06/10/2018 FFP Uprising 2018

Date: June 10, 2018
Location: Orlando, FL
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show began with the President of Full Force Pro, Mary Faith Brooks. MFB was out to discuss some of her new projects. She announced that she was putting together a 16 team tournament, featuring wrestlers from all over the globe, some from FFP and some from other federations.

Mary also announced the return of the 16-to-1 Tournament, featuring 16 non-FFP female wrestlers competing for a FFP contract. Mary said she wasn’t sure exactly on the date of either tournaments, but that she was looking forward to these new projects. Then, she said enough talk, now it’s time for action!

Courtney Kennedy vs Minnie Nova

The opening match of Uprising was back and forth, and very respectful. Both women obviously had a mutual respect. Often after certain moves the two would even first bump to let the other know that a move was impressive. Courtney Kennedy hit a beautiful moonsault that got her a two count. Minnie fought back, hitting a jumping knee strike, then a running bulldog. Nova went to the middle rope and hit a meteora. She covered Courtney, but only got a two count. However she transitioned the attempted pin into a crossface. Courtney tried fighting to the ropes, as well as using her free hand to try to break Minnie’s grip.

Eventually Courtney was able to roll her body, also rolling Minnie into a pinning position. Minnie released the hold to get out of the pin. Both women quickly got back to their feet and simultaneously hit each other with clotheslines. Both women hit the mat hard. They both were a little slow to get up. Brian Young commented that both women were making their official FFP debuts and they were putting on one hell of a match. They began trading chops and European uppercuts. The Orlando crowd was eating it up. Minnie hit a loud European uppercut then hit the ropes. She grabbed Courtney and went for her finisher, the Minnie Boom, but Kennedy was able to escape out and hit Minnie with a German suplex. Courtney then pulled Minnie up, set her on the top turnbuckle and proceeded to hit one of her finishers, the Muscle Buster. Courtney hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Courtney Kennedy had won her debut match.

After the match Courtney helped Minnie up. She shook her hand and the two women embraced. Minnie even took Courtney’s arm and raised it in the air, signaling to the fans to applaud her. As the two stood in the ring the mood changed when Jaqueline Aulstrike and Tabitha Mullins came down the isle. The two stepped into the ring and went face-to-face with Courtney and Minnie. Although the two had to be exhausted, they immediately began throw punches with the two women who were towering over them. It didn’t take long for Jaqueline and Tabitha to get the upperhand, and plant both of the newcomers with hellacious powerbombs.

We hadn’t seen the duo of Jaqueline and Tabitha for quite some time, but apparently they were back and ready to dish out violence.

FFP Honor Title
(c) Alexander Modest w/ Katya Dementieva vs Kade Haddix

This match was put together by Mary Faith Brooks who said that Alexander and Kade always have really good matches. Kade came out of his corner on fire, hitting several strikes before sending Modest into the ropes and hitting a big hip toss. Then a running European uppercut that sent Modest stumbling back, falling through the ropes and tumbling to the outside. Katya was quick to rush to Alexander’s aide, which stopped Kade from going for any kind of offensive maneuver like a suicide dive.

Katya helped Alexander up and he pulled himself up onto the apron. He demanded Kade back away so he could get back into the ring. He got in and Kade approached, but Alexander hit a knee to the gut. Modest drove a couple of elbows into Haddix’s upper back, and dropped him with a DDT. Modest then put the boots to Kade. He pulled him up and hit a reverse DDT. He looked out to his girlfriend and smiled, showing his muscle. She clapped, and the crowd booed.

Modest stayed on Haddix, working him down with elbows to the shoulders and neck area. The neck and upper back seemed to be where Alexander was attempting to inflict the most damage. And after a couple of grueling submission moves to Kade’s neck, Alexander pulled the challenger up and planted him with a piledriver in the center of the ring. Morgan Alexander took a break from singing the praises of the beautiful Katya Dementieva, to sing the praises of Alexander Modest. Morgan was sure Alexander had just won the match. He went for a pin after the piledriver. 1…2… and Kade was able to kickout. Alexander, Katya and Morgan seemed to be surprised. Modest even seemed a little aggravated. He pulled Kade up and yelled at him “stay down!” He then tucked his head for another piledriver, but Kade reversed into a back body drop. Modest quickly got back up but was leveled with a spinning clothesline. When Alexander got up again, Kade delivered a spinning back kick. Then Haddix hit the ropes and delivered a very impactful spear. Modest was in pain, but got lucky and ended up rolling out of the ring after the impact.

