Austin Briggs and Anarchy on the Same Page?

Anarchy and Austin Briggs have been in a heated feud lately. But things change…

The last few months we have seen Austin Briggs and Anarchy attempt to absolutely tear the other apart. Sneak attacks, low blows, chairshot, etc. But on Sunday night at FFP’s biggest event of the year, Briggs and Anarchy flipped the script on us.

After a tremendous match between Daniel Matthews and Christopher Morgan, a match made to determine the true “icon” of FFP, Matthews and Morgan shook hands. The members of both superstars’ stables from the early days of FFP came out and seemed to make peace. It was a great moment, not only on the show, but in the history of FFP. Seeing the Soul Assassins and Simply the Best shake hands and embrace, and put their feud to rest after ten years, could’ve brought a tear to some people’s eye.

But as both teams made peace, Austin Briggs and Anarchy came out of nowhere, and destroyed everyone. They beat up Patrick McCoy, they beat up Caleb Newstead, and yes they beat up Veronica Clyne. The two also went after Christopher Morgan and Daniel Matthews. Spike Powerbombs, falcon arrows, etc. But the biggest blow was a spike piledriver to Daniel Matthews. Both stables were left laying. And no questions were answered. The fans were left to wonder, to speculate.

So we had a chance to get a brief word with Austin Briggs and Anarchy. And they were straight to the point.

“Five wrestlers out there, all Hall of Famers, and four former FFP World Champions,” Austin Briggs told “And they all have been here since the beginning, right? Well, so have we! WE have been here since the beginning. WE have had World Title reigns. And…WE aren’t in the Hall of Fame. Are you kidding me?”

Bitter enemies become an alliance…

Anarchy wasn’t quite as verbal. “We have accomplished the same things they have, and we don’t get in that conversation. We’re angry. We are taken for granted.”

The duo vowed to prove to the world that they are the two most dominant wrestlers in FFP history. Whether they have to take out the Soul Assassins and Simply the Best again and again, if they have to win the Tag Team Titles, or win every title in FFP.

Briggs, who holds the record for longest World Champion at 332 days, seemed to be the leader of the duo, or at least the more talkative. “This isn’t just about Simply the Best and the Assassins. It’s about FFP. It’s about how FFP as a whole doesn’t recognize our talent. It’s about how they don’t even look at us. We are just here. Just workhorses for Full Force Pro. Well that stops. Instead of fighting each other, we’ll fight everyone else…”

Eventually Briggs and Anarchy pulled their microphones off and walked away. They were obviously angry, and honestly, who could blame them? With the achievements both have accomplished, they definitely deserve to be in FFP’s Hall of Fame. But I’m not too certain if they’ll be trying to have a great upcoming fiscal year to get a HoF bid, or if they’re just going into try to tear everything apart. If I were on the roster, I’d definitely keep my head on a swivel.


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