07/13/2018 FFP Friday the 13th

Date: July 13, 2018
Location: Columbus, OH
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with an intense promo from Austin Briggs. Briggs, who was standing in the middle of the ring, demanded that Anarchy come out to the ring and face off with him. Anarchy wasn’t som one who would run from a challenge. The big man rushed to the ring, and we had an all out brawl. The two men traded punches, kicks and chops. Anarchy got the upperhand, until Austin hit him with a cheap kick to the groin. Then, he grabbed Anarchy, hoisted him up and planted him with his finisher, the Brainbuster. Briggs then stood over Anarchy’s fallen body, looking down at him and smiling. He had won the fight tonight. But what repercussions would he face from the big Samoan?

Falls Count Anywhere
Courtney Kennedy & Minnie Nova vs Jaqueline Aulstrike & Tabitha Mullins

Courtney and Minnie came out fast and furious. The smaller team wanted to hit fast and hard, hoping to catch the bigger Jaqueline and Tabitha off guard. And after Courtney hit Jaqueline with a running bicycle knee to the jaw and a spinning back fist, it seemed like she had rocked Aulstrike. But Jaqueline retaliated with a monstrous clothesline, and a big splash. The tide turned, fast. Morgan Alexander was sure that Courtney and Minnie were already going to lose the match, but Kennedy kicked out at two.

Eventually the match spilled to the outside where the two teams brawled by the commentator’s table. Tabitha picked Courtney up and in a very innovative way, threw Courtney through the air so she leveled her tag team partner with a dropkick. Jaqueline and Tabitha had total control of the match. That is until back inside the ring, Jaqueline went for a splash from the middle rope on Minnie. Nova rolled out of the way and followed up with a running dropkick to Jacqueline’s face. Then another. As Aulstrike got back up, Minnie hit a couple of kicks to the midsection, then a European uppercut. She hit the ropes, and Jaqueline went for a big boot, but Nova ducked it and jumped on her back, hooking in a sleeper hold.

Minnie had the hold in tight. And Courtney had blasted Tabitha with a series of knee lifts to the face, followed by a running dropkick that sent her down in the corner. Still in the sleeper, Aulstrike was struggling, and even dropped down to one knee. Minnie continued squeezing, cutting the air off of Jaqueline. As she started to fade, Tabitha was able to roll out of the ring and grab a hold of a steel chair. She slid back into the ring and Courtney attempted to cut her off, but Tabitha rammed the chair into her ribs.

Tabitha then turned and leveled Minnie in the back with the chair. Minnie immediately released the sleeper and fell to the mat. Tabitha helped Jaqueline back to her feet, then the two tossed Minnie over the top rope. They followed Minnie to the outside and proceeded to hit her with a spike powerbomb through the commentator’s table. Tabitha then made the pin on Minnie and got the three count.

After the match Jaqueline and Tabitha reentered the ring where they pulled Courtney up and also planted her with a spike powerbomb, onto the steel chair.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut backstsgs to Tyrece Beckman, who was joined with Roderick Jamison. Tyrece asked him about his matches with Joey DeMarco and if he felt they had any more beef. Jamison said that he respected Joey, but he needed to come in here and do his thing. He said that if DeMarco wanted another match, he was fine with it. But if Joey didn’t, he’d be fine to move on to other things, and hopefully earn a shot at some gold.

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Kade Haddix vs Duncan Wright Jr

A great match. Back and forth with both wrestlers hitting some very innovative moves. The Columbus crowd loved the match all the way through. Duncan Wright Jr showed off a lot of ground wrestling skills, as well as a plethora of suplexes. Kade Haddix fought back, first hitting a rising European uppercut that got Duncan off balance, then a running STO.

Kade began showing his technical wrestling skills, working on DW Jr’s leg. Haddix also went up top and hit a missile dropkick. Brian Young talked about how Kade Haddix had so many different styles. Haddix then locked DW Jr in the Sharpshooter. Duncan fought and fought, and eventually got to the ropes. Kade released the hold, but tried to stay on the offensive. But Duncan back body dropped Kade over the top. Haddix landed on his feet on the ring apron, but Wright blasted him with a European uppercut. Kade tumbled to the arena floor, and he was definitely dazed. Duncan followed him to the floor where he hit him with a butterfly suplex. But Duncan wasn’t done there.

