10/21/2018 FFP London is Calling [PPV]

Date: October 21, 2018
Location: London, England
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with clips from the FFP UK Tour. What a successful tour for the superstars of Full Force Pro. Then, we cut to a hype video of all the excellent matches schedule for the night.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Masina vs Lucy Baddock
The London crowd was pumped to see this match kicking the show off. Lucy Baddock came out on fire, hitting Masina with some heavy blows and hitting a big spinebuster, attempting to get a quick victory over the champion, she went for a pin but Masina kicked out at one.

Masina fought back, and hit some strong strikes of her own. Eventually clotheslining Lucy over the top rope. Lucy got back in, and not being afraid of a fight she stepped right up to the champion. More strong strikes were thrown from each woman, with Masina getting the better of the exchange with a hard headbutt and a running clothesline. Masina muscled Lucy up onto her shoulders, but Lucy slid off of Masina’s shoulders and hit a running bulldog. She put the boots to Masina before grabbing her and hitting a suplex. Masina pulled herself up and Lucy hit an athletic jumping kick that sent Masina tumbling through the ropes and to the floor. Lucy then hit the ropes, attempting a suicide dive. But as her body began to go through the ropes Masina hit a hard forearm to the skull. Baddock tumbled on the apron and fell to the arena floor.

Masina pulled Lucy up and sent her into the steel guardrail. Then into the steel steps. Masina was taking the fight to the challenger, and showing no mercy. She sent Lucy back into the ring and cracked her with a Superkick when she got to her knees. Masina then pulled Baddock up and flattened her with the Samoan Spike. The champion made the cover. 1…2… and Lucy kicked out! Masina looked shocked. But the London crowd loved it. Masina questioned the referee, who assured her with was a two count. She reached down and pulled Lucy back up by her hair. She set her up for a powerbomb, but Baddock reversed into a small package. The ref made the count. 1…2… and Masina kicked out.

Just like before, Masina checked with the referee again, but this time was making sure she kicked out in time. As she got back to her feet Lucy hit her with two palm strikes to the head, a knife edge chop and then a devastating snap German suplex. Masina pulled herself up using the top rope, and was immediately clotheslined over the top. She tumbled to the arena floor as the crowd cheered. Lucy had the momentum. But unfortunately she set the champ to the outside, where she can’t win the title.

Lucy had to go to the outside, where she pulled the Champion up and fired her back into the ring. Baddock then ascended to the top rope. As Masina slowly got back to her feet Lucy went for a flying cross body block. But Masina dove out of the way, and Lucy slammed to the mat. She tried to quickly get back to her feet, but the wind was knocked out of her. Masina grabbed Lucy and planted her with a chokeslam. She grabbed Baddock by the blonde hair, pulled her back to her feet and hit another chokeslam. Baddock was in trouble. Masina pulled her up once more, and leveled her with another Samoan Spike. The Women’s Champion then made the cover. 1…2…3! Masina retained her championship.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Duncan Wright Jr vs Kade Haddix
Two Englishmen going at it. The crowd loved it. Duncan Wright Jr seemed to have more crowd support, being from London and all. But Kade has quite a bit of fanfare as well. Both men were mat technicians and showed the crowd just that in this match. Classic mat wrestling, with both men trying to get an opening, grab a limb and do some damage. And Duncan did so by wrenching on Haddix’s knee. Wright applied a Knee Bar in the center of the ring, which was one of his finishing moves. Kade was in pain, and it took a while, but he was able to crawl to the ropes and force the break. But the damage had been done. And DW Jr continued working on Kade’s knee. Kade has a noticeable limp. And with every hard kick to the side of it, Kade grimaced in pain. But Wright went for a kick to the knee that Kade was able to dodge, then hit the Champion with a spinning back elbow to the back of the skull. Duncan stumbles forward, obviously groggy. Haddix then grabbed a hold and hit his finisher, the Flatliner. Kade went for the cover. 1…2… and Duncan Wright Jr got his foot on the rope. It was close! And Haddix looked completely disheartened when he didn’t get the three count.

Duncan began pulling himself up, so Kade grabbed him and hooked his arms for a double undertook. But Wright fought out and hit a couple of forearms. He then grabbed Haddix into a front facelock. But Kade was able to back body drop Wright over the top rope. Duncan fell to the arena floor. When he got back to his feet, Haddix hit the ropes and went for a suicide dive. He successfully hit the Adrenaline Champion, but when Kade landed on his feet on the floor, he collapsed, holding his knee. Duncan had apparently done damage to Haddix’s knee, and the suicide dive hurt it more.

