Has Veronica Clyne Wrestled Her Last Match?

Veronica Clyne has always been a huge name in Full Force Pro. From the early days, when she was facing off against the likes of Brandi Moore and Firefly to her two FFP World Title runs, Veronica has been a top name in Full Force Pro.

Her most notable feud was probably with Brandi Moore. In the early days of FFP the two had quite the feud going on, and it only grew bigger as Brandi joined Simply the Best with her Seduction Inc tag partner Taylor Clawson while Veronica was part of the Soul Assassins with Daniel Matthews and Patrick McCoy.

Another one of Veronica’s feuds that many remember is her feud with Matt Kraven which evolved into a feud with Nina Fox. The end of the feud saw Nina defeat Veronica for the FFP World Championship in the main event of Blaze of Glory 2014. Nina had also won back full ownership of FFP for Matt.

Veronica has held pretty much every title she could possibly win in FFP. She was also the first female to win the FFP World Championship, and was the very first person inducted into the FFP Hall of Fame.

In the main event of FFP 4th of July, Veronica faced off against the Ironwoman Champion Noel Zelig. It was a phenomenal match, with Noel walking out victorious. Veronica looked great in the match, but the rumor mill is starting to turn. Has Veronica Clyne wrestled her last match? And if so, why?

Well, first thing is first, what else is there to accomplish for the first ever woman FFP World Champion? Besides going after the Spirit or Adrenaline Title, she has done everything she could have ever dreamt to accomplish. She also hadn’t stepped inside a ring in a while, seemingly coming out of a sort of retirement to give Noel Zelig the chance to fulfill one of her dream matches. And lastly, Veronica is pushing her mid-30’s. And although wrestlers do go well past that point in their careers, her history with head and neck injuries would be motivation to hang up the boots forever.

Speaking of retirement, we reached out to Daniel Matthews, who hasn’t stepped inside a FFP ring since late August of last year. “She’s accomplished so much in FFP. I’d say she’s the most decorated wrestler in its history,” Daniel said about Clyne. “But if she is done, I couldn’t blame her at all. What else does she have to prove? Nothing. She’s the greatest.”

We also reached out to the owner of Full Force Pro, Matt Kraven. Kraven has been staying out of the spotlight since being forced to retire due to a subdural hematoma suffered at FFP Devastation earlier this year, but he spoke to us about Veronica. “I’ve fought beside Veronica, and against her. Hell, I was married to her,” Kraven told ffpwrestling.com. “It would be a sad day to see her career end. Because she is arguably the best wrestler in the history of Full Force Pro. But if anyone deserves to ride off in the sunset with her head held high, it’s Veronica Clyne. I’ll support her no matter what.”

And even one of Veronica’s biggest foes gave her gleaming reviews. “I’ve locked horns with that girl so many times, and she beat me the majority of the time,” Taylor Clawson said. “But man, what a career she has had. From feuding with Brandi, to winning the Diamond Tag Titles by herself, to being the first woman World Champ. She’s done it all. Mad respect to her no matter what her decision is.”

It’s obvious that Veronica Clyne has earned the respect of everyone on the FFP roster, as well as the fans. Whether she retires from wrestling or not she will always be looked at as one of the best in FFP history, and a trailblazer, opening the doors for the likes of Lizzy Kraven, Nina Fox and Brandi Moore to home the World Championship. If Veronica does hang her boots up, we here at ffpwrestling.com would like to tip our hat to then first woman World Champion. It’s been an honor and privilege to watch her evolve into the best, and we will always cherish the memories and rewatch match after match on the FFP Network.

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