07/10/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: July 10, 2018
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show kicked off with the entrance of the FFP Spirit Champion Carla Ray, along with her stable, Outta Your League. The three blondes entered the ring, and Carla took the microphone.

She said that she was going to defend the Spirit Title at FFP Mid-Summer Classic against FFP newcomer Tiana Ridgeway. Carla said that people accused her of picking Tiana because she’d be easy to beat, but the truth was that she felt Tiana deserved a shot.

Carla, Lenore and Ava then invited Tiana out to the ring for a photo op. Tiana came out, a little timid. Carla welcomed her and shook her hand. She said that she thought the two of them would put on a great match. Photographers then came down and took pictures of the two future combatants shaking hands. Brian Young wondered why it was that Carla Ray was playing so nice. Of course Morgan Alexander said it was because Carla Ray is such a sweet and loving person.

JJ Perry vs Hades
A fast paced match with some moves from the top rope. JJ Perry hit a blockbuster followed by a spinning powerbomb for a two count. Perry seemed to be in control until the lights in the arena went out. Then, Perry was down, motionless with Hades on top. The referee had no choice but to make the three count.

Backstage | Interview Area
Now we saw Tyrece Beckman who was standing by with ATM. ATM would challenge Kashimanaki for the FFP Network Title at Mid-Summer Classic. ATM very arrogantly talked about how Kashimanaki didn’t stand a chance against him, and that on July 22nd he would make quick work of Kashimanaki and send him packing back to Japan. Brian Young commented that ATM was very cocky. Morgan said it isn’t cocky if you’re that good.

Non-Title Match
Trent Wolfe vs Anarchy
This was as hard hitting of a match as we have ever had. A lot of early loud knife edge chops. Trent Wolfe brought out the kicking game. Anarchy relied on his fists to do his talking. Wolfe hit a running knee to the jaw, followed by a dangerous back suplex for a two count. Anarchy fought back, eventually hitting a big powerslam followed by a shining wizard. Just as it looked like Anarchy was getting ready to put Trent away, Austin Briggs rushed down the entrance ramp armed with a steel chair. He slid into the ring and leveled Anarchy in the back with the chair. The big man went to his hands and knees and the referee called for the bell.

Austin brought the chair back and hit Anarchy again. This led to Trent getting involved. He grabbed the chair out of Austin’s grasp and tossed it to the side. Briggs retreated. But as Trent watched Briggs go, Aiden Conrad and the Rich Brothers jumped the guardrail and entered the ring. They blindsided Wolfe, laying him out in the middle of the ring. Aiden then grabbed the Adrenaline Title and held it in the air, standing over Trent’s motionless body.

Ringside | In the Ring
The scene cut to the ring where Kennedy Matthews had came down the isle. Kennedy, Daniel Matthews’ wife, announced that Daniel was in the arena tonight due to the event being in Cincinnati. Of course the crowd cheered. Kennedy then asked for Daniel to come out. But, Christopher Morgan came out instead. Morgan took the microphone and said that he was more of a man than Daniel ever will be, and that he needed to come out and show Kennedy up close.

This brought Daniel out, and he looked pissed! He slid into the ring and went face to face with Morgan. The two would lock horns at FFP Glory, in August! It didn’t seem like the two men could wait that long. They talked trash, which led to punches being thrown. Eventually, Morgan hit Daniel with a European uppercut. He hit the ropes and charged, going for a jumping knee to Daniel. But Matthews moved out of the way, and Christopher absolutely leveled Kennedy by accident. Kennedy hit the mat hard. Morgan realized what had happened, and quickly rolled out of the ring. Daniel looked like he wanted to go after Morgan, but instead checked on his wife, all the while keeping an eye on Christopher.

EMTs had to come down to ringside to assist Kennedy.

Backstage | MFB’s Office
We saw Aiden Conrad enter Mary Faith Brook’s office. He asked the Full Force Pro President if he could challenge Trent for the Adrenaline Title. MFB responded, saying Friday at FFP Friday the 13th, the main event would be Trent Wolfe vs Aiden Conrad for the Adrenaline Title. Aiden got super excited until Mary dropped the bomb on him. It would be a Box Of Hell Match!