Duncan was able to get up and pull Kade up. He rolled him back into the ring and stalked him. As Kade attempted to get back to his feet, Duncan hit him with a devastating chop block. Haddix collapsed to the mat again. Duncan Wright Jr was in full control. As Kade pushed himself up again, Duncan charged and hit a clothesline. He hooked Haddix’s leg. 1…2… and Kade kicked out. Not surprising, but Haddix was obviously in a lot of pain. Duncan pulled the challenger up and now set him up for the Half and Half Suplex. Kade tried battling out, using back elbows and a back kick to try to break free. But DW Jr planted Haddix with the move. The commentators were sure this match had to be over.

Duncan hooked Kade’s leg. The referee slid into position again. 1…2… and Haddix kicked out again! The guts he was showing! But perhaps he was risking major injury. Duncan backed up, waiting as Kade began to attempt to get back to his feet. The champion charged again, but Kade leap frogged him. However, when Kade landed on his feet, his knee gave out on him. And as soon as he got back to a standing position, Wright hit another chop block. Kade let out an awful scream. Duncan wasted no time, grabbing Haddix’s leg and slapping on his Knee Bar again. Kade reached out for the ropes, but he was in the center of the ring, and in a tremendous amount of pain. He finally tapped out. Duncan Wright Jr was still the FFP Adrenaline Champion.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) CULT vs Lizzy Kraven & Suki Okada
Lizzy Kraven and Olivia Lee had had quite the feud with the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions. And with Olivia injured, and Suki taking her place, the feud seemed to continue uninterrupted. These four women went out to the ring to beat up their opponents and win. Hard punches, loud knife edge chops and a lot of trash talking. Kennedy Matthews seemed to be the star of her team, at one point taking both Lizzy and Suki down and hitting them with a cross body block off the top that floored both wrestlers. Kennedy then scooped Lizzy Kraven up for the Death Valley Driver, but Suki hit her with a Superkick.

Lizzy and Suki double teamed Kennedy until Amanda entered the ring. But Cortez was back body dropped over the top. Lizzy Kraven then hit the ropes and floored Amanda with a suicide dive, sending Cortez crashing into the steel guardrail. Meanwhile Suki scooped Kennedy up onto her shoulders and hit her with the Benadryller. The kick echoed through the arena. Suki then made the cover on Kennedy. 1…2…3! Lizzy Kraven and Suki Okada were the new FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions!

Backstage | Medical Area
The scene cut to the medical area where Kade Haddix was being evaluated by EMTs. He was still in a lot of pain from his match with Duncan Wright Jr. His knee really took a beating, and the EMTs seemed pretty concerned about it. Kade’s girlfriend Noel Zelig was there looking concerned as well.

Trent Wolfe vs Daniel Matthews
Yet another hard hitting match on this United Kingdom Tour. There was a mutual respect between the two. The match began with a handshake. Both wrestlers started the match cautiously, but once a few strikes were thrown and the technical wrestling began, the match picked up. Daniel hit a hard clothesline followed by two dropkicks and an arm drag into an arm bar. He worked on Wolfe’s arm off and on throughout the match. Trent gained the upperhand hitting a spinning heel kick, right into a full-nelson facebuster. Trent went for the pinfall, but Daniel kicked out. The count was close. So Trent stayed on the Hall of Famer, pulling him back up and planting him with a STO. Trent rolled back, getting back to his feet waiting for Matthews to move. As Daniel got to his hands and knees, Trent charged and hit an inverted rolling neck snap on Matthews. Then, he hooked Daniel in the camel clutch. An old school submission, but effective.

Daniel was in pain, trying to break out of the hold as he wasn’t close enough to the ropes. Eventually he was able to pull out of the move, grabbing Wolfe’s legs and tripping him to the mat. Daniel then quickly tied Trent into a STF. Matthews kept the move locked in for a short time, until Wolfe was able to scoot himself forward and grab the ropes.

