Mary Faith Brooks Signs Two Matches for Vendetta

Mary Faith Brooks may have only became the President of Full Force Pro just this morning, but Brooks is already making moves. She just reached the FFP office in Cincinnati, but had been doing work on her jet.

“The minute I was hired, I was thinking to myself, what would the people want to see,” she said arriving to the FFP office. “So I got my pad and pen out and began going through things on the plane. I figured, they hired me this morning, might as well get right to work!”

FFP Vendetta comes to us live on May 20th, with one match already announced. Amy Kraven defending her FFP Women’s World Title against Masina. But Mary has already signed two more matches for the upcoming pay-per-view.

“I figure if this thing is in Brooklyn, it’s got to be good,” Mary said speaking to us this afternoon. “So I’m going to have some really competitive matches. Matches that the FFP fans want to see. And later today, I’ll announce the main event.”

After she teased us about how she’d announce the main event later this evening, she did let us in on two more matches that will be joining Amy Kraven vs Masina at FFP Vendetta.

“Austin Briggs and Anarchy had a really good match a couple of weeks ago,” Mary said. “I’d like to see them go at it again. Vendetta is the perfect place for that. And also, last night I watched when Alexander Modest attacked Kade Haddix. As long as Kade’s shoulder is okay, and he’s ready for his rematch, Kade will get a shot at Modest and that FFP Honor Championship!”

Vendetta is already shaping up to be quite the event. And we here at are very much looking forward to finding out about the main event. Mary Faith Brooks is already hard at work, and we are excited to see what else she’s going to do as the new President of FFP.


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