05/20/2018 FFP Vendetta 2018

Date: May 20, 2018
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The event opened up with the entrance of Full Force Pro President Mary Faith Brooks. Mary said she had an important announcement to make that had a big effect on the event tonight. Mary then announced that earlier today Matt Evanston was let go from Full Force Pro. Mary wished Matt the best, but said that she had work to do tonight. She announced that there still would be a World Title match tonight, and she would work hard to find an opponent that she felt deserved the opportunity, but also that would give the fans a great main event with FFP World Champion Miles Lynch.

FFP Honor Title
(c) Alexander Modest vs Kade Haddix
The crowd was hot for this match. And what a way to kick off FFP’s first ever edition of Vendetta. Kade Haddix obviously wanted to finally get his hands on Alexander Modest and get the opportunity to get the FFP Honor Championship back. He hit Modest with rights and lefts at first, then sent him into the ropes and hit him with a clothesline. Modest tried getting back up quickly, but was leveled with two back-to-back European uppercuts, then an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Alexander rolled out of the ring and signaled for a timeout. The Brooklyn crowd loved it, and was completely behind Kade Haddix.

Haddix teased giving chase to Alexander, but instead stayed in the ring, daring the champion to get back into the ring. Modest walked over to the time keeper’s table and grabbed the Honor Title. The crowd booed as it looked like he would be leaving, but he tossed the title back to the time keeper and slid back into the ring. The two wrestlers went head-to-head again, and this time, we saw how capable both men were when it came to technical wrestling. Alexander eventually got the upperhand, taking Kade over with a headlock takeover, then hitting a dropkick when Kade popped back up. Kade got right back up again and went for a clothesline, but Alexander hit a back body drop instead. Modest put his arms in the air in a cocky way, and the Brooklyn crowd booed. But when he turned back around, he was leveled with a spinning forearm from the challenger. Haddix then pulled Alexander up and blasted him with a rainmaker clothesline. Kade went for the pin, and we got our first near fall of the night.

The match continued going back and forth, with both men hitting many different impressive moves. Kade went to the top rope and attempted a flying headbutt, but Alexander moved out of the way. And after Kade’s body crashed to the mat, he pushed himself back up but was leveled with a running knee to the head. Haddix stumbled back and fell through the ropes, catching himself and landing on the apron. As he pulled himself back up, using the ropes, Kade charged and went for a dangerous sunset flip into a powebomb onto the arena floor. Alexander held onto the top rope, not allowing Kade to throw him to the floor. Morgan Alexander made note that Kade attempting to do such a move wasn’t sportsmanlike and said that Kade should be ashamed of himself. Alexander finally drove his foot into Kade’s head a couple of times, forcing Haddix to release the attempted powerbomb. Alexander then hit an incredible leaping DDT off the apron, driving Kade’s skull into the arena floor.

Alexander then pulled Kade up and whipped him into the ring. The challenger looked like he was completely out. Morgan Alexander said that Alexander should have left Kade on the outside of the ring to be counted out. Brian Young said that obviously Modest was more of a competitor than Morgan would be inside the ring. They bickered back and forth as Modest reentered the ring. As Kade pushed himself up onto all fours, Alexander charged, going for his finisher the End of Your Run. But Haddix barely dodged the move. He immediately rolled Alexander up for a school boy pin. 1…2… and Alexander kicked out. He popped back to his feet, but was caught with an immediate spinebuster from Haddix. Haddix then went up top again. This time, he went for a beautiful shooting star press. But Alexander was able to get his knees up. Haddix landed on Modest’s knees and rolled around the mat obviously in pain. Alexander pulled the challenger back up and spiked him to the mat with another DDT. Modest then rolled back, pushing himself back up to his feet and this time successfully catching Kade with his finisher. Alexander then made the cover. 1…2….3! Alexander Modest had defeated Kade Haddix!

