11/20/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: November 20, 2018
Location: Oakland, CA
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance of Odell Porter. Porter had posted on Twitter about how he was ready for an opportunity, and the owner of FFP, Stuart Cavanaugh had promised him one tonight. Odell took a microphone and said that he was a former World and Adrenaline Champion, and he wanted another shot to climb the ladder in FFP.

Stuart came out and said that he admired Odell’s drive. Then Cavanaugh broke Odell the bad news, he would be wrestling tonight in a handicap match, against FFP’s newest acquisitions, and Cavanaugh’s personal bodyguards, Population Control.

Odell was obviously in shock. One-on-two against Population Control was surely a death sentence. And what did Odell do to deserve that?!

Rocky Kaos & Lindsey Valentine vs Tanya Belair & Sofia Lopez
Rocky Kaos’ sister Lindsey Valentine was signed by FFP after Rocky spoke with Stuart Cavanaugh about her and her sister teaming up. Rocky and Lindsey took on a local tag team, Tanya Belair and Sofia Lopez. Tanya and Sofia had teamed up before, and worked well as a team, but who can beat the chemistry of two sisters? Rocky and Lindsey made frequent tags, with Rocky being the bruiser of the team while Lindsey performed some good mat wrestling, as well as a dropkick to the back of Tanya’s head and a guillotine leg drop off the top rope. The end came when Rocky planted Sofia Lopez with a running STO, setting her up for a moonsault from Lindsey Valentine to get the three count. The sisters looked good in their tag team debut.

Handicap Match
Odell Porter vs Population Control

Odell Porter came to the ring not looking like he was excited about his match, but still looking determined. Zeke and Able pummeled the former World Champion. It wasn’t long before Porter was on the mat, looking to be motionless. The two huge skyscrapers of men hoisted Odell up in a double gorilla press, and tossed him up as high as they could. Porter crashed down to the mat, then was hit with two consecutive big splashes. Zeke then brought Odell back up and hit him with a hellacious powerbomb for the three count.

After the match, the beating wasn’t over. Able went to the outside and set up a table. Zeke and Able then pulled Odell out onto the apron and hit a powerbomb from the apron, through the table! Odell was out cold.

It’s cold outside!

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Backstage | Parking Lot
The scene cut backstage Trent Wolfe was in the parking lot. FFP’s newest backstage interviewer Adrianna Ocampo approached Trent, asking him why exactly he was waiting in the parking lot. Trent said that he was waiting for Daniel Matthews to show up, so that he could finish what he started at Rebirth. Trent said that he wouldn’t stop until Daniel Matthews’ career was over. Adrianna said that she had heard that Daniel was not going to be here tonight due to the beating Trent gave him at Rebirth. Wolfe stopped and stared at Adrianna. Then, he got a devilish smile on his face and walked away.

Backstage | Interview Area
Next the scene cut to Tyrece Beckman at the interview area. He was joined by former FFP Honor Champion, Kade Haddix. Tyrece asked Kade what he had planned going forward in Full Force Pro. Kade said that he was looking forward to seeing Evan Kaine and Anthony Farrow go at it tonight, because they are two young up and comers like himself. Kade said that he wouldn’t mind stepping into the ring with either of them, and also attempting to gain back the FFP Honor Championship, because he is very proud of being the first champion.

Zoey Kiehl vs Kennedy Matthews
A back and forth matchup with both women spending time as the aggressor. Kennedy Matthews had the strength advantage, using strong style clotheslines, chops, and elbows to get the upperhand. Kennedy back body dropped Zoey over the top, but Kiehl caught herself on the apron and hit Matthews with a springboard back elbow. Zoey hit some impressive moves, like a superplex and a missile dropkick off the middle turnbuckle. Kiehl set Kennedy up for a powerbomb, but Kennedy fought out and clobbered Zoey with a Roaring Elbow. Then she hoisted Zoey up and hit the Death Valley Driver for the three count.

After the match as Kennedy celebrated her victory, Trent Wolfe slowly walked down the isle. The crowd gasped, and stood in anticipation, watching as Wolfe neared Kennedy. Everyone knew that Daniel Matthews was not in the arena tonight. Wolfe slid into the ring, slowly stalking Kennedy. She seemed frozen, not wanting to make any sudden movements. And most likely not thinking that Trent would actually try to physically harm her. But as he got closer, and she began to move away, he quickly grabbed her by her hair. She let out a scream, probably more out of being startled than anything else. Trent pulled Kennedy close, yelling at her, telling her that Daniel needed to pay. Trent then hooked his arm around her head and spiked her to the mat with the Bloody Sunday!

The crowd immediately booed Trent, and showered him with trash. He stood over Kennedy’s motionless body with a sick smile on his face. If this feud wasn’t extremely personal yet, it was now…

Sunday December 22, FFP presents Throwback IV! Already set for this event is Christopher Morgan challenging Miles Lynch for the FFP World Championship, and Masina putting the Women’s Title on the line against FFP Hall of Famer Brandi Moore! FFP Throwback will come to you live from Detroit, Michigan, or catch it on the FFP Network!

Evan Kaine vs Anthony Farrow
A very high energy fast paced match. These guys showed off their skills in mat wrestling, brawling and high flying. Evan Kaine hit a running shooting star press off the ring apron to the outside to a standing Anthony Farrow that had the Oakland crowd on their feet. Farrow fought back, sending Evan back into the ring and planting him with a devastating brainbuster. But Anthony went up top where Evan was able to get back up and cut him off before he had time to attempt a move. Evan then climbed to the top with Anthony and hit an incredible super frankensteiner for the three count!

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Internet Darlings vs Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan

These two teams have really been having great matches together. And all four men have quite a range of styles in the ring. Blaine and Hayden lean more toward technical wrestling, while Detmer and Ryan go for more brawling and impact moves. Such as Jackson hitting a diving blockbuster from the middle rope, and continuing working on Hayden’s neck with neckbreakers, a dropkick to the back of the head and a snake eyes across the top rope. Blaine Edwards got the tag and turned the match around for his team, yet it was Jason Ryan who was able to rock Blaine with a devastating running knee to the kidney. Ryan then rolled Blaine up, pulling on his tights. The referee slid into position and counted the three count. Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan had finally won the FFP Tag Team Titles! But wait! Another official came out to the ring and explained what happened in the match. The original referee saw the replay on the entrance screen, and waved the three count off.

Morgan Alexander complained about how there was no instant replay rule in FFP. But the referee restarted the match. However, Detmer and Ryan were so aggravated that the ruling was changed that they immediately began attacking the Internet Darlings with the titles. The referee finally threw the match out, and security was called down to the ring to regain order.

Then, Stuart Cavanaugh came out. Cavanaugh said that the two tag teams continued to have great matches, but he was sick and tired of not having a winner. Cavanaugh announced that the Friday after Thanksgiving there was an event called the FriendsGiving Super Show Invitation, being put on by Stanton Enterprises. Stuart announced that he had spoke with Ricky Stanton, and that at that show the Internet Darlings would be defending the FFP Tag Team Titles against Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match!

Next Week on Tuesday Night Wrestling
• What will Daniel Matthews do about Trent Wolfe’s actions?
• Will Matt Kraven be back on FFP TV?
• Noel Zelig will defend the Ironwoman Championship.

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