12/18/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: December 18, 2018
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the arrival of Daniel Matthews and Kennedy Matthews, pulling their Mustang into a parking spot before getting out and heading into the arena. Tyrece Beckman attempted to ask Daniel about Trent Wolfe and their Last Man Standing Match this Saturday at Throwback, but Daniel didn’t want to talk.

As Daniel and Kennedy headed toward the arena, there was the sound of tires screeching in the background. The camera panned over and saw a truck driving toward Daniel. Daniel pulled Kennedy away as the truck drove past. When it parked, Trent Wolfe stepped out, and the two men began to trade verbal insults. FFP security was quick to arrive to the scene to keep the wrestlers from destroying each other. Stuart Cavanaugh had already told both of them that if they fought before Throwback, both would be suspended indefinitely.

Now the scene cut to the commentator’s table where Brian Young said that he wondered if Trent Wolfe drove so close to Daniel and his wife with his truck to try to get Daniel to fight so that Daniel would be the one suspended. Morgan Alexander said that he was sure that wasn’t it, as Trent was surely looking forward to getting his hands on Daniel at Throwback.

Anthony Farrow vs Evan Kaine w/ Randi Wilson
Another back and forth and athletic match between these two superstars. Anthony hit Evan with a stalling face first inverted suplex and followed it up with a shining wizard for a two count. But much like last week, Randi Wilson proved to be a distraction, opening Anthony up for a school boy from Evan, who pulled on Farrow’s tights to get the three count.

After the match Evan quickly rolled out of the ring and wrapped Randi in a hug, nearly carrying her up the entrance ramp as Anthony threw a fit inside the ring. Two weeks in a row, Evan had pulled out a victory against Anthony with Randi interfering.

The scene cut backstage where we saw Giovanni Gotch. Gotch had proclaimed herself the best on Twitter, and was telling the world that that’s exactly what she was. Giovanni said that whether it be the Women’s Title, the Ironwoman’s Title, the Spirit Title or any other title in FFP, that she was destined to hold gold, and that she would be doing so soon enough.

Shootin’ with DeMarco
Joey DeMarco came out to the ring to debut his new interview segment, Shootin’ with DeMarco. Joey said that he was here to get the answers from wrestlers possibly on a weekly basis. DeMarco said that he wasn’t afraid to ask the hard hitting questions. Joey then welcomed Quinn Delaney out to the ring. Joey welcomed Quinn to his show, and said that she should be pretty proud to be the first guest. DeMarco didn’t take it easy on Quinn, asking her about her goals in Full Force Pro, and pointing out that the last time Delaney held a title was when she was the FFP Women’s Champion in the later part of 2016. Joey asked her what her motivation was and why she had been treading water for so long.

Quinn didn’t look too happy with DeMarco’s comments, and said that the competition in Full Force Pro was stellar, but that she was tired of treading water and was ready to prove that she was one of the best women in professional wrestling. Noel Zelig then came out. Noel said that the first person she defended the Ironwoman Title against was Quinn Delaney, right here in Phoenix, Arizona, and that if Quinn wanted, they could wrestle tonight in a rematch. Quinn accepted the match for later in the night.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Adrianna Ocampo along side the challenger for the FFP World Title at Throwback, Christopher Morgan. Adrianna asked Morgan what his gameplan was against Miles Lynch, knowing that where Miles is, Stuart Cavanaugh and Population Control will also be. Christopher said that he had been around Full Force Pro since the beginning, and that he wasn’t new to any of this. He compared this to when he teamed with the rest of Simply the Best, to try to take out Matt Kraven and the Soul Assassins. Christopher said that if anyone would have an advantage when it came to this kind of a gameplan, it would be him, and while Cavanaugh is worried about finding Matt Kraven again, Morgan is training double time to get himself ready for another World Title reign. Adrianna thanked Christopher for his time and wished him luck on Saturday.

The scene now cut backstage where the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Lizzy Kraven and Suki Okada announced that at the FFP New Year’s Eve Show, they would be defending the Women’s Tag Titles against the up and coming and impressive team of the Tokyo Angels.