Katya rushed over to her man’s aide again, but this time Kade hit the ropes and delivered a beautiful suicide plancha, going over top of Katya and making contact with the FFP Honor Champion. Kade quickly pulled Alexander up and sent him back into the ring. As Kade climbed back up onto the apron, Katya grabbed him and pulled him back to the arena floor. She was attempting to give Alexander a chance to recover. Brian Young said that Katya should be ejected from ringside. And Morgan told him to shut up, because she was the best looking thing at ringside.

Eventually Kade was able to pull away from Katya. But as he was climbing back into the ring, Alexander blasted him with a kick to the chest. Kade ended up hung up on the middle rope. Alexander then hit the ropes and leveled Kade with his finisher, the End of Your Run. The impact of the move sent Kade falling into the ring. Modest grabbed him by an arm and a leg, and pulled Kade Haddix to the center of the ring. Alexander then made the cover. 1…2…3! Alexander Modest had retained the FFP Honor Title. Of course with quite an assist from his girlfriend, Russian model Katya Dementieva.

After the match Alexander invited Katya into the ring. He kissed her in the center of the ring and let her hold onto his title. Brian Young said that he wanted to see Alexander vs Kade one more time, but without outside interference. Morgan Alexander said that Modest and Dementieva were on their way to being FFP’s new power couple.

Ringside | In the Ring
The scene now cut to ringside. The FFP Women’s World Champion Masina. Masina came down to the ring with her title over her shoulder. She took a microphone and said that the entire Women’s Division was lucky that she had the night off, because she would have obliterated whoever she faced. Masina said that she has been giving people shots at her championship, and that wouldn’t change anytime soon. She said that this Tuesday at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling, she’d be putting the Women’s Title on the line in an open challenge.

Handicap Match
Carla Ray, Lenore Spade & Ava St James vs Zoey Kiehl & Keira Brimm
As the ladies made their entrances, Morgan Alexander talked about how great and beautiful Carla Ray was. Morgan always sung the praises of Carla, and tonight was no different. BrianYoung talked about how unfair this match was, and said that Zoey and Keira should have at least had the opportunity to find a partner to even the odds. Morgan accused Brian of being a complainer, and the two argued back and forth briefly.

Zoey and Keira came out to all the fan fair. The Orlando crowd was completely behind them. The match began with Zoey and Keira getting the upperhand, and attempting to cut the ring in half. After Ava St James fought away and made the tag to Lenore Spade, she suffered the same fate. A beat down courtesy of Zoey and Keira. Carla avoided being tagged in, which Morgan Alexander said was a brilliant idea. Eventually Lenore was able to take Keira’s eyes and plant her with a DDT. Then she tagged in Carla. Carla put the boots to Keira, before pulling her up and hitting a pump handle suplex. Carla hit two leg drops, then went to the middle rope. She attempted a missile dropkick, but Keira caught her legs, and slingshot her into the corner. Keira then made the tag to Zoey, and they began to double team Carla. This brought Ava and Lenore in and eventually the numbers game caught up.

After Zoey and Keira were taken down by Lenore and Ava, Carla began calling the shots. Lenore and Ava would hold Zoey and Keira up, pulling their arms behind them so Carla could get an unprotected shot in. Carla walked around the inside of the ring taunting the fans and striking her foes. But eventually Zoey was able to fight out of Ava’s grasp and clothesline her over the top. Zoey and Keira then took care of Lenore. Carla tried to tuck tail and run, but the duo grabbed her by her hair and whipped her down to the mat. Morgan Alexander said it was a travesty to see two on one.

Carla tried getting up, but got lit up by chops, punches and a lariat from Keira Brimm that turned her inside out. Eventually Lenore and Ava were able to grab Carla and pull her out of the ring, but Keira hit a suicide dive over the top, flooring all three women.

