06/19/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: June 19, 2018
Location: Orlando, FL
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance of the FFP Women’s Champion Masina. Masina said that last week she was teaching Rocky Christianello a lesson when “Amy Kraven came down and stuck her big nose” in Masina’s business. Masina then said that Amy Kraven should come down and get in her business again.

This brought Amy Kraven out, who went face-to-face to the champion. Although Amy was looking up at Masina, she didn’t look intimated at the least. Masina told her to butt out of her business. But Amy said that she was only helping an innocent girl, and she was ready for her rematch for the FFP Women’s Title. Masina smiled and laughed. But then quickly hit Amy with a hard headbutt. The blow sent Amy to the mat. Masina then immediately hit Amy with a big splash. Masina stood over Amy and held the Women’s Championship in the air with a smile on her face.

Bad Company vs Eddie Siebenthaler & Dash Conrad
A very brawl-y tag match. Is brawl-y a word? Anyway… Bad Company (Detmer & Ryan) really worked poor Dash Cormac over. Eddie Siebenthaler got the tag in and cleaned house, but Bad Company continued showing off their tremendous tag skills, and put Eddie down with a combo which had Ryan bring Eddie up into the air with Detmer spiked him with a DDT for the three count.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Raquel St Claire who was joined by Roderick Jamison. She talked to Roderick about his recent matches with Joey DeMarco. Roderick said that he would enjoy battling a DeMarco once more, and this time he’s really squash him.

Jaqueline Aulstrike & Tabitha Mullins vs Courtney Kennedy & Minnie Nova
Another tag match that had a lot of brawling in it. However, Courtney Kennedy and Minnie Nova showed off their speed to try to gain the advantage over their two big opponents. Jaqueline hit Courtney with a big boot that nearly took her head off. Tabitha Mullins then got the tag in and hit Courtney with her Powerbomb finisher. Tabitha made the cover and got the three count.

But Jaqueline and Tabitha weren’t done there. They continued showing off their dominance when Jaqueline picked Minnie Nova up and trapped her in a Canadian backbreaker. Minnie screamed out in pain, and eventually was released, with Aulstrike throwing her to the mat below.

Backstage | Interview Area
Tyrece Beckman was now joined by Joey DeMarco. He asked DeMarco about Roderick Jamison’s comments earlier. Joey said that if Roderick wanted to embarrass himself, he’d step into the ring with him next week. Because he would run circles around him.

Ringside | In the Ring
Hiroki Ito came down to the ring and grabbed a microphone. Ito said that Miles Lynch and him went to war, and Lynch was the better man. Hiroki said that he would continue attempting to climb the ladder to the top of FFP, but he was looking to the future to who his newest opponent would be. Hiroki said that he always wanted to face the best. Then, he was interrupted.

He was interrupted by the entrance of a man we hadn’t seen in many weeks. The returning Alexander T Morrison…ATM. ATM came down to the ring looking as cocky as ever. He grabbed a microphone, got in Ito’s face and said that if Hiroki wanted to face the best, he could only mean ATM. Hiroki then challenged ATM to a match next week. ATM smiled and accepted. Then he cheap shotted Hiroki with a kick to the gut and his finisher the Code Breaker.

Backstage | Hallway
Next we saw the tag team of the Tokyo Bomb Angels. Nearby was be team of Beth Tilly and Sophia Ishmael. Beth and Sophia began to make fun of the Angels, which led to pushing and shoving, which escalated to punches being thrown. The FFP security guards quickly intervened pulling the teams away from one another.

FFP Network Title
(c) Kashimanaki vs JJ Perry

A back and forth match that started out fast paced. The two wrestlers attempted to wear the other down, slowing the pace a little. After JJ Perry hit a over the top suicide dive on Kashimanaki, he brought the champion back into the ring and went for the Bloody Sunday. But Kashimanaki escaped and cracked JJ with a hard kick to the skull. Kashimanaki then hit a Rainmaker clothesline, but Perry kicked out at two. Kashimanaki set Perry up for the Kashimanaki Driver, but the challenger got out of the champion’s grasp only to get rocked with another kick to the skull. Kashimanaki then hit a Tiger suplex followed by the Kashimanaki Driver for the three count.

