09/13/2018 FFPX

Date: September 13, 2018
Location: Denver, CO
Commentators: Brian Young
Daniel Matthews

The show opened up with a video showing so many classic moments from Full Force Pro’s past. From Caleb Newstead defeating Logan Christopher in the first ever match in FFP history, September 13, 2008, to Daniel Matthews being crowned the first FFP World Champion. Veronica Clyne winning a 5-Spot Ladder Match to become the very first woman to win the FFP World Championship. We saw clips of Brandi Moore and Veronica Clyne’s epic feud, as well as feuds like Matt Kraven vs Joey DeMarco, Austin Briggs vs Anarchy and Nina Fox vs Veronica Clyne and more. We saw clips of some of the debuts of current FFP superstars such as Amy Kraven, Noel Zelig, Roderick Jamison, Giovanni Gotch, Griffin Austin and Raziel. But also got clips of former FFP wrestlers such as Hunter Brown, Matt Evanston, Adam Hyatt, Lacey Abernathy, Monika Andrews, Kemina and of course, Chris Kraven.

Then we saw the ring, and an epic pyro display. The crowd went crazy as the arena was lit up with different colored fireworks. The the camera began panning the crowd. A lot of signs, especially for Veronica Clyne, Daniel Matthews, Seduction Inc and more. Then, the camera began panning at ringside. In the front row, we saw the likes of Duncan Wright and Christi Carter who are trainers at FFP’s developmental territory the Ohio Wrestling Federation, but we also saw former talent such as Adam Hyatt, Lacey Abernathy and Mikhail Vakhrov.

The scene cut to the commentary table where we saw Brian Young and special guest commentator Daniel Matthews! They spoke about FFP already being at ten years, and hyped up tonight’s show.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman who was joined with the FFP Hall of Fame team, Seduction Inc. Brandi and Taylor seemed very happy to be at FFPX. Tyrece asked them about the tenth anniversary of FFP. Brandi said that she had been here since the beginning and was so excited and so proud that today marked ten years. Taylor said that she also was so excited to be here, and has always been proud of her career in Full Force Pro. Tyrece also asked the ladies if there was a chance Seduction Inc would step back into the ring and go after the Women’s Tag Team Titles. The duo said, “never say never”.

Logan Christopher vs Cooper Albright
Logan tried to keep the match fast paced to wear Cooper down. Cooper may look like he wouldn’t have much endurance, but he kept up just fine. Logan hit a missile dropkick that took the big man down. He proceeded to hit the Shooting Star Press, but Cooper was too close to the ropes and was able to get his foot on the bottom.

Logan pulled Cooper up and hoisted him up onto the top turnbuckle. From there he hit a super frankensteiner. He pulled Cooper up and went for a move, but Cooper reversed into a back body drop that sent Logan over the top and onto the apron. Cooper went out after Logan, who tried to fight him off. But Albright got the best of Logan, hitting a powerbomb right on the apron. It was gruesome! Albright then took Logan into the ring and hit his finisher, I Hate Everything About You, for the three count.

Backstage | Interview Area
Next we saw Raquel St Claire with FFP Hall of Famer Nina Fox. Raquel asked Nina how she felt about FFP’s tenth anniversary, and how she felt the federation has changed since she debuted years ago. Nina said that she’s very excited about the tenth year of FFP. She said that once she began wrestling in FFP that there wasn’t any place else she wanted to go. Nina also answered Raquel’s other question, saying that since she debuted that there have been a lot more expansions to FFP, especially with the annual UK Tour, the OWF and the number of new wrestlers being side, as well as the 16-to-1 Tournament. Raquel asked Nina if she still had a lot to do in the ring, or if she was nearing the end of her wrestling career. Nina smiled and said she isn’t even close to retiring. She said that she loves wrestling for FFP and can’t wait to step back inside the squared circle.

FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Noel Zelig vs Hisoka Li
One hell of a match. One hell of a war. In professional wrestling the women have really been taking a step toward the men, but here in FFP their matches have always been just as important. Noel and Hisoka tore the house down.

Knife edge chops, brainbuster, overhead belly-to-belly suplexes, suicide dives and more! The match went back and forth, both women trading high impact moves, submissions and strikes. Hisoka locked Noel into a camel clutch, and rolled her forward trapping the champion and pinning her. But Zelig was able to kick out. Hisoka then went for a German suplex, but Noel reversed with a go-behind and hit a German suplex of her own. Then a shining wizard.

