08/14/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: August 14, 2018
Location: Champaign, IL
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the FFP Honor Champion Alexander Modest, accompanied by his girlfriend Katya Dementieva. Alexander was dressed in a nice suit, holding his title proudly on his shoulder. Modest took a microphone and said that at Glory this weekend that he would defeat Miles Lynch, and prove who the real top guy is in FFP.

This brought Miles Lynch out, with the World Championship on his shoulder. Lynch, dressed in his wrestling gear, said that they didn’t have to wait until Glory. Of course Modest said he didn’t come to wrestle tonight.

But the two were interrupted by the owner of FFP, Mr Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh said that Modest will need to be ready to wrestle, because tonight Miles Lynch will choose an opponent for Alexander, and Alexander will choose an opponent for Miles!

Everett Moses vs Bryce Devlin
A solid opening match. Both men hit some offensive moves. Everett Moses looked like the man who would win the match, and after a couple of clotheslines that sent Devlin crashing to the mat, and his finishing move the One Winged Angel, Everett covered Bryce and got the victory.

Morgan Alexander spoke about his impressive and dominant Everett looked. Brian Young said he hated to do it, but agreed with Morgan.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman, who was with Miles Lynch. Lynch was ready to announce the opponent he chose for Alexander Modest tonight. It was one of Modest’s biggest past rivals, Kade Haddix!

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Semifinals of the FFP Epic Tag Team Tournament
Hayden Flowers & Blaine Edwards vs Hatred Brotherhood

This was a hard hitting match. Lucifer and Seth looked very impressive, tossing Blaine and Hayden around the ring. Blaine and Hayden desperately worked on turning the match more into a wrestling match instead of a brawl. And after several attempts, it finally happened. Blaine and Hayden keyed in on Seth Lykins’ knee. And after sending Murphy over the top with a clothesline, Edwards locked Lykins in a knee bar, and forced him to submit in the center of the ring.

After the match Blaine and Hayden celebrated with a high five and a bro-hug.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Raquel St Claire who was standing by with the FFP Women’s Champion Masina. Raquel asked the champion about her match with Brandi Moore at Glory this Sunday. Masina said that she had destroyed every challenger put in her way, and Brandi would be no different. Masina even dared Taylor Clawson to get involved, saying she could end their careers in one night.

The scene cut to Christopher Morgan, who was backstage in his locker room. Morgan said that this Sunday at FFP Glory he would face off against Daniel Matthews, and beat him. Christopher said that he was the icon of Full Force Pro, and the only reason Daniel got as far as he did was because of his friendship with Matt Kraven. Morgan said he would proudly stand over Daniel at Glory, and be proclaimed the true icon of FFP.

The scene quickly cut backstage where Raziel was walking toward the locker room. George Furst stepped out of the shadows, and Raziel quickly turned a corner. Raziel wasn’t scared of Furst, a fact he made known going toe-to-toe many times with him. But he didn’t seem to want to get into it with him right then.

Alexander Modest then walked up to George. He softly spoke to the big man, talking to him about having an opportunity to beat the daylights out of the World Champion. Modest said that if he laid him out tonight, he’d have to get a World Title shot at a later date. He definitely gave Furst something to think about.

Alexander Modest w/ Katya Dementieva vs Kade Haddix
This is a match we had all seen several times, but one we’d enjoy seeing several more. This match wasn’t as intense as some of their other battles, but both men came into the match putting forth tremendous effort to walk out victorious. Kade hit a devastating DDT that Jake Roberts would have been proud of. He then dropped a knee on the upper back of Alexander and locked him in a camel clutch. Brian Young said that if Kade could win this match, that that should definitely guarantee him a shot at the FFP Honor Championship. Morgan laughed, saying Kade couldn’t beat Alexander.

Alexander eventually broke out of the hold. And after a back elbow and a lariat, Modest seemed to have control. But he went for a piledriver that was reversed into a back body drop. However, Alexander landed on his feet and wound up hitting a Code Breaker. He went for the pin. 1…2… and Kade kicked out. But Alexander grabbed his arm and locked in a crossface. Modest looked impressive.

