12/10/2018 South Report

Christmas is creeping up on us, which means we have Throwback coming up, as well as our New Year’s Eve show which will bring us into the year 2019. What a time to be alive right?

Throwback is taking shape. Detroit will be rocking with Title matches, competitive matches and a Last Man Standing Match that seriously could wind up ending the careers of two men.

I can’t imagine seeing Miles Lynch lose the title, with Stuart Cavanaugh and Population Control in his corner, the deck is stacked for Hall of Famer Christopher Morgan.

I’m intrigued to see if Brandi Moore can pull the upset against Masina, and win the Women’s Title for the first time – interesting note that as many times as Brandi held the FFP Diamond Title, she had never held the Women’s Title, which took the place of the Diamond Title in 2015.

Speaking of Throwback, I have a match to announce. Odell Porter will face off against Morgan Landings. I really think this could be an outstanding match. Possibly a candidate for match of the night, if not match of the year!

Ohh, end of the year… End of the Year Awards are coming soon! Who will win reporter of the year? Yeah, probably me.

Full Force Pro has a shirt on Pro Wrestling Tees. Seriously, pretty amazing. Go buy one and I’ll shout you out on the air. Seriously.

My Babe of the Week. Kenzie Anderson.

My Babe of the Week this week is the FFP Spirit Champion Kenzie Anderson. Kenzie will put the title on the line at Throwback in an open challenge. What a true fighting champion. And the perfect mix of beautiful and hot and adorable. Good luck at Throwback Kenz.

I hear that at least one more familiar name will be added to the 16-to-1 Tournament this year. I’m also hearing rumors of returning superstars to challenge Kenzie for the Spirit Title in her open challenge.

Logan Christopher reportedly injured his knee at a live event Friday. Not sure the severity and if it could force him to relinquish the Network Title. If I hear any breaking news there I’ll report it on my twitter.

Adam Hyatt has been said to be in talks with FFP management. Not sure if it’s to come back to FFP full time, but if I got to see Madison Hyatt on my television every week, I wouldn’t complain a bit. I know the two had a baby, but are back at work and finding success wherever they go.

That about wraps it up for me. Make sure to tune in to Tuesday Night Wrestling this week. And get the FFP Network ordered before Throwback on December 22. Have a good week everybody!

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