The scene cut to the commentators table where Brian Young exclaimed that that was such a great way to kick off FFP Vendetta. Brian and Morgan teased the other scheduled matches for the night. But they were interrupted by the entrance of Giovanni Gotch. Gotch had climbed into the ring and grabbed a microphone. She demanded that Roxi Haacke and Christi Carter come out to the ring where she could teach them both a lesson. Roxi came out onto the entrance stage with Christi Carter behind her. The women talked trash until finally Mary Faith Brooks came out. The President of FFP said that the two women weren’t going to start fighting right here tonight unscheduled. She said that this Tuesday at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling that the two could have a match. Both women agreed to the match.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire had caught up with Mary Faith Brooks. She asked Mary about the main event tonight, and if she had any opinions on who she might choose to challenge Miles Lynch for the FFP World Title. Mary said that she was working to find a good opponent, but that no decision was made yet.

Austin Briggs vs Anarchy
The next match was made when a regular match between the two was the beginning of a feud. So, these two awesome wrestlers, and former FFP World Champions came out trading blows. And boy they both hit hard! Within the first five minutes, Austin had blood coming from his nose while Anarchy’s left eyebrow had been busted open. But that wasn’t even close to the end of the match, or the bloodshed. They continued trading stiff shots, Anarchy getting the upperhand with a couple of solid elbows. Anarchy went for a German suplex, but Briggs put the brakes on by hitting Anarchy with a hard back elbow to the head. The blow sent Anarchy stumbling back and falling to one knee. Austin tried to take advantage by hitting a shining wizard, but Anarchy reversed it into a hellacious powerbomb. The move folded Briggs in half. But Anarchy couldn’t capitalize. He had fallen to the mat as well, still groggy from the elbow to the skull.

Both men got to their feet at about the same time. Anarchy went for a strike to Briggs, but Austin blocked it and hit a jumping kick to the side of Anarchy’s head. It rocked the big man. Austin then scooped him up and hit an impressive Falcon arrow. Austin went for the cover, but Anarchy kicked out at one! “He only got one?!” Morgan exclaimed. Briggs seemed to be stunned as well, staring down at Anarchy’s body. But he stepped back and waited as the big man attempted to get back up. Austin went for another shining wizard. But his second attempt was stopped just like his first. Anarchy caught Briggs in mid-move, and this time drove him to the corner with a turnbuckle powerbomb. Briggs stumbled out of the corner and Anarchy immediately took him down with a STO. Anarchy covered Briggs. 1…2… and Briggs got his foot on the rope. Anarchy realized and pulled Briggs’ foot down. He attempted another pin, but Austin kicked out after the two count.

Anarchy pulled Austin up and placed him on the top turnbuckle. He climbed up with Austin, going for a superplex. But Briggs was able to hit a couple of solid forearms, stopping Anarchy in his tracks. Briggs was then able to grab Anarchy’s arms, and hit an incredible tiger bomb from the top turnbuckle! The crowd went crazy! Briggs scurried to Anarchy’s motionless body. He quickly hooked the big man’s leg. 1…2…3! Austin Briggs had defeated Anarchy with what could definitely be the move of the night!


FFP Spirit Title
(c) Zoey Kiehl vs Carla Ray
This match had a lot of heat to it. Carla Ray had felt robbed in a match which also involved Kiera Brimm, when Brimm got involved after she had been eliminated. Carla was awarded this match with Zoey because of the interference, and Keira was banned from ringside. Carla came out to an arena full of jeers, except for Morgan Alexander who gave her a standing ovation. Brian Young kept demanding Morgan sit down, but Alexander didn’t mind kissing up to the woman he described as, “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen on this Earth”. Zoey came out to a lot of fan fair. She took the title to all four corners holding it for the crowd to see. But on the fourth corner, Carla simply walked over and dumped Zoey over the ropes. Kiehl tumbled down, hitting the arena floor and seeming to be in quite a bit of pain. She was holding her ankle. The referee quickly slid to the outside to check on Zoey while Carla went to the center of the ring, posing for the Brooklyn crowd.