Kade fought to the ropes, but Alexander continued pummeling him with stomps. He set Kade up for a Brainbuster, but Kade fought out and hit the Flatliner. He rolled Modest over for the cover, but Katya grabbed his leg and put it on the bottom rope. As the referee called the pin off due to Alexander’s foot being on the rope, Kade got up and began arguing with th referee. Alexander was then able to crawl behind Kade and roll him up. Modest pulled Kade’s trunks, and got the three count.

He rolled out of the ring and joined Katya at ringside. He put his arm around her as they walked up the entrance ramp.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Raquel St Claire who was joined with the former FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions, CULT. Amanda Cortez and Kennedy Matthews said that they wanted a rematch with Lizzy Kraven and Olivia Lee, and that if they got their rematch that they deserve, they’d take back the titles, making them two time champions. Amanda then leaned in and said that if they weren’t given their rematch, that they’d have to take it themselves.

Semifinals of the FFP Epic Tag Team Tournament
Old School vs Nightmare in London

Another back and forth tag team match. Both teams attempted to cut the ring in half, and for the most part both teams were successful. Oliver Webb looked very good in this match, hitting a Fisherman Brainbuster as well as a diving European uppercut from the middle turnbuckle.

Oliver and Nevin looked good, but when Gene Saunders planted Oliver with a wicked spinebuster, the momentum swun big. Lars Montgomery then came in and after hitting a knee drop from the middle rope down onto Oliver’s chest, Montgomery hit a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex. Montgomery then locked in the Sharpshooter. Nevin tried to get in to save his partner, but Saunders cut him off, hitting him with a couple of right hands and tossing him through the ropes and to the outside. Webb finally tapped out from the pain.

Old School has advanced to the finals of the Epic Tag Team Tournament, and would be facing Blaine Edwards and Hayden Flowers in the finals at FFP Glory!

Live Via Satellite
The scene cut to Daniel Matthews, live from Cincinnati, Ohio. Daniel said that he couldn’t wait for FFP Glory so that he could finally put Christopher Morgan down and prove that Morgan is not the icon of FFP. Matthews said that he doesn’t care if the fans call him the icon, the best ever or whatever. He said that he just wanted to be Christopher and show that he isn’t everything that he thought he was.

The scene cut to Alexander Modest, with Katya beside him. Alexander announced that Miles would face off against George Furst!

Caleb Newstead vs JJ Perry
A very technical very entertaining match. Caleb Newstead got a chant of “you still got it”, to which he replied like most, “I never lost it”. Newstead has the early advantage but JJ Perry used his speed to overtake the momentum. After a missed moonsault from Perry, Newstead hit a running dropkick to JJ’s head. Newstead pulled Perry up for the Fisherman Brainbuster, but JJ spun out of his grip and hit a pele kick. JJ followed up with a snap German suplex. Then he went up top again and hit a flying elbow drop. He made the cover. 1…2… and Caleb kicked out.

JJ went up rope again, and this time went for a 450 Splash, but Newstead got his knees up. Perry was hurt. Caleb then proceeded to drive JJ to the mat with the Fisherman Brainbuster. He hooked JJ’s leg. 1…2…3!

After the match Caleb helped JJ up. They shook hands. The youngster seemed to gain the veteran’s respect.

FFP presents its biggest event of the year, FFP Glory on August 19, 2018. Already set for the event, which takes place one night after the FFP Hall of Fame Ceremony, is the match to prove who is the true icon of FFP. Daniel Matthews vs Christopher Morgan! Also we will see Champion vs Champion as Miles Lynch will battle Alexander Modest! This event will most definitely be one you will not want to miss. So tune in on August 19th, or see all the action live if you’re in the Chicago area!

Minnie Nova vs Tabitha Mullins
This one was pretty hard hitting. The size advantage went to Tabitha. So did the strength, and experience advantage. But Minnie and Courtney Kennedy have proven that they can hang with Tabitha and her partner Jaqueline Aulstrike. And that’s what Minnie was going for in this battle.

