11/27/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: November 27, 2018
Location: San Diego, CA
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show began with everyone a little out of sorts as Daniel Matthews had already stormed down to the ring and grabbed a microphone. He was screaming for Trent Wolfe to get down to the ring so that Daniel could kill him for what he did to Daniel’s wife Kennedy last week. Brian Young and Morgan Alexander tried to fill the fans viewing the show in on what exactly happened last week, with Trent hitting Kennedy with the Bloody Sunday, obviously to get to Daniel. And it worked.

Trent made his entrance, but the Owner of FFP Stuart Cavanaugh quickly rushed out with a ton of security guards following him. He instructed some of the guards to head to ringside while the others hold Trent Wolfe back on the entrance stage. Daniel tried to get out of the ring and charge Trent, but the security guards were quick to grab him and hold him back. It was a fight. It definitely wasn’t easy for the men to hold Daniel back. Pretty incredible as one man was nearly dragging about ten guards with him.

Cavanaugh got on the microphone and said that he knew the two men wanted to get at each other, and he’d be happy to see them tear each other apart, but not for free on an episode of Tuesday Night Wrestling. The crowd booed as they wanted to see Daniel get his hands on Trent. Stuart continued, saying that Daniel would get a chance to get his hands on Trent at FFP Throwback on December 22, in a Last Man Standing Match!

Cavanaugh then finished up by saying that either man would be allowed to touch the other, and if they did end up fighting, not only would their match be canceled, but he would suspend both superstars indefinitely.

Matt & Billy Rich vs Head Trauma
A very hard hitting tag team match. Frequent tags from both teams, with a lot of brawling. The Rich Boys hit a few impressive dives, especially one where both men went over the top rope and took Head Trauma down to the arena floor. The match got back inside the squared circle where the strength of Head Trauma began to be apparent. Khalid Tiko hit the Ki Krusher on Billy Rich for the three count.

After the match as Head Trauma was announced the winners, Matt and Billy attacked them from behind, tossing Khalid to the outside then hitting Malik with a couple of superkicks, a spike powerbomb and lastly, their back to back 450 splashes.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Raquel St Claire standing by with the FFP Women’s Champion Masina. Raquel asked Masina about her upcoming match with Brandi Moore at Throwback. Masina said that she wasn’t worried, because she had already squashed Brandi. Masina said that she squashed about everyone in FFP, and would continue to do so. Lizzy Kraven stepped up to the champion. Lizzy said that she understood that Masina was contractually obligated to defend the title against Brandi at Throwback, but that Lizzy wouldn’t back down to a non-title match against Masina next week. The two went eye-to-eye, with Masina looking down at the FFP Hall of Famer. Masina smiled at Kraven, and said that it would be her pleasure to put Lizzy out of action for good next week.

Bethany Tilly vs Izzy Laroo
A very good match between two women who have been in the business for a respectable amount of time. Bethany was used to working tag team matches, but with Sophia Ishmael’s injury Bethany would be spending quite a bit of time in singles action. And she looked rather impressive, hitting the Fameasser for the three count.

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Ringside| In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where Adrianna OCampo was in the ring. She announced Matt Kraven making his return to FFP television after his loss to Miles Lynch at FFP Rebirth. Matt Kraven came down to the ring to quite a lot of cheers from the San Diego crowd. Ocampo asked Matt about Miles Lynch aligning himself with Stuart Cavanaugh and Population Control, and of course attacking him after the match. Kraven said that he never would have thought Miles would be such a coward, but said that he would always be ready to go one-on-one with Lynch, next time without any of his cronies.

Stuart Cavanaugh then interrupted the interview, saying that Matt Kraven had already had two opportunities at Miles Lynch’s World Championship, and that he would have to head to the back of the line and stop trying to desperately hold on to any of the spotlight he could. Kraven said that he wasn’t here for spotlight, he was here to send a message, and if that meant him getting his hands on Miles, Population Control or Stuart Cavanaugh himself, so be it.

Stuart laughed, and said that if Matt wanted a fight he’d gladly give him one. Then, Population Control came out onto the entrance stage.