Keira slid back into the ring, and as the trio on the outside began getting back to their feet, Zoey climbed to the top and hit a dive onto the group. The momentum was completely with the underdogs. They took to the ring and pumped their fists in the air. The crowd loved it.

Lenore and Ava were quick to attack, double spearing Zoey through the ring ropes, all three women tumbling to the arena floor. Keira turned her attention to the attack, but it opened her up for Carla to sneak into the ring and blast her with a running knee to the kidney. Keira was in a lot of pain. Carla then rolled Keira up and put her feet on the rope for added leverage. The referee missed it as Carla slyly put them up on the ropes after he began his count. 1…2…3! Carla, Lenore and Ava had won the match, with quite a bit of controversy.

Brian Young said that the referees are being paid to call the match correctly, and the fact that he missed that was unacceptable. Meanwhile Morgan was dancing at the table celebrating the victory for the three beautiful blondes.


Christopher Morgan vs Patrick McCoy

This match picked up the pace very quickly. McCoy hit some really hard strikes, including an open hand palm strike to the face. From there he hit a spinning back suplex, then went out onto the apron. McCoy springboarded off the top rope and hit a flying knee to the head, sending Christopher down to the mat. Patrick then covered Christopher. The Orlando crowd stood in anticipation. 1…2… and Morgan was able to get his shoulder up. Patrick pulled him back up and set him up for his finisher, the Kryptonite Krunch, but Morgan was able to fight out of the move and hit Patrick with a few hard knees to the chest. Morgan then floored Patrick with a clothesline.

Morgan now grabbed McCoy and began hitting him with solid blows to the head. He pulled Patrick back up and hit a snap suplex. Then a knee across the chest. McCoy was in some pain. Morgan went up to the middle rope and went for a diving knee drop to the chest. But Patrick moved out of the way. Then he proceeded to hit Morgan with a Superkick that echoed through the arena. Next, McCoy, the future FFP Hall of Famer, climbed to the top turnbuckle and hit a Frog Splash that would have made Eddie Guerrero proud. McCoy went for another pin. 1…2… and Morgan was able to kick out again.

Brian Young commended both men on their fighting spirit. The match continued, with both men using brawling as well as mat wrestling to try to wear each other down. McCoy got Morgan up for another Kryptonite Krunch, but this time successfully hit the move. He covered Christopher. 1…2… and Christopher kicked out. Patrick seemed sure that was the end. He pulled Morgan up once more, and hit a discus punch. Morgan stumbled back and fell through the ropes. Patrick then attempted a suicide dive, but Morgan moved out of the way and shoved Patrick in mid air so he would crash dangerously into the commentator’s table. Morgan quickly sent Patrick back into the ring and immediately planted him with the Tiger Driver. Christopher looked up to the crowd and put his arms up. Then he made the cover. 1…2… and Patrick kicked out. Morgan couldn’t believe it. He went to the referee, demanding that he was wrong. Christopher turned his attention back to McCoy. He reached down for Patrick, but McCoy quickly hooked Morgan into a tight small package pin. The ref slid into position. 1…2… and Morgan escaped before the three.

Both men got to their feet, and Christopher destroyed McCoy with a monstrous clothesline. Morgan smiled. He playfully kicked Patrick with the toe of his boot. Morgan then pulled Patrick up and made a throat cutting motion. He set Patrick up for another Tiger Driver. However his time Patrick was able to escape out. He went for a roaring elbow, one of Daniel Matthews’ finishers, but Morgan ducked it. When Patrick turned back toward Christopher, Morgan leveled him with a jumping knee to the jaw. Morgan then hooked Patrick’s arms and hit another Tiger Driver. Morgan made the cover. 1…2…3! Christopher Morgan had defeated Patrick McCoy. But the action wasn’t over.