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Backstage | Interview Area
Now we saw Raquel St Claire joined with Tyreek Hyde. Tyreek had won a four-way elimination match last week to earn himself a shot at Caleb Newstead’s FFP Honor Championship this Saturday at Throwback. Raquel asked Tyreek how he felt going into the biggest match of his career this Sunday. Hyde said that he definitely had butterflies, but that he was ready to show the world what he was capable of. He said that Caleb Newstead was a FFP Hall of Famer and one of the best, but that it was his time to shine. Caleb Newstead then walked into the interview area where he told Tyreek that he better shake those butterflies and get ready, because Caleb wasn’t going to take it easy on him. He was going to give him everything he has in that squared circle.

Kade Haddix vs Deshaun Reed
These two had faced off a few times, but the biggest notable thing between them was Kade Haddix not accepting Deshaun’s handshake after a loss. This match was a very good match that had the Phoenix crowd on the edge of their seat. And after Kade reversed it an attempted dive from the middle rope into a Code Breaker, it looked like the match was all Kade Haddix. But Deshaun kicked out. Kade then went for his Flatliner, but Reed was able to not only escape Haddix’s grasp, but was able to rock him with a jumping kick to skull. Reed then hit the Crash Landing for the three count.

Following the match Deshaun helped Kade up and patted him on the back. But as Deshaun turned away from Kade, Haddix blasted him with a forearm to the back of the head. Deshaun fell to the mat, but immediately became the victim of a hard kick to the ribs. The sound was gruesome as Deshaun rolled around on the mat clutching his side. Haddix then climbed out of the ring and walked up the entrance ramp. The crowd wasn’t shy, letting Kade know that they didn’t appreciate what he had done to Deshaun Reed.

This Saturday FFP presents Throwback IV! Christopher Morgan will challenge Miles Lynch for the FFP World Championship. Masina will put the Women’s Title on the line against FFP Hall of Famer Brandi Moore. Daniel Matthews will face Trent Wolfe in a Last Man Standing Match. And much more! FFP Throwback will come to you live from Detroit, Michigan, or catch it on the FFP Network!

Amy Kraven vs Bethany Tilly
A very good match that saw both women hit some high impact moves. Bethany hit a missile dropkick that took Amy down hard. She then went for a powerbomb, but Amy was able to escape out and hit Bethany with the Superkick. Amy then made the cover and got the three count.

After the match Amy shook Bethany’s hand.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut backstage where Adrianna Ocampo was interviewing the owner of FFP, Stuart Cavanaugh. Adrianna said that she had heard that Stuart was going to be calling Matt Kraven out tonight, and asked if that were true. Stuart said that he always liked surprises, so he wouldn’t give anything away…everyone would have to just continue to watch.

Non-Title Match
Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan vs Head Trauma
The FFP Tag Team Champions made quick work of Head Trauma. Detmer got the pin after hitting a DDT from the middle rope on Malik Tiko.

After the match the champions got on the microphone and said that they weren’t booked for FFP Throwback, but they would love to face off against any tag team around the world December 31st at FFP’s New Year’s Eve show.

FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Noel Zelig vs Quinn Delaney

A hard hitting match to say the least. Noel and Quinn hit each other with everything. Knife edge chops, forearms, punches, kicks and clotheslines that would make Stan Hansen proud. Noel hit a spear that looked to take the wind out of Quinn’s sails, but Delaney was about to kick out after the two count. Quinn fought back, and looked to nearly knock Noel out with a roaring elbow. Quinn went for the pin, but Zelig was able to get her foot on the bottom rope just before the three count. Quinn then pulled Zelig up and went for her Quinn Cutter, but Noel was able to reverse into a backslide. The referee made the count, but Delaney kicked out at two. However, as both wrestlers got back up Noel rocked Quinn with a headbutt. The Ironwoman Champion then planted Quinn with the Jumping Piledriver for the three count.

After the match the Phoenix crowd gave the two ladies a standing ovation. Noel helped Quinn up and the two embraced.

The scene cut backstage to a locker room door that had a Matt Kraven sign on it. A moment later the scene cut to Stuart Cavanaugh. One of FFP’s production members walked up to him and told him about the door, which was apparently Kraven’s locker room.

