04/29/2018 FFP Devastation 2018

Date: April 29, 2018
Location: Austin, TX
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show began with a shot of the Austin, Texas crowd. They were ready for an awesome event. The camera then panned to Brian Young and Morgan Alexander, who spoke about some of the matches for tonight. Morgan Alexander said that the Ironwoman Title Match was one he was very excited to see, as well as Matt and Billy Rich defending the Tag Team Titles against Lipstick & Powerbombs.

Brian Young agreed with Morgan on the Ironwoman Title Match, but also said that Kade Haddix vs Alexander Modest for the FFP Honor Title, and Amy Kraven defending the Women’s Title in a handicap match were also on his radar.

FFP Ironwoman Title | 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match
Noel Zelig vs Anna Minster
The first match of the night was one that Morgan Alexander said he’d put money on being the match of the night. Brian Young said not only that, but it could wind up being considered for match of the year. This was a rivalry that continued, but seemed to make both women gain respect for one another. Anna Minster grabbed a headlock early and began working Noel down, attempting to wear down Zelig and maybe earn a quick fall. A very nice gameplan, although it didn’t work like she had hoped. Noel was able to escape an attempted dragon sleeper from Minster and blast her across the chest with a hard kick. Noel then hit a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Minster went to the outside to take a time out, but Noel delivered a dangerous tope suicida which sent both women crashing into the steel guardrail. Noel sent Anna back into the ring and proceeded to hit a springboard dropkick. Then, a German suplex. The momentum was completely with Noel, who set Anna up for her Jumping Piledriver. However Minster was able to swing around Noel and roll her up with a school boy pin. Anna caught Noel by surprise with the sudden roll-up and got the three count. Anna Minster had taken fall number one.

The second fall was more of the same. Back and forth. Both women looking for an opening to gain a quick fall. Anna Minster began working on Noel’s lower back. Hitting a back breaker and several blows to the lower back. Minster went for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Noel was able to reverse it into an awesome swinging DDT. When Anna got up to her knees after the move, Zelig hit her with an awesome shining wizard. Noel continued her onslaught by quickly pulling Anna back up and hitting a Rainmaker clothesline. But she still wasn’t done! She pulled Anna up and spiked her to the mat with her Jumping Piledriver. Noel made the cover. 1…2…3! Noel Zelig had tied the bout up, 1-1.

The final fall Noel came in hot, trying to land a big move and score a pinfall. She had her eye on the prize, the FFP Ironwoman Championship. But Anna did as well. And after a European uppercut out of nowhere followed by a German suplex, then a running dropkick to the face, Minster looked on track to win herself the championship. Minster set Zelig up for the Exploder Suplex, but Noel battled out with a series of back elbows to the skull. Noel then blasted Anna with a hellacious clothesline. Both women were slow to get up. Noel climbed to the top rope. And when Anna reached her feet, Noel attempted a missile dropkick. But Anna caught Noel’s legs. Noel hit the mat hard. Anna kept hold, and hit a slingshot, sending Zelig crashing into the corner. Zelig fell to a seated position, a perfect place for Anna’s other finisher, Bottoms Up. Anna charged and hit the finisher perfectly. Noel was hurt.

Anna then grabbed Noel and pulled her up and to the middle of the ring. Anna then proceeded to slam her to the mat with the Exploder Suplex. Two finishers in a row. Anna hooked Noel’s leg. 1…2… and Zelig kicked out! Morgan Alexander couldn’t believe it. Neither could Minster. She pulled Noel back up and set her up for another Exploder, but Noel was able to battle out of Anna’s grasp and hit another Rainmaker clothesline. Noel couldn’t capitalize. It took too long for her to make the cover, so Anna was able to kick out at two. The two women began pushing themselves back up. They were both worn down and tired. They began trading strikes. Chops, forearms and punches. Noel then sent Anna into the ropes and hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. When Minster got back to her feet, Noel blasted her with a running single leg front dropkick (a sick kick/claymore). But the force of the kick sent Anna to the outside of the ring. When she got back up, Noel went for another tope suicida, but this time Anna dodged and Noel crashes into the nearby announce table. Minster pulled Noel back up and sent her back into the ring.