The match continued, with back and forth high impact moves. A superplex from Trent Wolfe. A missile dropkick from Daniel Matthews. Wolfe eventually got knocked to the apron with a Matthews’ European uppercut. Daniel then hit the ropes and dove over the top rope, cross body blocking Trent and both men crashed to the arena floor. The fall looked brutal. And both men were slow to get up. Daniel pulled Trent up and sent him back into the ring, where he attempted a flying elbow drop. Wolfe rolled out of the way last second, kipped up and hit Daniel with a devastating soccer kick to the chest. Then another. Then, one more. Wolfe pulled Daniel up and hit a couple of hard forearms. But Matthews fought back, hitting forearms of his own. Eventually the two men were slugging it out, and the London crowd was loving it.

Trent got the advantage after stepping back and cracking Daniel with a Roaring Elbow, a move Daniel has used sporadically as a finisher. Wolfe then grabbed the dazed former World Champion and planted him with the Bloody Sunday. Trent made the cover. 1…2… and Daniel was able to reach his foot out and touch the rope. The count was so close. And Trent couldn’t believe it. He got up and began pummeling Daniel with kicks and stomps. He was clearly aggravated, screaming at Matthews while continuing to pummel him. He pulled Daniel up and set him up for another Bloody Sunday. But this time Daniel was able to spin out and school boy Trent. Wolfe tried frantically to kick his legs and roll out of the pin, but Daniel had Trent stacked up on his shoulders. 1…2…3! Daniel Matthews had won the match!

After the match both men stood in the center of the ring. Daniel put his hand out for a handshake. He obviously respected Trent. And the two had one hell of a match. Wolfe reluctantly took Daniel’s hand. But after a short moment, he hit Daniel with a kick to the groin. Daniel fell to his knees. But Wolfe wasn’t done. He stepped back and hit Daniel with a bicycle kick right to the face. Daniel went down hard. Trent looked down at the Hall of Famer, screaming at him before pulling him up and planting him with another Bloody Sunday. Trent then climbed out of the ring and made his exit among the jeers from the crowd.

Charles South has joined Full Force Pro as a journalist, and will look to post his first article, the South Report, on our website very soon. Be on the look out for Charles’ first article soon!


Camila Dinero vs Tiana Ridgeway
Tiana Ridgeway had the fans total support being from Liverpool and all. And Camila’s super cocky attitude didn’t make it difficult to dislike her. It was a good match, with the younger Tiana Ridgeway’s flaws being exploited by Camila, who had much more experience in the squared circle. But Ridgeway gained the upperhand when Camila charged her in the corner and was met with a boot to the face. Tiana then hopped to the middle rope and dove off, attempting her Diving Bulldog finisher. But Camila hit a devastating dropkick as Tiana was in mid-air. The dropkick connected in the gut, and Ridgeway crashed to the mat. Camila then hit Tiana with the Codebreaker and made the cover for the three count. It was an impressive debut for Camila Dinero, and good effort from the young Tiana Ridgeway.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman who was joined with Lucy Baddock. He asked Lucy about her loss tonight and what her future plans in FFP were. She was quickly interrupted by Camila Dinero, who was yelling about how she had just had a super successful debut in FFP, and that the fans wanted to see her, not Lucy the loser. Lucy stepped up saying that if she faced Lucy in her debut, it would have been her last match. The two talked trash with Tyrece attempting to get inbetween them to prevent a fight.

If Cooper Albright Wins, He Gets a Date with Verity
Logan Christopher vs Cooper Albright
Logan came out looking reluctant to have Verity by his side. This feud had taken quite a turn, with Cooper claiming he had something about Verity and would reveal it to the world unless Logan agreed to this match. These two men were capable of some good technical wrestling, but not on this night. They tore into each other. Punches, kicks, slaps across the face, eye gouging, choking on the rope. It was insane.

The match ended up on the outside where Logan took full advantage of the steel steps, repeatedly slamming Cooper’s head into them and nearly getting himself disqualified. He sent Cooper into the guardrail next, and charged. But Albright back body dropped Logan into the audience, then rocked him with a hard right hand. Cooper pulled Logan back over the guardrail and shoved him back into the ring. Verity was there, and stepped in front of Cooper to slow him down. He yelled at her and started to climb back into the ring. But Logan quickly cut him off with a baseball slide dropkick. Verity had distracted Cooper just enough to open the window for Logan.

As Cooper got back to his feet on the outside, Logan springboarded off the top rope and hit an amazing, beautiful yet dangerous Shooting Star Press to a standing Cooper Albright on the outside!

