12/11/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: December 11, 2018
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show started out with the FFP Network Champion Logan Christopher coming down to the ring. Logan had been injured at a live event, and he was here to address the crowd about his injury. But before much could be said, Logan was interrupted by Austin Briggs and Anarchy. Briggs called Logan a coward and said that if he were a true Hall of Famer, he’d defend the title tonight against Austin instead of giving it up like a loser.

Logan said that he was a fighting champion, he was a Hall of Famer, and tonight if Austin wanted a shot at the title, Logan would give him a shot at the title. Logan then warned Briggs, saying that when Austin lost to a man who had an injured leg, that he’d be an embarrassment. Briggs guaranteed victory, and said that it was already an embarrassment, him being a Hall of Famer and yet Briggs and Anarchy not.

Backstage | Stuart Cavanaugh’s Office
The scene cut to Stuart Cavanaugh’s Office. He was sat down at his desk, with the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch sitting across from him, and Population Control nearby as well. They were discussing Lynch’s World Title Match with Christopher Morgan at Throwback, and also Matt Kraven and the beat down that Population Control put on him last week. Cavanaugh said that Kraven had been silent, and he wasn’t sure if he’d show back up or not. Cavanaugh also said that he knew Lynch would have total control at Throwback, and afterward they’d all celebrate.

Tokyo Angels vs Rocky Kaos & Lindsey Valentine
The FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Lizzy Kraven and Suki Okada came down to provide guest commentary for the match. The duo was scouting the women’s tag team division for obvious reasons.

The match was fast paced. Both teams looked very impressive. The Tokyo Angels used aerial moves to gain the upperhand, but Rocky and Lindsey grounded the Japanese superstars with a mix of brawling and technical wrestling. Hisoka Li hit Lindsey Valentine with the Tiger Driver for the three count. Could be possibly see the Tokyo Angels challenge for the Women’s Tag Titles?

The scene cut backstage where Adrianna Ocampo had caught up with the FFP Ironwoman Champion Noel Zelig. Adrianna asked Noel who she wanted to defend her title against next. Zelig said that she still had a list of women she wanted to defend against next, but after speaking with Stuart Cavanaugh today, it looked like she’d be facing her good friend Lucy Baddock. Adrianna asked Noel how it would feel facing a good friend. Noel said that she knew Lucy would only want her best in the ring, and that’s what she’d get at Throwback.

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Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman who was joined by the woman who would challenge Masina for the Women’s Title at Throwback, Hall of Famer Brandi Moore, as well as Brandi’s best friend Taylor Clawson. Brandi said that Masina was sure she’d make quick work of Brandi, but that Brandi had much more experience and was the overall better wrestler. Brandi said that at Throwback she would no doubt walk out the new Women’s Champion.

Masina then stepped in, saying that she would destroy Brandi at Throwback, and that if they needed an example that she would face Taylor Clawson next week and show what Brandi had coming for her. Masina said she was so confident that she would put the Women’s Title on the line against Taylor next week. Taylor accepted the challenge.

Anthony Farrow vs Evan Kaine w/ Randi Wilson
Two young guys looking to gain some momentum as they attempt to climb their way up in Full Force Pro. Evan Maine’s entrance was a little more interesting due to the managerial debut of Randi Wilson, a very attractive blonde accompanying him to the ring. Randi definitely caught the eye of many in attendance, but when Anthony Farrow planted Evan with a Brainbuster, Randi caught the attention of the referee, and Farrow made a cover with no count. When the ref finally did turn around, Evan had already began to get to his feet.

The two continued their match, with Evan catching Anthony with a hard European uppercut, then a clothesline sending him over the top. Evan eventually found his way to the outside and rammed Farrow into the guardrail. However, Anthony battled back, getting the best of Evan Kaine and planting him with a DDT. Farrow went back into the ring and was setting up for a suicide dive to Evan. But Randi stepped in the way, and Anthony had to put in the brakes. Anthony turned back to the official to try to plead his case, but this gave Evan the opportunity to slide into the ring and blast Anthony with s spinning heel kick to the back of the head. Evan then went to the top rope and hit the Shooting Star Press for the three count.

After the match Evan rolled to the outside and wrapped Randi in a hug. The two celebrated as they walked up the entrance ramp toward the back.

Quinn Delaney vs Ava St James
Quinn Delaney had been to the top of the Women’s Division in FFP, holding the Women’s Title in 2016. She was looking to reignite her career, but Ava St James was a young up and comer, looking to get a big win here tonight. Quinn controlled a lot of the match, but Ava was able to use her strength and technical skills to not only fight back, but get Quinn down and work on her lower back. Ava set Quinn up for the Straight Jacket Powerbomb early, but Quinn was able to fight out and rock St James with a big boot to the jaw, then a STO. Quinn made the cover but only got a two count.