Anna reentered the ring, pulled Zelig up and hit her Exploder Suplex. That had to be it! Anna covered Noel. 1…2… and Noel placed her foot on the bottom rope. Wow! Brian Young asked how many lives Noel Zelig had. Anna pulled Noel up again, and placed her on the top turnbuckle. She set Zelig up for a frankensteiner off the top. But in mid-move, Noel caught Minster’s legs and blocked the move. Noel then took advantage of Anna’s position, and hit an extremely dangerous, extremely effective piledriver off of the middle rope. Brian Young shouted “Oh my God!” Morgan Alexander added in, “kids don’t try this at home”.

Anna was out cold. And Noel was completely worn out. Zelig rolled over and draped her arm over Anna’s chest. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! Noel Zelig had won the third fall, and was the inaugural FFP Ironwoman Champion. What a hard fought match! Both women impressed everyone. The Austin, Texas crowd stood out of respect of both women, giving them a standing ovation.

The referee presented the new championship to Noel, who had tears in her eyes. After looking at the title for a moment, she turned to Anna Minster, who was just regaining consciousness. Noel shook Anna’s hand and wrapped her in a hug. Noel then helped Anna up and raised her arm in the air. What a show of mutual respect from these two incredibly talented women.

Trent Wolfe vs LBK
A hard hitting match. LBK had been chomping at the bit to make his Full Force Pro debut. And he faired well, using technical wrestling against Trent Wolfe. Wolfe however hit some awesome strikes, including a spinning back kick and a European uppercut that sent LBK to the mat. LBK eventually gained the upperhand and went for his old finisher the moonsault. But Trent caught LBK in mid-air and turned the move into a big powerslam. Wolfe then planted LBK with the Bloody Sunday for the three count.

After the match Trent helped LBK up, and shook his hand.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was joined by the new FFP Ironwoman Champion Noel Zelig. He asked Noel how it felt to win the title. Zelig said that she felt honored to be the first Ironwoman Champion. She said that Anna Minster brought the fight and that she was proud of both of their performances. Tyrece asked Noel who she wanted to defend the title against first, an Noel said that she was looking forward to defending the title against so many of FFP’s top females.

Nina Fox vs Taylor Clawson
A feud that began hard hitting but had seemed to lose some steam. The match however, was just as hard hitting as you’d think from these two FFP Hall of Famers. Taylor was very cocky throughout the match, taunting Nina and talking trash when she could. One of the times Clawson threw a couple of insults Nina’s way, Fox retaliated with a huge open hand slap. The sound echoed through the arena. And that was when the match got very serious.

Taylor hit several stiff shots before sending Nina into the ropes and hitting a clothesline that sent Nina crashing to the mat hard. Taylor then hit a knee drop and covered Nina. But only got a two count. She pulled Nina back up and went for her Flatliner. Nina was able to escape and blast Taylor with a clothesline of her own. Nina then looked to set Clawson up for the Superkick. But as Nina went for the move, Taylor ducked. Fox put on the breaks, and instead grabbed Taylor and hit a powerbomb. Fox then covered Taylor, but only got a two count.

Nina took Taylor up top for a superplex, but Taylor reversed it by throwing Nina face first to the mat below. When Nina got back up Taylor went for a flying double axehandle, but Nina caught Clawson and flipped her with an overhead belly-to-belly. Taylor got back up and was flattened by a clothesline. When Clawson got up again, Nina hit the Superkick. Clawson went down hard. And Fox went for the pin. 1…2… and Taylor was able to kick out. Nina looked over at the ref, as if to say “are you sure?” She went back to work on Taylor, hitting some shots to the back. Nina then hit the ropes and went for another clothesline. Taylor ducked the attempt and rolled Nina up, pulling hard on her black tights. The referee didn’t catch the right pulling, and Taylor had Nina’s shoulders pinned hard to the mat. 1…2…3! Taylor Clawson was able to steal one against Nina.

Nina popped back up, ready to brawl more, but Taylor quickly retreated as the referee stopped Nina. Fox plead her case to the ref, but the match was over. Taylor Clawson was your winner.