A couple of EMTs came out to check on Zoey, and in the meantime Carla rolled her eyes and taunted the champion. Carla eventually got on the microphone and said that Zoey knew she couldn’t have her friend help her tonight, so she was going to fake an injury to get out of the match. Zoey began to push the EMTs away and attempt to get into the ring. The referee tried to talk some sense into Kiehl, but Zoey demanded that he let her into the ring to wrestle. The referee continued, asking her if she were sure that she wanted to defend her title. Zoey screamed at him to move, and entered the ring. The referee had no choice but to start the match. Carla quickly rushed up to Zoey, pummeling her with punches and kicks. Zoey tried fighting back, hitting punches to Carla’s midsection before taking her down with a spear. The spear didn’t have much force because of her ankle, but she took the challenger down and began to pummel her as well.

Carla fought away from Zoey, and as Zoey approached Carla went for the spinning hook kick. But Zoey ducked it and hit a bulldog. Zoey then climbed up to the middle turnbuckle. Carla got back to her feet, and Zoey hit a missile dropkick. But when Zoey landed she grabbed at her ankle again. Apparently the landing had hurt it once again. Kiehl pushed herself back up, barely being able to stand, and dared Carla to get back to her feet as well. When Carla did, Zoey hit her with a kick to the midsection. She was setting Carla up for the Blue Thunder Bomb. But when Kiehl got her opponent up into the air, she immediately had to drop her back down because of her ankle. Kiehl dropped to one knee, once again grabbing her ankle. She got back up to both feet, but Carla leveled her with a devastating shoulder block to the ankle. Zoey went down hard. And Carla grabbed Zoey’s leg and synched in a heel hook.

Zoey screamed out in pain. Tears formed in her eyes as the reigning FFP Spirit Champion reached for the ropes. But Carla had her locked up in the middle of the ring. And because of Zoey’s already injured ankle, the pain was excruciating. While Brian Young spoke about the travesty it would be for Zoey to lose the match because of an injury she sustained before the match, Morgan Alexander screamed over him, saying that tonight Carla Ray would finally have some gold around her waist. Kiehl screamed and reached one last time, attempting to reach the bottom rope. But the pain was too much. Kiehl buried her face into one of her hands, and with the other one tapped out. Carla Ray was the new FFP Spirit Champion.

Carla Ray released the hold, rolled out of the ring and grabbed the Spirit Championship. She hoisted it proudly in the air and ran around the ring showing off to anyone who could see her. Morgan Alexander stood and applauded as Carla walked up the entrance ramp with her title held in the air.

The scene once again cut to Mary Faith Brooks’ office. Hayden Flowers was asking her if he could have the shot at Miles Lynch tonight for the World Championship. Mary said she was still weighing her options, and needed time to decide. Then she was interrupted again, by Keira Brimm. Keira said that the way Carla had just won the Spirit Title was ridiculous, and something needed to be done about it. Mary agreed, saying Carla’s prematch attack was uncalled for, and the match should have never started. Mary said that Tuesday at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling Keira would have an opportunity to face Carla. Keira seemed pleased at Mary’s decision.

In three weeks join Full Force Pro for FFP Uprising live from Orlando, Florida! So far no matches have been set for this pay-per-view, but surely it will be don’t miss! FFP strives to put on it’s best show every single week, and FFP Uprising promises to be unforgettable!

FFP Tag Team Titles | Ladder Match
(c) Lipstick & Powerbombs vs Matt & Billy Rich
Lipstick & Powerbombs vs Matt & Billy Rich, the rematch. The first match didn’t quite go as the Rich Boys had planned. And with the pressure of Aiden Conrad and Pandora, who along with Matt and Billy make up #EgoTrip, the Rich Brothers would be looking for a big win here.