After the bell Christopher continued beating Patrick down. Morgan hit several elbows to the skull, then another Tiger Driver. He got a microphone and said that if Daniel Matthews didn’t man up that Morgan would attempt to make Daniel’s life a living hell until he accepted the challenge.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman who was standing by with Jaqueline Aulstrike and Tabitha Mullins. Tyrece asked the women about tonight’s attack on Courtney Kennedy and Minnie Nova. Jaqueline said that it had been too long since the FFP crowd had seen them, and they needed to show that all these new little girls needed to know who was the big and the bad here in the Women’s Division. Beckman asked them if they’d be watching the Women’s Tag Team Title Match later. Tabitha said of course they would, and that no matter who the winner would be, they’d only be holding the titles briefly.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Lipstick & Powerbombs vs CULT
This feud was really gaining some heat. The four women came out guns blazing. Eventually Amanda Cortez took Lizzy Kraven to the outside with a clothesline and Kennedy Matthews hit a suicide dive knocking Lizzy into the commentators table. Olivia Lee joined the fight, and the wrestlers brawled near the table.

Eventually CULT got the upperhand, ramming Olivia into the steel guardrail and taking Lizzy up into the commentator’s table. They attempted to hit a piledriver or powerbomb, but Lizzy back body dropped Amanda off the table, and planted Kennedy with a DDT through the table! The commentators went wild as their table was reduced to pieces. Lizzy then took Kennedy into the ring where she hit a scoop slam and an elbow drop for a two count. Olivia Lee got the tag in and put a beating on Kennedy, hitting a Samoan drop and then a leg drop from the middle rope. She went for the pin, but got another two count.

Olivia tagged Lizzy back in, who attempted the Kraven Lariat. However, Matthews ducked and tagged Amanda Cortez in. Cortez hit Lizzy with a chop block that took her to the mat in pain. Amanda then began to work Lizzy’s leg. A very good gameplan. Lizzy fought like hell to make the tag, even hitting Cortez with a headbutt that echoed. Lizzy finally made the tag. Kennedy came in to try to keep the momentum, but got a big double clothesline from the champions.

Lizzy and Olivia then muscled the challengers up, going for the Super Collider. However, Amanda Cortez was able to use her momentum to go over the top of Lizzy Kraven and land on her feet. Amanda then went for her Fade to Black spear. Lizzy dodged, but Amanda ended up making contact with Olivia, also causing Kennedy Matthews’ full weight to crash down on Olivia.

When Amanda got up, she fell victim to Lizzy’s Kraven Lariat, but when Lizzy turned around, Kennedy scooped her up and planted her with the Death Valley Driver. Kennedy then made me cover, 1…2…3! CULT were the new FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions!

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut backstage where Kennedy Matthews and Amanda Cortez arrived with their FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. Raquel St Claire was there to welcome them, and ask them about their victory. Amanda said that her and Kennedy had told the world that they would defeat Lipstick & Powerbombs, and that they did. Kennedy said that they didn’t need any kind of weapon or any kind of interference. They beat them because CULT is the best. The two then walked off with their championships in hand.

FFP Adrenaline Title | Cage Match
(c) Aiden Conrad vs Trent Wolfe
Another feud which was getting heated. Trent Wolfe came to Orlando to dish out some pain to Aiden, and win himself the Adrenaline Title. And he had the Orlando crowd completely behind him. Which was especially evident when after the match had been going back and forth, Aiden stopped to taunt, and the place filled with boos. Then, Trent put his arms out and the place blew up.

Wolfe gained the upperhand with a huge European uppercut and a running STO. That was when Trent made his first escape attempt, beginning to climb the cage. Conrad was able to get up and get ahold of Trent’s leg. Trent tried kicking away but Aiden successfully pulled him off of the cage and cracked him with an elbow to the head. Conrad then hit a swinging neckbreaker. He went to the top rope and proceeded to hit a flying knee drop. Aiden looked confident. He looked out at Pandora and winked. Then began to climb the cage. But Trent was up, albeit slow. Wolfe missed Conrad’s feet at first, but on the second try barely did. Aiden was nearly hanging halfway over the cage. Wolfe hit a couple of solid shots to Conrad’s lower back before turning him by his hair, and delivering a grueling and dangerous superplex from the top of the cage! Brian Young and Morgan Alexander freaked out! Both men could have ended their careers!

Both wrestlers slowly began to push their way up to their feet. Trent was first, with Aiden not far behind. They met in the middle of the ring where they began trading shots. Punches. Chops. Forearms. Open hand slaps across the chest. They both were left with bright red welts across their chest. Aiden went for a big kick, but Trent ducked it and blasted Aiden with a spinning clothesline. Wolfe looked up at the cage. Both men had taken a beating. Wolfe crawled to the side of the ring, and began to climb the cage. Aiden was moving toward the cage, but Trent was getting dangerously close to escape. So the FFP Tag Team Champions Matt and Billy Rich made their move, going to the side that Trent was on and started climbing toward him. Wolfe seemed to be in a pretty bad spot.

