10/22/2018 South Report

This is Charles South, and this is the South Report.

First off I want to say that I appreciate you clicking on my first ever South Report. I’m hoping to see this become a huge cornerstone in Full Force Pro. Here I’m going to give you my opinions, my thoughts, backstage news, maybe some rumors, and anything else I can throw at you. So let’s get it going huh?

FFP London is Calling is in the books, and we have one more show on the United Kingdom Tour before we head back home to the United States. FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling will take place tomorrow in Manchester. Then we have a long plane ride. Anyway, the annual UK Tour was a successful one. So next year around this time we will be heading back over for yet another.

Speaking of London is Calling, Kade Haddix looked to injure his knee. Haven’t heard exactly what the extent of the injury is, but I’m hearing he could be out for a couple of months, if not longer. Speaking of injures, Logan Christopher’s girlfriend Verity got powerbombed through a table by Cooper Albright. I hear she was only shaken up, but has made the decision to not accompany Logan to the ring anymore.

In last night’s main event, we saw Miles Lynch retain the World Title against Matt Kraven in Kraven’s big comeback match. Kraven looked like he could have won, but the lights went out. And when they came back on, Kraven and Lynch were laid out. This opened up the opportunity for Lynch to get the victory. No one knows who the attacker or attackers were. But most people are assuming it as the group known as Anti. Austin Briggs and Anarchy have been pissed off at the world because they aren’t getting the recognition they feel they deserve. Lynch and Kraven have agreed to work together to get to the bottom of who attacked them. I’ve also heard that Miles Lynch has already spoken to Stuart Cavanaugh about giving Kraven another shot at the title. We’ll see.

FFP hoodies are selling big right now. Probably because it’s getting cold already. I’ve heard that FFP is getting ready to release some new shirts with the new FFP Lionhead logo on it. I’ll buy one. But I work here, so duh. You should too though.

My Babe of the Week. Camila Dinero.

Camila Dinero debuted last night. And damn, she looked good. She’s my babe of the week. If I’m allowed to say that. But I think I am, since ya know, this is my report and all. She’s tremendously hot. You should probably find her on Twitter. And while you’re at it, follow me too.

The Full Force Pro 16-to-1 Tournament seemed to be put on hold. I heard that Stuart Cavanaugh was thinking about canceling the tournament, due to all the women in FFP’s women’s division. We have nearly just as many women on the roster as the men. But the fans seem to love the tournament, so it will take place. Although we aren’t sure when it will take place.

Last night Full Force Pro released Amanda Cortez. The former FFP Women’s Tag Team Champion took her frustrations out on Twitter, and most likely destroyed any chance of a comeback. Kennedy Matthews is a great wrestler, and will be just fine. Not sure if she’ll stay in the tag team division, or go on a singles journey.

The match of the night last night had to be Cooper Albright vs Logan Christopher. An amazing match. Back and forth. Hard hitting. Masina vs Lucy Baddock was very good as well. Overall I gave the pay-per-view four and a half stars. Suck it Dave Meltzer.

I think that’s it for me for this edition of the South Report. Not sure how often I’ll post these, but I’m excited to be a part of FFP, and excited to continue posting these reports for you good people. Thanks for reading.

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