The ladders came into play early, with Lizzy Kraven doing the classic spot where she put the ladder around her head and spun around, clobbering Matt and Billy both quite a few times before dropping the ladder top first into Matt’s ribs. Out of nowhere Billy hit Lizzy with a superkick, but turned around to be nearly decapitated by Olivia Lee and a running clothesline. Olivia Lee then showed off her extreme power, hoisting Billy up and tossing him not only out of the ring, but into the first row of the fans. Lucky for Billy, they caught him. Olivia then put a ladder up and made the first climb up toward the ladders. But Matt stopped her by hitting her in the back. Rich then tucked his head inbetween Olivia’s legs. The crowd let out a muffled laugh because of the way his head was inbetween her legs. But nonetheless, Rich was able to powerbomb Olivia off the ladder. Rich then turned and began climbing, but, he met the same fate. Only the powerbomb that was delivered to him was delivered by Lizzy Kraven, to the outside of the ring. Matt landed right on his brother. Both Rich boys fell to the arena floor. Lizzy then began to climb the ladder. With both of the challengers on the outside, she had a clear shot at retaining the gold.

But, Billy Rich was able to slide into the ring just before Lizzy got her fingers on the Tag Team Titles. Billy shoved the ladder over, causing Lizzy to fall to the mat and roll out of the ring. Billy then hit the ropes, and as Lizzy stood back up she was leveled with a suicide dive. Matt Rich then slid into the ring. He pulled Olivia up by her hair and hit her with an inverted DDT. Matt then set the ladder up, beginning to climb once again at the championships.

Billy slid into the ring and began to cheer his brother on. But Lizzy got into the ring as well. And after she took Billy down with a clothesline from behind, she climbed up the ladder and went face-to-face with Matt Rich. The two traded shots. Chops, punches, forearms and elbows. Until finally Billy got back up and tipped the ladder over. Lizzy and Matt both fell to the arena floor. And when they both got back to their feet, Billy hit an over the top rope suicide dive, taking down Lizzy and inadvertently taking down his brother as well. But the action wasn’t over! As all three of the wrestlers stood back up once again, Olivia Lee hit the ropes and delivered an amazing over the top suicide dive, taking everyone down! The Brooklyn crowd loved it!

Eventually all four wrestlers found their way back into the ring. But this time Lizzy Kraven and Olivia Lee brought steel chairs with them. And after a couple of chairshots to Matt and Billy’s back echoed through the arena, it looked like Lizzy and Olivia would cruise up the ladders and retain the FFP Tag Team Titles. And when they picked the Rich Boys up and hit the Super Collider, it seemed all but certain. Lizzy and Olivia set two ladders up side by side and began the climb. Matt was the first of the brothers to move, eventually grabbing a hold of Lizzy’s leg and pulling her down to the mat. Olivia began climbing quicker, but was slowed by a chairshot to her back courtesy of Billy Rich.

Billy tossed Matt his chair, and he cracked Lizzy in the skull with it. She fell back, through the ropes and to the arena floor. Olivia continued climbing. Reaching up and at a fingertips length away from the straps. But Matt and Billy climbed up the other ladder, armed with chairs. They then hit Olivia with a brutal con-chair-to. Olivia’s body went limp and she fell from the top of the ladder. Matt and Billy then reached up and grabbed hold of the Tag Titles. Once again, the Rich Brothers were the FFP Tag Team Champions!

As Matt and Billy left the ring with their titles, Kennedy Matthews and Amanda Cortez stormed the ring. Lizzy and Olivia were already down and out. But that didn’t stop the team known as CULT from sliding into the ring and hitting both women with spike powerbombs. Kennedy and Amanda stood over Lizzy and Olivia with their arms raised high in the air. The Brooklyn crowd did not appreciate the attacks, and booed CULT.

The scene cut backstage where several wrestlers were waiting outside of Mary Faith Brooks’ office. Tyrece Beckman tried to find out if there was any news regarding tonight’s main event, but after he knocked on the door he only heard Mary sternly telling everyone to leave her alone if they wanted her to make the right decision.

