05/22/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: May 22, 2018
Location: New York, NY
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance of Joey DeMarco. DeMarco, a former FFP World Champion, and out and addressed Christopher Morgan’s challenge to Daniel Matthews. Joey said that surely the fans aren’t interested in who WAS the icon of FFP, but who IS. DeMarco said that if Morgan wanted a fight tonight, DeMarco would bring him one, and prove to the world that Daniel Matthews and Christopher Morgan were in the past, and Joey DeMarco was FFP’s future.

Christopher Morgan came out and said that Joey couldn’t lace his boots, but that if he wanted to get another notch in his loss column tonight, Christopher would have no problem obliging.

Giovanni Gotch vs Roxi Haacke w/ Christi Carter
Roxi Haacke had all the fan support for this one. Giovanni Gotch hated it, and let it be known. Of course if you let the New York crowd know that you don’t like something, they will do it more. Gotch took her frustrations out on Haacke. That was evident when she hit a running knee to the ribs that took Roxi down, and it looked like it could have injured her. Giovanni then hit a backbreaker, and the Gotch Powerbomb for the three count. But the action wasn’t over then.

Gotch continued her beat down of Haacke, stomping and kicking her before pulling her up and delivering another Gotch Powerbomb. This finally brought FFP Hall of Famer Christi Carter into the ring. Carter floored Gotch with a spear. Giovanni rolled out of the ring and headed backstage while Christi tended to Roxi.

The scene cut backstage where Christopher Morgan was asking around if anyone had seen Daniel Matthews yet. Matthews was supposed to answer Christopher’s challenge for the two to clash at FFP Glory.

Griffin Austin vs Cooper Albright
The New York crowd was excited to see the FFP debut of Griffin Austin. And he didn’t disappoint. Austin hit some very impactful and innovative moves. Cooper Albright however didn’t make Griffin’s debut an easy one. And after hitting a double underhook facebuster followed by a Death Valley Driver, Cooper went for the cover and nearly got a three count. But Griffin fought back, and eventually hit a wrist-lock transitioned into a bicycle knee to the jaw, knocking Albright out. The FFP newcomer then made the cover and got the three count.

The scene cut backstage to Raquel St Claire. St Claire revealed that next week on Tuesday Night Wrestling the new FFP Women’s Champion Masina as well as former champion Amy Kraven would be in attendance. She hoped to get word from both women next week.

#1 Contender Match for Network Title
George Furst vs Kabir Jindal

This was a brawl. Two big men hitting each other with everything they had. Furst hit a spinning sideslam which took Kabir down. Furst then went to the top rope. Something very out of the ordinary. He attempted a splash, but Kabir moved out of the way. Jindal then hit Furst with the India Penal Code for the three count. Kabir Jindal had earned himself a shot at Kashimanaki’s FFP Network Title.


Everett Moses vs Anarchy
Speaking of big men duking it out, that was exactly what this match was. Punches. Forearms. Clotheslines. Everett grabbed Anarchy into a big bear hug. Headbutts. And of course, knife edge chops that for the NYC crowd chanting “wooo!”

After a Samoan drop from the middle turnbuckle, it looked like Anarchy would take the victory, but he went for the rear naked choke, and had it blocked by a hard elbow to the head. Moses then leveled Anarchy with a lariat. And a second Lariat. Then, a third. Everett then scooped Anarchy up, to attempt his One Winged Angel finished. But Anarchy slipped off of Everett’s shoulders and locked in the rear naked choke. Anarchy quickly took Everett down to the mat, and he had no place to go. He had to submit.

Anarchy then got on the microphone and said that if he got a rematch with Austin Briggs, that Briggs would suffer the same fate as Everett Moses, being choked out in the center of the ring. Austin came out and accepted Anarchy’s insinuated challenge, saying next week he’d gladly beat Anarchy again.

The scene cut backstage to Beth Tilly and her tag team partner Sophia Ishmael. The duo said that they came to Full Force Pro to be the best female tag team of all time. Better than Lipstick & Powerbombs. Better than the Tokyo Bomb Angels. Better than Seduction Inc. They said that next week they would face the Tokyo Bomb Angels and show just how good they are.

