09/25/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: September 25, 2018
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with Stuart Cavanaugh and Mary Faith Brooks inside the squared circle. The couple announced the return of Matt Kraven and Daniel Matthews, as well as Matt Kraven now being cleared to wrestle again! They said they were very happy to welcome the two Hall of Famers back, and invited them to the ring.

Matt and Daniel came down to the ring to huge cheers from the crowd. They were all smiles as they climbed into the ring and took microphones. They thanked the Salt Lake City crowd for the ovation. Then Matt asked if they were ready to see him return to the squared circle. Of course they cheered. And Kraven announced that they hadn’t decided yet on when he would make his in-ring return, but that it would be soon, and it would be awesome!

Backstage | Back Entrance Door
The scene abruptly cut backstage where Anarchy and Austin Briggs had attacked FFP World Champion Miles Lynch. Miles would be defending the World Title against Anarchy later on, but it looked like Anarchy and Briggs, the duo known as Anti, was attempting to take Lynch out and put the match on hold.

After pummeling the champion down and slamming the door on his leg, the duo walked away looking satisfied with the beatdown.

FFP Network Title
(c) ATM vs Cooper Albright

The crowd didn’t know who to hate more. Both men hit some big offensive maneuvers, including ATM reversing a powerbomb into a frankensteiner, then a Code Breaker that sent Albright inbetween the ropes and to the arena floor.

Cooper was able to get back into the ring and regain the upperhand, but Logan Christopher’s music hit and Logan walked out onto the stage. It was enough to get Cooper’s attention. He dared Logan to come down the isle. The two had feuded over the past few events with Cooper seeming to always get the upperhand. But off the distraction ATM rolled Cooped up and got the three count.

After the match Cooper threw a fit. Logan stormed the ring and hit him with a couple of punches, then a dropkick that sent him tumbling out of the ring.

The scene now cut to Tyrece Beckman who caught up with Anti. He asked the duo about their beatdown on Miles Lynch and why they did it, obviously putting into jeopardy Anarchy’s title shot tonight. Anarchy laughed, and said that they gave Miles an excuse, so that when he did defend the title tonight, lost it to Anarchy, he could say it’s because he was injured by the duo. Anarchy guaranteed that not only would Miles defend the title tonight, but that he would lose it tonight as well.

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Backstage | Mr Cavanaugh’s Office
The scene cut inside Stuart Cabanaugh’s office where Cooper Albright bursted in. Cooper demanded that he get another match with Logan Christopher so he could teach him a lesson. Cooper also demanded another shot at the Network Title since Logan interfered. Stuart told Cooper to calm down and told him that he would face Logan at Lethal Injection, with the winner receiving a shot at the Network Title.

FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Noel Zelig vs Zoey Kiehl

Both women have a mutual respect for each other. But they didn’t keep them from rocking each other with hard stuff forearms, elbows, etc. Zoey went for a discuss clothesline early, but Noel ducked it and hit Zoey with an awesome German suplex. Then, a shining wizard. Noel went for the cover, but Zoey kicked out at one.

Noel stayed on the offensive, hitting a couple of chops And a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. She went to the middle rope and attempted a dive, but Zoey reversed it into a Code Breaker in mid-air. The crowd popped for the spur of the moment move. Zoey quickly went for the cover. 1…2… and the champion kicked out.

Zoey stayed on the champion however, trying to wear her down with a couple of submission moves. After a crossface in the center of the ring that Noel was able to escape from, Kiehl hit Zelig with a hard kick, then locked her arms around her back using her legs. Noel had a hard time trying to escape, or even move to reach the ropes.

Noel eventually fought free, hitting a couple of kicks and landing a leg drop. She waited for Zoey to get up, scooped her up and hit a Death Valley Driver right in the center of the ring. Zelig made the cover. 1…2… and Zoey kicked out.

So Noel pulled Zoey up again. This time, Noel spiked Zoey to the mat with her finisher, the Jumping Piledriver. She hooked Kiehl’s leg again. 1…2… and Zoey kicked out again! The crowd couldn’t believe it. Noel couldn’t either. And the commentator’s went crazy as well.

The Champion pulled Zoey up and now muscled her onto the top turnbuckle. She climbed up with Zoey, but Kiehl hit a couple of punches to the midsection. Noel was trying to deliver a superplex, but Zoey was able to outmuscle the champion and hit an insane Superbomb! Morgan Alexander screamed out that that was it, and Zoey Kiehl was going to dethrone the Ironwoman Champion. Zoey hurried, crawling over to Noel and making the cover. 1…2… and Noel kicked out!

Kiehl was in shock from the kickout. But she pulled Zelig up and hooked her arms behind her head. But Zelig was able to break free and hit a hard roaring elbow to the chin. Zoey seemed to be on rubber legs. So Noel grabbed her and planted her with another Jumping Piledriver. Zelig then made the cover. 1…2…3! Noel Zelig had successfully defended the FFP Ironwoman Championship!