Noel went for her Jumping Piledriver, but Hisoka escaped the move and caught Noel with a Rainmaker clothesline. Then, a German suplex of her own. But Hisoka wasn’t done there. She went up top and hit a double stomp to the abdomen. Noel’s impressive Ironwoman Title reign looked to be in danger. Hisoka then hit the Champion with the Tiger Driver. A move she had used to put several people down. She hooked the leg, but Noel kicked out at two!

Hisoka pulled Noel back up and set her up for another Tiger Driver, but Zelig was able to battle out of the attempt and crack Hisoka with a bicycle knee to the chin. Hisoka dropped to one knee, and fell victim to a Superkick. Li went down. And the champion made the cover. 1…2… and Hisoka was able to kick out. So Noel pulled the challenger back to her feet, and after hitting three consecutive European uppercuts, Zelig planted Hisoka with the Jumping Piledriver. Noel made the cover and got the three count, successfully retaining the FFP Ironwoman Title.

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The scene cut back to ringside where Austin Briggs and Anarchy had apparently jumped the guardrail and attacked Daniel Matthews from behind. Matthews was trying to fight back asBrian Young began yelling for security. Daniel kept his own for a few moments, but the two-on-one took its toll, and the group known as Anti was able to get the better of the FFP Hall of Famer. Security rushed to ringside, as well as Daniel’s stablemate Patrick McCoy, but Anti was able to escape through the crowd.

The scene cut backstage where we saw Caleb Newstead and Christopher Morgan hanging out backstage and talking. The duo had been part of FFP since the very beginning, and had seen much success together, as well as went to war. On this night, they seemed to be in good spirits.

FFP Honor Title | Open Challenge
Next, Alexander Modest came to the ring with his Honor Title on one arm, and the beautiful Katya Dementieva on the other. Modest got on the microphone, talked trash about Denver and put himself over as the best professional wrestler in the world. Then, he dared any FFP superstar to come out and face him for his title.

Griffin Austin answered the challenge. Still a somewhat new face here in FFP, but definitely no push over. With his quick strikes and slick submissions, Modest couldn’t underestimate the challenger. And Austin hit some really stiff shots. A couple of hard kicks and a clothesline that seemed to nearly knock Modest out where he stood were just a couple of things Griffin brought to the title match. Griffin went for his finisher, the GKO, but Alexander was able to duck the attempted knee and hit Griffin with a chop block that seemed to cut him down hard. Modest continued his gameplan of working on Griffin’s leg.

But Austin didn’t shy away. He continued attempting his kicks, his knees and his impactful moves. After a Northern lights suplex, Griffin muscled Alexander up onto his shoulders. But Katya Dementieva finally climbed up onto the apron to cause the distraction she was so good at causing. Griffin paused for a moment, not sure whether to look at the beautiful Russian model or to think about telling her to get off the apron, but the brief pause opened up the opportunity for Modest to rake Griffin’s eyes and slip off of his back. Modest hit another chop block on the challenger. Modest then hit The End of Your Run for the three count.

The scene cut backstage to Daniel Matthews who was being attended to by EMTs. Daniel saw the camera and approached, screaming about how Anarchy and Briggs were two cowards that couldn’t get it done going at him face-to-face. Daniel then demanded that the group show their faces at FFP Lethal Injection. He said if they showed up, he’d have a friend or two ready to take them down.

The scene cut backstage again where we saw Stuart Cavanaugh speaking with Noel Zelig about her impressive win tonight. He commented that Noel didn’t have an opponent for Lethal Injection yet. He asked Noel to think about who she’d like to defend the Ironwoman Title against next, and let him know.

Ringside | In the Ring
The scene cut to the ring where Mary Faith Brooks was standing with a microphone in hand. She thanked everyone for coming out to this epic event, but said she had an announcement to make. Mary announced the signing of a new wrestler joining the Women’s Division. She said that this person would make her official debut on the FFP UK Tour taking on UK’s own Tiana Ridgeway. MFB then welcomed to the ring, Camila Dinero.