In the Ring
Christopher Morgan now came out to the ring. Morgan took a microphone and reminded the FFP fans about his challenge to Daniel Matthews. Christopher said that everyone needed to get on Twitter and encourage Daniel to accept the challenge. Christopher said he was surprised that Daniel hadn’t answered, but that he had other ways of influencing Daniel.

This Tuesday night we will see George Furst battle Kabir Jindal to become the number one contender for Kashimanaki’s FFP Network Championship. We will also see Keira Brimm challenge the new FFP Spirit Champion Carla Ray for her newly won title. But that’s not all! We also could see Daniel Matthews answer the challenge of Christopher Morgan. Don’t miss FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling live from New York City!

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Aiden Conrad w/ Pandora vs Trent Wolfe w/ Nina Fox
Trent Wolfe came out to a huge ovation. The Brooklyn crowd was solidly behind Wolfe, hoping to see him crowned as the new Adrenaline Champion. And it didn’t hurt Trent’s fanfare when Nina Fox came out and stood beside him. Aiden Conrad came out to a great amount of jeers, although some of the guys in the crowd didn’t mind seeing Aiden’s redheads valet Pandora. Pandora may have been nice to look at, but Nina Fox was at ringside to make sure Aiden’s girl didn’t get involved.

Match started out with Aiden taunting Trent, as well as avoiding as much contact with the challenger as possible. When Trent finally got ahold of the Adrenaline Champion, he threw him down hard on the mat. Conrad looked up at Wolfe, then rolled out of the ring. Aiden walked over to Pandora and discussed something before returning to the ring. Aiden and Trent locked up again, and Aiden hooked Wolfe in an armbar. Trent fought out, but Aiden quickly took him over with a snapmare. Then he turned and put his arms up in the air. The crowd booed. And Trent was not amused.

The two went at it once more, this time, the games seemed to be over. Trent hit some stuff forearms to the head, and sent Aiden into the ropes. He went for a big boot, but Conrad ducked it. He sprung off the ropes on the opposite side and Wolfe caught him with a spinning slam. Wolfe let out a yell. He pulled Conrad up, hit two knee strikes to the chest, and floored the champion with a double hand chop. Wolfe turned to the crowd and put his arms up. The arena cheered.

When Trent turned back around he was leveled with a rising clothesline. Aiden the pummeled the challenger with stomps. He pulled him up and hit a gut wrench suplex. Then a knee to the skull from the middle rope. Aiden was done playing around. He was ready to take the fight to Trent and win. And that showed when he went for his Beauty Maker. But Wolfe dodged, and hit a German suplex. He followed that up with a leg Lariat. Then a running bicycle knee strike that floored the champion. Wolfe pulled Aiden up and went for a spinning elbow, but Conrad ducked it and took Aiden down by his hair. Conrad continues pummeling Trent. He also used Trent’s hair on three different occasions to block a reverse or take the challenger down.

After a superplex Aiden set Trent up for the Beauty Maker. But Trent dodged it and planted the Adrenaline Champion with a STO. Aiden was hurt. Wolfe followed up with a springboard moonsault off the middle rope. Trent then set Aiden up for the Bloody Sunday. He had used the move to put several wrestlers away. Pandora climbed onto the apron to attempt to cause a distraction. She did catch Trent’s eye, but Nina Fox was quick to climb onto the apron and level Pandora with a back elbow, sending the redhead crashing to the arena floor. However, Aiden was able to take advantage of the delay, and flipped Trent with a back body drop. Conrad then finally hit the Beauty Maker. Aiden hooked the leg. 1…2… and Trent kicked out!

Nina Fox was still on the apron as Aiden looked up. He walked over to talk trash. Of course Nina was ready to talk trash back. As Aiden was distracted, Trent got up and charged. But Aiden moved out of the way and Wolfe crashed into Nina. Aiden rolled the challenger up, not only yanking on Trent’s tights, but also placing his feet on the middle rope for added leverage. The referee completely missed the cheating and made the count. 1…2…3! Aiden Conrad had stole the match from Trent Wolfe, and walked away still the FFP Adrenaline Champion.