Masina vs Veronica Clyne
Masina was really gaining momentum in Full Force Pro’s Women’s Division. Meanwhile, Veronica Clyne had made her return and wanted to show that she was still as dominant as in FFP’s early days. Both women came out of their corners ready for a fight. They both knew what the other was capable of. Veronica hit a couple quick strikes. A few punches, trying to feel out her opponent, and also possibly catch Masina with a shot that would maybe take the big girl down.

But Masina rocked Veronica with a huge clothesline, sending Veronica crashing to the mat below. Clyne tried to get back up quickly, but Masina grabbed her by the throat, hoisted her into the air and threw her back first to the mat. Masina then hit the ropes and delivered a big splash. She hooked Veronica’s leg and got the three count. The match lasted 39 seconds. Morgan Alexander couldn’t believe it. He stood up with his hands on his head and shouted that Masina had just gained the most dominant victory over Veronica Clyne in Clyne’s Hall of Fame career.

The scene cut backstage to Nina Fox, who was obviously upset with the way she lost to Taylor. She went up to Amanda Kraven who happened to be nearby, and said that she wanted another match wit Taylor. Amanda said she understood Nina’s argument and that she would face off against Taylor in a rematch this Tuesday at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling.

Steel Cage Match
Odell Porter vs Joey DeMarco

The Austin crowd popped loud for the steel cage being lowered. Odell Porter came out first with much fan support. Joey DeMarco, not so much. The match started out fast and furious. The men traded punches, kicks, eye gouges and headlocks. They took turns trying to ram the other into the steel cage. DeMarco got the upperhand first, grinding Porter’s head across the cage. Brian Young talked about how gruesome it was. Morgan Alexander compared it to a cheese grater. Joey then spiked Odell with a DDT and began climbing up the cage.

Porter stopped Joey near the top of the cage, hitting punches to the midsection before throwing DeMarco down to the mat below. Odell could’ve climbed over, but he chose to inflict more punishment, hitting a splash from the top of the cage. Odell pulled Joey back up and rammed him into the cage. Then again. Then…again. DeMarco then began grinding Joey’s face. Turns out fair play. DeMarco’s forehead began to bleed, and Odell continued attacking it. It wasn’t long before DeMarco’s face and hair was blood red. He got up onto his knees, begging Odell to stop the punishment. But when Porter approved, Joey hit him with a devastating low blow. DeMarco then hit a Jumping Piledriver. He made the cover. 1…2… and Odell barely kicked out. Joey couldn’t believe it. He wiped the blood from his face and made the pin again. 1…2… and Odell kicked out again.

So Joey decided to take another stab at climbing over the cage. Again, about the time he got to the top, Odell was up and charging. He grabbed Odell and hit a couple of punches to the skull. Porter then leapt off the cage, flipping over Joey like a sunset flip, and throwing him to the mat with a powerbomb. Wow, what a move! Joey was down, and out. Odell crawled to the ropes and pulled himself up. He began the climb up the cage. After a violent match like this, both superstars were completely spent.

Joey finally began to move, crawling, slowly toward the side of the ring. Odell was at the top of the cage. DeMarco grabbed the ropes and began to pull himself up. His face blood covered again, he stared up at Odell. Porter looked down at his foe, knowing Joey couldn’t catch up. Porter finally swung over the cage and dropped down to the floor. Odell Porter had won the final match of the feud. Finally the war between these two was over.

FFP Spirit Title | Tournament Final

Zoey Kiehl vs Carla Ray
Now it was time for the finals of the FFP Spirit Title. After this match, FFP would have another new champion. Zoey Kiehl seemed to be the better technical wrestler, muscling Carla to the ground and sprawling with her. But Carla held her own. The first big impact of the match was a double underhook suplex from Zoey Kiehl. She followed that up with an Irish whip into a backbody drop. Carla got up again, and Zoey charged. But this time Carla hit a knee lift, hitting Kiehl in the chest. Carla then hooked Zoey’s head and dropped her with a neckbreaker. Carla went for a quick pin attempt, but Zoey kicked out at one.

