11/06/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: November 6, 2018
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened with a shot of the crowd. The Cincinnati crowd was amped for FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling. Then, Daniel Matthews came down to the ring. Matthews said that at FFP Rebirth he would face off against Trent Wolfe, and he would not only defeat Trent, but embarrass him. He said that he had respect for Wolfe, but when he attacked Daniel that all went out the window, and now Trent would pay.

Trent then came out and went face to face with Daniel. The two traded insults and eventually it came to blows. Daniel got the best of Trent but security was quick to intervene.

Ava St James vs Lucy Baddock
Lucy came out with the Cincinnati crowd completely on her side. But Ava didn’t care, and brought the fight to Baddock. Ava was a powerful girl. And she was tough. But Lucy has quite the weight and size advantage on Ava. And after St James attempted a bodyslam to which Lucy landed on her, Baddock went to the middle rope and hit a big splash for the three count.

FFP Network Title
(c) Logan Christopher vs Kashimanaki

A very respectful match between two former Tag Team Champions, as well as two FFP Hall of Famers. Logan took to the air as Kashimanaki tried to keep the champion grounded. Logan hit a super falcon arrow and followed it up with the Shooting Star Press for the three count.

After the match the two men shook hands.

On November 18th Full Force Pro presents it’s annual November pay-per-view Rebirth. Miles Lynch will defend the World Title against Matt Kraven. The Internet Darlings will defend the Tag Team Titles against Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan, and much more!

Ringside | In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where FFP newcomer Gemma Woods came out and took a microphone. She said that she was here in FFP to face the best wrestlers in the world. Men, women, big, little, fast, slow, and all inbetween. She was then interrupted by Jaqueline Aulstrike. Jaqueline towered over Gemma, and said that if she wanted a fight, Jaqueline would give her one. Gemma said that she would absolutely be up for the challenge. Aulstrike then said that she would get her shot at Rebirth. Gemma agreed to the match and told Jaqueline that she would be in for the fight of her life.

Camila Dinero vs Courtney Kennedy
Camila talked a big game, but she indeed was undefeated. Courtney Kennedy was ready to stop that. And came out of her corner fighting hard, rocking Dinero with some hard elbows and chops. Courtney went off the top rope for a frog splash, but Camila brought her knees up, leaving Kennedy in quite a bit of pain. Camila then hit a rib buster and went for a cover. However she only got a two count.

Courtney fought back, hitting a bicycle knee and a snap German suplex. But when Courtney went for another German suplex, Camila rolled her up, pulling on Courtney’s tights and getting the three count. Camila had weaseled her way to another victory.

Backstage | Interview Area
Tyrece Beckman was joined with the FFP Ironwoman Champion Noel Zelig. Zelig said that she had spoken to Stuart Cavanaugh and gave a suggestion on who she should defend the Ironwoman Title against at Rebirth. She said that Cavanaugh agreed to the match and said that Noel could announce it. Zelig then announced that her opponent at Rebirth would be former Spirit Champion Keira Brimm! The Cincinnati fans cheered. What a match to look forward to!

Seth Lykins vs Hiroki Ito
A very hard hitting match. Seth Lykins had the size advantage, but Hiroki Ito could strike with the best of them. That point was made when he cut the big man down with a couple of awesome kicks to the leg. Ito attempted to go for his finisher the Go to Sleep, but Lykins was able to fight out and hit a big neckbreaker. He followed that up with a lariat. Lykins then hoisted Hiroki up, but Ito was able to use his momentum to end up behind Lykins, and striking him with a spin wheel kick to the back of the head. Seth fell to his knees, and Hiroki blasted him with a shining wizard to the back of the head. Ito then made the cover and got the three count.

Backstage | Mr Cavanaugh’s Office
The scene cut to Stuart Cavanaugh, speaking with the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch and Matt Kraven. Stuart said that he doubled security for FFP Rebirth, and guaranteed that the main event would not be ruined by Austin Briggs and Anarchy, or anyone else that wanted to interfere in the match. Lynch and Kraven said that they were ready and if anyone did try to interfere, they’d team up to send them packing.

FFP Honor Title
JJ Perry Issues Open Challenge

JJ Perry came out and issued an open challenge for the FFP Honor Championship. The Cincinnati crowd was pumped to see who would answer.

The crowd was shocked to see the open challenge answered by FFP original and Hall of Famer Caleb Newstead! Caleb came out and shook JJ’s hand. Apparently we were in for another respectful match. The two showed off their mat skills early. Headlocks, arm drags, dropkicks and bodyslams. JJ hit the first big move with a superplex. He followed that up with a diving hurricanrana off the top rope for a close two count. But Newstead put the brakes on by getting back to his feet and hitting a hard knee to the gut. He proceeded to beat Perry down, hitting a back breaker, a shoulder breaker, a discuss elbow and a missile dropkick.

Newstead went for his Fisherman Brainbuster, but JJ reversed into a small package. Newstead kicked out barely at the two count. He jumped up and looked at the referee to make sure he got out in time, but when he did that he opened himself up to a Superkick from JJ. The champion then planted Caleb with the Bloody Sunday. He made the cover. 1…2… and Newstead kicked out!

Perry couldn’t believe it. But he ascended to the top and went for an impressive 450 Splash. But Newstead brought his knees up, with one of his knees clipping JJ in the collarbone. Perry seemed to be in a lot of pain. Caleb took full advantage, pulling the champion up and spiking him with the Fisherman Brainbuster. Caleb then securely hooked Perry’s leg. 1…2…3! Caleb Newstead was the new FFP Honor Champion!

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Backstage | Interview Area
Raquel St Claire had pulled the new FFP Honor Champion Caleb Newstead to her interview area. She asked how it felt winning the title. Newstead said that it had been far too long since he had held a singles title here in FFP, and that he was so proud and so excited to win this one. He said that JJ Perry is an awesome wrestler and an even better person, but that he planned on proving to the world that Caleb Newstead’s time was only beginning.

Elimination Four Way Match | #1 Contender
Giovanni Gotch vs Quinn Delaney vs Roxi Haacke vs Katsumi Akiyama

A hard hitting main event. FFP always does these matches with elimination style, which is the best way to do it. Quinn Delaney was the first eliminated after a vicious kick to the head from Katsumi Akiyama. Then Roxi Haacke hit a brutal spear on Giovanni Gotch for the three count. Katsumi and Roxi battled back and forth, with Katsumi setting Roxi up for a Tiger Suplex. But Roxi escaped out and hit a hard back elbow. Then she flattened the Japanese superstar with a hellacious spear. Roxi made the cover and got the three count, earning herself a Women’s Title Match at FFP Rebirth.

Next week at FFP TnW:
• The last show before FFP Rebirth
• What Next for the new FFP Honor Champion?
• Lizzy Kraven & Suki Okada will be in the House
• Masina will address her Rebirth opponent

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