Both wrestlers were slow to get up. Logan pulled Cooper up and sent him back into the ring. Then he climbed onto the top turnbuckle. He was going for the Shooting Star Press again. This time in the ring. If he hit this, surely it would be over. But Albright got his knees up. Logan crashed ribs first down on Albright’s knees. Logan rolled around in pain. Cooper looked out at Verity, looking scared for her life. He then rushed to Logan, pulled him up and hit a piledriver. Verity screamed no as Cooper went for the cover. 1…2… and Logan got his shoulder up! Just in the knick of time. So close! Albright couldn’t believe it. He looked at the ref, he looked at Verity, he was shocked. He stood up, looking at Verity with a smile on his face. He yelled to her, “get ready for our date!”

He turned and pulled Logan back up, now setting Christopher up for his finisher, I Hate Everything About You. But Logan reversed it into a sunset flip pin. Cooper quickly escaped the pin attempt before the two count. Both men rushed to their feet, but Logan hit a hard kick across the side of Cooper’s head. Then he pulled the big man up and planted him with a German suplex. Albright popped back up to his knees, but was cracked with a Superkick to the chin. But the force of the blow sent Cooper rolling to the outside. Logan needed him inside the ring to win this match. He was aggravated. He had Cooper right where he wanted him, but couldn’t capitalize.

Logan rolled to the outside after Cooper. But Albright was in position beside the ring to hit Logan with a devastating low blow, and the referee didn’t catch it. Albright then threw Logan back into the ring and called for the end. He pulled Christopher up and drove his head to the mat with his finisher. Verity let out a scream. Cooper turned to her and blew her a kiss. He then dropped down and made the cover. 1…2… and Logan kicked out! What?!

Cooper couldn’t believe it. He kept saying no to the referee, demanding to say he was the winner. Cooper then turned around only to be destroyed with a running knee to the skull. Logan then pulled Cooper up and found the strength to hoist him up and hit a turnbuckle powerbomb. When Albright stumbled out of corner, Logan kicked him in the gut and delivered an amazing Canadian Destroyer! Logan hooked Cooper’s leg. 1…2…3! Logan Christopher had won the match! Finally defeating Cooper Albright.

Verity climbed into the ring to join Logan. The two embraced and shared a kiss in the center of the ring. Surely the two could breath a little easier after the victory.

After the match Cooper blasted Logan from behind. He pulled him up and hit him with a monstrous powerbomb. Then, Albright grabbed a table from under the ring. He set it up on the outside of the ring, and headed back into the squared circle. He noticed Verity, checking on Logan. Trying to help him get out of the ring. Cooper walked over and grabbed Verity by her hair. She let out a scream as he pulled her to the ropes. He forced her out onto the apron, and in a despicable act, Cooper Albright powerbombed Verity off the apron, through the table!

The London crowd was shocked. FFP security and officials quickly headed to ringside to get Cooper out of there. But the damage was done. Logan and Verity both laid out.

Amy Kraven vs Giovanni Gotch
Going from one heated rivalry to another. Amy Kraven and Giovanni Gotch had been going at it since their OWF days. And this was no different. Both women came out of their corners with guns blazing. It was a brawl, but the match evolved into a technical wrestling match. The type of match that both of these ladies were capabale of. Giovanni Gotch worked on Amy’s back, setting her up for the Hellacious Powerbomb. Amy Kraven, who had the speed advantage, tried to stay away from Giovanni and take her down into submissions. Amy hooked Gotch into the Dragon Clutch which for a big reaction from the crowd. But Gotch was able to quickly get to the ropes. Amy motioned to Gotch that it was “that close” from being over.

Amy rocked Giovanni with a couple solid forearms and charged. But Gotch hit a big boot on Amy. Gotch dropped a knee, then spiked Kraven with a DDT. Gotch hoisted Amy up and hit a big backbreaker. Gotch set Amy up for the Hellacious Powerbomb, but Amy escaped and hit the Superkick. Gotch was down, and Amy went for a quick pin. But Giovanni kicked out at two.

