12/04/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: December 4, 2018
Location: Boise, Idaho
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show began with the entrance of FFP owner Stuart Cavanaugh, who was joined with the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch and Population Control. Stuart announced that tonight Caleb Newstead would defend the FFP Honor Title against Duncan Wright, and Kenzie Anderson would defend the FFP Spirit Title against Bethany Tilly. Stuart also announced Population Control would have a match with Head Trauma.

Cavanaugh then hyped up Miles Lynch’s World Title match with Christopher Morgan at Throwback, and guaranteed a Miles Lynch win. He then said that if Matt Kraven showed his face around the show tonight, he would face the same punishment as last week, if not worse.

Evan Kaine vs Griffin Austin
A fast paced technical wrestling match. Evan Kaine used his aerial skills to get the best of Griffin Austin, and hit a Shooting Star Press after a superkick to get the three count.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut backstage to Adrianna Ocampo. She was standing in the interview area with FFP Hall of Famer Christopher Morgan. She spoke to Christopher about his main event match with Miles Lynch at FFP Throwback for the FFP World Title and how Stuart Cavanaugh guaranteed victory for Miles Lynch earlier tonight. Morgan said that with Miles having the owner of FFP as well as Population Control in his corner, he knew he’d be in for a fight, but he said that he’s been fighting and fighting in FFP since the very beginning. Morgan said that he hadn’t held the World Championship since losing it in May of 2010, and he couldn’t wait to shock Miles Lynch, shock Stuart Cavanaugh and become the new face of FFP.

Miles Lynch then walked up into the interview area. With the FFP World Title on his shoulder, he simply stepped to Christopher and stared in his face. The two shared an intense faceoff. Obviously both looked forward to locking horns at Throwback.

Kade Haddix vs Deshaun Reed
A really fun match between two fan favorites. Back and forth with some solid striking. Kicks across the chest, knife edge chops and headbutts were handed out generously. Kade Haddix hit a palm strike to Deshaun’s face and followed it up with a snap German suplex. Haddix then went for a bicycle knee, but Deshaun dodged and hit a running bulldog. As the momentum swung to Deshaun’s side, he went to the middle rope and hit a blockbuster neckbreaker. He then pulled Haddix up and hit a split-legged Fisherman Brainbuster for the pin. 1…2…3! Deshaun Reed pulled what many would call an upset over the former FFP Honor Champion Kade Haddix!

After the match Deshaun knelt beside Kade, talking with him and attempting to share a handshake, but Haddix seemed a little annoyed and rolled out of the ring, heading to the back while holding his head.

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Tyrece Beckman was shown catching up with Kade Haddix, who just lost to Deshaun Reed. Tyrece asked Kade why he denied the handshake that Deshaun Reed offered, but Kade didn’t listen and continued walking away from Beckman. Just then, Beckman turned and saw Deshaun. He asked Deshaun about his victory and Kade’s refusal to shake hands. Deshaun said that the two had a mutual respect, but when you have a physical match like the two did, it’s easy to not want to handshake afterward. Reed said that everything was cool and that he was just proud to earn a win over a superstar such as Kade Haddix.

Population Control vs Head Trauma
Population Control absolutely destroyed Head Trauma. Power move after power move, until the big men hit a couple of powerbombs and got the three count. The big men stood tall over their victims.

After the match they set up the steel steps the same way they did last week when they assaulted Matt Kraven. But as they set Khalid Tiko up for a powerbomb on the steel steps, Matt Kraven burst onto the scene, sliding into the ring and going after Population Control. Zeke flattened Kraven with a huge lariat right away. Zeke and Able then tosses Malik and Khalid out of the ring and began to once again pummel Matt Kraven. Stuart Cavanaugh came out and demanded that this time they not only hurt Matt Kraven, but end his career.

They hit a spike powerbomb on the steel steps, just like last week. And Kraven was down for the count right after. But they weren’t done. Able went to the outside and grabbed a table. He set it up and the two set Kraven up for another spike powerbomb. This time, the two men stepped onto the steel steps and spike powerbombed Kraven through the table. Kraven was left lying motionless with pieces of shattered table on top of him. Zeke and Able left the ring and walked to the back with Stuart Cavanaugh in front. EMTs once again came down to tend to Matt Kraven.

Backstage | Interview Area
Now the scene cut to Raquel St Claire, standing by with Ava St James. Ava said that she was continuing to build her resume here in FFP, and she was ready to get an opportunity to put some gold around her waist. Raquel asked Ava what title she’d want a shot at, but before she could answer Quinn Delaney stepped up. Quinn said that if Ava wanted a shot at some gold, maybe she needed to actually beat someone that everyone respected, like herself. St James stepped closer and said that if Quinn wanted a match with her, next week she’d gladly wipe the floor with her. Quinn accepted.

