10/31/2018 South Report

Hey, it’s me again, Charles South! And I’m back for another installment of the #SouthReport! Yep, I used a hashtag and I’m not even on twitter. Anyway…Happy Halloween everybody! I hope you had fun dressing up like a comic book super hero, a Walking Dead cast member or ya know, a slutty nurse…or teacher…or well, you get my drift.

October is done, and as we head into November Full Force Pro turns it’s attention to FFP Rebirth, one of FFP’s biggest pay-per-views of the year. FFP Rebirth has always been a big deal and I think this year will be no different. Miles Lynch vs Matt Kraven for the FFP World Championship has just been announced, as well as the Internet Darlings defending the Tag Team Titles against Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan (we need to get them a team name, quick!), and Bryce Devlin gets another shot at Duncan Wright Jr, this time with the Adrenaline Title on the line.

For those of you who missed Tuesday Night Wrestling, Detmer and Ryan beat the Darlings in a non-title match, and Devlin did the same to DW Jr. So they’ve earned themselves title matches. I have a feeling we will see a lot of gold change hands at Rebirth.

At TnW we also saw the FFP debut of Gemma Woods. She lost to Lizzy Kraven, but won over the Dayton, Ohio fans with her positivity, her heart and her strong-style moveset. I’ve heard rumors that Gemma is close with Matt Kraven, and they spent some time together in Ohio this past week. I’ve also heard that although Gemma is only a part-timer here in FFP, she is going to be pushing to get more intergender matches. Where’s Andy Kaufman when you need him?!

FFP is playing around with a new logo, but I’ve heard that the Lion Head logo is going to be a short lived thing. The old logo was just fine, why change it?! Then, you’d have to update all the graphics on the website. Who needs that?!

My Babe of the Week. Bethany Tilly.

My Babe of the Week, which I’m hoping to get a hashtag going for, and also, I hope to get a HUGE following for my Babe of the Week, because ya know, who doesn’t like a HUGE following? Anyway…my Babe of the Week is Bethany Tilly! Why you ask…because, look at her. Duh. Okay, okay, she hasn’t done anything lately on FFP programming, but she will. And ya know…look at her! LOOK.

Matt Kraven’s childhood best friend Jeremy Youngblood is on the verge of signing a contract with Full Force Pro. If so, will they reunite as a tag team, or will Jeremy and Daniel end up coming to blows over the friendship of Matt? Is his friendship really that special? Come on now…

FFP merch is still going strong. Hoodies. I’m pushing hoodies. Why? Well, it’s cold, and ya know, if I help make the company money, I’ll continue working here. Happy Halloween again you guys. And thanks for reading. I always enjoy our time together, and can’t wait to write to you all again. Follow me on Twitter, and give me a shout.

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