Amy stayed on the FFP Hall of Famer, driving a couple elbows down before hoisting her up onto the top turnbuckle. Amy went for a superplex, but Giovanni blocked it and hit Kraven with a hard forearm that sent her crashing down to the mat. When Amy got back up, Giovanni dove off the top turnbuckle and connected with a missile dropkick. Gotch covered Amy but only got a two count. So she pulled Amy up and hit another backbreaker. Then, she slapped on an abdominal stretch. Amy was hurting. Reaching and stretching for the ropes. Amy was finally able to reverse the abdominal stretch into a hip toss. When Gotch got back up, Amy went for a clothesline but Gotch ducked it and slammed Amy down by her hair. Gotch hit the ropes and went for a leg drop, but Amy moved out of the way and hit a hard kick to the chest. When Giovanni got back to her feet, Amy hit an overhead belly to belly suplex.

The London crowd was cheering Amy on. Giovanni fought her way to her feet. Amy charged, but Gotch dodged and then caught Kraven with a spinning powerslam. Giovanni then signaled for the end. She pulled Amy up and set her up for the Hellacious Powerbomb. But Amy fought out again, and hit another Superkick! Amy lunged forward and made the cover. 1…2… and Giovanni got her shoulder up. But Amy quickly grabbed her arm and flipped her over, clamping on a Crossface. Giovanni was in trouble. Amy wrenched back hard on Gotch, pulling her head hard into the air. Giovanni reached for the ropes. She used her feet to try to push closer and closer to the ropes. But she couldn’t seem to get close enough. Eventually Gotch reached her arm around Amy and turned her over, pinning her shoulders to the mat and pulling her tights for extra leverage. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Amy kicked out!

Amy was able to turn over and immediately hook Giovanni into the Dragon Clutch! Amy grapevined her legs around Gotch and sunk the hold in deep. Giovanni again reached out for the ropes, but she move was too tight, and too far from the ropes. Gotch tried fighting out for a second, then tapped out. Amy Kraven was the winner!

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Raquel St Claire who was joined by Outta Your League. She spoke with each member, the FFP Spirit Champion Kenzie Anderson, Lenore Spade and Ava St James. The group had requested interview time, and here they were. Kenzie said that she was going to prove that she was the best Spirit Champion ever, and said that they spoke with Stuart Cavanaugh and that Lenore and Ava would challenge Lizzy Kraven and Suki Okada did the Women’s Tag Team Titles this Tuesday at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling in Manchester. Kenzie guaranteed that Outta Your League would leave the UK Tour with gold around each members’ waist.

Backstage | Medical Area
The scene cut back to the medical area where EMTs were tending to Verity. Logan Christopher was a little dazed and confused as well, but was standing beside Verity, holding her hand. But at the same time he was screaming and shouting, demanding that Cooper Albright pay for his actions.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Internet Darlings vs Old School
Definitely a clash of styles and generations. Old School brought the brawling, and the idea of isolating a wrestler’s leg while also cutting the ring in half and working the wrestler over. Blaine was the unfortunate one who was getting completely worked over in the corner. Eventually Blaine was able to hit a step up enziguri on Lars Montgomery. Then he began to crawl toward his corner. But before he could make the tag, Gene Saunders tagged in and grabbed him by the leg, pulling him back toward the center of the ring.

After a DDT and a devastating Brainbuster, Gene tagged Lars back in who continued the assault on Blaine Edwards. Lars set Blaine up for a powerslam but Blaine slipped out of Lars’ grasp and hit a Russian leg sweep. He finally got to his corner and tagged in Hayden. Flowers entered the ring and exploded, nailing Lars and Gene with everything he had. And after sending Gene over the top with a clothesline, Hayden turned to Lars and hit a running dropkick. He went up top, but Lars was quick to go after the Tag Champ. Montgomery may have been attempting to go for a superplex, but Flowers instead hit a Falcon Arrow off the top! Hayden then made the cover. 1…2…3! The Internet Darlings had retained the Tag Team Titles!

Immediately after the match, Gene and Lars attacked the champions. They blindsided Blaine and sent him to the arena floor. After a brief beatdown of Hayden, Old School hit him with a dangerous Spike Piledriver. The two then grabbed the Tag Team Titles and dropped them on Hayden and Blaine’s motionless bodies.

FFP World Title
(c) Miles Lynch vs Matt Kraven
Main event time! And the London crowd was pumped. Matt Kraven came out to a ton of fanfare from the London crowd, seeing him return to the ring. But Miles Lynch was definitely the fab favorite, being the Englishman of the match.