Minnie used some hard kicks to wear Tabitha down, and get the crowd on her side. But Tabitha caught one of the kicks, and hit Minnie with a modified spinebuster. The move planted Minnie in the center of the ring. Morgan Alexander said it was like she was a pancake. Tabitha then went up to the middle turnbuckle. She went for a senton, but Minnie moved out of the way. Tabitha began to get back up, but Minnie cracked her with a couple more kicks. Nova then went for a shining wizard, but Tabitha caught her in midair, and hit her with a devastating powerbomb. Tabitha then made the cover. 1…2…3! Tabitha Mullins has defeated Minnie Nova.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut backstage to Tyrece Beckman who was joined by the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions, Lipstick & Powerbombs. Tyrece asked the duo if they had heard the demands of former champions CULT. Lizzy said that they did, and that all they really needed to do was ask. Lizzy also said that her and Olivia were fighting champions, and that they would put the titles on the line against any team. Olivia stepped up too, saying that her and Lizzy were the most dominant team in the women’s division, and said that wouldn’t change anytime soon.

But the champions league were cut off when Amanda Cortez and Kennedy Matthews attacked them from behind. They knocked Lizzy down, when ended up running into Tyrece and knocking him to the floor as well. Then, they double teamed Olivia, pummeling her to her knees before spiking her head to the floor with a double DDT. Kennedy then grabbed one of the Women’s Tag Titles. Amanda pulled Lizzy up, and held her arms behind her. Kennedy then proceeded to hit Lizzy in the head with the championship. Lizzy collapsed to her knees, then down to the floor. But CULT wasn’t done yet. Amanda and Kennedy pulled Lizzy up and spike powerbombed her through a nearby table.

Miles Lynch vs George Furst

The main event. The crowd was pumped. And as the bell rang, Alexander Modest’s music hit, and he walked to the commentary table with Katya Dementieva by his side. Morgan only wanted to concentrate on Katya’s beauty as the match began.

Miles and George traded shots. Stiff shots. Hard shots. Brian Young talked to Modest about choosing George Furst. Young accused Modest of wanting Furst to wear down or even hurt the World Champion only days before FFP Glory. Modest denied the claims, and said he chose Furst because he knew Furst would give Miles a good match, and knew Furst had an eye on the World Championship.

Miles hit the first big move, a superplex that shook the ring. Lynch then went for a powerbomb, but George muscled out of Lynch’s grasp. George attempted a big clothesline, but Lynch ducked and hit a German suplex. The big man got back up again, but Lynch sent him over the top with a clothesline. First slammed his fists on the apron out of frustration before going back into the ring. Lynch went at him again, but this time George flattened him with a clothesline. Lynch scurried back to his feet, but was floored again, this time with a right hand.

Furst then lifted Miles up, and applied a Canadian backbreaker. Alexander Modest talked about how Lynch was in for a hurting, and that George was proving that he was more deserving of he World Championship. Brian Young again accused Modest of wanting Furst to hurt Lynch so that he would have an easy time with Lynch at FFP Glory.

Furst tossed Lynch down, then hit a big boot. He dropped an elbow, then a knee. He was in full control. Furst then went for the Iron Claw. But Miles grabbed ahold of Furst’s arm, trying so hard to keep him from applying the hold. Eventually Lynch hit a couple of knees to George’s midsection which allowed him to roll up to his feet. Miles then began to pummel Furst down, hitting elbows and punches. He pulled the big man up and hit a Russian leg sweep.

Alexander Modest said that Miles was only lucky to get an advantage over Furst. As George got back to his feet, Lynch hit a couple more strikes, and got George up onto his shoulders. Miles hit a Death Valley Driver for a two count. He pulled Furst up and attempted to send him into the ropes, but George reversed and sent Mikes into the ropes. Furst went for a clothesline, but Lynch ducked it. When George turned back around Lynch went for a cross body block, but the big man caught him and drove him to the mat with a powerslam. When Lynch got back to his feet, George charged for a spear. But Lynch moved out of the way and First collided into the corner. When he turned back around Miles dropped him with a Flatliner. Miles went for the cover. 1…2… and the referee was pulled out of the ring by Alexander Modest.

Lynch looked back, but when he did so Modest had already slid into the ring. He drove his championship down on Lynch’s head. Modest then proceeded to hit Miles with his finisher, The End of Your Run. Modest stood over Miles, placing his foot on the World Champion’s chest while holding the FFP Honor Title in the air. Would this be the same outcome at FFP Glory?

This Sunday at FFP Glory:
• Miles Lynch battles Alexander Modest in a Champion vs champion match.
• Daniel Matthews facing Christopher Morgan. Who will be proclaimed the Icon of FFP.
• Brandi Moore returns to the ring to challenge Masina for the Women’s Title.

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