Before the Mae Young Classic, before the first ever all women’s Battle Royal, Full Force Pro presented the 16-to-1 Tournament. A 16- woman tournament with women from all over the world doing battle to earn a contract with FFP.

Although the exact date hasn’t been announced yet, the FFP 16-to-1 Tournament has been announced, as well as all 16 participants.

With the likes of Malaya Diyosa, Carrie Kilgore, Kimber Stiles, Aaliyah Banks, Juniper Shepard and more, this tournament could very well be the most stacked it’s ever been.

Who will win this ground breaking tournament, and earn themselves a contract to Full Force Pro. Amanda Cortez and Jaqueline Aulstrike are the former winners, and another impressive name will join those two women as the 16-to-1 Tournament Champion very soon.

Don’t miss all the action on the FFP Network!

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Masina vs Taylor Clawson

Another back and forth matchup live from Phoenix. The crowd seemed antsy to see a title change. And even more, the crowd seemed to want to see someone finally pin Masina’s shoulders to the mat. Although, if Taylor Clawson could walk away with a victory here tonight, she would possibly have to defend the Women’s Title against her best friend Brandi Moore at FFP Throwback.

Masina came out using her power to not only toss Taylor around, but also trap her in the corner and really pound on her. Clawson used her speed to try to stay away from the Women’s Champion, and use quick strikes to do any kind of damage she could. Masina grabbed Taylor by her blonde hair and looked to be about ready to toss her out of the ring, when Taylor was able to spin in front of Masina, and slam her to the mat with the Flatliner! Morgan Alexander jumped to his feet at the commentator’s table, screaming that Taylor hit her finisher, and could pull the upset. Taylor went for the pin, trying to hook Masina’s tree trunk of a leg. But Masina kicked out at one! Brian Young couldn’t believe it. Taylor’s finisher got her a one count.

Clawson continued to pummel Masina, but Masina got to her feet and knocked Taylor to the mat. As the challenger tried to fight her way back up, Masina continued hitting her with big clothesline after big clothesline. She scooped Taylor up and hit a fall away slam. Then, when Taylor finally got to her feet again, Masina hoisted her up on her shoulders, and planted her to the mat with a Samoan drop. Masina then climbed up to the middle rope and hit a diving splash, nearly flattening Taylor Clawson. Masina then pinned the FFP Hall of Famer. 1…2…3. Masina retained her championship in impressive style.

After the match, Masina took hold of the Women’s Title and stood over Taylor, even placing her foot on Clawson’s head and holding the championship in the air. As Taylor began to try to fight away, Masina pulled her back up by her hair. Masina then hit a devastating powerbomb. This brought out Brandi Moore, who Masina would defend the title against at Throwback this Saturday. Moore slid into the ring and hit Masina with some hard punches. Brandi then hit the ropes and blasted Masina with a running knee to the side of the head. Masina stumbled back and fell through the ropes, landing hard on the arena floor. Brandi then checked on her tag team partner as the crowd cheered for Brandi.

The scene but backstage where Stuart Cavanaugh, Miles Lynch and Population Control had surrounded the locker room that apparently belonged to Matt Kraven. Cavanaugh knocked on the door, saying that Matt had better come out or they would break the door down. After several attempts to get Kraven to open the door, the group finally opened the door, mostly with Population Control’s brute force. When they got inside the door there was only a table in the middle of the room, with a monitor on it. The monitor turned on and Matt Kraven was shown on the screen, obviously in a different location. Kraven said that he wasn’t dumb enough to show up there and have to fight off Cavanaugh’s group. Kraven said that Saturday he would be at Throwback, and it would be there that he would take care of Stuart Cavanaugh and the rest of his stable.

Saturday at FFP Throwback
• Miles Lynch defends the World Title against Christopher Morgan
• Noel Zelig puts the Ironwoman Title on the line against Lucy Baddock
• Brandi Moore challenges Masina for the Women’s Title
• Daniel Matthews vs Trent Wolfe in a Last Man Standing Match
• And so much more!


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