Just like the last match they had at FFP Devastation, this was hard hitting. There had to be a little concern with Matt Kraven as he was injured after his hard hitting match with Miles the last time. But Kraven brought the fight. Stiff, hard, loud elbows, forearms and chops. Lynch scooped Kraven up and hit a Michinoku Driver early. Was Kraven already done?! Lynch hooked his leg, but Kraven kicked out at one! But when he pulled himself up, Lynch grabbed him and hit the Flatliner! Again, Miles went for the cover. Was the main event over already?! 1…2… and Matt kicked out. He rolled out of the ring to take a timeout. But Lynch followed, hitting Kraven with a knee to the back before sending him back into the ring.

Lynch got to his feet inside the ring, but Kraven hit him with a Superkick out of nowhere! Lynch was down! Kraven stumbled and fell to his knees, but was quick to get back up. Miles had just started to get back up. So Matt sized him up, and hit another Superkick! Finisher after finisher in this one! Kraven hooked Lynch’s leg. 1…2… and Miles kicked out. Kraven seemed shocked. He stood up and looked out to the crowd, then back at Lynch, who was pulling himself up on the ring ropes. Kraven grabbed Lynch, but Miles hit a back elbow. Then he bounced off the ropes and flattened Kraven with a spear. He pulled Matt up and hit him with a body slam. Then a jumping knee drop to the skull. He pulled Kraven up once more and set him up for the Northern Lights Bomb, but Kraven reversed and instead rolled Lynch up with a back roll up. Miles immediately kicked out. Kraven then went for a third Superkick. But Miles ducked it and hit Matt with a devastating chop block to the side of the knee. Kraven tumbled to the mat. And Lynch grabbed his leg and slapped on a side leg lock.

Kraven fought to get to the ropes. Pulling his and Miles’ body to get to the ropes and break the hold. Lynch broke the hold, and Matt pulled himself up on the ropes. Miles charged for a clothesline, but Matt ducked and back body dropped the champion. Lynch caught himself on the apron, and leveled Kraven with a hard elbow. Kraven stumbled back. Miles then slingshot himself over the top and connected with a DDT. It was impressive, and athletic. Miles went for a cover. 1…2… and Kraven kicked out. But Miles wasn’t done. He pulled Matt up and planted him with the Northern Lights Bomb! Surely, this was it.

Matt was motionless. Lynch securely hooked his leg. 1…2… and Matt kicked out AGAIN! Unbelievable! Lynch backed the referee up into the corner, not sure how it would be possible for Matt to kick out. Lynch then turned back to Kraven who was barely moving. Lynch grabbed Matt and began to pull him up. But Kraven surprised Lynch by scooping him up onto his shoulders. Kraven planted Miles with a Death Valley Driver in the center of the ring. But Kraven couldn’t capitalize. Instead he lied beside Lynch, catching his breath. Matt got up, wit Miles not far behind him. Kraven waiter as Lynch pushed himself to his knees. Kraven then cracked Miles with another Superkick! Lynch looked out of it. But Kraven didn’t go for the pin.

Matt looked out into the London crowd, and signaled for the end. He pulled Lynch up and spiked him on his head with his newest finishing move, the Kraven Thriller, a double underhook piledriver. Kraven sat up and draped his arm over Lynch’s chest, which was quickly moving up and down with deep breaths. The referee slid into position.

1…2… and the lights in the arena went out!

There was obvious commotion inside the ring, but no one could see anything. They could only hear the sounds of ruckus. When the lights finally came back on, both Miles Lynch and Matt Kraven were lying motionless on the mat. So was the referee. Both wrestlers began to slowly push themselves up, with Kraven beating Lynch to his feet by a minuscule amount. Kraven stumbled toward Miles, who scooped him up and hit the Northern Lights Bomb. Lynch made the cover, but the official was still down and out. So Stuart Cavanaugh hurried to the ring. Cavanaugh slid in and made the count himself. 1…2…3! Miles Lynch had retained the FFP World Championship in a very hard hitting and very controversial main event. Who came down when the lights went out? And why? So many questions, and no answers!

Lynch slowly rolled out of the ring and collected his championship. He looked none too happy about what had happened, and was obviously very sore as he carried his championship and walked toward the entrance. Kraven lied motionless in the center of the ring as Stuart Cavanaugh signaled for EMTs to come and assist Matt and the referee.


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