05/08/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: May 8, 2018
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch. Lynch came out and hyped his match for FFP Vendetta against Matt Evanston. Lynch said that Evanston didn’t stand a chance. Matt Evanston interrupted, saying that Lynch took him down at Devastation with a cheap shot. Lynch said he only did that to prove to Evanston that he didn’t need or want his help.

JJ Perry & Elijah King vs Head Trauma
A competitive match with a lot of frequent tags. Khalid Tiko got the win with the Ki Krusher on JJ Perry.

In the Ring
Now the new President of Full Force Pro, Mary Faith Brooks came down to the ring. Mary had promised to announce the four men who would compete in a tournament for the chance to challenge Kashimanaki for the FFP Network Title. The four men were said to have never held titles in Full Force Pro.

Mary said that she was excited to see these four men battle it out in a tournament to challenge Kashimanaki. And the four men were, Bryce Devlin, Kabir Jindal, Cooper Albright and George Furst! The tournament would begin next week at Tuesday Night Wrestling.

Carla Ray vs Hisoka Li
Another competitive match. Hisoka Li lit Carla Ray up with some solid strikes. Carla turned the tide with a running blockbuster, followed by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Hisoka fought back again. She went for a missile dropkick but Carla moved out of the way, then hit her Spinning heel kick for the three count.

On May 20th FFP presents Vendetta, live from Brooklyn. Already set for this epic event, Miles Lynch will defend the FFP World Title against Matt Evanston, and Amy Kraven will put the FFP Women’s Title on the line against Masina!

In the Ring
Matt and Billy Rich came out to the ring and demanded their rematch with Lipstick & Powerbombs for the FFP Tag Team Titles. Lizzy and Olivia came out and said that they would be up for a match anytime, any place. Matt suggested that they make things interesting, and face off in a ladder match at Vendetta. Lizzy and Olivia agreed that it was a good idea, and accepted the challenge.

The scene cut backstage where Carla Ray had caught up to Mary Faith Brooks. She said that she took care of business against Hisoka Li and deserved another shot at the FFP Spirit Title. Carla said that she wanted a shot before any mystery opponent like Mary had promised later tonight. Brooks said that Carla was impressive, but that she had already welcomed the mystery opponent to the arena and would announce who it was soon. Carla continued arguing, but Mary said that she needed to go take care of business. When Mary walked into her office, we caught a brief glimpse of who was inside. It was OWF wrestler Keira Brimm!

Eddie Siebenthaler & Dash Cormac vs Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan
Another very good tag team match. Apparently Mary Faith Brooks was wanting to showcase the tag team division of FFP. And what a match! A lot of high impact moves. Eddie Siebenthaler hit a running big boot on Jacksone Detmer for a two count. But Detmer and Ryan showed off their superb tag team skills, cutting the ring in half and hitting a double hangman’s DDT on Dash Cormac for the pinfall.

After the match the two teams continued brawling until finally security came out.

FFP Spirit Title
(c) Zoey Kiehl vs Keira Brimm

The fans cheered loud for both women. Keira seemed pretty excited to be wrestling not only for a FFP crowd, but for a FFP title. Zoey Kiehl started the match out with a lot of brawling, but Brimm was able to fight back using the same style. After Keira hit a beautiful frankensteiner off the top rope, she went for a moonsault, but Kiehl got her knees up. Then, she capitalized with a fisherman Brainbuster. But Keira kicked out at two. Keira fought back, hitting a hard European uppercut and a Superkick. She covered the Champion, but Zoey kicked out at two. Keira went up top again and went for a Frog Splash, but Zoey moved out of the way. Kiehl then hit the Blue Thunder Bomb and got the three count.

After the match Zoey and Keira shook hands and embraced. Keira left the ring, leaving Zoey to hold up her FFP Spirit Title. But the celebration quickly came to an end when Carla Ray rushed to ringside and attacked Zoey from behind. Carla pummeled the Champion down until Keira noticed and ran back to the ring to make the save. Carla quickly slid out of the ring and avoided Keira.

The scene cut backstage to Raquel St Claire who was with the FFP Women’s Champion Amy Kraven. Raquel asked Amy about her match with Masina at Vendetta. Amy said that it would be the toughest fight of her career, but that she was up for the challenge. Masina stepped into view, towering over the Champion. Masina said that Amy’s days as champion were numbered, and that wasn’t a threat, but a guarantee.

Matt Evanston vs Everett Moses
A very hard hitting match. Everett hit some really hard punches and clotheslines, but Evanston wasn’t a slouch either, hitting so many loud chips across the chest that Everett’s chest turned red. Everett used his weight to wear Matt down, keeping him locked up in a headlock for a while before pummeling him down. Moses hit a powerbomb for a two count. He then went up to the middle rope, but Evanston stopped him with punches before he could jump off. Evanston then climbed up onto the ropes as well and hit an impressive overhead belly to belly from the middle rope. As Everett slowly pushed himself up to his knees, Matt rocked him with a Superkick. Evanston then made the cover and got the three count.

After the match Miles Lynch walked out onto the stage with the FFP World Title on his shoulder. Lynch smiled and clapped as he looked on at the winner of the main event. Lynch seemed to be playing a mind game more so than actually showing respect to Evanston.

The scene quickly cut backstage where there had been an altercation. Joey DeMarco and Trent Wolfe had apparently ran into one another, and it escalated. They were brawling around a hallway backstage, trading blows and ramming each other into the walls. Security, as well as Mary Faith Brooks rushed up to try to put a stop to the two men beating the tar out of each other.

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