But just as the Rich Brothers began to interfere, getting ready to take shots at Trent, Wolfe began blasting them both with punches. Trent then slammed their heads together. But by this time Aiden had gotten to the side and began to repeatedly hit Trent from behind. Wolfe turned, and leapt into the air, hooking Aiden’s head and delivering an amazing blockbuster off the cage! Again, careers could have ended! Surely they had been shortened with this match!

Both men lie motionless on the mat below. But unfortunately for Trent, Matt and Billy had made their way into the cage. It was now three-on-one. Matt and Billy pulled Trent up and delivered a vicious spike powerbomb. Then, they began helping Aiden up, and attempting to get him up the cage. Both of the Tag Champs climbed, while holding Aiden and trying to pull him up the cage. And although Trent was still down, the tide changed. Because the returning Assault & Battery came out from backstage!

Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan rushed to ringside where they climbed up the cage and lit the Tag Champs up with rights and lefts. Eventually Hart and Lewan were able to pull Matt and Billy over the top of the cage. Matt and Billy fell to the arena floor, and fell victim to being launched into the steal guardrail by Assault & Battery.

Aiden was still clinging onto the cage, trying desperately to escape. But he was exhausted, and beaten down. Pandora finally began to scale the cage, reaching down and grabbing Aiden’s hands. She tried and tried to pull Aiden up. But Trent had finally gotten back up. He hit Aiden with a couple punches to the side. Then, he turned and set Aiden up for a powerbomb off the cage. Wolfe stood in the top rope, attempting to hit the move. But Pandora still had a hold of the champion. Wolfe finally muscled Aiden up and hit a huge powerbomb off the top rope. But Aiden still had a hold of Pandora, and she came crashing down as well, right on top of Aiden! Morgan Alexander exclamed that both had to be dead.

Trent smiled at the site of the chaos. He turned and pulled himself up to the top of the cage. He swung a leg over and looked down one more time. Aiden and Pandora were laid out. Trent then climbed down the cage and dropped to his feet on the arena floor. Trent Wolfe was the new FFP Adrenaline Champion.

Gregory and Kevin congratulated Trent as he was presented the championship.

July 22, 2018 FFP presents it’s fifth annual FFP Mid-Summer Classic. The event will be live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, live on the FFP Network as well as pay-per-view. Don’t miss this July tradition, one of FFP’s biggest events of the year, and the last pay-per-view leading up to FFP Glory!

Ringside | In the Ring
Now we saw Mary Faith Brooks standing inside the ring with a microphone in hand. She was here to announce the next FFP superstar to join the FFP Hall of Fame Class of 2018 in August. She had a smile on her face when she let everyone know that joining Patrick McCoy in this year’s class was none other than former FFP Tag Team Champions the American Bulldogs! The Bulldogs will only the second tag team to be inducted as a team into the Hall of Fame, and interestingly enough they will be the first male tag team.

The scene cut backstage where Aiden Conrad, who was obviously in a lot of pain, was watching as Pandora was loaded into an ambulance via stretched. Conrad was freaking out, saying that Trent Wolfe nearly killed her. Conrad said that Trent would pay, and that his victory was tainted with what he did to Pandora.

FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Noel Zelig vs Katsumi Akiyama
This match began with a handshake. Gotta love the sportsmanship. Mutual respect between both women. And the crowd was behind them both 100%. Noel grabbed a headlock and took Katsumi down. Akiyama fought out using her legs to grapevine Noel’s head and escape. Katsumi caught an armdrag, and locked in a quick armbar. Back and forth, fast mat wrestling. That’s until Noel escaped a headlock takeover attempt and hit a dropkick. Katsumi hit the ground hard and rolled out of the ring. She looked at Noel with a smile on her face. They were loving it.

