10/30/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: October 30, 2018
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show began with an entrance from the FFP Honor Champion JJ Perry. JJ said that he was so proud holding the Honor Title, but that he wanted to defend the title against the best in the world. Perry said that he had spoken with Stuart Cavanaugh earlier in the day, and Cavanaugh approved JJ issuing an open challenge for the title next week at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling.

Griffin Austin vs Deshaun Reed
An opening match that had a little bit of everything. Griffin and Deshaun were both very capable mat wrestlers. They both were athletic, quick and had a knack for high impact moves. After Deshaun hit a blockbuster from the middle rope, he set Austin up for the Crash Landing. But Austin was able to escape and hit Reed with the GKO. Griffin then hooked the leg and got the three count.

After the match the two men shook hands. Deshaun left the ring although looking rather disappointed.

Camila Dinero vs Courtney Kennedy
Camila came out with a cocky swag, bragging about being undefeated in FFP. When the match began, and she took Courtney down with a snapmare, she continued. Courtney finally went to the outside and told Camila that anyone can get lucky a couple times and end up 2-0. She then told Dinero to shut up and see if she had what it takes. Camila looked a little more serious, and brought the fight. Courtney hit some high impact moves, including a dropkick from the middle rope, and a Superkick that sent Dinero to her back. Courtney went for the cover, but Camila was able to reach the ropes.

Next Courtney hit a falcon arrow and ascended fo the top rope. She went for a guillotine leg drop, but Camila moved out of the way. She proceeded to hit a shining wizard. Dinero then made the cover, 1…2…3! Camila had placed her feet on the middle rope for added leverage, and the referee had missed it. Dinero cheated to get her third victory.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman who was joined by Trent Wolfe. Tyrece asked Trent about his attack on Daniel Matthews last week after Matthews defeated him. Wolfe said that when a man is backed against a wall that he will do what he has to to survive. Trent said that he was a survivor, even if that meant destroying the career of a Hall of Famer. Tyrece asked if that was Trent’s goal, to end Daniel’s career. Wolfe said, he would do what he had to.

Non-Title Match
Duncan Wright Jr vs Bryce Devlin

This match was hard hitting all the way around. Bryce Devlin looked very competitive against the reigning FFP Adrenaline Champion. Late in the match, Duncan hit an awesome European uppercut that sent Devlin crashing to the ground. Wright made the cover but only got a two count. He continued beating Devlin down, hitting an Olympic slam as well as a Brainbuster. The champion hit a couple more brutal European uppercuts, but going for another, Bryce was able to dodge and catch DW Jr with a backslide. To the shock of the Dayton crowd and the Adrenaline Champion himself, Devlin got the three count!

Bryce rolled out of the ring celebrating as Wright popped up to his knees, knowing he had just been upset. Did this guarantee Bryce Devlin a shot at the Adrenaline Title?

Backstage | Interview Area
Raquel St Claire was shown with the FFP Women’s Champion Masina. Masina said that she had just spoken with Stuart Cavanaugh about who would be the new number one contender for the Women’s Championship. Masina said that next week at Tuesday Night Wrestling, the main event would be an elimination four way match to name a new number one contender, and that she would be at ringside providing guest commentary.

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Nina Fox vs Kennedy Matthews
Two very good wrestlers. Although Nina had quite an experience advantage, Kennedy had a power advantage. The match went back and forth, with both wrestlers gaining the upperhand and looking very good. Kennedy showed off some athleticism, hitting a springboard cross body block as well as a frankensteiner off the top, but Nina kicked out at two. Nina fought back, gearing up for the Superkick. But Kennedy stopped her in her tracks with a lariat. Kennedy pulled Nina up and scooped her up for the Death Valley Driver, but Nina reversed it into a DDT. Fox hooked Kennedy’s leg but only got a two count. Nina got back up and waited for Matthews to get to her feet. When she did, Nina hit the Superkick. She hooked Kennedy’s leg and got the three count.

Backstage | Mr Cavanaugh’s Office
Courtney Kennedy entered Mr Cavanaugh’s office and said that Camila couldn’t win a match without cheating. Courtney asked for a rematch with Camila next week. Cavanaugh agreed to book the match.

Non-Title Match
Internet Darlings vs Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan

A fast paced tag team match with many frequent tags. Jackson and Joey cut the ring in half, working Blaine Edwards down. Hayden finally got the tag and cleaned house, hitting several big moves, back body dropping Joey out of the ring and hitting Jackson with a running Liger Bomb. Hayden went to the top rope and attempted his Frog Splash, but Detmer got his knees up. Detmer then hooked Hayden in a small package and got the three count for his team.

Backstage | Hallway
The scene cut backstage where Matt Kraven was shown looking for Miles Lynch. He finally found the FFP World Champion and told him that he was going to watch Lynch’s match closely. He said that if anything happened like what happened during their match, that Matt would have Lynch’s back. Miles said he appreciated it.

On November 18th Full Force Pro presents it’s annual November pay-per-view Rebirth. Currently schedule to appear at this show is the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch, the Women’s Champion Masina, the Tag Team Champions the Internet Darlings, Matt Kraven, Giovanni Gotch and many more. Don’t miss it!

Lizzy Kraven vs Gemma Woods
This was a very hard hitting match. A perfect example of strong style. And the Dayton crowd ate it up. Lizzy Kraven was the one the fans cheered for more, but mostly because Gemma was a newcomer here in FFP. But her positivity and her guts were enough to win many over. In fact, after Woods hit a hard spinning elbow, she muscled Lizzy up to the top and hit a picture perfect superplex. The crowd loved it, and a small “Gemma Woods, Gemma Woods” chant broke out. Lizzy fought back flooring Gemma with a Dusty Rhodes like elbow. She followed up with two consecutive scoop slams. Then she locked Woods in a Muta lock.

