07/17/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: July 17, 2018
Location: Cleveland, OH
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance of Daniel Matthews. FFP fans saw him last week, but hadn’t seen him in a wrestler type role in quite some time. Daniel looked extremely aggravated. After what happened to his wife last week, it was understandable. Matthews climbed into the ring and grabbed a microphone. With jeans and an OWF t-shirt on, Matthews called Christopher Morgan out to the ring, saying he wasn’t going to wait for Glory in August, he was going to kick Morgan’s ass right here, right now.

It took a little while for Daniel to finally get Christopher to come out. Not sure if it was the threats, the name calling or what. Morgan came out with a microphone already in hand. He told Daniel to calm down, because it was an accident what happened to Kennedy Matthews last week. Morgan then said that if it was anyone’s fault for her getting hurt, it was Daniel’s.

The crowd didn’t like that. Neither did Daniel, who slid out of the ring and sprinted toward Morgan. The two met at the top of the entrance ramp where they began to violently trade right hands. Mary Faith Brooks and FFP security rushed to the scene. The security broke the two apart and Mary told them to stop it. She said that obviously there was quite a bit of bad blood between them, and that they’d end up killing each other by August. MFB said that the two needed to stay away from each other, and that if she needed to, she could suspend either one or both until the time of Glory.

She instructed Daniel to leave the arena and be with his wife, and Christopher to go backstage and avoid any contact with Daniel, physical, verbal or even on Twitter.

Courtney Kennedy vs Tabitha Mullins
What a battle! What a size difference. Tabitha Mullins had such a power and size advantage that she could have spent the entire match throwing Courtney Kennedy around the ring like a rag doll. Well…correction, Tabitha DID throw Courtney around like a rag doll. Courtney didn’t seem to have much left, especially after she seemed to get her second wind filled with stiff forearms and elbow only to be floored with a lariat. Mullins took Courtney up into the air for a powerbomb, but Kennedy was able to reverse by spinning around Tabitha’s head and rolling her up in a victory roll. Three seconds later, Courtney Kennedy had somehow pulled the upset. Tabitha went back after the winner, but Courtney quickly rolled out of the ring and celebrated up the entrance ramp.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to the interview area where Raquel St Claire was standing by with the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch. Lynch talked about how Everett Moses took him down at the end of the show last week, and that that didn’t mean anything when it came to this Sunday. Miles said that at Mid-Summer Classic that he would absolutely beat Everett and prove he is the best wrestler in the world.

Logan Christopher & Bryce Devlin vs Eddie Siebenthaler & Dash Cormac
This was Logan Christopher and Bryce Devlin’s first time teaming up. The duo decided to team together in Mary Faith Brooks’ Epic Tag Team Tournament that she is putting together, so they thought they’d test the waters in this match. The only problem, standing across the ring were two close friends who had made a name for themselves as a tag team in the independents. Eddie and Dash took turns hitting Logan and Bryce with hard punches, clotheslines as well as powerslams, suplexes and a spinebuster from Dash that seemed to plant Bryce into the mat. Logan got the hot tag and came in on fire, handing out a whooping to both Siebenthaler and Cormac, but Eddie Siebenthaler nearly decapitated Logan with a lariat. He pulled him up and hit a hellacious backbreaker. Eddie then muscled Logan up and hit the Crucifix Powerbomb for the victory.

After the match, Eddie and Dash double teamed Bryce, planting him with a spike powerbomb across Logan’s body. Eddie and Dash were obviously making a statement before the Epic Tag Team Tournament.

Backstage | Interview Area
Tyrece Beckman was joined by Alexander Modest and Modest’s girlfriend Katya Dementieva. Tyrece asked Modest about his FFP Honor Title defense on Sunday. Alexander said that he knew Hiroki Ito was good, but Alexander was great. He guaranteed victory on Sunday and said he and Katya would have the biggest victory party, and none of the crowd here was invited. Morgan Alexander said he wished he was invited.

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Ringside | In the Ring
The scene cut to the ring where Kade Haddix was standing. Kade said that he hadn’t forgot about being attacked by Nevin Solomon. Haddix said that he wanted an explanation, and invited Nevin to come down to the ring.

Nevin showed up on the screen, obviously backstage. He said that he was close enough to Kade. The two went back and forth with Nevin saying that he had defeated Kade in other federations, and he knew that he was better than Kade. Nevin said that he wanted to prove to the FFP crowd that Kade wasn’t the great wrestler that everyone thought. Kade challenges Nevin to a match, but Solomon declined.