When Katsumi got back into the ring the two locked up. Noel hit Katsumi with a quick snap suplex. Katsumi got up, again seeming impressed with Noel. Locked up again, and this time Katsumi was the one hitting a snap suplex. Tit-for-tat. Noel got back up and the two went eye-to-eye. A little bit of trash talk was going on. Then, Katsumi hit Noel with a big chop across the chest. The crowd groaned. It had to hurt. But Noel returned the favor. Then Katsumi. Then Noel. Eventually the chops became forearms. Then punches. In a matter of moments this thing turned from a mat classic to a brawl. Katsumi got the upperhand with a jumping elbow to the head, then caught Noel with a German suplex. Katsumi made the cover. 1…2… and Noel kicked out. Close one!

Katsumi stayed on the champion, pulling her back up, hitting three chops across the chest and whipping her into the ropes. Katsumi went for a spinning back kick, but Noel ducked it and cracked the Japanese superstar with a Superkick. Akiyama stumbled back from the move, then fell victim to a rolling heel kick. Katsumi stumble back again but fell to her knees. Noel jumped back to her feet and hit a shining wizard. Zelig continued her assault, pulling Akiyama back up and hitting a back elbow, then a Flatliner. Katsumi was in trouble. Noel hooked the leg. 1…2… and Katsumi kicked out. But when she did, Noel grabbed her arm and hooked on an armbar, Ronda Rousey style.

Katsumi scooted as close to the ropes as she could before Noel got the move completely locked. The proof of a ring veteran. Akiyama reached for the ropes, mainly using her legs as Noel continued to wrench on the arm. Katsumi was finally able to reach the ropes with her feet. The hold had to be broken. That didn’t stop Noel’s attack though. She allowed Katsumi to get up, but went at her. Katsumi ducked and back body dropped Noel over the top, but Zelig caught herself on the apron. Then hit Katsumi with s jumping kick to the head. Katsumi stumbled toward the middle of the ring. Noel went for a springboard clothesline, but Katsumi caught her by the arm in the air, and was able to catch her into a crossface as soon as she hit the mat. Noel seemed to be in trouble, attempting to use her free arm to break Katsumi’s grip. But to no avail.

Noel attempted to wrap her free arm around Katsumi and turn her into a pinning position, but Katsumi was able to rock back down so Noel was on her chest. Katsumi really began wrenching on the champion’s head, torquing her neck. Zelig was trapped. And things weren’t looking good. Brian Young even said it may be wise to submit, and not risk injury. But Noel continued fighting, reaching out for the ropes, as well as using her feet to attempt to push her toward the ropes. It was working, but very little. And the more she moved, the more pressure was applied on her neck.

Noel attempted to swing Katsumi back onto her shoulders again. But this time, Katsumi let go, rolling onto her feet. Then, when Zelig began getting up, Akiyama blasted her with a running knee to the head. Noel’s body collapsed. Katsumi quickly rolled her over for the cover. 1…2… and Noel kicked out. Barely! The crowd couldn’t believe it. Katsumi looked a little shocked, but knew she needed to take advantage of having the upperhand. She pulled Noel back up and hit a back suplex, folding Noel in half. What a suplex! Katsumi stepped back, waiting for the champion to get back to her feet. When Noel finally did, Katsumi went for a kick to the skull again. Noel ducked, and rolled Katsumi into a school boy pin. Akiyama wasn’t expecting it, but was able to kick out before the three. Then, she cracked Noel with a devastating kick to the side of the head. Zelig again collapsed to the mat.

Katsumi called for her finish. She pulled Noel up and set her up for the Tiger Suplex. Noel tried to fight out of the move. If she could free her arms, she’d be in a good position. But Katsumi locked her fingers. Noel finally pushed back, using her legs to run backwards, ramming Katsumi’s back into the corner. Noel had to do it once more to break Katsumi’s grip. Noel then hit a back elbow. She rolled forward, jumped up and hit a splash in the corner. Katsumi stumbled out of the corner, and Noel jumped to the middle turnbuckle. She proceeded to hit a diamond dust. Noel went for the cover. 1…2… and Katsumi got her leg on the bottom rope.

Noel didn’t miss a beat. She pulled Katsumi up and planted her with a devastating Jumping Piledriver. Noel’s finisher. That had to be it, right? She covered the challenger. 1…2… KICKOUT! WHAT?! Noel couldn’t believe it. She looked like she was nearly in tears. What did she have to do to keep Katsumi down?!