DW Jr, who was a phenomenal wrestler, rammed Kade head first into the steel guardrail. Then, he hit him with a double underhook backbreaker. Kade was definitely in pain. So when DW Jr places his knee on Kade’s lower back and wrenched up on his chin, a modified camel clutch, it seemed like Kade’s chances at coming out victorious in this match were fading. Of course Duncan couldn’t win the match on the outside, so he eventually rolled Haddix back into the ring. As Kade struggled to get up, Duncan grabbed him for one of his finishers, the Half and Half Suplex. But Kade fought out with a couple of hard elbows. Then a pele kick. Duncan was stunned. Kade quickly got to his feet and flattened Wright with a hellacious spear. DW Jr rolled out of the ring to take a respite. But Kade charged, performing an over the top suicide dive. However, DW Jr was able to turn slightly as Kade was in mid-air, and guide his body down, back first against the edge of the commentator’s table. Morgan commended Duncan on going right back after the back.

Wright then sent Kade back into the ring. As Haddix fought to get up to his knees, Duncan charged and blasted him with a knee to the skull. Then he pulled Kade up and dumped him over with the Half and Half Suplex. Duncan hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Duncan Wright Jr had won the match against the former FFP Honor Champion. What a match!

Backstage | Interview Area
Tyrece Beckman was shown with Masina. Tyrece asked her about Amy Kraven’s shoulder injury, and about the uncertainty of her Mid-Summer Classic title defense. Masina said that she couldn’t care any less about Amy’s physical well being, but said that if Amy can’t make it because of a little boo boo, that Masina would defend the title against anyone else who had the guts to step into the ring with her. Masina then warned everyone, saying that if they did step into the ring with her, she wouldn’t be responsible for their injuries.

Backstage | Hallway
The scene cut backstage where Anarchy was stomping around screaming out for Austin Briggs. Anarchy wanted revenge for Briggs’ earlier attack. After swinging a few doors open and looking for Austin, he continued down the hallway and out of the camera’s view.

Backstage | MFB’s Office
The scene cut to Mary Faith Brooks’ office. She was on her cell phone with someone, assuring them that everything would go exactly as planned. Who was she talking to?

On July 22nd some of FFP’s top superstars clash at Mid-Summer Classic. Don’t miss Miles Lynch putting the World Title on the line against Everett Moses, Masina defending the Women’s title against Amy Kraven and much much more! Philadelphia, are you ready for the Mid-Summer Classic?!

Ava St James w/ Outta Your League vs Nina Fox

This match had a little animosity between not just Nina Fox and Ava St James, but Nina and the entire stable of Outta Your League. Of course Carla Ray had came to the ring with Ava, as well as Lenore. But Carla was the loudest, holding her Spirit Title in the air and screaming at the crowd, and at Nina Fox. After a back and forth between Nina and Ava, Nina got the upperhand and slid out of the ring. She went for a clothesline on Carla, but she ducked and Nina connected with Lenore. She turned to go after Carla, but the champion high tailed it around the side of the ring. Nina went back into the ring after Ava St James, but was caught with a spinebuster.

Ava went for the pin, but only got a two count. Ava continued working Nina down, with Carla cheering her on at ringside. Ava pulled Nina up and went for the Pedigree, but Nina fought out and hit Ava with a hard kick to the gut, then a DDT. Fox rolled Ava over and went for the cover, but Carla grabbed Nina’s leg and pulled her off of Ava. Nina kicked Carla away. She stood and looked down at Carla, telling her to back off. But Ava had gotten back up and rolled Nina up, pulling her tights. 1…2… and Nina kicked out. Both wrestlers got back up, and Nina caught Ava with the Superkick. But instead of going for the pin, Nina hit the ropes and delivered a suicide dive to Carla Ray. The force of the move sent Carla crashing into the guardrail, her Spirit Title flying up into the air. Nina turned back around and slid into the ring. Ava was beginning to move, slowly pushing herself up to her feet.