Woods struggled to fight out of the move, but was eventually able to scoot to the ropes and grab them to break the hold. Lizzy then went for her Tornado Bomb, but Gemma broke free and sent Kraven to the mat with a hellacious Lariat. It was almost like hitting Lizzy with her own finisher, the Kraven Lariat. Lizzy went down hard, and the crowd let out a “ohhhh”. Gemma went for the cover, but Lizzy kicked out at two. Gemma pulled Lizzy back up and sent her into the corner with a turnbuckle powerbomb. When Lizzy stumbled out of the corner, Woods charged and hit a dropkick that sent Lizzy back into the corner. She hit the buckles and fell to a sitting position. Gemma then hit a rolling senton on Kraven.

Gemma pulled the Hall of Famer out of the corner and hooked her leg. 1…2… and Lizzy barely kicked out. And when I say barely, I mean BARELY! Gemma could feel it. She had the momentum. She had the fight, the will, the heart. She muscled Lizzy up onto her shoulders, maybe going for a Death Valley Driver, but Lizzy fought out of the rookies grasp. Woods turned around only to be leveled with a Kraven Lariat. But Lizzy couldn’t capitalize and make a cover. She was still groggy. The two pushed themselves back up, and began trading blows. Punches, slaps, chops. The Dayton crowd was loving it. Lizzy got the upperhand with a knee to the gut, then a running knee to the side of Gemma’s head. Woods wouldn’t stay down. She fought up to her feet again, but Lizzy put her back down to the mat with another Kraven Lariat. Lizzy pushed herself up. Gemma was still trying to fight to her feet.

The crowd applauded the guts of Gemma Woods. She started to get up to her feet from a kneeling position, but was having trouble. Lizzy looked down at her opponent. You could read her lips, “just stay down”. It seemed Kraven was even wantingnto give Gemma mercy. Gemma shook her head, and said, “no!” Lizzy put her hand on Gemma’s shoulder. But again, Gemma shook her head. Then, Woods drew back and hit Lizzy with a hard slap across the face. “Come on!” Gemma screamed. Lizzy, her cheek now bright red from the slap, decided to give Gemma what she wanted. Kraven hit the ropes and leveled her with another Kraven Lariat. The third of the match. Lizzy then hooked Gemma’s leg. 1…2…3!

Lizzy Kraven had won the match, but Gemma Woods brought the fight, and gave Lizzy everything she had. She left it all in the ring. Lizzy took a knee next to Gemma and assisted her in sitting up. They shared a few words before Lizzy helped her up and patted her on the back. “She’s legit,” Lizzy said into the camera. And the Dayton crowd gave both women a standing ovation. What a match.

FFP World Title
(c) Miles Lynch vs Christopher Morgan

A hard hitting main event. The Dayton crowd loved it, cheering on both men. Lynch hit some hard elbows, and followed with a snap German suplex. Lynch went for the Flatliner, his former finisher, but Christopher escaped and hit a STO. Morgan pulled Miles back up and set him up for the Tiger Driver, but Lynch broke free and set Morgan over the top with a clothesline. Lynch then hit the ropes and delivered a suicide dive, forcing Morgsn to fall back and hit back first against the guardrail.

Miles sent the challenger back into the ring to try to capitalize. But when he got back in himself, Morgan cracked him with a forearm to the jaw, then planted him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Christopher debated on going for a cover, but waited for the World Champion to get back to his feet. When he did, Morgan went for a bicycle knee, but Lynch dodged and caught Morgan with another German suplex. Lynch then set Christopher up for his Northern Lights Bomb, but Morgan was able to reverse into a small package. Miles was able to kick out at two. Both men got back to their feet, and Morgan rocked the champion with a back elbow. He hoisted Miles up and hit a rib buster. Then he went to the middle rope, and hit a diving CodeBreaker. Morgan made the cover. 1…2… and Miles kicked out.

Christopher Morgan definitely had the upperhand. He called for the end. The Dayton crowd popped as Morgan pulled Lynch up and planted him with the Tiger Driver. The FFP Hall of Famer hooked Lynch’s leg. 1…2… and Miles was able to kick out. Morgan was shocked, but didn’t waste time. He kept taking the fight to the champion. He pulled Lynch back up and hit a snap suplex, followed by a couple of leg drops. He pulled Miles up once again, and set him up for s piledriver. But Lynch back body dropped Morgan. Lynch immediately hit the ropes. The challenger got back to his feet, only to be speared by Miles Lynch. Miles then pulled Morgan up and hit the Northern Lights Bomb. Lynch made the cover. 1…2… and Christopher Morgan kicked out!

Both wrestlers had now hit their finishers, but the match raged on. Lynch began to pull Christopher up, but the challenger hit a rising European uppercut. Then, a gourdbuster. Christopher pulled Lynch back to his feet and hit a flurry of punches, forearms and European uppercuts. But Miles quickly changed the tide by hitting a sickening headbutt. Miles then scooped up Morgan and set him in the top turnbuckle. Miles joined Christopher up top, and spiked him to the mat with a super Northern Lights Bomb! Lynch hooked Morgan’s leg for the pin attempt. 1…2…3! Miles Lynch retained the World Championship in a war!

After the match Miles took the microphone and said that after a successful title defense that he had one thing in mind, giving Matt Kraven the World Title rematch that he deserved. Lynch said that at FFP Rebirth, he wanted to give Matt that match. Kraven came out onto the stage and accepted, making the match official.

Next week at FFP TnW:
• A number one contender women’s four-way match
• JJ Perry defends the Honor Title in an open challenge
• Courtney Kennedy gets another shot st Camila Dinero

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