She pulled Katsumi up and took her to the corner. Noel placed her up into the top turnbuckle and climbed up with her. Was she going for a superplex, or a frankensteiner? Neither! Noel hit an impressive overhead belly-to-belly suplex off the top turnbuckle! “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Morgan Alexander exclaimed. Noel scurried over to Katsumi and hooked her leg. 1…2… kickout! Again! What?!

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” again came from Morgan’s mouth. Katsumi Akiyama wasn’t human! Noel took a deep breath. She got up and approached Katsumi again. She pulled Akiyama to her knees, but Katsumi broke Noel’s grip and hit her with an open hand slap across the face. The shot echoed. Noel then pulled Katsumi up by her multi-color hair and spiked her with another Jumping Piledriver. But Zelig wasn’t done there. She pulled the challenger up and hit ANOTHER Jumping Piledriver. Had to be it. Had to be…

Noel covered Katsumi. 1…2…3! Noel Zelig had successfully retained the FFP Ironwoman Championship in a war of a match!

After the match the referee awarded the title to Noel. With tears in her eyes she accepted it. Then she knelt down by Katsumi, checking on her opponent. Eventually Katsumi regained consciousness. She shook Noel’s hand and embraced her. Sportsmanship to the end.

Katsumi rolled out of the ring and allowed Noel to take center stage and celebrate with the championship. The crowd gave both women a well deserved standing ovation.

FFP World Title
| 60-Minute Iron Man Match
(c) Miles Lynch vs Hiroki Ito
The main event. Two spectacular wrestlers going at it for 60 minutes, for the biggest prize of them all. The crowd seemed split. A lot of cheers for both men. A lot of signs too. The match started slow. Neither man wanted to make a mistake, especially to give up that crucial first fall. Headlocks, arm drags, arm bars, snap mares. They were feeling each other out. Who would leave an opening first?

Miles Lynch hit the first big impact move. After hitting two stiff European uppercuts, he scooped Hiroki you and hit a falcon arrow. He went for the pin, but ended up having Hiroki way too close to the ropes. He reached out and grabbed the bottom rope to break the pin. Miles went to pull Hiroki back up, but Ito landed a kick to the top of Lynch’s head. Lynch stumbled back, and Ito kipped up. Ito then went for a jumping kick to Miles’ face, but Miles dodged it. He went for a back suplex on Ito, but Hiroki went over top of Miles, landing on his feet and hooking Miles in a backslide pin. 1… and Miles was able to escape. Both men quickly got up and charged, both connecting with simultaneous clotheslines.

Both men were a little slow to get up. Hiroki began hitting strikes. Until Lynch blocked one and hit Ito with a Flatliner out of nowhere. His finisher! Miles went for the pin. 1…2… and Hiroki kicked out. Miles slapped the mat out of frustration. But then he hit a hard kick to Ito’s back, and slapped him in the camel clutch. Morgan Alexander referenced the Iron Sheik, “he’s going to make him humble!”

Eventually Lynch gave up on the hold, releasing and pulling Ito to his feet. Lynch went for a Rainmaker clothesline, but Ito ducked the attempt, and rolled Miles up with an O’Connor roll. 1…2… and Lynch broke out of the pin. But as he got up, he was blasted with a kick to the face. Lynch went down hard. Hiroki fell on top of Lynch for another cover. 1…2…3! Hiroki Ito took the lead, 1-0 with about 40 minutes left.

Miles was slow to get up. And the referee demanded Ito give him a chance to get up. Once he did, Ito went after him again. He scooped the FFP World Champion into his knees and delivered the Go to Sleep. Ito then made another cover. 1…2…3! Hiroki Ito just upped the score, 2-0. The champion looked to be in trouble.

Hiroki attempted to set Lynch up for the Go to Sleep again, but this time Miles escaped his grasp and headed for the outside of the ring. Lynch took a breather while Hiroki invited him back into the ring. Lynch began to get into the ring, but dropped down. Mind games perhaps?

