06/26/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: June 26, 2018
Location: New Orleans, LA
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance of Kade Haddix. Haddix said that he knew he could defeat Alexander Modest, but that every time Modest would have some kind of outside help to win. Haddix said that if Alexander would give him one last chance at the FFP Honor Title, Kade would defeat him and that would end their feud.

Alexander Modest came out wearing a suit, and the Honor Title on his shoulder. The beautiful Katya Dementieva by his side in a stunning red dress. Modest said that he didn’t need to give Haddix another chance at his title. Haddix rebuddled, saying that Modest should want to prove to his Russian super model girlfriend that he actually has balls. This upset Modest, who then gave Kade a proposition. You beat who I pick, and I’ll give you another title shot. Kade agreed. Modest said Kade would find out his opponent later in the night, when he was about to wrestle him. And if he could win, Modest would put the Honor Title on the line against Haddix one last time at the 4th of July Show.

Aiden Conrad w/ #EgoTrip vs Gregory Hart w/ Kevin Lewan
Aiden Conrad has his group with him, except for Pandora, who had been injured at Uprising. Aiden showed some frustration, wanting to beat Gregory down. The match went back and forth with both men hitting some solid shots. After a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker Hart went for the Slingshot Suplex, but Aiden reversed it into a rollup, pulling on Hart’s tights and getting the three count.

Kevin Lewan slid into the ring to help his partner out, and Matt and Billy Rich stepped in as well. The Rich Boys had quite the advantage, with Gregory already having wrestled, and having Aiden for the extra help. #EgoTrip beat Assault & Battery down and left the ringside area happy with their beat down.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman who was standing by with Anna Minster. Anna said that she still felt like she was floundering and wanted opportunity. Rocky Christianello walked up and said that she felt the same way. As luck would have it, Mary Faith Brooks walked up as well. MFB said that she would like to see Anna Minster take on Rocky Christianello next week at Tuesday Night Wrestling.

Next Wednesday night FFP presents it’s fifth annual FFP 4th of July. Already set, a huge main event when Noel Zelig puts her FFP Ironwoman Title on the line against FFP Hall of Famer Veronica Clyne! You WILL NOT wanna miss this!

Joey DeMarco vs Roderick Jamison
A match that could have been the main event on most nights. The two men hit solid strikes, high impact moves and both even hit a move or two off the top rope. The crowd began chanting “this is awesome” as the two battled back and forth. Joey DeMarco made it a point to really work on Roderick’s knee. And when Jamison missed a clothesline DeMarco hit him with a brutal chop block. The big man crumbled to the ground. DeMarco continued working his knee, and ended up slapping on the Figure Four. Jamison tried to muscle out, as well as scoot to the ropes, but he was in too much pain, and was forced to submit.

Backstage | Interview Area
Next we saw Raquel St Claire, standing by with Amy Kraven. Amy said that she was ready for her rematch against Masina, and she wanted her shot at FFP Mid-Summer Classic. Masina stepped into the view, towering over Amy. With the Women’s Title on her shoulder Masina laughed at Amy and agreed to the match.

Ringside | In the Ring
At ringside we saw Carla Ray walk down to the ring along with her stable Outta Your League. Carla, Lenore and Ava climbed into the ring and Carla took a microphone. With the FFP Spirit Title on her shoulder, Carla explained that she got to choose her opponent for FFP Mid-Summer Classic, and she wanted to give the fans the best match possible. As fans chanted for Keira Brimm or Zoey Kiehl, Carla decided to go another direction. Carla Ray announced that she would be putting the FFP Spirit Title on the line at Mid-Summer Classic against the talented and very successful…Tiana Ridgeway. The crowd broke out in boos. Brian Young explained that there was no disrespect toward Tiana Ridgeway, but that she was very new to the wrestling business, and Carla Ray had obviously chosen her for that purpose. Carla said that the crowd could boo all they wanted, but that she felt Tiana was the most deserving of all the women in FFP.

Backstage | Hallway
The scene now cut backstage to Austin Briggs and Anarchy who were brawling in the hallway. Austin seemed to be the aggressor, but Anarchy quickly took control, and speared Briggs through a door. Security arrived and began trying to separate the two men.

Minnie Nova w/ Courtney Kennedy vs Tabitha Mullins w/ Jaqueline Aulstrike
Talk about a size difference, here was a great one. Minnie Nova has a tough task ahead of her. But she used her speed and agility to play the keep away game with Tabitha Mullins. Morgan Alexander swore that if Tabitha got ahold of Minnie, she’d end her career. Tabitha did eventually get ahold of Minnie, and pressed her over her head. She then tossed Minnie over the top rope, landing on Courtney Kennedy.

Eventually Minnie got back into the ring and hit a few kicks. The match continued with Tabitha controlling it for the most part. Minnie eventually decided to hit a dropkick through the ropes to Jaqueline Aulstrike. This brought Jaqueline up onto the apron, which distracted the referee. Minnie then hit two stuff European uppercuts. As Tabitha was stunned, Minnie climbed to the top rope. She attempted a flying cross body block, but Tabitha caught her. This brought Courtney up onto the apron. She apringboarded into the ring and hit Tabitha with a dropkick to the face. Tabitha crashed to the mat below with Minnie on top. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! Minnie Nova had pulled the big upset.

Brian Young was excited for Minnie who really had the deck stacked against her, but Morgan Alexander accused him of being biased, saying if a bad guy did that, Brian would have called them a cheater.

Backstage | Hallway
The scene cut backstage where Christopher Morgan was walking down a hallway. He eventually caught up to Daniel Matthews’ wife Kennedy. The two were too far from the camera to hear what was said, but Kennedy eventually jumped back and hit Morgan with a hard slap across the face. It seemed he was now trying to get to Kennedy, hoping to influence Daniel to face him at FFP Glory.