Quinn then set Ava up for her finisher, the Quinn Cutter, but Ava was able to reverse the move, in an impressive fashion, turning the attempt into a rolling cutter of her own. The move got Ava a close two count. St James had control following the pin attempt, until she took Delaney to the top for a superplex. But Quinn was able to knock Ava down to the mat and hit a missile dropkick. She went for another cover, but this time St James was too close to the ropes and was able to get to them at the count of two. Quinn couldn’t believe it. And as she went for another offensive move on Ava, the blonde hooked Quinn into a small package. She surprised the former Women’s Champion with the pin and shockingly got the three count. Ava St James had pulled the upset!

Backstage we saw Anthony Farrow speaking with Stuart Cavanaugh about having a rematch with Evan Kaine, saying he had him beat before Randi Wilson got involved. Cavanaugh said that he enjoyed the two facing off and approved the rematch.

Sunday December 22, FFP presents Throwback IV! Christopher Morgan will challenge Miles Lynch for the FFP World Championship. Masina will put the Women’s Title on the line against FFP Hall of Famer Brandi Moore. Daniel Matthews will face Trent Wolfe in a Last Man Standing Match. And much more! FFP Throwback will come to you live from Detroit, Michigan, or catch it on the FFP Network!

Backstage | Interview Area
Now we saw Joey DeMarco with Charles South. Charles said that Joey requested time to speak with him. Joey said that he hadn’t done anything in FFP in a long time and he was tired of just sitting backstage. He said that next week he was going to debut a new segment where he would interview wrestlers. Joey said that he had already spoken with Stuart Cavanaugh and he knew that this segment would equal ratings and money.

FFP Network Title
(c) Logan Christopher vs Austin Briggs w/ Anarchy

Austin Briggs came out first greeted with a chorus of boos from the crowd. Logan Christopher came out to fanfare, but before he could even get into the ring Austin hit him with a baseball slide dropkick which sent Logan falling to the arena floor. The rumor was that Logan had hurt his knee, and Briggs must’ve heard that rumor, targeting the champion’s knee. Briggs hit him with a couple of stomps to the knee before pulling Logan up and ramming his knee into the steel steps. The referee tried to stop the assault, but Briggs continued, setting Logan up on the apron and slamming his knee into the post. Briggs then climbed into the ring and told him to start the match.

The referee checked with Logan. No one would have blamed Logan for calling off the match, but he didn’t. Logan told the referee to ring the bell. And as soon as the bell sounded, Briggs charged and hit Logan with a dropkick to the knee. He pulled him to the center of the ring and locked the champion in a knee bar. Logan screamed out in pain and almost immediately submitted. Austin Briggs had won the FFP Network Title. Brian Young said that Austin had nothing to be proud of, or course Morgan Alexander said that Briggs absolutely did as he just won the Network Title.

The scene cut backstage where Kade Haddix had seemed to run into Deshaun Reed. The two talked about last week and Kade not shaking Deshaun’s hand. The two seemed okay, it being understandable in the heat of the moment Kade not shaking hands. Stuart Cavanaugh then walked up and said that he loved their match last week and wanted to see them face off again next week.

Commentators Table
Next we saw Brian Young and Morgan Alexander at their commentary table at ringside. Brian Young talked about the graphic that was just shown, obviously regarding Matt Kraven and his feud without Stuart Cavanaugh. Morgan Alexander said that Kraven should be careful because he was fighting a losing battle.

Four Way Elimination Match | Winner Receives Honor Title Match
Aiden Conrad vs Gabriel Nunez w/ Luciana vs Kashimanaki vs Tyreek Hyde

Another action packed matchup. Kashimanaki was the clear cut favorite to win the match. And after he made quick work of Gabriel Nunez with the Kashimanaki Driver, it looked like he’d be on his way to dominating the match. But Aiden Conrad was able to get the best of Kashimanaki, hitting the Beauty Maker to get the three count.

The match came down to Aiden Conrad and Tyreek Hyde. Aiden Conrad was a former FFP Adrenaline Champion. Meanwhile, Tyreek had only held the OWF Championship. The two wrestlers took each other on being extremely careful. After Aiden got the upperhand he went for the Beauty Maker, but Tyreek ducked it and hit a snap German suplex. Hyde then hoisted Conrad up and planted him with a Death Valley Driver. Hyde made the cover, but only got a two count.

He pulled Aiden up, setting him up for his finisher, the Tiger Driver. But Conrad was able to fight out of the move and hit a solid boot to the gut. Conrad then hit a Fisherman suplex, holding it for a pin attempt. But Hyde kicked out at two. Aiden backed away and waited for Tyreek to begin to get back up. Once the situation called for it, Aiden would blast the FFP newcomer with the Beauty Maker. But as he went for the move, Tyreek dodged it just like last time. And this time he nearly turned Conrad inside out with a monstrous clothesline. Aiden looked to be out of it. But Hyde pulled him back up and hit the Tiger Driver. Then, he made the cover and got the three count. Tyreek Hyde would face Caleb Newstead at Throwback for the FFP Honor Championship.

Next Week On Tuesday Night Wrestling
• Anthony Farrow vs Evan Kaine Rematch
• Joey DeMarco debuts an interview segment
• Kade Haddix vs Deshaun Reed
• Masina defends the Women’s Title against Taylor Clawson

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