Backstage | Interview Area
Raquel St Claire was now joined by ATM, who would challenge Kashimanaki for the FFP Network Title Sunday at Mid-Summer Classic. ATM said that he was undoubtedly the best wrestler in FFP, and the most held back. He said that Kashimanaki had no idea what he was in for,
and this match would be the most one-sided in FFP history.

Minnie Nova vs Jaqueline Aulstrike
Just like the Courtney vs Tabitha match, this one was another one featuring a huge size and power difference. Minnie tried to come out fast and furious, hitting solid kicks, forearms and punches. Trying to chop the big red wood down, she hit fast, precise and hard. But Jaqueline caught one of Minnie’s attempted kicks… uh-oh.

She grabbed Minnie while still holding her leg and hit a modified fisherman suplex, dumping Nova over onto the back of her head. Minnie scurried to the corner to try to pull herself up using the ropes, but Aulstrike charged and hit a running hip attack, crushing Minnie in the corner. Jaqueline looked as if she could go for the cover and most likely get the three count, but instead she pulled Minnie up and set the poor girl on the top turnbuckle. Jaqueline climbed up with her and proceeded to hit a falling back Samoan drop from the middle turnbuckle. Minnie was out. Brian Young said that if Jaqueline didn’t go for the pin, that the referee should end the match. Morgan Alexander said that Minnie knew what she was getting into.

Jaqueline pulled Minnie back up. By now, she was as limp as a rag doll. Aulstrike sent Minnie into the ropes and hit her finisher, the Pop-Up Powerbomb. She went for the cover. 1…2… and Jaqueline raised Minnie’s shoulder up. She smiled at the referee. Then she pulled Minnie up, and hit another Pop-Up Powerbomb. Jaqueline then made the cover, and got the three count. Finally, the match was over.

Courtney Kennedy came out to tend to her motionless tag partner, but Tabitha Mullins saw this as a perfect opportunity to come down and take Courtney out. Courtney had nowhere to run, and was completely obliterated by Jaqueline Aulstrike and Tabitha Mullins. Powerbombs, power slams, and a spike powerbomb from the middle turnbuckle were all in store for Courtney. Finally security came down to get Jaqueline and Tabitha out of the ring, and EMTs came to tend to Courtney and Minnie.

This Sunday in Philadelphia we will see Miles Lynch defend the FFP World Title against Everett Moses. We will also see Masina put the Women’s Title on the line, Alexander Modest defend the FFP Honor Title against Hiroki Ito, a Ladder Match between Trent Wolfe and Aiden Conrad for the Adrenaline Title, and much more! Don’t miss FFP Mid-Summer Classic THIS SUNDAY!

Backstage | Interview Area
Tyrece Beckman was joined with the new FFP Spirit Champion Keira Brimm. Brimm had won the Spirit Title at a Live Event. Tyrece asked her how it felt to have the title. Keira said she was very proud and was excited to defend the championship the way it should be defended. She was however cut off when Lenore Spade and Ava St James blasted her from the side, knocking Keira to the ground and pummeling her. The two blondes screamed and pointed fingers at Keira as she tried to collect herself on the concert floor.

Backstage | MFB’s Office
The scene cut backstage to Mary Faith Brooks in her office. She announced that next week at TnW, Courtney Kennedy & Minnie Nova would battle Jaqueline Aulstrike & Tabitha Mullins. As she finished up her announcement, Nina Fox entered. Nina asked Mary if she could have a match next week as well. MFB said that she would most definitely have a match next week, but her opponent would be a surprise!

Roderick Jamison vs Kabir Jindal

Two big guys putting a whooping on each other. Big clotheslines. Body slams. Roderick hit a running knee to the head, then a back suplex. Kabir fought back, hitting a Saito suplex. Kabir then went for a German suplex, but when Roderick blocked it Jindal rolled him up and pulled he tights. He got a two count, but Jamison was still able to kick out.

Eventually they began trading shots. They hit the ropes at the same time and laid each other out with a double clothesline. They were a little slow to get up. Kabir hit two European uppercuts and sent Roderick into the ropes. Jamison ducked an attempted clothesline and hit an impressive dropkick. Pretty high in the air for a big man. Roderick then hit the Olympic Slam for the three count.

After the match Roderick got on the microphone and called out Joey DeMarco, saying if Joey wanted to face him again, bring it on. DeMarco came out onto the entrance stage and said he talked to Mary Faith Brooks, and she booked them in the main event of next week’s Tuesday Night Wrestling.

Next Week on FFP TnW:
• Roderick Jamison vs Joey DeMarco
• Courtney Kennedy & Minnie Nova vs Jaqueline Aulstrike & Tabitha Mullins
• Nina Fox will face a mystery opponent

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