Carla pulled Zoey up, this time by her hair. She whipped her over by the hair, like a snapmare. Then, she hit a hard kick to Zoey’s back. Carla continued working on Zoey, bouncing off the ropes and hitting a back elbow to Kiehl’s back. Carla pushed Zoey down and went for another pin. 1…2… and Zoey kicked out. So Carla pulled Kiehl back up and hit a bodyslam. Then she climbed to the middle rope. When Zoey got back up Carla jumped toward her, but Zoey was able to quickly jump up and hit a dropkick to Carla’s chest. Carla hit the mat hard. She obviously was having trouble getting her breath. Zoey capitalized, pulling Carla up and slamming her to the mat with a spinebuster. Zoey then hooked Carla’s leg. 1…2… and Carla kicked out.

Kiehl pulled Carla back up, hooking her arm back and applying an abdominal stretch. Carla was in pain. She tried muscling out. She tried reaching. She tried pushing with her feet to get closer to the ropes. What made the move worse for Carla was the fact that Zoey would ram her elbow into her ribs. But eventually Carla was able to reverse into a hip toss. Zoey quickly got back to her feet, but Carla hit a Superkick. The sound echoed through the arena. Kiehl went down like a ton of bricks. Carla quickly crawled over to Zoey and made the pin. 1…2… and Zoey BARELY kicked out in time. Half the crowd thought Carla had won. Carla suddenly became desperate. It seemed as if she had won. So she pulled Zoey up and whipped her into the ropes. Carla went for her Spinning Hook Kick. But Zoey caught her leg. Kiehl then spun Carla around and rocked the blonde with a hard forearm to the head. Carla stumbled back and fell to a seated position. Zoey then charged. But Carla dodged and rolled Zoey up. Carla pulled the tights. 1…2… and Zoey was still able to kick out. Carla turned at the referee, scolding him for making a slow count. But when she turned back around Kiehl rocked her with a Roaring Elbow. Zoey then scooped Carla up and planted her with a Death Valley Driver.

But Zoey wasn’t done. She pulled Carla back up and set her up for the Blue Thunder Bomb. Carla tried to fight out, but Kiehl grabbed her tights and pulled her back into position. Kiehl hit the finisher and hooked Carla’s leg. 1…2…3! Zoey Kiehl was the very first FFP Spirit Champion!

Zoey held the title proudly in the air, but was blindsided by Carla Ray immediately. Zoey fell out of the ring, dropping the title as she tumbled to the arena floor. Carla then pulled Zoey up and slammed her violently into the steel steps. The referee quickly got inbetween Carla and Zoey before Carla could do any more damage. She stormed off as the official checked on Zoey.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Matt & Billy Rich vs Lipstick & Powerbombs
A very intriguing matchup. Matt and Billy had been the Tag Team Champions since November. And to see the Women’s Tag Team Champs challenge for the FFP Tag Titles was not something FFP fans were used to seeing. Matt and Billy brought the fight to Lipstick and Powerbombs. Lizzy Kraven wasn’t a stranger to battling men. And her and Olivia had the size to put up a good fight. Lizzy and Olivia tossed Matt and Billy around the ring. However a big hiccup in the match was when Lizzy Kraven went for the Kraven Lariat, but Billy moved out of the way and Lizzy blasted Olivia. The Lariat sent Olivia to the ground and rolling out of the ring. In the meantime, Matt and Billy blasted Lizzy with a double Superkick.

The brother then went up top, and hit back to back 450 Splashes. They called it the Rich Combo. But when Matt hooked Lizzy’s leg, and the referee got to the count of two, Olivia pulled Matt out of the ring. And she destroyed him with a clothesline over the steel guardrail. Then Olivia reentered the ring. Lizzy and Olivia hit a couple of double team moves. When Matt Rich entered the ring again, Olivia hit him with a diving cross body block. Lizzy and Olivia then pulled Matt and Billy up and proceeded to hit the Super Collider. Lizzy and Olivia both covered Matt and Billy Rich. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! Lizzy Kraven and Olivia Lee were the new FFP Tag Team Champions!

