy came out to the ring and said that he had issued an open challenge and was ready to face whoever was man enough to face him. Austin Briggs came out and said that he would love to go one-on-one with Anarchy later on tonight.

The scene cut backstage to Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke. The duo said that Amy Kraven wouldn’t have her cousin to save her this Sunday at Devastation. Kenzie said that no matter what, this Sunday they would walk out of Devastation as the first ever co-Women’s Champions.

Malakai vs Hades
Malakai made his much anticipated FFP debut, and did it Beth impressively. He showed off his athleticism and high flying skills, winning the match with a beautiful 450 Splash.

In the Ring
The scene now cut to ringside where The System made their way to the ring. Matt Kraven walked proudly with the FFP World Championship around his waist. Matt took the microphone and said that with The System on the same page, they were unstoppable. He then turned to Miles and asked if they were on the same page. Miles smiled, but didn’t answer. Prompting Amanda Kraven to grab the microphone and tell Miles that the best thing for The System and for FFP was for Miles to simply lay down for Matt Kraven at Devastation. She said that Lynch would enjoy a nice pay raise, no one would have the risk of injury, and the World Title would stay where it rightfully deserves to be. Around Matt Kraven’s waist.

Matt took the microphone and stepped up to Miles. He said that he knew Miles was apprehensive, because he didn’t want to look weak. He said that Miles would look way more weak if he chose to face Kraven, because Kraven wouldn’t take it easy on him. He would show him where he stands in the stable, and punish him for being insubordinate. Matt said that Miles still had quite a ways to go before he would be ready for a top spot in FFP. Lynch stepped up to Kraven. And just as it looked like they’d come to blows, Lynch smiled and patted Matt on the shoulder. Kraven seemed relieved. He looked back at Amanda with a smile. But when he turned back toward Miles, Lynch leveled him with a forearm. Kraven fell to the mat, and Lynch quickly exited the ring.

Amanda Kraven quickly grabbed the microphone and said that Miles would be facing Everett Moses tonight in a Street Fight.

FFP Spirit Title Tournament | Semifinal
Chloe Banks vs Zoey Kiehl

Quite an experience advantage did the seasoned Chloe Banks. And she controlled the early part of the match. The action went back and forth, with Zoey eventually clotheslining Chloe out of the ring, and hitting a tope suicida that the San Angelo crowd popped for. The match found its way back into the ring where Banks took control again. And after a diving DDT from the second rope, Chloe went for the Electric Chair Driver. But Zoey was able to slip out of Chloe’s grasp, hitting a stiff forearm, then the Blue Thunder Bomb. Zoey made the cover and got the three count. She would go on to face Carla Ray for the FFP Spirit Title at Devastation.

After the match Zoey climbed to the middle rope and celebrated her win. But Carla Ray rushed to the ring and hit Zoey from behind. Kiehl ended up tumbling over the top rope and fell to the arena floor. Carla, targeting Zoey’s back, which had been injured last month, slammed Zoey back first into the steel ring steps. Zoey went down, placing her hand on her back and screaming out in pain. FFP medics rushed to ringside, but Carla wasn’t finished. She drove her knee into Zoey’s back and applied a modified camel clutch.

Eventually the medics were able to get Carla off of Zoey and tend to Kiehl.


Anarchy vs Austin Briggs
Another hard hitting match. Anarchy and Briggs weren’t shy about hitting each other as hard as they could. Briggs took the advantage by ramming Anarchy shoulder first inbetween the turnbuckles and into the ring post. Briggs then went for a school boy pin, but Anarchy was able to kick out. When the two got back up, Anarchy leveled Briggs with a punch to the jaw. Some of Briggs’ spit shot into the air. Then he was floored with a STO. Anarchy was in full control.

But Briggs regained the momentum, by hitting Anarchy with a low blow behind the referee’s back. Briggs then hoisted Anarchy up and hit the Brainbuster. Austin made the cover, but Anarchy was someone able to kick out. Austin continued working Anarchy down, but Anarchy was able to dump Austin on the back of his head with a belly to back suplex. Anarchy then locked Austin in a Rear Naked Choke. Briggs tried fighting out, but he wasn’t able to. Austin was forced to tap out.

The scene cut backstage to the reigning FFP Tag Team Champions, Matt & Billy Rich. The brothers had Pandora beside them, and guaranteed victory over Lizzy Kraven and Olivia Lee at Devastation. Matt said that Lizzy and Olivia may be a dominant Women’s Tag Team, but they would be facing the best tag team in pro wrestling at Devastation.

Street Fight
Miles Lynch vs Everett Moses w/ The System

Now that it seemed like Miles Lynch was officially out of The System, he was at quite a disadvantage. With Matt and Amanda Kraven at ringside, Miles had to keep his head on a swivel. And add in the fact that the match was a Street Fight, and all bets were off. Everett really laid a beating down on Miles Lynch. But that didn’t mean Lynch didn’t fight back hard, hitting some stiff forearms, forearms and punches. Busting Everett’s right elbow open, Lynch continued the beat down, getting Everett down to his knees and hitting a running kick right to the face. This is when the reigning FFP World Champion got into the ring. And armed with his championship, Kraven laid Lynch our. Lynch went down hard, his forehead left with a gash where Kraven had slammed the World Title. Kraven put a couple boots to Miles before pulling him up and planting him with a DDT. Everett then got back to his feet and scooped Miles up onto his shoulders. Everett proceeded to his his finisher, the One Winged Angel on Miles. Everett then made the pin and got the three count.

But the beat down wasn’t over. Kraven continued pummeling Miles, as did Everett. They finally put the finishing stamp on the beat down with a spike powerbomb. Kraven stood over Lynch’s body holding the World Championship up in the air. Would Lynch suffer the same fate at FFP Devastation this Sunday?

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