Non-Title Match
Masina vs Lizzy Kraven
Another back and forth match, and a fantastic brawl. Lizzy Kraven wasn’t the type to back down against anyone. Masina was able to toss Lizzy down with ease, but Kraven continued fighting back. And after hitting a Roaring Elbow that seemed to stun the reigning Women’s Champion, Lizzy hit the ropes and performed the Kraven Lariat. Masina went down hard. Lizzy made the cover and the referee made the count. 1… and Masina kicked out! After a one count! Lizzy couldn’t believe it. Neither could the commentators. Morgan Alexander wondered if anyone ever kicked out of the Kraven Lariat after just a one count.

Masina fought back, eventually planting Lizzy to the mat with a Samoan drop. Masina went to the middle rope and went for a dive on Lizzy, but Kraven moved out of the way and Masina crashed to the mat. When she pushed herself back up, Lizzy hit her with another Kraven Lariat! Lizzy made the cover again. If she defeated Masina she’d obviously have earned herself a future title shot. 1…2… and Masina kicked out again! Again, Lizzy couldn’t believe it. She pulled Masina up again, and looked to be going for another Kraven Lariat, but as she sprinted toward the champion, Masina hit a gigantic big boot, sending Kraven crashing to the mat below. Masina then hit the ropes, and hit a monstrous leg drop. But she wasn’t done there. Masina pulled Lizzy into the corner, climbed onto the middle rope and hit a big splash. She hooked the Hall of Famer’s leg. 1…2…3! What a match! Masina had quite the test, but in the end pulled out another impressive victory.

Now the scene cut backstage where we saw Kennedy Matthews with her husband Daniel. The two were chatting as Tyrece Beckman approached. But as Tyrece approached, Trent Wolfe stepped into view as well. Kennedy let out a scream and backed away. Daniel Matthews saw Wolfe and immediately stepped closer to him. Stuart Cavanaugh had warned the men that if they fought before Throwback that they’d be suspended. But it looked like that may not matter. However, as the men went eye-to-eye, security quickly arrived and stepped inbetween both men. But at least we saw Kennedy Matthews and she seemed to be doing okay after what Trent Wolfe did to her weeks ago.

FFP Spirit Title
(c) Kenzie Anderson vs Bethany Tilly
This match was another back and forth match, but with a lot more technical wrestling. Bethany began working on Kenzie Anderson’s lower back and continued to go after it throughout the match. Kenzie obviously had the experience advantage over Bethany, but that didn’t stop Tilly from hitting some really impressive moves, like a reverse suplex, and a beautiful moonsault off the top.

Kenzie fought back, hitting a skull rattling DDT and a missile dropkick from the middle rope, but Bethany fought back, flattening Kenzie with a spinning heel kick. Bethany then went to the top rope again and attempted another moonsault. This time, Kenzie got her knees up, and Bethany was left in a lot of pain. Kenzie then hit Bethany with the Busaiku Knee and made the cover, getting the three count.

After the match Kenzie got on the microphone and announced that at FFP Throwback that she would be defending the Spirit Title in an open challenge. She said whether you’re from FFP, another federation, MMA or whatever, come try your luck against the champion.

Sunday December 22, FFP presents Throwback IV! Already set for this event is Christopher Morgan challenging Miles Lynch for the FFP World Championship, and Masina putting the Women’s Title on the line against FFP Hall of Famer Brandi Moore!, as well as Daniel Matthews vs Trent Wolfe in a Last Man Standing Match! FFP Throwback will come to you live from Detroit, Michigan, or catch it on the FFP Network!

Now we saw the FFP Tag Team Champions, Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan. The two looked rather happy with the Tag Team Titles on their shoulders. They said that it was about time that they were finally the champions, and that no matter who they faced, no matter what kind of match or where, they would prove that day in and day out, they were the best tag team that Full Force Pro would ever see.

FFP Honor Title
(c) Caleb Newstead vs Duncan Wright

A very physical, very technical wrestling match. Duncan Wright had a tremendous experience advantage over Caleb Newstead, but Newstead brought the fight, hitting some big impact moves like a superplex followed by a flying elbow drop. Duncan made the comeback, not only hitting a butterfly suplex but also a Rainmaker clothesline for a very close two count. Duncan then locked Caleb in a camel clutch. Newstead was in trouble. He was locked up in the middle of the ring, reaching out with no luck toward the ropes. Wright continued wrenching back on Caleb’s head, torquing his back and hit neck. But eventually Newstead was able to move his arm down and flip Duncan into a pinning position. Wright kicked out at two, but when both wrestlers got to their feet Newstead hit a hard knee to the jaw. Duncan looked to be out on his feet. Caleb then slammed him to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. He immediately pulled the challenger back up and planted him with the Fisherman Brainbuster. The Honor Champion made the cover, and got the three count.

Morgan Alexander completely marked out, cheering for Newstead’s victory. Brian Young added that the match was incredible.

Next Week on Tuesday Night Wrestling:
• Will Matt Kraven get brutally attacked again?
• Can Daniel Matthews and Trent Wolfe maintain composure, or will they finally come to blows?
• Quinn Delaney vs Ava St James

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