She’s Back to Run the Show!

Most of you should remember the brief but memorable run that Mary Faith Brooks had as the interim-President of Full Force Pro back in December of 2016. Although it didn’t last long, Mary seemed to know what she was doing and always kept the best interest of FFP as her number one priority.

Well, as of this morning Mary Faith Brooks is back as the full time President of FFP. With Matt Kraven’s recent injury, the owner of FFP Amanda Kraven has decided to take time off to be with her husband, and decided on Mary as the new full time President. The absence of Amanda or for that matter Matt Kraven has not timetable. So Mary will be fulfilling the duties of FFP President on a full time basis from this point forward.

Mary, who owns the UltaSports Sports Network and has a great track record there, will not only bring business expertise to Full Force Pro, but a “right down the middle” fairness. And to sweeten the deal even more, FFP and the OWF will be featured in all markets on the UltaSports Sports Network, as well the FFP Network as usual.

“I’ve been a pro wrestling fan since I was a little girl,” Mary said on the phone with this morning. “I love the athleticism. I love the excitement. I love the guys, and the gals on the roster. I will make sure that FFP is putting it’s best product in the ring every single night.”

Brooks owned the AWF when Matt Kraven was just beginning in pro wrestling. She has always stayed in touch with him throughout his career, just to catch up or to give sound advice when needed. “I’ve known Matt since he was a pup. Just a kid dreaming to be a wrestler. I’ve grown to really admire and respect him. I will do my best to take care of his baby while he heals up and Amanda tends to him. I can’t wait to get to work,” Mary told us this morning.

We were informed this morning that Mary boarded a jet headed to FFP’s main offices in Cincinnati to get everything going. Coming off of an eventful FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling last night, Mary will be sure to jump right in and start making decisions. We wish Mary Faith Brooks the best in her new position in Full Force Pro.

Hmm, should we be calling her Ms. Brooks…


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