As Aiden left with the Adrenaline Title in hand and Pandora by his side, Nina Fox got into the ring to check on Trent Wolfe.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was outside of the office of Mary Faith Brooks. Raquel said that she had gotten word that Mary had made her decision about tonight’s main event. Mary then stepped outside of her office and made the announcement that tonight’s main event would be Miles Lynch defending the FFP World Championship against Hiroki Ito!

FFP Women’s World Title
(c) Amy Kraven vs Masina
Amy Kraven had been quite the fighting FFP Women’s Champion. And the Brooklyn crowd was 100% behind her. Masina on the other hand, didn’t have much fan support but had squashed the last several opponents that she face, including a 39-second victory over FFP’s first ever Hall of Famer Veronica Clyne.

Amy came out of the corner fast, trying to strike Masina hard and fast. But Masina was able to swat Amy down with a right hand. Amy got up again, and Masina shoved her back. Kraven immediately charged again, but was blasted by a hellacious clothesline. Amy hit the mat hard. Her body folded in half. In fact, her knee may have collided with her head. Masina reaches down and grabbed Amy, pulling her up by her hair. Masina then scooped Amy up and drove her to the mat, with Masina going down as well, crashing on top of the Women’s Champion. Masina then got up, hit the ropes and delivered a big splash to Amy. The challenger hooked Amy’s lifeless leg for the pin attempt. 1…2…3! Masina has just destroyed the FFP Women’s Champion and won the belt in record time.

Officially it took Masina 36 seconds to defeat Amy Kraven and become the new FFP Women’s Champion. And Brian Young asked the question, “who in the hell can stop Masina?”

Full Force Pro has officially signed Griffin Austin. Griffin has found success wrestling the last two years in England. Now he looks to bring his success to FFP!

The scene cut backstage to Trent Wolfe who was storming around looking for Aiden Conrad. Tyrece Beckman quickly caught up with Trent and asked why he was looking for Conrad. Trent said that Aiden knew that Trent was the better man tonight and that Aiden only retained the championship because of his feet on the ropes and a handful of tights. Mary Faith Brooks wound up stepping out of her office just in time to see Trent. She stopped him and said that she saw the match and had already planned on giving Wolfe a rematch for the Adrenaline Title, this time inside a steel cage!

FFP World Title
(c) Miles Lynch vs Hiroki Ito
Hiroki Ito came out first. Ito got loud cheers from the Brooklyn crowd, apparently many of the fans would have loved to see Hiroki win his first ever FFP World Championship right here tonight. The FFP World Champion came out next, but for the exact same reaction, cheers.

The match was brutal, with hard and stuff shots back and forth the entire time. Miles rocked Hiroki early with a hard elbow to the head, and a knee to the face. Ito fell to the mat and Miles went for the cover, but only got a two count. Lynch continued on the attack, raining strikes down on Hiroki’s back before hitting a snap suplex. Then, a running kick to the upper back. Miles pulled Ito up and hit a couple of European uppercuts and slammed him to the mat with a DDT. Lynch then climbed up to the middle rope and called Hiroki to get up. When the challenger reached his feet, Miles jumped off the middle rope, attempting a DDT. But Hiroki our the brakes on, catching Lynch and reversing into a Northern lights suplex. Hiroki bridges after the move and the referee slides into position. 1…2… and Lynch kicks out.

Both men scurry back to their feet and charge. Hiroki ducks a clothesline attempt and hits a jumping knee to the back of Lynch’s skull. He then grabs Lynch and hits him with a high angle back suplex. Lynch was rocked. He sat up, but was blasted with a running kick to the chest. Hiroki backed up again, and once again Lynch sat up. But, once again Hiroki hits a running kick to the chest. This happens once more, leaving a noticeable red welt across Lynch’s chest.