Nina was ready to hit another Superkick, but Lenore Spade slid into the ring. Instead, Spade ate the Superkick. As Spade rolled out of the ring, Nina waved “goodbye” to her. But once again, Fox had turned her back on her opponent. Ava rolled Nina up once again, and again pulled hard on Fox’s tights. 1…2…3! Ava St James had defeated Nina Fox, albeit with a little bit of help from Carla Ray and Lenore Spade.

Ava rolled out of the ring and joined Carla, who had brushed herself off and grabbed her Spirit Title. They collected Lenore Spade and left the ringside area. Rightfully so, Nina was left fuming in the ring.

The scene cut backstage where Outta Your League had just appeared from ringside. Raquel St Claire caught up to them and asked about the match with Nina. Carla said that her group was the most dominant group of women wrestlers that the business has ever seen, but she continued to high tail it out of the area while looking back to make sure Nina wasn’t closing in.

FFP Adrenaline Title | Box of Hell Match
(c) Trent Wolfe vs Aiden Conrad w/ Matt & Billy Rich

The Box of Hell Match had only been done one other time in FFP’s developmental territory to the OWF. The box was a plain wooden box, similar to a casket. But filled with thumb tacks, barbed wire, broken glass, snakes and tarantulas. A nightmare if you ask most people.

The FFP Tag Team Champions Matt & Billy Rich accompanied Aiden to the ring. It wasn’t long before they got involved, but it also wasn’t too terrible long before Matt was Sent over the top rope, then hit with a roaring elbow courtesy of Trent Wolfe, knocking Rich into the Box of Hell. Matt freaked out, jumping out of the box and hauling up the entrance ramp. Billy looked puzzled, and went after the Adrenaline Champion as well. Wolfe dodged, and hit Billy with a devastating headbutt. But this gave Aiden a chance to hit Trent from behind with a low blow, then plant the champion with a piledriver. Conrad backed away, setting Trent up for the Beauty Maker. But Wolfe was able to reverse it into a powerbomb. As Aiden attempted to get back to his feet, Wolfe charged and hit him with a soccer kick to the head. After a couple of stomps, Wolfe pulled the challenger up and hit a snap suplex.

By now Billy had gotten back up to his feet. He grabbed Trent, but ended up eating a couple of right hands, and a spinning back elbow that floored the Tag Champ. Wolfe turned back to Aiden and was cracked with a Superkick. Trent stumbled back and fell to his knees. This time, Aiden successfully hit the Beauty Maker. But Aiden couldn’t quickly capitalize. He slowly crawled over to Trent and began pushing him toward the Box of Hell. Trent began fighting back. Aiden got up and grabbed Wolfe by the head. But Wolfe hooked Aiden and flipped him over to the mat. Aiden came dangerously close to falling onto the box. He pulled himself up, but Trent was charging. Trent went for a spear, but Aiden moved out of the way and Wolfe fell through the ropes and onto the apron. As he began pulling himself to a standing position, Aiden connected again with the Beauty Maker! Wolfe fell to the apron, teetering on the edge. Morgan Alexander kept rooting for Trent to fall into the Box. Conrad had fell back to the mat, exhausted from this match.

Trent began fighting his way back up to his feet. Aiden got back up, and charged once more. But this time, he dove at Trent, who caught Aiden in the air, turned and slammed him into the Box of Hell with a move similar to a spinebuster. Both men had fell into the box, and were obviously in a ton of pain. Brian Young said he didn’t know what the rules of the match said if both men fell into the box at the same time. Morgan claimed that whoever got out of the box would be the winner, but both men were incapacitated to the point where they couldn’t continue. After landing in the thumb tacks, barbed wire and more, they both had cuts in their body, as well as barbed wire sticking into them. The referee called for the bell and signaled for the EMTs to get to the ring.

EMTs came to the ring, and so did Matt Rich, who helped his brother up, then they began trying to tend to Aiden. It seemed as if the match ended in a no contest, but the show came to an end on a little bit of uncertainty.


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