07/24/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: July 24, 2018
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the new owner of FFP Stuart Cavanaugh and his wife, the President of FFP Mary Faith Brooks. They welcomed everyone to Tuesday Night Wrestling, and said that they have a pretty cool idea for the fans here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Of course the crowd loved her and applauded. Morgan Alexander said the fans were stupid because the cool idea could be crappy.

Stuart then announced that they needed to name a new number one contender for the FFP Adrenaline Title, so the opening match of tonight’s show would be a six-man gauntlet match! The Pittsburgh crowd cheered louder. And Morgan admitted that it was a cool idea.

Stuart then announced the six participants, Blaine Edwards, George Furst, Cooper Albright, Caleb Newstead, Gregory Hart and Duncan Wright Jr!

Six-Man Gauntlet Match to Determine New #1 Contender for Adrenaline Title
The first man out was Blaine Edwards. Second was Gregory Hart. These two men really went all out. The Pittsburgh fans cheered loud for both men, hitting outstanding moves. A reverse suplex by Blaine, an overhead belly-to-belly from Gregory. A Superkick from Blaine, a roaring elbow and German suplex from Gregory. Brian Young said at these guys’ pace he wasn’t sure how they’d fair against four more opponents.

Blaine ended up hitting a gut buster off the middle rope, then planted Hart with the Tiger Driver for the three count.

The next man to enter the match was Cooper Albright. Cooper slid into the ring and charged at Blaine, but Edwards somehow turned it into a very tight small package. Cooper tried to kick out, but Blaine surprisingly got the three count. The crowd couldn’t believe it. Neither could Cooper. Albright threw a fit, and ended up leveling Blaine with a lariat. He wasn’t done however. He pulled Blaine up and planted him with his finisher, I Hate Everything About You. But again, Cooper wasn’t done. He went to the outside of the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He blasted Blaine with it, then finally left the ring.

The next participant was Duncan Wright Jr. Duncan took advantage of Cooper’s attack. He pulled Blaine up and planted him with the Half and Half Suplex. DW Jr then made the cover and got the three count.

The next participant was Caleb Newstead. Duncan had a tough fight ahead of him, although he hardly exerted himself at all beating Blaine. Duncan and Caleb went back and forth. Suplexes, hip tosses, submission moves. Both men even saw some time coming off the top rope. Caleb Newstead hit a solid superplex that got him a two count. Then he set DW Jr up for the Fisherman Brainbuster, but Duncan was able to fight out and hit a devastating chop block on Newstead. He then locked in his other finisher, the Knee Bar. Caleb held on, trying to fight for the ropes. He tried like hell to get to the ropes and break the hold, but he couldn’t. DW Jr had the hold locked in tight, And Newstead was forced to tap out.

The final participant of the gauntlet match was George Furst. Furst was a giant of a man, and towered over Duncan. He tossed Duncan around the ring, showing his massive size And his awesome strength. It looked like Duncan didn’t stand a chance in hell. And when George put him in the corner and hit an avalanche, it looked like DW Jr’s hopes for an Adrenaline Title shot were out of the question. But George went to the middle rope and attempted a flying knee drop. Duncan moved and Furst slammed his knee to the mat. Duncan then hit the ropes and leveled George with a running dropkick to the head. DW Jr then quickly synched in the Knee Bar. George was hurt. And although he was much bigger, the pain was tremendous. He reached and stretched for the ropes while Duncan tried to make the move as excruciating as he could.

George finally rolled over, and was able to get to the ropes. It seemed as if the Knee Bar would won Duncan the match, but Furst was able to hang on just long enough. DW Jr broke the hold, and got back to his feet. As George got back to his feet, Duncan charged, but George blasted him with a clothesline. He pulled Duncan up and slammed him to the mat with a bodyslam. Then, a big leg drop. He covered Duncan. 1…2… and Duncan was able to get his shoulder up.

George pulled DW Jr back up. Then, he locked the Iron Claw in. Duncan was in pain, grabbing George’s arm and trying to break his grip. But he started to fade, dropping to his knees. Furst looked like he was loving the pain he was causing. He looked like he was going to tear Duncan’s head off. But, DW Jr was able to land a couple knees to George’s ribs and break free. He went around Furst and showed incredible strength by hitting Furst with a German suplex! DW Jr got back up, and waited as the big man started muscling himself back up. Duncan charged and hit a running elbow, then a running roaring elbow. And finally, somehow Duncan Wright Jr was able to connect with the Half and Half Suplex! What power! Finally he hooked the big man’s leg. 1…2…3! Duncan Wright Jr had won the Gauntlet match and earned himself a shot at the FFP Adrenaline Championship!

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Backstage | Interview Area
Tyrece Beckman was joined with Cooper Albright. He asked him why he attacked Blaine Edwards like he did. Cooper screamed into the microphone, saying that he wasn’t ready and that Blaine was cheap and used a cheap shot by rolling him up before he could get ready. Cooper continued accusing Blaine and saying he had been screwed. Then he stormed away.

Courtney Kennedy & Minnie Nova vs Jaqueline Aulstrike & Tabitha Mullins
Jaqueline and Tabitha took turns tossing Courtney and Minnie around the ring. Courtney eventually rocked Jaqueline with a hard slap across the face. It got Jaqueline’s attention. Unfortunately, that didn’t mean good things for Courtney. She fell victim to six short-arm clotheslines. Tabitha then tagged in and hit a big leg drop. Courtney continued to fight, and eventually got away from Tabitha to make the tag. Minnie hit some solid kicks, staying away from Mullins and keeping her distance. Minnie ended up hitting a missile dropkick that took Tabitha down.