Lizzy and Olivia were presented the Tag Team Titles, as well as their Women’s Tag Titles. They held both of their sets of titles up in the air, proudly showing them off to the crowd. The Austin crowd gave Lipstick and Powerbombs a standing ovation as the two women climbed out of the ring and made their exit.

FFP Honor Title
(c) Kade Haddix vs Alexander Modest
Both of these superstars were very capable. Very talented athletes that not only could mat wrestle, but could strike as well as on occasion go to the top rope. On the top rope was where Kade Haddix got his first big move, a missile dropkick that sent Modest crashing to the mat. Kade followed up with a running dropkick that sent Modest into the corner. Haddix charged at Alexander, but Modest moved out of the way and Kade went inbetween the turnbuckles, his shoulder cracking hard against the steel post. Modest then scooped Haddix up and hit an old school shoulder breaker. He went for a cover, but only got a two count. Then, he went back to the arm, hooking a tight armbar, attempting to really wear down that already hurt shoulder.

Eventually Haddix fought his way up to his feet, but Modest pulled him back down to his back by his hair. Alexander continued torquing the shoulder, either looking to really hurt the shoulder, or gain a submission victory. Eventually Kade was able to muscle back to a standing position however and loosen Modest’s grip with a couple of hard elbows. Haddix then hit the ropes and delivered a spin wheel kick to Alexander. Modest hit the mat and rolled out of the ring, signaling for a “time out”.

Kade wasn’t having any of it, and hit a suicide dive over the top rope, crashing down on Alexander. It took a lot out of the challenger, but also hurt Kade even more. He was noticeably holding his arm. Kade pulled Modest up and sent him back into the ring. He hoisted Alexander up and hit a turnbuckle powerbomb. He rushed Alexander again, but this time Modest lifted both of his legs, connecting solidly with Kade’s shoulder. Haddix fell down, and yelled out in pain. Modest then hopped up to the middle turnbuckle and hit an unorthodox diving double knee strike to the back of Kade’s shoulder. Haddix was in a great deal of pain. Brian Young asked if maybe the referee should step in, that way Haddix didn’t suffer a serious injury.

Kade rolled out of the ring this time, but Alexander followed, grabbing him and slamming the champion shoulder first into the guardrail. Modest hit a couple shots to the back and slid Kade back in. It seemed it was completely Alexander Modest’s match to lose. He pulled Kade up and hit a piledriver. Then he covered the champ. 1…2… and Kade was able to kick out. Barely. Modest just smiled. He was ready to dish out more punishment. He pulled Kade up again and hit another shoulder breaker. Then, he covered Haddix again. 1…2… kickout. What?!

Modest looked out to the crowd. Then back at Haddix. He backed up and waited as Kade was struggling to get to his feet. Modest was going for his finisher, The End of Your Run. But while Alexander went for the running big boot, Kade jumped up and caught Modest with the Flatliner instead! Modest looked to be out of it. Haddix went for the pin. 1…2… and Alexander barely got his shoulder up in time. It had to be psychologically wearing on Kade. Kade was hurting so much and thought he had taken the challenger down.

Haddix got up, favoring his left shoulder. Waiting for Modest to get back to his feet. He hit a couple of punches and a forearm. Alexander stumbled back, then forward. Kade grabbed him, setting him up for another Flatliner. But Modest was able to grab Kade’s arm and flip into an armbar. Grapevine his legs around Kade’s arm and wrenching back, the armbar would have made Ronda Rousey proud. Haddix tried locking his fists, not letting Modest get the hole locked in. Kade tried to swing his momentum to stack Modest up into a pinning position, but Alexander was able to use his leg strength to once again force Kade to his back. Finally, the armbar was locked in. Haddix screamed out in pain. He reached for the ropes, but he was locked in, in the center of the ring. He still tried, determined to somehow get to the ropes. But there was no hope. Haddix gave it one last stretch, reaching and screaming out to grab the ropes. Modest had the move locked in way too tight. And Haddix couldn’t risk permanent injury to his shoulder. Kade Haddix tapped out. Alexander Modest had won himself the FFP Honor Championship, ending Kade’s 182 day reign as champion.