Backstage | Hallway
Backstage we saw Griffin Austin walking around looking for Cooper Albright. Griffin still had a bandage on his forehead from Cooper’s attack with the steel chair last week. Eventually Griffin was blindsided by Cooper from behind. Albright hit a couple good shots on Griffin before slipping out of the hallway through a door. Brian Young said that it was a cowardly attack and Cooper deserved a beating at the hands of Griffin.

#1 Contender Match
Keira Brimm vs Zoey Kiehl

Before the match began, the reigning FFP Spirit Champion Carla Ray came down to the ring with her entourage, Lenore Spade and Ava St James. Carla took a seat at the commentary table beside Morgan Alexander. Of course Morgan was beside himself with Carla sitting next to her.

Keira and Zoey tore into each other. Of course both women wanted the opportunity to challenge Carla Ray for her Spirit Title. And with all the animosity between Keira and Zoey and Carla and her group, the tension was high. Zoey looked to be in control when she went for her finisher the Blue Thunder Bomb. But Keira was able to reverse it into a hurricanrana, followed by an awesome Superkick. As Keira went for the pinfall victory, Lenore and Ava stormed the ring, attacking both women.

After laying Keira out, with Zoey not too far behind, Carla Ray got into the ring and held her Spirit Title in the air. Carla had a huge smile on her face as she took a microphone and announced that the group would now be known as Outta Your League. Morgan Alexander loved the name. And Brian Young questioned who Carla would be defending her Spirit Title against next.

Backstage | MFB’s Office
Mary Faith Brooks was shown in her office, and the FFP Spirit Champion Carla Ray entered with the rest of Outta Your League. Maybe MFB was going to scold Carla for allowing her team to interfere in the #1 contender match.

MFB said that she wasn’t sure where to go from here, because Carla was going to be defending against Keira or Zoey, but neither won. MFB then announced that next week at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling, Carla Ray would get to choose her opponent for FFP Mid-Summer Classic. MFB said that she knew Carla was a competitor and would pick a very worthy opponent.

#1 Contender Match | Winner Challenges Miles Lynch at Mid-Summer Classic
Austin Briggs vs Everett Moses vs Kade Haddix vs Odell Porter

All four men were obviously ready to do whatever it took for them to be named the new number one contender for the FFP World Title. Everett Moses was the first man to score an eliminated, hitting Kade Haddix with a powerslam from the middle turnbuckle.

Odell Porter and Austin Briggs battled it out, but eventually turned their attention to Everett. Smart move double teaming the big man. Briggs eventually shoved Odell into Everett, ending his very short alliance with Odell. After Moses put Porter down with a monstrous clothesline, he turned his attention to Austin.

Briggs however got distracted when Anarchy made his way to ringside. And before Briggs knew it, he was destroyed by a lariat from behind. Everett then hoisted Briggs up and hit the One Winged Angel for the three count.

Austin rolled out of the ring only to receive quite a beating from Anarchy. Everett watched for a moment, which led to Odell Porter rushing up behind him and hitting an impressive German suplex. Porter followed that up with a Superkick as Everett tried to get back up to his feet. Porter attempted to hit Moses with the Regal Plex, but Everett fought out of the move, and turned Odell inside out with another huge clothesline. He pulled Odell up and set him up for the One Winged Angel, but Odell was able to reverse into a victory roll. 1…2… and Everett was able to kick out.

Both men got to their feet as quickly as possible. Odell went for a running knee to Everett’s head, but the big man caught him in the air instead. Moses chucked Odell over the top rope. Then, to the unbelief of everyone in the crowd, Everett hit Odell with a suicide dive! The crowd exploded in applause. What athleticism for a big man!

Everett sent Odell back into the ring. He hoisted Porter up and this time successfully connected with the One Winged Angel. Everett then made the cover and got the three count. He would be the man to challenge Miles Lynch for the FFP World Title at FFP Mid-Summer Classic!

Next Week on FFP TnW:
• Carla Ray chooses her opponent for Mid-Summer Classic
• Hiroki Ito vs ATM
• Joey DeMarco vs Roderick Jamison

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