Nova went to the outside and hit a springboard 450 Splash, very impressive. But Tabitha kicked out at two. Minnie continued the assault, but Tabitha blasted her with a right hand and tagged Jaqueline. Minnie tried the same game plan with Jaqueline, but Aulstrike hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb. Courtney tried to get in and make the save for her partner, but Tabitha cut her off and Jaqueline got the three count.

After the match, Tabitha later Courtney out with a devastating big boot. Jaqueline then Powerbombed Minnie down acrossed her partner.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut backstage where Anarchy was getting ready to be interviewed by Raquel St Claire. But before the interview could start, Austin Briggs barged into view, screaming at Anarchy. The two traded words, but Briggs quickly got the upperhand by hitting Anarchy with a hard kick to the groin. He then grabbed Anarchy’s face and pushed him to the floor. Briggs turned to Raquel and said that he was sick of this thing he had with Anarchy, and he was ready to end it. Next week.

Ringside | In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where Stuart Cavanaugh and Mary Faith Brooks had come out. They talked about the upcoming 8-Team Tag Team Tournament that MFB had coined be Epic Tag Team Tournament. Then, they presented the brackets on the big screen. Stuart announced that the first round of the tournament would begin next week at FFP TnW in Dayton, Ohio.

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Nina Fox vs Mystery Opponent
It was time for Nina Fox’s match against a mystery opponent. MFB had promised her a match against an unknown opponent last week. Mary came out onto the stage and announced Nina’s Mystery opponent…Quinn Delaney!

Quinn came out and shook hands with Nina. These two women had a little bit of history in FFP. They were also fan favorites, and ready to have a hard hitting and respectful match.

Quinn gained the upperhand first, taking Nina down with a side headlock and working her down, but Nina was able to slip out and hit an arm drag, a snapmare and a dropkick. The match went back and forth, and both ladies showed off their exceptional technical wrestling skills.

Later on in the match Nina hit an impressive frankensteiner off the top turnbuckle. Then she set Quinn up for the Superkick, but Quinn moved
out of the way and hit Nina with the Quinn Cutter! Quinn made the cover. 1…2… and Nina kicked out. Quinn couldn’t believe it.

She pulled Nina up and dropped her with a t-bone suplex. As Nina started to get back up, Quinn charged, but Nina side stepped and hooked Quinn into a roll up. 1…2… and Quinn kicked out. Both wrestlers popped up, but Nina cracked Quinn with the Superkick. Quinn went down and Nina made the cover. 1…2…3! Nina Fox had defeated Quinn Delaney in a spectacular match.

Nina helped Quinn up and the two embraced. A ton of mutual respect inside the ring. Something we all like to see.

FFP presents its biggest event of the year, FFP Glory on August 19, 2018. Already set for the event, which takes place one night after the FFP Hall of Fame Ceremony, is the match to prove who is the true icon of FFP. Daniel Matthews vs Christopher Morgan! Also we will see Champion vs Champion as Miles Lynch will battle Alexander Modest! This event will most definitely be one you will not want to miss. So tune in on August 19th, or see all the action live if you’re in the Chicago area!

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was interviewing Kade Haddix. She talked to Kade about his match with Nevin Solomon at the Mid-Summer Classic. Kade said that that night Nevin was the better man, but that he knew he would beat Nevin again, and continue his climb in FFP, whether that be the World, Adrenaline or Honor Championship.

Nevin Solomon then stepped into view. He said that he indeed was the best man at the Mid-Summer Classic, but he was the best man every single night. Solomon said that if Kade wanted another match, he could have it, just not tonight. The two went eye-to-eye, seemingly at the edge of brawling, but security stepped in.

Backstage | Mr Cavanaugh’s Office
The scene cut to the office of Stuart Cavanaugh and Mary Faith Brooks. They announced that next week on Tuesday Night Wrestling we would see Trent Wolfe defend the Adrenaline Title against Duncan Wright Jr.

Roderick Jamison vs Joey DeMarco

Another back and forth match. What did you expect?! Roderick’s gameplan was to brawl with Joey DeMarco. But DeMarco was no slouch brawling in or out of the ring. The two traded blows, with Joey showing exceptional strength by hitting Roderick with a vertical suplex. He followed that up with a running knee strike that sent Jamison falling through the ropes and to the outside. When Roderick got back up, Joey went for a plancha, but Roderick caught him in midair, then knocked all of the air out of his body with a huge powerslam on the arena floor.

Roderick sent Joey into the ring and pulled him up. Roderick set DeMarco up for the Angel’s Wings, but DeMarco was able to escape, pull Roderick in and hit a jumping knee to the jaw again. The blow rocked the big man. DeMarco went for a clothesline, but Roderick ducked it. However, Joey came back with a jumping knee strike to the back of the head. Roderick dropped to his knees. Then, Joey blasted him with a shining wizard. Jamison had taken a beating!

Joey was then somehow able to pull Roderick up and deliver a devastating piledriver. Brian Young couldn’t believe the power that Joey just exerted. DeMarco then covered Roderick and got the three count. It was a very good match, a hard fought match and a little bit of a shock.

Next Week on FFP TnW:
• Austin Briggs vs Anarchy
• The Beginning of the FFP Epic Tag Team Tournament
• Trent Wolfe defends the Adrenaline Title against Duncan Wright Jr

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