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Backstage | MFB’s Office
Now we saw Courtney Kennedy and Minnie Nova in the office of Mary Faith Brooks. They said that they weren’t done with Jaqueline Aulstrike and and Tabitha Mullins, and wanted another shot at them. MFB then said that they could face them this Friday in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

Giovanni Gotch vs Amy Kraven
It had been a while since the FFP fans saw Giovanni Gotch. They didn’t seem to want to boo her out of the building like normal, but the hometown girl Amy Kraven got a huge response from the Cincinnati crowd. These two always had really good matches, and this wasn’t any different. Cool have been a main event any day of the week. Gotch hit a picture perfect moonsault for a two count. Later she went for another. Amy got her knees up, but Gotch landed on her feet and dropped a leg on Kraven.

Gotch went for the Hellacious Powerbomb, but Amy was able to fight out of Giovanni’s grip and hit the Superkick. The crowd exploded when she hit the move. Amy went for the pin, but Gotch kicked out at two. Amy immediately hooked Giovanni into a Dragon Clutch. A move that she had used before. A move she learned from her brother. Giovanni tried fighting out, but her body was bent backwards and torqued, a lot. Morgan Alexander made the comment that the human body isn’t supposed to bend like that. Eventually, Giovanni tapped out. Amy Kraven won the match, and stood proud in the center of the ring as the Cincinnati crowd cheered for her.

Giovanni didn’t like the adoration for Amy Kraven, and hit her with a vicious clothesline from behind. She began stopping Amy before pulling her up and ramming her shoulder first into the steel ring post. The sound was nasty. Kraven could have been injured from the impact. Amy screamed out in pain. Gotch attempted to go at Amy again, but a couple of referees stepped in front of her and held her back. As Gotch left the ring, EMTs came down to check on Amy.

Griffin Austin & Raziel vs Cooper Albright & George Furst
Two feuds in one tag team match. A lot of brawling. A lot of violence. Especially when George Furst hoisted Raziel up into the air and threw him out of the ring to the arena floor. Griffin Austin seemed to be getting the best of Cooper Albright, until he was flattened by George as well. Austin out up a good fight against Furst, and eventually made the tag. Raziel came in and used his speed to gain the upperhand on Furst. To the shock of the Cincinnati crowd, Raziel hit a springboard CodeBreaker followed by a 630 Splash to get the victory for his team.

After the match the brawling continued, with Cooper blindsiding Griffin and ramming him hard into the steel guardrail.

Backstage | Interview Area
Next, Raquel St Claire caught up with Giovanni Gotch. Raquel asked Giovanni about her sneak attack on Amy Kraven after their match. Giovanni said that for too long people haven’t been taking her serious, and she wants everyone in FFP to know that she is the biggest threat in the Women’s Division, and she is the one that she be called the Women’s Champion.

On July 22nd some of FFP’s top superstars clash at Mid-Summer Classic. Don’t miss Miles Lynch putting the World Title on the line against Everett Moses, Masina defending the Women’s title against Amy Kraven and much much more! Philadelphia, are you ready for the Mid-Summer Classic?!

Ringside | In the Ring
The scene now cuts to the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch in the middle of the ring. Miles had a microphone in hand and the World Title on his shoulder. He said that at Mid-Summer Classic that he and Everett Moses will clash in this very ring, but when it was all said and done, Miles would still be the World Champion.

Everett came down next. He got in Miles’ face and the two hard words. Eventually Everett hit Lynch with a right hand. Lynch retaliated with a right hand of his own. The two traded a couple shots until Everett ducked a clothesline attempt and nearly turned Miles inside out with his own clothesline. Everett then muscled Lynch up and spiked him to the ground with the One Winged Angel. Everett looked down at Lynch, lying on the mat in pain. Then he turned and left the ring.

Next Week on FFP TnW:
• Will Daniel Matthews retaliate?
• Does Everett Moses have the momentum?
• Is Amy Kraven injured?

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