2018 FFP Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Date: August 18, 2018 Location: Chicago, IL

The event opened up with a shot of the crowd. A tremendous crowd was in Chicago to witness the new class be inducted into the FFP Hall of Fame. But there wasn’t just fans in the crowd, in the front rows of the venue were former and present FFP superstars. Daniel Matthews, Christopher Morgan, Matt Kraven, Amy Kraven and Veronica Clyne just to name a few. All present to see Patrick McCoy, Giovanni Gotch and the American Bulldogs take their rightful place in the FFP Hall of Fame.

The first inductee was the former FFP Women’s Champion. She also held the OWF Women’s Championship, as well as the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles. It was Giovanni Gotch. And inducting her on this night, was her Team FAB tag team partner, Fiona Burke. Burke came out to a nice cheer from the crowd. She said that she was honored to be the one to induct Giovanni into the Hall of Fame. Fiona said that Giovanni always had such a passion for the business, and such a desire to be the absolute best. She told a funny story about Team FAB going to the gym only to outwork every woman and man in the gym. Fiona said that she was so happy to see Giovanni go into the Hall of Fame, and she also said that she knew that soon Giovanni would once again hold gold in FFP.

Giovanni came out and thanked Fiona Burke. She said that she was sure that Fiona would join her in the Hall of Fame and she hoped she would choose Giovanni for induct her. Giovanni then said that she strived hard to be the best not just in FFP but in the OWF as well. Gotch said that the OWF was where she got her start in this sport, and being the very first FFP Hall of Famer to have spent time in the Ohio Wrestling Federation was big to her. She said that she has a goal to not only regain the FFP Women’s Championship, but be the longest reigning Women’s Champion in FFP history.

Gotch then switched gears and spoke about tomorrow night. She said that at FFP Glory that she was going to show another side of her. A killer instinct that no one had seen out of her yet. Then she said that Amy Kraven was in for the fight of her life tomorrow at Glory.

Lastly, Gotch thanked FFP for recognizing her greatness. She said that her career had only just begun and that soon they would recognize her as the greatest wrestler in Full Force Pro history.

The next inductees were the former FFP Tag Team Champions the American Bulldogs. Inducting the team was fellow FFP Hall of Famer Lizzy Kraven. Lizzy came out and talked about how the American Bulldogs were four time FFP Tag Team Champions. She said that both men also saw success as singles superstars, but that everyone loved them as a team. She said that seeing them win the Tag Team Titles at FFP’s first 4th of July Show in 2014 was still one of her favorite moments in FFP. Lizzy said that she hoped that they would see the team eventually reunite and go after those titles one more times.

Lizzy said that she was honored that Matt Evanston and Nathan Caine chose her to induct her. Then, without further ado, Lizzy Kraven presented the newest members of the FFP Hall of Fame, the American Bulldogs.

The former Tag Team Champions came out, shook hands and embraced. Nathan Caine thanked the Chicago crowd, saying that he originally came to FFP as a singles competitor, but really saw the most success he had seen when he began teaming with Matt Evanston. Nathan said that he hoped soon that Matt would come back to FFP, and the two could possibly do what Lizzy Kraven said the reunite.

Matt Evanston thanked Nathan, thanked Lizzy and thanked the FFP fans. He said that he loved his time in FFP, he loved his time training under Matt Kraven and Veronica Clyne and he absolutely loved his time teaming up with Nathan as the American Bulldogs. Matt said that he would have never imagined that he and Nathan would be inducted into the FFP Hall of Fame, but it was the greatest achievement he had ever done. Evanston then hinted to the crowd, saying that maybe it would take the Bulldogs to take the titles from the Rich Brothers. The Chicago crowd gave them a big cheer for that one.

The final inducted was Patrick McCoy. And the man to induct him was FFP Hall of Famer Daniel Matthews. Daniel, who was making his in-ring return tomorrow at FFP Glory, was also the trainer of Patrick. He came out and spoke about how good of a person Patrick McCoy was. Daniel said that Patrick was having some hard times in his youth and Daniel took him under his wing and began training him. He said that Patrick kinda became like his little brother, with them becoming the Soul Assassins with Veronica Clyne on their side.

Daniel said that seeing Patrick have this successful career, winning the Tag Team Titles, the Cruiserweight Title and the FFP World Title were things that made him very proud. By Daniel said that out of all of Patrick’s accomplishments, that this is the one that he is the most proud of. Daniel said he was honored to welcome Patrick McCoy into the FFP Hall of Fame.

Patrick McCoy came out and gave Daniel a big hug. The two shared a couple of words as they embraced. Patrick then thanked the Chicago crowd, the crowd watching at home and Full Force Pro for this honor. McCoy said that at his home he has a glass case with all of his championships in it, and he will be so excited and so honored to put this FFP Hall of Fame ring in that case.

Patrick said that he started training in Daniel’s gym in 2008, and never dreamed that it would turn out like this. McCoy said that he looked up to Daniel so much, and being able to learn from him and eventually team up with him was amazing. Patrick noted that Daniel always expected the best out of McCoy, but that is what led Patrick to have the successful career that he had.

Patrick thanked Daniel for everything he did for him. He thanked Veronica Clyne for everything she did for him. And he thanked Full Force Pro for allowing him to join this prestigious family of FFP Hall of Famers. Lastly, Patrick said that this was just the beginning, and that he still had his sights set on another run as the FFP World Champion.


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