Ito finally had enough. He hit the ropes and attempted an over the top suicide dive. But Lynch not only moved out of the way, he attempted to pull the steel guardrail closer to the ring so Ito would crash into it. Which he did. Hiroki was hurt. And Miles Lynch took complete advantage. First he leveled Ito with a running kick to the chest. Then he sent Hiroki back into the squared circle. Lynch proceeded to hoist Ito up and hit an elevated gut buster. But Lynch wasn’t done there. He pulled Miles back up again, and this time planted him with a pumphandle Michinoku Driver. Miles covered the challenger. 1…2…3! Miles Lynch has gained a fall. Hiroki was still leading however, 2-1. But Lynch continued attacking Ito. Ramming repeated elbows into his head and neck. The referee tried to stop Lynch from continuing the attack. Lynch shoved the referee off, continuing the assault. Then the bell rang.

Ring announcer Brianna spoke with the official and announced that Miles had been disqualified for not allowing Hiroki to get back to his feet. Ito was now in the lead 3-1. But the lead didn’t last long. When Ito got back to his feet, Miles planted him with the Flatliner. He made the pin and got the three count. Ito was hurt, from the Flatliner as well as Lynch’s devastating elbows.

The score was 3-2 with about 15 minutes left. Miles still needed to score a fall, and he had a plan. He scooped Ito up and set him up on the top turnbuckle. He looked as if he was setting Hiroki up for a super powerbomb. But before he could hit the move, Hiroki hit a hard elbow, then delivered an impressive top rope frankensteiner, throwing Lynch nearly across the ring. As Lynch pushed himself up, Ito rocked him with the Shining Wizard. He covered the Champion. 1…2… and Lynch draped his leg on the bottom rope. Wow, so close to being a 4-2 match! Lynch was lucky to have landed so close to the ropes.

Hiroki has disappointment on his face. He pulled Miles up, setting him up for another Go to Sleep. But when he went for the knee strike, Miles caught his leg. Miles then proceeded to hit an Exploder Suplex, sending Ito crashing on the back of his head and neck. Lynch made the cover. 1…2…3! Tie match! Brian and Morgan went crazy at the commentator’s table.

Only minutes left. The next fall would most likely be the final one. Who was going to score it? Who was going to win?!

Lynch took a big deep breath. It was his title to lose. If he could get up one more fall, he could play defense. Hiroki was slow to get into. Using the ropes to keep his balance. The referee gave Miles the go ahead to go after Ito again. Miles did, charging the challenger. But Ito was playing possum. He leveled Lynch with a jumping knee to the jaw. Hiroki then scooped Lynch up and hit a cross-legged fisherman brainbuster. Lynch looked out. Ito covered the champion. 1…2… and Miles kicked out! What?! No way! Ito stood up, looking at the official. No way did that just happen. No way did he kick out.

Ito turned back to Lynch. He called for another Go to Sleep. He had success with it earlier. He went to pull Lynch up, but Miles surprised him with a rising European uppercut. Ito stumbled back. Lynch then went for a wild clothesline, but Hiroki ducked it and muscled Miles up onto his shoulders in a burning hammer position. If Ito hit the burning hammer, surely that would be all she wrote!

Lynch was able to shift his momentum and come down from Ito’s shoulders in front of him. He hooked the challenger and planted him with the Flatliner! But Miles wasn’t done. He kept his arm on Ito, rolled back and stood back up, bringing Hiroki with him. Lynch then hit another Flatliner, this time really spiking Hiroki to the mat. Lynch rolled Ito over. 1…2…3! Miles Lynch had finally taken the lead, with less than two minutes left!

Lynch took a knee in his corner as Hiroki lie motionless. The referee instructed Miles to stay back, which he did. Ito finally began to move, crawling to the ropes and grabbing them to stand. Ito got to one knee, and continued trying to fight to a standing position. With half a minute left, he finally got to his feet, and Lynch could try to go back to work. Instead, Ito turned to Lynch and bowed. Hiroki knew that the match was over, and Lynch had retained. As the time expired, Lynch approached Ito, shaking his hand and embracing him. Another spectacular match ending in complete sportsmanship. The crowd gave both men a standing ovation. Ito bowed once more to Miles, then climbed out of the ring. Miles Lynch took the spotlight, holding the FFP World Championship high in the air as Brianna announced him as still the World Champion.


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