Kraven called them big bozos and dared them to come to the ring. Not sure if he was serious or not, but they came down, and decimated Kraven. After flooring him with a clothesline, they pulled Matt up and planted him with back-to-back powerbombs. Stuart then got on the microphone and told the tag team to stop holding back. Zeke then went to the outside and grabbed the steel steps. He threw them into the ring and the tag team hit Kraven with a spike powerbomb onto the steps. Kraven was left motionless in the ring. And as Population Control rejoined Stuart Cavanaugh, EMTs rushed to the ring to assist Kraven.

Backstage | Interview Area
Now we saw Tyrece Beckman who was joined with Wyatt Cobb. Wyatt had been talking smack with Gemma Woods on Twitter, and he was here to continue. Wyatt said that Gemma seemed so obsessed with trying to prove that just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she can’t stand toe-to-toe with one of the most evil and demonic wrestlers in FFP. Cobb said that he and Gemma had a date inside the ring, and as soon as she was ready to taste the complete embarrassment and domination that Wyatt was going to bestow her, that he would gladly step into the ring with her.

Joey DeMarco vs Chikashi Toma
Both of these wrestlers had battled several times during their time in Japan, but this was the first time since then. A lot of strong style wrestling. Loud chops, hellacious clotheslines. Joey hit a super frankensteiner that looked like it should have been the end, but Chikashi kicked out. Toma battled back and went for his Go to Sleep, but DeMarco caught his leg during the attempt, scooped Toma up and planted him with a Death Valley Driver. Joey then set Chikashi up for his Piledriver, but Chikashi was able to block, hoist Joey up and hit the Go to Sleep. Chikashi covered DeMarco and got the three count. What a debut for Chikashi Toma!


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FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Noel Zelig vs Akane Mae

This was another challenger for Noel’s Ironwoman Championship that was on the List of Zelig. These two were very capable inside the squared circle, and it showed. At the 15 minute mark, the fans were still just as excited to see them go at it, if not more. Noel set Akane up for a superplex, but Akane knocked Noel to the mat and hit a beautiful moonsault for a two count. Noel fought back, but eventually wound up on her back again, set up for another moonsault from Akane. But this time Noel got her knees up. After that, she saw the opening and planted Akane with the Jumping Piledriver for the three count. Noel Zelig retained the Ironwoman Title once again.

The scene cut to an update on Kennedy Matthews. Kennedy is fine after being attacked by Trent Wolfe last week and looks to return to FFP television next week at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling.

Sunday December 22, FFP presents Throwback IV! Already set for this event is Christopher Morgan challenging Miles Lynch for the FFP World Championship, and Masina putting the Women’s Title on the line against FFP Hall of Famer Brandi Moore! FFP Throwback will come to you live from Detroit, Michigan, or catch it on the FFP Network!

FFP Tag Team Titles | Rematch from 11/23
(c) Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan vs Internet Darlings

These two teams always deliver when they face off. A very good match off of their title match at a special Thanksgiving themed event. Detmer and Ryan really worked over Blaine Edwards’ knee in that match, and had the same gameplan here. Hayden tried to stay in the ring more for the Internet Darlings as to not have Blaine get seriously injured, but Hayden ended up taking some big double team moves. When Blaine finally got tagged back in, Detmer went right after the knee. But Blaine kept his own, rocking Jackson with a kick to the skull and a snap German suplex. Jason broke the pin up which brought Hayden into the ring. As the referee was distracted keeping Hayden out of the ring, Jason Ryan grabbed one of the Tag Team Titles and blasted Blaine on the side of the knee. Detmer then locked Blaine in the same knee bar that they used last Friday to win the titles. Blaine had no choice but to submit. Detmer and Ryan were still the Tag Team Champions.

Next Week on Tuesday Night Wrestling
• Will Wyatt Cobb face Gemma Woods?
• Will the war between Stuart Cavanaugh and Matt Kraven continue?
• Can Daniel Matthews and Trent Wolfe control themselves, or will they tear each other apart?
• Masina vs Lizzy Kraven in a non-title match!

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