Camila came down all smiles. She said that she was very excited to debut in Full Force Pro. She said that it had been a long time figuring out just where she wanted to sign to wrestle, and said that she wouldn’t have signed anywhere that wouldn’t have given her all the money that she wanted. She thanked Mary Faith Brooks for signing her and said that she would beat Tiana Ridgeway in the United Kingdom where she would begin her journey to the top of FFP.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was joined by the FFP Spirit Champion Keira Brimm. Tyrece asked Keira about her three-way dance at Lethal Injection vs Ava St James and Kenzie Anderson. Keira said that the deck was definitely stacked against her at Lethal Injection, but that she thrived on competition. She said that Ava and Kenzie are both phenomenal wrestlers but that she would leave Lethal Injection with the Spirit Title.

Lizzy Kraven vs Demoness Maki
This was like a dream match. Two of the toughest women in professional wrestling going head to head. It was another hard hitting match with several stiff shots from both competitors. Lizzy Kraven hit a spinning back elbow that looked like it could have knocked a couple of Maki’s teeth out. But Lizzy wasn’t done there. She planted the Demoness with a DDT and went for me cover, only getting a two count. Maki fought back, striking Lizzy with a rising clothesline that floored the FFP Hall of Famer. Next, Maki not a big angle back suplex, and a jumping knee to the head. She pulled Lizzy up and attempted a double arm DDT, but Lizzy spun out and went for the Kraven Lariat. But Maki ducked the finisher attempt and hit Lizzy with her Makihouse Kick. The move knocked Kraven to the mat, but lucky for Lizzy she ended up rolling out to the arena floor.

When Lizzy got back to her feet, pulling herself up using the guardrail, Maki charged and hit a suicide dive. She sent Lizzy back into the ring and went for the pin. But Lizzy kicked out at two. Maki pulled Lizzy up and this time went for the Makinoku Driver, but Lizzy was able to fight out. Lizzy hit a couple of right hands and went for another Kraven Lariat. But Maki ducked the attempt again and this time hit a lung blower. Maki then locked in a Crippler Crossface. Right in the center of the ring!

Lizzy stretched for the ropes. She clawed at the mat, slowly my moving herself to the bottom rope. After several moments of fighting, Lizzy was finally able to get to the bottom rope, but damage had been done. And unfortunately for Lizzy, it was to her neck, and we all knew about Lizzy’s past neck injuries.

When Maki broke the hold, she continued working on Kraven’s neck. A swinging neckbreaker, a couple knife edge chips to the chest and a STO were moves Maki used to continue working Lizzy down. Maki then attempted her Makihouse Kick once again, but this time Lizzy ducked the attempted finisher and sent Maki crashing to the mat with an Exploder Suplex. Maki pulled herself back to her feet, but was leveled with the Kraven Lariat, sending her over the top rope and to the arena floor. The Denver crowd loved the match. Clapping, standing and cheering, appreciate the back and forth war from both women.

Lizzy followed Maki to the outside and the two began trading shots. Heavy, stiff shots. Sweat was visibly misting into the air with each blow. Maki got the upperhand with a spinning back kick. She tossed Lizzy into the steel guardrail, and charged at the former World Champion. But Lizzy moved out of the way and Maki slammed into the guardrail. Lizzy then charged, and slammed Maki through the guardrail. The crowd couldn’t believe it, and began chanting “holy sh*t, holy sh*t”.

It took a while for both women to get back to their feet. They again began to trade shots back and forth, this time through the crowd. Eventually they made their way through the crowd and into the backstage area. There was hair pulling, there was punching and kicking, and there was Maki violently whipping Lizzy Kraven into a nearby mirror. The mirror exploded into millions of pieces. Lizzy fell to the concrete floor and immediately began to bleed. The referee had followed the two to the backstage area. Usually there was a 20 count on the outside, but it seemed like the referee didn’t want to end this dream match with a lame ending.

Maki pulled Lizzy up to her knees by her hair. She screamed in Lizzy’s face, and drew back for another strike. But Kraven hit a couple of punches to Maki’s midsection. She got to her feet, hooked Maki’s head and drove her head first to the concrete with a DDT. Lizzy then grabbed a steel chair. Maki pulled herself up with assistance of a nearby table. Lizzy brought the chair back, but the referee grabbed it and was able to take it out of Lizzy’s hands. She turned to face the ref, which opened up the opportunity for Maki to grab Kraven from behind. The two began to tussle, but Maki shoved Lizzy forward. Kraven bumped into the referee which knocked him to the floor. The two women then began trading stiff shots again. Finally, FFP security intervened. The referee was still down on the floor backstage, and the two women were continuing to try to destroy one another.

