Matt Kraven Hospitalized after Title Loss at Devastation

Last night at FFP Devastation Matt Kraven put his FFP World Championship on the line against his former stablemate Miles Lynch. The match was hard hitting to say the least. Both men landed several stiff hard shots that could be heard in the nose bleed section of the arena in Austin, Texas. After a very grueling match, Miles Lynch got the three count, and walked away the new FFP World Champion. But after the match ended, things took a turn for the worst.

As Miles Lynch most likely headed for the showers, Matt Kraven entered The System’s locker room with his wife Amanda Kraven. Matt was complaining of a bad headache, as well as dizziness. Amanda quickly had the EMTs come tend to her husband, but they just assumed he was dehydrated (which he was). After sitting down and drinking some water, Kraven tried to stand, but collapsed to the floor. The former World Champion was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

The FFP staff kept the incident under wraps until something could be found out about what had happened. Earlier today the doctors met with Amanda Kraven and informed her that Matt suffered a subdural hematoma. Currently Matt Kraven is still in the hospital being monitored by doctors. Amanda has been by his side the entire time, and intends to get Matt home to Ohio soon.

The injury sustained by Kraven is a serious one. Especially when you look at his past head and neck injuries. We here at reached out to the doctors, and although they couldn’t say for sure, it sounded like there was a chance that Matt Kraven had wrestled his last professional wrestling match. We would like to wish Matt the best in his recovery. We hope to see him up and at them very soon, whether that be inside the squared circle, or taking care of business backstage in an authoritative role.


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