06/12/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: June 12, 2018
Location: Miami, FL
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show began with the entrance of the FFP Spirit Champion, Carla Ray. Behind Carla was her stablemates Lenore Spade and Ava St James. Carla bragged about her team winning at FFP Uprising, and said that Keira Brimm and Zoey Kiehl stood no chance, and it was proven on Sunday.

Of course this brought Keira and Zoey out, who both had a lot to say about the way Carla won the match for her team on Sunday, by using the ropes for leverage. After some back and forth, Mary Faith Brooks came out and announced that Keira and Zoey obviously both really wanted the Spirit Title, so the two would wrestle next week in a number one contender match, and that would be that.

Bryce Devlin vs Shad Price
Shad Price was a local talent in Miami. Devlin took control of the match early, hitting a gut buster that seemed to really take the sails out of Shad. Devlin ended up winning the match in about five minutes with the Tiger Suplex.

Backstage | MFB’s Office
The scene cut to Courtney Kennedy and Minnie Nova entering Mary Faith Brooks’ office. The duo said that they were very proud of their match Sunday at Uprising, but they were angry about the attack by Jaqueline Aulstrike and Tabitha Mullins. Courtney and Minnie said that they wanted to prove that size doesn’t always matter and wanted a match with the duo. Mary said that if that’s what they wanted, she’d make the match for next week. Courtney and Minnie seemed satisfied.

George Furst vs Raziel
Raziel attempted to put up a good fight. He really did. And the fans in Miami seemed to really want to see an upset. But it just wasn’t meant to be. After George hit his Lariat from Hell, he put Raziel in the Iron Claw, another of his finishers, and forced the masked wrestler to submit.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut backstage to Raquel St Claire with the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch. She asked Lynch how he felt after Sunday’s 60-Minute Iron Man Match, and who he planned on defending against next. Miles said that his match with Hiroki was one of the toughest matches of his life, but that he came out on top and was proud of his performance. He said that he wasn’t sure who he would defend against next, but wanted to continue being the fighting champion that he was, and defend against the best.

This brought Austin Briggs into the Interview area. Briggs said that if Miles wanted to defend against the best, he should look no further than Briggs. Lynch said that he was a fighting champion and would be happy to defend against Austin next week at Tuesday Night Wrestling.

Cooper Albright vs Griffin Austin
Now this was a good match! Morgan Alexander said that he thought it would steal the show, and it very well might have. Solid strikes all the way around. Both men looked very impressive hitting moves like a Cooper Albright fisherman Brainbuster, a middle dropkick from Griffin Austin, and a piledriver that nearly won Cooper the match. Griffin got the upperhand with a spinning back elbow that seemed to nearly knock Albright out. Austin then went to the top rope and attempted a Phoenix Splash. But Cooper got his knees up. Albright then hit his finisher, I Hate Everything About You for the three count.

After the match Cooper stood over Griffin yelling at him. As Austin began to get back up, the two went nose-to-nose where Griffin hit an open hand slap that echoed through the arena. Cooper then blasted Griffin with a kick to the groin. After that, Albright grabbed a steel chair and hit Griffin repeatedly across the back. Then, to top it off, Cooper hit Griffin with a gruesome chairshot to the head.

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FFP Women’s Title
Masina Issues an Open Challenge

Masina came out and issued an open challenge like she had promised at FFP Uprising. Masina said that if there was any women out here with the guts to step to her, feel free…it’s your funeral.

To the surprise of the fans, Rocky Christianello came out. Rocky had a shot at the title weeks ago, but was demolished by Masina. Rocky said that she wanted another shot at Masina because she felt like she could defeat her. Masina laughed and accepted. The bell rang to start the match and Masina completely destroyed Rocky with a monstrous lariat. Masina dropped two leg drops on Christianello before pulling her back up and hitting her with a stalling suplex. Masina then got onto the middle turnbuckle and hit a Vader Bomb. She hooked the leg and got the three count. Quite an easy night for Masina.

But she wasn’t done. The FFP Women’s Champion pulled Rocky up and flattened her with another clothesline. And after a big splash, Masina mounted Rocky and began hitting her with repeated punches. After several warnings from the referee, the bell rang. The referee spoke with ring announced Brianna, who then announced that the referee had disqualified Masina and Rocky Christianello was the winner. As you can imagine, this made Masina even more angry. She really began to tear into Rocky, hitting her with punches to the skull.

Finally, former Champion Amy Kraven rushed to the ring. Masina turned in time to see Amy, but the former champ leveled her with a couple of solid right hands before hitting a running dropkick that sent Masina over the top to the arena floor. Masina grabbed her Women’s Title and left ringside, smiling and holding the title in the air. Meanwhile, Amy checked on Rocky.

Backstage | Locker Room
The scene cut backstage where Aiden Conrad had rallied the troops. Aiden said that with the injury that Pandora sustained at Uprising the only thing they should be worried about tonight is getting revenge. Aiden said that after they disposed of Trent and Assault & Battery, that Aiden would be on his way to taking his title back and #EgoTrip once again reigning supreme.

Six-Man Tag
Trent Wolfe & Assault & Battery vs #EgoTrip

This was a match filled with a animosity. Aiden Conrad wanted to beat down Trent Wolfe after Wolfe defeated him for the Adrenaline Title. And the fact that Pandora for injured in the match as well, was more fuel for Aiden’s fire. And Assault & Battery wanted to prove themselves to the FFP Tag Team Champions. And that they did.

As Trent and Aiden battled on the outside of the ring, the match nearly became a simple tag team match. And after Kevin Lewan nearly kicked Billy Rich’s head off, and slammed him with a German suplex, Gregory Hart came in to put on the finishing touches. He went for the Double Underhook Backbreaker, but Matt Rich got in and hit Gregory with a Superkick. Kevin tried to come in to even the fight, but the referee stopped in. While he was distracted, Matt hit Gregory with a low blow. The brothers then spiked Hart to the mat with a spike piledriver. Billy made the cover, and #EgoTrip ended up winning the match.

Next Week on FFP TnW:
• Courtney Kennedy & Minnie Nova vs Jaqueline Aulstrike & Tabitha Mullins
• After his beatdown on Griffin Austin, what will Cooper Albright do next?
• Keira Brimm vs Zoey Kiehl to determine the #1 contender for the FFP Spirit Title.
• Will Amy Kraven get a rematch against Masina for the Women’s Title?
• Will Miles Lynch defend the World Title against Austin Briggs?

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