11/29/2018 South Report

WOW! I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since I’ve typed up one of these. I said I’d be bringing them to you all regularly, and I have not been a man of my word. But hey, I’m back, and I’m here to fill you all in with what I’ve learned over the past few months, lurking backstage and all. And also giving you my Babe of the Week, because what would a South Report be without a Babe of the Week? I mean come on…

For those of you who watched FFP Rebirth, you saw Stuart Cavanaugh and Population Control align with the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch to completely destroy Matt Kraven. Then, this week on Tuesday Night Wrestling, Population Control nearly killed the FFP Hall of Famer. If you ask me, a war is brewing, and who knows what might happen next. I have my ideas, with Kraven turning to friends such as Daniel Matthews, Patrick McCoy, his sister Amy and his cousin Lizzy, but who else is going to align themselves with the new owner of Full Force Pro, and how bad is this all going to get?!

Speaking of Daniel Matthews, he’s got it out for Trent Wolfe after Wolfe attacked Daniel’s wife Kennedy Matthews. I see where Daniel is coming from, and although I normally don’t root for him, I’ll probably look forward to seeing him rip Trent’s head off in their Last Man Standing Match at Throwback.

Speaking of Throwback, the card is in it’s infancy, but it’s stacking up pretty nicely. Christopher Morgan and Brandi Moore are two FFP originals, and they will be going after the two most coveted titles in FFP, the World and Women’s Titles.

Did anyone say FFP hoodies? Get yours now, because damn it’s cold!

My Babe of the Week. Ava St James.

Although she hasn’t been super busy lately, my Babe of the Week is the one and only Ava St James. She was an item with Matt Kraven there for a while, but for some reason they broke up, and man, she is a knockout isn’t she? I can’t wait to see her grace us with her presence inside the squared circle again. She’s definitely someone I’d like to see more of here in FFP!

Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan finally won the FFP Tag Team Titles the Friday after Thanksgiving at a special FriendsGiving Super Show Invitation. It was a 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match, real old school. Detmer and Ryan made it through the OWF without ever winning the Tag Titles, but I’m proud of them winning the Tag Titles here on the main roster. They are a very good team, and very traditional when it comes to pro wrestling.

Noel Zelig continues to be an outstanding Ironwoman Champion. I’ve heard a couple of names that could be returning to FFP to challenger her for the title. I’ve heard names such as Katrina, Ariana Chaos and even April Hunter! I’ll keep you guys posted.

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I’ll be sure to post a lot sooner next time around you guys. Thanks for reading.

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