JJ Perry vs Caleb Newstead
A fast paced highly athletic match. Both wrestlers looked very impressive, with JJ having the speed advantage while Newstead had more power. Perry hit a Superkick and a rolling heel kick for a two count. He pulled Caleb up for the Bloody Sunday, but Newstead was able to escape out and hit a monstrous lariat. Newstead pulled Perry up and planted him with a Brainbuster. The referee made the count. 1…2… and JJ kicked out. Newstead then called for his finisher, the Fisherman Brainbuster. Newstead went for the move, but Perry escapes out, hitting a hard spinning back elbow. Perry then planted Newstead with the Bloody Sunday for the three count!

After the match as Perry celebrated, the lights in the arena went out. When they came back on Hades was standing in the ring in front of JJ. Hades then quickly flattened Perry with a clothesline. Hades then pulled JJ up and hit him with a dangerous Burning Hammer. Hades stood over JJ’s motionless body, looking down at him with an evil look in his eyes.

On July 22 in Philadelphia FFP presents Mid-Summer Classic. Already set for this annual event, Miles Lynch will put the FFP World Championship on the line against his former stablemate Everett Moses. More matches will be announced soon. This promises to be an awesome event!

Backstage | Interview Area
Next we got another interview, this time Tyrece Beckman talking with the FFP Adrenaline Champion Trent Wolfe. Tyrece said that Aiden has wanted a rematch ever since the Cage Match where Pandora was injured. Trent said that he had never been one to hide, that he is always easy to find. He said that if Aiden wants a rematch he can have it, anytime…any place.

Kade Haddix vs Alexander Modest’s Choice
Alexander Modest came down after Kade Haddix, and announced that the former champion’s opponent would be Damien Graves. It was another back and forth match, and another match with a size difference. Damien controlled a lot of the match, being able to toss Kade around and floor him with a big boot. Haddix rocked the big man with a spinning back fist, then clotheslined him over the top rope. Haddix followed it up with a suicide dive and then sent Graves back into the ring.

Haddix called for his Flatliner finisher, but Graves was able to grab Kade by the neck and hit a chokeslam. Damien went for the pin, but only got a two count. Graves now pulled Kade up and went for his Jacknife Powerbomb. But Kade went over top of Damien and cracked him with a jumping knee strike to the jaw. Kade then successfully drove Graves to the mat with the Flatliner. Kade went for the cover, but before the referee could make the full count, Alexander Modest slid into the ring and leveled Kade in the back of the head with the Honor Championship.

Kade ended up winning the match by disqualification due to Alexander’s interference, but Modest wasn’t done. He pulled Haddix up and drove him to the mat with a piledriver. Alexander then got on the microphone and said that at the 4th of July Event, Modest would successfully defend the title against Kade, and Kade would never get another chance at the Honor Championship.

Backstage | MFB’s Office
The scene cut to Mary Faith Brooks’ office where MFB was speaking with both Hiroki Ito and ATM. Mary said that both were great wrestlers and both deserved to be in championship title pictures. Mary said that the winner of tonight’s match would get a shot at the FFP Honor Title while the loser would get a shot at the FFP Network Title.

Hiroki Ito vs ATM

A very good match with a bunch of Hiroki Ito painful strikes, ATM power moves as well as high impact moves from both men. ATM hit an inverted suplex that really took the wind out of Hiroki’s sails. But when ATM went for a penalty kick, Ito moved out of the way and rolled ATM up for a two count. After the kickout, Ito cracked ATM with a shining wizard. Then hit a painful snap German suplex.

Hiroki set ATM up for his finisher the Go to Sleep, but ATM slipped off of Hiroki’s back and hit a back cracker. He then went to the middle turnbuckle and dropped a double knee drop to Ito’s midsection. ATM then waited as Hiroki fought to his feet. ATM went for his CodeBreaker, but somehow Ito was able to catch him in the air. Ito then hit ATM with the Go to Sleep! Brian Young couldn’t believe how Ito transitioned into the finisher. Hiroki made the cover. 1…2… and ATM put his foot on the bottom rope. Morgan Alexander noted that ATM had great ring presence to do that after the finisher.

Hiroki pulled ATM back up and lifted him up onto his shoulders again. Would it be another Go to Sleep? ATM promptly dug his fingers into Ito’s eyes, making it easy to slip out of the Japanese superstar’s grip and hitting him with the CodeBreaker! Morgan quickly proclaimed ATM the winner. ATM made the cover. 1…2… and Hiroki kicked out. The crowd couldn’t believe it. ATM shook his head no. He got up and told the referee that he was wrong, that it was a three count. ATM turned his attention back to Ito, bending over to pull him up. But Hiroki grabbed ahold of ATM arm and locked in an armbar. ATM knew he was in trouble. He quickly reached out for the bottom rope, but Ito had him in the middle of the ring. And he had the hold locked in.

ATM tried to fight out, but eventually was forced to tap out. Hiroki Ito was the winner. Ito stood up and put his arms in the air. The crowd cheered as the Japanese superstar celebrated. But the celebration was cut short when from behind ATM grabbed Ito and rammed him shoulder first into the corner. Hiroki ended up inbetween the top and middle rope, his shoulder cracking against the steel post. ATM then pulled Hiroki out of the corner and hit him with another CodeBreaker.

Brian Young said that ATM was a sore loser, and his sneak attack was cowardly and unnecessary. ATM climbed out of the ring and walked up the entrance ramp as the crowd booed.

Next Week on FFP TnW:
• Anna Minster vs Rocky Christianello
• Will JJ Perry confront Hades?
• Fallout from FFP 4th of July

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