Alexander Modest took possession of the Honor Title, holding it proudly in the air. He climbed out of the ring and went over to two beautiful ladies in the front row, hugging them both and holding the title for the camera to see.

FFP Women’s World Title | Handicap Match
(c) Amy Kraven vs Kenzie Anderson & Fiona Burke

This was a match that had never been done before. And most likely wouldn’t be a regular thing to occur in Full Force Pro. Amy Kraven would defend the FFP Women’s World Title against Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke in a handicap match. Obviously the deck was stacked against Amy Kraven. Morgan Alexander said there was no chance for Amy to successfully retain. Brian Young said he wouldn’t say she had no chance, but her chances were definitely slim.

Kenzie and Fiona started the match out by pummeling Amy down. Punches, stomps, kicks, chops and anything else they could do. They were punishing Amy. Amy couldn’t really get on the offensive, until she rocked both of her opponents with a couple of right hands each, then sent them both tumbling over the top rope with a big double clothesline. However, Amy really couldn’t capitalize. She took the time to drop down to her knees and catch her breath. So the challengers were able to renter the ring and gain the advantage over Amy once more.

Amy continued putting up a fight. She obviously wouldn’t go down without a fight. And the tables really seemed to swing into her favor when Kenzie and Fiona charged Amy, but the champion dropped down, and the challengers collided with one another. Amy was then able to knock Fiona to the outside with a big clothesline over the top, and measure Kenzie Anderson up for the Superkick. Amy then dropped down and hooked Kenzie’s leg. 1…2…3! Amy Kraven was able to successfully defend the Women’s World Title against both Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke.

Amy was presented the title, but before she could raise her arm in victory, Fiona Burke leveled her from behind. Fiona pummeled Amy before grabbing the Women’s Title. As Amy tried fighting to her feet again, Burke hit her in the face with the championship. Kenzie then joined in on the beat down and the crowd filled the arena with jeers.

As the beat down continued, Amy finally got some help from a very unlikely person. It was Masina! Masina jogged down to the ring, slid in and flattened Kenzie and Fiona. After a monstrous double clothesline to the aggressors, Masina scooped Fiona up and slammed her to the mat with a Samoan drop. She then turned her attention to Kenzie. Masina hit her with a couple of right hands, hoisted her in the air and tossed her to the arena floor.

Masina then turned to Amy, who was pulling herself up using the ring ropes for balance. Amy stuck her hand out to Masina, thanking her for the help. Masina took Amy’s hand, but only to pull her in for a Samoan Drop as well. Masina then stood over top of Amy, with the Women’s Championship in hand. Masina looked down at Amy with a smile on her face. She looked at the Women’s World Title, then held it in the air. As the crowd booed, Masina dropped the title down on Amy’s chest and left the ring. Masina made it quite clear that her next target was Amy Kraven.

FFP World Title
(c) Matt Kraven w/ The System vs Miles Lynch
Miles Lynch was the first out to the ring. Kraven came out next with The System accompanying him. Kraven took a microphone and gave Miles one more chance to just lay down for Kraven. Miles declined, and immediately this broke into a brawl. The two tumbled out of the ring trading rights and lefts before the referee could call for the bell. They took turns ramming each other into the guardrail, the steel steps and the ring apron. Everett Moses also got involved, grabbing Lynch’s arms and holding him so Kraven could hit some solid right hands to the face.

Kraven then stuffed Lynch into the ring. The referee made see Lynch still wanted the match to start because of being attacked by Everett. Lynch insisted. The bell rang, and Kraven immediately attacked. More right hands, an Irish whip and a very high dropkick sent Lynch crashing to the mat. Kraven then pulled Miles up and hit a DDT. He went for the pin, but Miles kicked out at one. So Kraven went to some suplexes. A snap suplex. A t-bone suplex. Then a fisherman Brainbuster. Matt Kraven was on fire. He looked out at Amanda and winked. Then went at Lynch again. But this time, Miles shot to his feet and hit a hellacious forearm to the head. Brian Young thought he saw one of Kraven’s teeth fly through the air. Kraven fell flat on the mat. Morgan Alexander said he was sure that Kraven was out, at least briefly. Lynch went for a pin. 1…2… and Kraven kicked out. But boy it was close. Miles waited as Kraven was slow to get up. Lynch charged and hit a running knee, then a swinging neckbreaker. He went for another cover. 1…2… and Kraven kicked out again.