After the match the crowd gave the two wrestlers a standing ovation. Noel received her championship, but helped Zoey up and embraced her.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman who was joined with FFP Hall of Famer Nina Fox. Nina said that she was so excited and so happy to see Noel Zelig and Zoey Kiehl blow the roof off of the arena. Nina said that she couldn’t help but notice that her name hasn’t been scratched off of Noel’s Ironwoman Title Defense wish list. Fox said that if Noel wasn’t busy at Lethal Injection, that she wouldn’t mind having a shot at that Ironwoman Championship.

Backstage | Medic
The scene cut to Raquel St Claire at the medic area where Miles Lynch had his knee taped up. She asked Miles if he was sure he wanted to still defend the World Title tonight after the beating from Anti. Lynch said that many people try to cheap shot and get to the top of the mountain, but tonight he will successfully defend the World Title against Anarchy, and of Austin Briggs gets in his way, he’ll knock him out too.

Ringside | In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where FFP Hall of Famer Giovanni Gotch made her entrance. Apparently Gotch’s suspension had been lifted, and she was welcomed back to FFP. However, not everyone was on board with it. Because before Gotch could really get going on the microphone, Amy Kraven stormed the ring and attacked. Giovanni attempted to fight back, but Amy got her good with the first couple of shots. And after Gotch dropped to her knees, Amy hit her with a hellacious Superkick. FFP security rushed to the ring, but the damage had been done.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Masina vs Olivia Lee

Two strong women duking it out for the most prestigious Women’s Title in the World. That’s what the FFP audience expected to see when they heard that Olivia Lee would get an epic opportunity against Masina, arguably the most dominating champion in FFP history.

Masina put Olivia down hard, and pummeled her early in the match. Olivia fought back, nearly beheading the champion with a European uppercut. Then flattening the champion with a spear. Olivia made the pin attempt and the crowd stood and chanting as the referee counted.

1…2… and Masina kicked out. But Olivia continued working down the champion, driving elbows into the side of her head. Olivia muscled Masina up and hit a back suplex, folding the champion in half. Olivia then hit a shining wizard that echoed through the arena. Olivia made another cover, but Masina kicked out again.

Eventually Masina was able to regain the upperhand, but after landing a running powerslam for a two count, she went to the middle rope and missed a splash attempt. Olivia then climbed to the top rope to try her luck at an aerial maneuver. But Masina got back to her feet and rocked the challenger with a hard right hand. Masina then climbed out onto the apron and tossed Olivia down through the commentator’s table and to the arena floor with a powerbomb! Brian Young exclaimed that Olivia had to be hurt.

Masina rolled back into the ring as the referee climbed out to check on Olivia. After attempting to speak with her, the referee called for the end of the match and called for EMTs to come to ringside.

Sunday September 30, FFP presents Lethal Injection. Lethal Injection was the very first pay-per-view, and this year’s will be live from Las Vegas!

So far booked for this show is Duncan Wright Jr defending the Adrenaline Title against Trent Wolfe and the Internet Darlings putting the Tag Team Titles on the line in a Ladder Match against Matt and Billy Rich. Plus a three-way dance for he FFP Spirit Championship.

Don’t miss this great event on September 30th!

FFP World Title
(c) Miles Lynch vs Anarchy

This match was extremely hard hitting. Miles seemed to out wrestle Anarchy, but the big Samoan was able to land some skull rocking strikes, one of which seemed to nearly knock the World Champion out.

Lynch came back strong, hitting a Saito suplex followed by a running big boot to Anarchy’s head. Austin Briggs got onto the apron to distract Lynch, but got a hard right hand that sent him to the floor. Off the distraction Anarchy rolled Lynch up, pulling the tights. But Lynch kicked out at two.

However, he didn’t just kick out. He hooked Anarchy’s arm with his legs. He locked Anarchy into a modified Crossface, in the center of the ring. Anarchy attempted to get to the ropes, but he couldn’t reach them. Austin Briggs quickly slid into the ring and drove his knee into the back of Lynch’s neck. The referee called for the bell, but Anti continued their beat down, pulling the World Champion up and planting him with a double DDT. Briggs got on the microphone and demanding a World Title shot at Lethal Injection.

Stuart Cavanaugh came out and denied Briggs’ request, but Anarchy took a steel chair and placed it on Lynch’s throat. Briggs then for another chair and threatened to hit the chair into Lynch’s throat if Cavanaugh didn’t give Briggs the title shot. Cavanaugh reluctantly agreed to the match.

This Sunday at Lethal Injection:
• Miles Lynch will defend the World Title against Austin Briggs.
• Will Noel Zelig defend the Ironwoman Title against Nina Fox?
• Internet Darlings vs Rich Brothers in a Ladder Match!
• Keira Brimm puts the Spirit Title on the line against Kenzie Anderson and Ava St James.

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