FFP Spirit Title
(c) Carla Ray vs Keira Brimm

The match started off similarly to the way Carla’s match with Zoey started. Carla stepped into the ring and was immediately blasted with a lariat that sent her over the top rope. Brimm didn’t miss a beat, next hitting a plancha onto the champion. Keira hit a couple of shots to Carla before pulling her up and whipping her back into the ring. Keira slid in after the champion, who was attempting to crawl away from the challenger. Keira grabbed Carla by the hair as the official called for the bell to start the match. Keira scooped Carla up onto her shoulders and hit her finisher, the Vertigo Death Valley Driver – a rolling Death Valley Driver. Brimm then hooked Carla’s leg. 1…2…3! Keira Brimm had won the Spirit Title only days after Carla had won the title herself.

The referee presented Keira with the Spirit Title, and she held it proudly in the air. But her celebration was cut short by the President of FFP, Mary Faith Brooks. Mary said that Carla did not have the time to even be ready for the match to begin. She said that title reigns are very important here in Full Force Pro, and a champion deserves to be ready for her title defense. So, Mary restarted the match.

Keira couldn’t believe it. She handed the title back over to the referee, and turned around toward Carla. Carla however, was able to get back to her feet and immediatly blasted Keira with her finisher, the Ray of Light. Carla then hooked Keira’s leg for the pin. 1…2…3! Carla Ray has successfully defended her title, in quite a controversial fashion.

The scene cut to the commentator’s table where Brian Young and Morgan Alexander were trying to make sense of what had just happened. Well, Brian was anyway. Morgan was just happy that Carla had successfully retained the title. Meanwhile, Brian Young pointed out that Carla Ray had attacked Zoey Kiehl before the match began at Vendetta, yet Mary Faith Brooks didn’t come out and restart the match for Zoey Kiehl. Morgan told Brian to stop complaining.

On June 10th join Full Force Pro for FFP Uprising live from Orlando, Florida! Already on the card is Miles Lynch defending the World Title against Hiroki Ito, Aiden Conrad vs Trent Wolfe for the Adrenaline Title in a steel cage and Lipstick & Powerbombs defending the Women’s Tag Titles against CULT! You won’t want to miss this event!

Christopher Morgan vs Joey DeMarco
The match began as a brawl. Both men hitting punches, kicks, chops and forearms. Christopher got the upperhand first with a spinning elbow, then a German suplex. He went for a running big boot, but DeMarco ducked and hit a German suplex of his own. Then, he hit a lariat sending Morgan over the top. DeMarco hit the ropes and delivered a suicide dive. The crowd loved it. Joey sent Morgan back into the ring where he began working on Christopher’s neck. But Morgan put up a fight, and regained the momentum, hitting a couple of knee strikes to DeMarco’s chest, then a snap suplex.

Morgan set DeMarco up for the Tiger Driver, but Joey fought out and hit a Superkick. The impact of the move sent Christopher stumbling back toward the ropes. But Joey grabbed him and whipped him into the ropes. He went for a jumping knee strike, but Morgan dodged and hit a running bulldog. He went for a pin but only got a two count. He pulled DeMarco up and set him up for another Tiger Driver, but again Joey was able to fight out of the move. They jockeyed back and forth for the upperhand until Morgan scooped DeMarco onto his shoulder and hit a Death Valley Driver – Daniel Matthews’ finisher. Morgan then got the three count and won the match.

After the match he got on the microphone and said that he had just used Daniel Matthews’ finisher to get a bigger win than Daniel could get anymore. He said that Daniel said he’d be here tonight to give him his answer, and he wanted it now.

Daniel showed up on the screen. Also on the screen, the words “Via Satellite”. Daniel said that Christopher did a good job tonight, but that he was enjoying being retired and training at the OWF, so his answer to Morgan’s challenge was no. Morgan tried to talk trash, saying Daniel was washed up, but Daniel said that Christopher’s trash talk wouldn’t change his mind.

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