As security pulled the two women apart, FFP President Mary Faith Brooks rushed in to try to maintain order as well. The dream match had ended, but was this the end of the Lizzy Kraven-Demoness Maki war?

Sunday September 30, FFP presents Lethal Injection. Lethal Injection was the very first pay-per-view, and this year’s will be live from Las Vegas!

So far booked for this show is Duncan Wright Jr defending the Adrenaline Title against Trent Wolfe and the Internet Darlings putting the Tag Team Titles on the line in a Ladder Match against Matt and Billy Rich. Plus a three-way dance for he FFP Spirit Championship.

Don’t miss this great event on September 30th!

Now the scene cut backstage where we saw the former owner and President of FFP Matt Kraven. Raquel St Claire quickly caught up to him and asked if she could get a few words. He obliged. She asked him what he was doing these days in FFP and if he missed wrestling for the company. Kraven said that he helps recruit talent and does anything else FFP needs him to do. Matt said that of course he missed wrestling, and wishes everyday that he could lace up his boots and wrestle again. Kraven then got a call on his phone and had to take it.

FFP World Title
(c) Miles Lynch vs Hiroki Ito

Hiroki Ito had wrestled for the FFP World Championship before. A title that always seemed to slip through his fingers. On this night, he tried to take the title home at all costs. Late in the match after Lynch had floored Ito with a lariat, Lynch went for a cover but Hiroki kicked out at two. Miles pulled Hiroki up and went for the Northern Lights Bomb, but Hiroki put a stop to it by taking Miles in the eyes and hitting him with a hard elbow to the jaw. The blow could have knocked Lynch out for a moment, but after he landed he grabbed the bottom rope and pulled himself out of the ring.

Hiroki took the match to the outside, hitting Miles with a knee to the lower back. Hiroki then whipped Miles into the steel ring steps. Hiroki was letting another side of himself show. He normally would resort to these kind of actions. He even went so far as to ram Lynch face first into the steel guardrail, busting the World Champion open.

Eventually the match found its way back into the squared circle, with Hiroki mostly in control. He scooped Miles up and hit a Death Valley Driver. Then he went for a pin. But Lynch kicked out at two. Hiroki followed up with a couple of elbows to the side of the skull. Ito wasn’t letting the champion have any time to recover. Hiroki muscled Miles up and planted him with a Tombstone Piledriver. The crowd seemed to think that was it. Even Brian Young said that that was the move to crowd a new World Champion. But Hiroki pinned the champion, and Miles Lynch kicked out at two. Hiroki couldn’t believe it. He looked up at the referee, but the small delay was enough to open up the opportunity for Miles to grab the challenger’s arm and lock a LeBell Lock in the middle of the ring.

Hiroki attempted breaking the champion’s grip. He reached for the ropes. He used his legs to try to roll over, or even push or crawl toward a side of the ring. Miles had the move locked in tight. And he wasn’t move. Ito tried punching at Miles’ fingers, hoping to break Lynch’s grip and escape the hold. But it was no use. Ito continuted to flail his hands, trying to grab anything to help him get out of this move. However he finally had to tap out. Miles Lynch had taken a beating, but successfully defended the FFP World Championship. What a match!

As Lynch stood in the center of the ring proudly holding the World Title in the air, and the Denver, Colorado crowd stood and applauded, Hiroki Ito reached out and shook Miles’ hand. Ito left the ring and Miles Lynch continued celebrating, holding his championship in the air on this historic night. But he was interrupted by the theme music of Caleb Newstead. Newstead, armed with a microphone, stepped out on stage and said that Miles Lynch was an impressive champion, but Caleb would be better. Newstead said that out of all the FFP originals, he was the only one to never hold the World Title. Logan Christopher had, Christopher Morgan had, Daniel Matthews, Veronica Clyne and Brandi Moore had. Newstead said it was his time.

So Caleb challenged Miles to a World Title match at FFP Lethal Injection. Lynch said that he respected Caleb, and the path that Caleb helped make in the early days of FFP. Lynch accepted the match, and told Newstead that he was sorry, but he would beat him at Lethal Injection.


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