This time after the kickout, Everett pulled Kraven out of the ring by his leg. Amanda told the official it would be a second. But Miles Lynch immediately climbed out after the World Champion. Everett went for a clothesline on Lynch, but he ducked it and hit Everett with a forearm similar to the one he struck Kraven with. Lynch turned back to Kraven, who jammed his thumb in his eye.

Kraven then grabbed Miles by the hair and slammed him into the ring post. Then again. Then…again. Lynch was busted open. Kraven rolled him back into the ring and followed him. Matt stood over Lynch, talking trash before raising his arms in the air and taunting the crowd. Kraven pulled Miles up, scooped him onto his shoulders and hit the Death Valley Driver. Matt hooked the leg, pinning his bloodied opponent. He referee slid into position. 1… and Miles kicked out. What?! After a one count?! Kraven looked shocked.

Kraven pulled Miles back up. He slapped him across the face, before landing a devastating spinning back elbow. Kraven then hit the Superkick. Lynch went down. And Kraven quickly went for another cover. 1…2… and Miles kicked out again. Kraven turned to the ref, shouting at him. Obviously Matt was fired up. How could Lynch kick out?

Kraven pulled Lynch up again, this time doing a cut throat motion. He then delivered a piledriver. But Kraven wasn’t done. He pulled Lynch up again, and again drive him to the mat with a piledriver. Kraven then turned to the turnbuckles, and pointed to the top. He climbed up to the top rope and went for a 450 Splash. The move was perfect, but Lynch got his knees up. Kraven crashed into the challenger’s knees. He was hurt. Lynch pushed himself up and grabbed the champion. He scooped Matt Kraven up onto his shoulder and hit a Kryptonite Krunch. Lynch then covered Kraven. Not the most secure pinfall, but Lynch was groggy. The referee slid in. 1…2… and Kraven got his shoulder up. Miles immediately went on the attack again. Driving elbows into the side of Matt’s head. Then, he hit one right across Kraven’s nose. Blood went everywhere.

Miles pulled Kraven up and set him up for a powerbomb. He ran at the corner and delivered a turnbuckle powerbomb. As Kraven stumbled out of the corner Lynch rushed in for a spinning forearm. But Kraven surprised him with another Superkick! Kraven dropped to his knees and fell on top of the challenger. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Lynch kicked out again! You’ve got to be kidding! Kraven pulled Lynch back up. He hoisted him up for a Brainbuster, but Miles floated over Kraven and performed a snap German suplex. When Kraven rolled back to his feet, Lynch hit him with a clothesline that nearly turned Kraven inside out. Everett Moses climbed into the apron to try to interfere in any way he could. But Miles didn’t even pay attention. And to the shock of the crowd, Matt Evanston rushed to ringside armed with a steel chair. Evanston cracked Moses in the back with the chair, sending Everett falling backward and landing on the arena floor.

Miles now hoisted Kraven up onto his shoulders and hit a split-legged Death Valley Driver. Lynch held the position, pulling Kraven’s legs and making the pin. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! Miles Lynch had defeated Matt Kraven! Miles Lynch was the new FFP World Champion!

After the match Miles was handed the FFP World Title. He wiped the blood from his face and held the title up in the air. Matt Evanston joined him. Evanston was clapping, probably proud of Lynch standing up to Matt Kraven. Evanston reached his hand out to shake Miles hand and congratulate him. But Lynch didn’t shake Evanston’s hand. Instead, Lynch leveled Evanston with a hard kick to the groin. Then, he hit him with a hard shot to the skull with the World Championship. Lynch looked down at Kraven, and Evanston. He smiled, satisfied with taking everyone down that he could. Then he climbed out of the ring and walked up the entrance ramp, holding the World Title on his shoulder.


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