Hiroki now grabbed Miles, pulling him up to his feet. It looked as if Ito was attempting to scoop Miles up onto his shoulder for the Go to Sleep, but Miles hit a couple hard elbows to the side of Hiroki’s head. Lynch then grabbed Ito and planted him with the Flatliner! Miles hooked Hiroki’s leg for the pin. 1…2… and Hiroki kicked out. Lynch looked out to the crowd, then to the referee. Hiroki had kicked out of his finisher, and it was something that Miles wasn’t too happy about. He pulled Hiroki up and set him up for another Flatliner. But Hiroki elbowed his way out of the move, then grabbed Lynch’s arm and flipped him into a MMA style armbar. Lynch immediately began reaching for the ropes. If Ito could really lock this hold in the World Champion could be in a lot of trouble.

Lynch gritted his teeth, pulling the weight of Hiroki toward the ropes. Eventually, the Champion got to the ropes to force the break. But damage had been done to his arm. Ito released the hold and waited for Miles to get to his feet. He charged, and leveled Lynch with a knee to the ribs. Ito backed away, and did it again. Then, again. Hiroki went for a fourth, but Miles ducked and back body dropped Hiroki over the top. However, Ito landed feet first on the apron and cracked Miles with an elbow to the back of the head. Ito then slingshot himself back into the ring over the top rope, and cracked Lynch with another knee to the back of the head. Miles stumbles forward and fell to his hands and knees. Ito quickly grabbed Lynch, scooped him up and successfully hit the Go to Sleep! Hiroki lunged onto Miles for the pin. 1…2… and Miles was somehow able to get his shoulder up just before the three count.

The Brooklyn crowd was shocked. Morgan Alexander screamed, “how the hell did he kick out?!” Brian Young answered, “I have no idea!” Hiroki asks the referee if he was sure it was only a two count. Hiroki then turned back to Miles, bending over and grabbing Lynch by the hair. Miles grabbed Hiroki and was able to hook him in a small package pin. The ref made the count. 1…2… and Hiroki kicked out. Both men were quick to their feet, but Hiroki scooped Miles up and hit another Go to Sleep! The impact sent Miles stumbling backward and fell through the ropes, landing on the arena floor. Hiroki tried to grab Lynch before he fell to the floor, attempting to keep the Champion in the ring. You could see the disappointment in Hiroki’s face that Lynch had fallen out of the ring. If Miles wouldn’t have fallen out, surely Hiroki Ito would have got the three count.

Hiroki went to the outside and pulled Lynch up. He stuffed him back into the ring, and followed. Hiroki hooked Lynch’s leg, but Miles was able to kick out before the three. Hiroki slapped the mat out of frustration. He backed up and waited for Miles to start getting up. Ito then charged, going for a shining wizard. Lynch ducked the attempt and retaliated with a huge clothesline sending Hiroki crashing to the mat. Next, Miles pulled Hiroki up and spiked him to the mat with a DDT. Lynch dropped a couple of knees to the back of Hiroki’s head, then pulled the challenger back up and planted him with a piledriver. Miles then looked out into the crowd and called for the end. He pulled Hiroki back up and set him up for the Flatliner. This would be the second time Lynch hit the maneuver, but Hiroki escaped out of it after a couple of punches to the ribs. Ito then swung around Lynch’s body and attempted a back suplex. However, Miles went over top of Hiroki’s body, landing in his feet behind him. When the challenger turned around to face the champion again, Miles grabbed him and slammed him to the mat with the Flatliner. Lynch then hooked Hiroki’s leg for the pin. 1…2…3! Miles Lynch had successfully retained the FFP World Championship. And what a match it was!

After the match the referee handed the World Title to Lynch, who was sitting on his knees. He scooted over to Hiroki and patted him on the chest. It was one hell of a match, and Lynch knew that Hiroki had taken him to the limit. The Brooklyn crowd gave a standing ovation to both men. The show came to an end as Miles rolled out of the ring, clutching the World Championship in his arm as Hiroki lay in the center of the ring.

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