10/18/2018 FFP UK Tour | Night Four

Date: October 18, 2018
Location: London, England
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

Odell Porter vs Austin Briggs
This match was booked due to Austin Briggs and Anarchy attacking Odell at the last FFP UK Tour show. Odell showed off his excellent mat skills, wrestling Briggs down to the mat. Briggs fought back using brawling. Austin took the advantage to a whole other level when Anarchy came out to cause a distraction. Ultimately, Briggs won the match with the Brainbuster, but Odell put up quite a fight, even flattening Anarchy with a suicide dive.

Roxi Haacke vs Tabitha Mullins
A very physical match. Both superstars showed off their power. Tabitha hit a chokeslam that seemed to take the wind out of Roxi’s sails, but Haacke fought back, hitting a hellacious clothesline followed by a stalling Brainbuster. Haacke then planted Tabitha with a Death Valley Driver for the three count.

October 21st, live from London, England Full Force Pro presents the first ever FFP London is Calling pay-per-view. In the main event we will see the much anticipated return of Matt Kraven as he challenges Miles Lynch for the FFP World Championship. Also on the card, Trent Wolfe vs Daniel Matthews as well as Logan Christopher vs Cooper Albright. Don’t miss this show!

FFP Network Title
(c) Logan Christopher vs Morgan Landings

A fast paced match that was exciting all the way around. If someone hadn’t seen FFP yet, this match would have shown just how exciting our matches can be. Both men used beautiful Shooting Star Press finishers to finish off their opponent, and on this night they both attempted the athletic move. Morgan Landings hit the move first, and hooked Logan’s leg. The crowd was sure the match was over, but Logan barely kicked out in time. Logan eventually gained the upperhand and went for his Shooting Star Press, but Morgan got his knees up. Then, he followed up with a modified Fisherman DDT for a very close two count.

The match raged on, with both men continuing to do what they do best, show off their amazing athleticism. Logan hit a falcon arrow that took Landings down hard. Logan then went up to the top turnbuckle, but before he could gondie the Shooting Star Press again, Cooper Albright stormed the ring. He slid in and immediately attacked Morgan Landings. Surely this was just to add insult to injury, causing a disqualification so Morgan would win the match. Logan jumped off the top turnbuckle and went after Cooper, but Albright got the upperhand quickly as Logan had just competed in a grueling match. Albright also kicked Logan hard in the groin, which ultimately gave him complete control of Logan. He then hit Logan with his finisher, I Hate Everything About You. Cooper grabbed the FFP Network Title and stood over Logan’s body holding the title in the air. The crowd booed as Albright stood proud of his work.

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FFP Honor Title
(c) JJ Perry vs Alexander Modest

Another fast paced matchup. Alexander Modest wanted to win back the FFP Honor Championship, but JJ Perry was going to fight like hell to retain. After 20 minutes of non-stop action, JJ planted Modest with the Bloody Sunday for the three count.

FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Noel Zelig vs Yuriko Fuji

This match was unbelievable. Strong stiff strikes, big power moves, technical wrestling and Noel Zelig hitting an over the top suicide dive that looked like it could’ve killed her.

Halfway through the match the two women were trading solid strikes, when Yuriko blasted Noel with a Roaring Elbow that surely would have knocked out half of the FFP roster. Yuriko hit a snap Tiger Suplex followed by a lariat that looked like it could have beheaded Noel. But Yuriko for the pin and the champion kicked out! The London crowd popped big for the kick out. Yuriko pulled Noel up and went for another clothesline, but Noel ducked it and connected with an awesome Superkick. Fuji stumbled forward, which gave Noel the opportunity to hit a German Suplex. The momentum almost made Yuriko roll right back up to her feet, so Zelig grabbed her and hit a half-and-half suplex. The momentum was with the champion.

Noel climbed up top and connected with a flying headbutt. She pulled Yuriko up and planted her with a Fisherman Brainbuster. Yuriko looked out. She fought to get up, but she was slow to get up. Noel took advantage, hitting a devastating shining wizard. Zelig then pulled the challenger up and hit the Jumping Piledriver. Noel hooked Yuriko’s leg. 1…2…3! Noel Zelig retained the FFP Ironwoman Championship in yet another all out war!

After the match the two women shook hands and embraced. The fans were always happy to see mutual respect between two amazing athletes.


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