12/22/2018 FFP Throwback [PPV]

Date: December 22, 2018
Location: Detroit, MI
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show began with the entrance of the owner of Full Force Pro, Stuart Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh was of course joined by the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch and Population Control. Cavanaugh grabbed a microphone and welcomed everyone to FFP Throwback. The Detroit crowd wasn’t shy to let Cavanaugh know that they didn’t like him. They booed as he attempted to talk. He said he had the microphone and the power and they were no match for him, or his group. Stuart then said that speaking of his group, they needed a powerful name. A powerful name that showed what exactly they were. Then, he announced that they would be known as The Conglomerate, and he guaranteed that tonight they would dominate Throwback.

Odell Porter vs Morgan Landings
A very exciting match. The Detroit crowd loved it, and it was the perfect way to start off such an important pay-per-view. Morgan Landings was looking to get a big time victory over a former FFP World Champion, then possibly use the momentum to get himself a future championship opportunity.

Odell attempted to keep Morgan grounded, using technical moves and working on Morgan’s legs. Taking Landings’ ability to do aerial tactics was definitely a good gameplan by Porter.

Landings hit a springboard DDT, spiking Odell to the mat. Morgan then went up top for the Shooting Star Press. But somehow as Morgan flew through the air, Odell popped up and hit a Code Breaker! Odell then pulled Landings back up and hit the Regal Plex for the 1, 2, 3.

After the match Odell shook Morgan’s hand. What a match to open things up at Throwback!

Backstage | Interview Area
Raquel St Claire was shown with Amy Kraven. Raquel asked Amy about her brother Matt facing Population Control tonight in a handicap match. Amy was none too pleased with her brother being in such a bad situation. She said that her brother is a fighter and that if anyone could walk out victorious over the dominant tag team that he could. But she said that she knew Cavanaugh had ill intentions, and she was not looking forward to seeing what his intentions were.

Mateo Chavez vs Anthony Farrow
One of the best from Mexico vs one of the best from the United Kingdom. This match saw a lot of technical wrestling. Both men tried to wrestle the other down, and work on any limb they could. Chavez got the upperhand with a dragon leg screw, and followed up with a dropkick to Farrow’s knee. But Anthony was able to battle back, and rock Chavez with a roaring elbow into a snap German suplex for a two count.

Anthony hit a high dropkick that sent Mateo rolling out of the ring. Then, Farrow hit a suicide dive, knocking Mateo to the arena floor. Anthony ascended up to the top turnbuckle and went for another dive, but this time Mateo moved out of the way and Anthony connected hard with the steel guardrail at ringside. Mateo shoved Anthony back into the ring and hit a Brainbuster. Then he went to the middle rope and hit a senton for a two count.

Mateo pulled Anthony back to his feet and went for a ripcord clothesline, but Farrow ducked it and hit Chavez with another German suplex. When Mateo began to get back up to his feet again, Farrow blasted him with a shining wizard. Chavez was definitely stunned. Anthony set Mateo up for his Wrist Clutch Exploder, but Mateo was able to get out of the move and hit Anthony with a Superkick. Anthony fell to his knees, and Chavez went for a kick to the skull. Anthony ducked the attempt, grabbed a hold of Mateo and this time planted him with the Wrist Clutch Exploder. Anthony Farrow then made the cover and got the three count.

After the match Anthony stood proudly in the center of the ring as the referee held his arm up victoriously. But Evan Kaine came out of the crowd and slid into the ring. Farrow was unaware, and was blasted in the back of the head. Anthony fell to the mat while Kaine pummeled him. Evan waited as Anthony pushed himself up. Evan then leveled him with one of his finishers, the Bicycle Knee to the Jaw. By now Evan’s manager Randi Wilson came down to the ring. She climbed in and the duo stood proudly as Anthony lie on the mat motionless.

Backstage | Interview Area
Christopher Morgan was joined by Tyrece Beckman. Beckman asked Christopher about his ex Lux being his manager tonight. Morgan said he didn’t know why Stuart Cavanaugh assigned her to manage him tonight, but he assumed it was to stir up Christopher’s relationship with Alexis Smart. Christopher said that it was apparent to him that Stuart liked to mess with people’s lives like he was doing with this situation.

Christopher then said that whether it be to try to distract Morgan or mess up his love life, he would be walking out tonight the new FFP World Champion.

The 16 participants have been named for our annual 16-to-1 Tournament. Now we look forward to seeing some incredible matches with all 16 ladies, fighting for their chance to earn a FFP contract. Jazzy Faye, Malaya Diyosa, Carrie Kilgore, Kimber Stiles and Serena Dawn are just a few of the names entered into this tournament. Don’t miss it!

Kade Haddix vs Deshaun Reed
We had seen this match several times the past few weeks, with the intensity getting higher and higher. What seemed to be a friendly rivalry had now turned personal. Kade Haddix was the aggressor early, hitting Deshaun with solid stiff shots. Reed used his athleticism to get the best with Haddix in one exchange, which saw Deshaun hit a Pele style kick that dropped Kade to his knees. Deshaun then hit a running dropkick to the skull of Haddix that really seemed to slow him down.

Deshaun called for the Crash Landing, but Haddix was able to escape, keeping a hold of Reed’s leg and hooking him into a modified STF. Reed fought for the ropes, and although Haddix wrenched back hard in Deshaun’s neck, he was able to get to the ropes. But Kade kept the hold on as long as he could without getting disqualified.

Haddix pulled Deshaun up and hit a snap suplex. Reed then rolled to the outside. Kade went for a suicide dive, but as Deshaun moved out of the way, Kade our the brakes on. Instead, he slid out of the ring and the two began trading blows. The crowd got into it as the two men hit repeated strikes. Deshaun got the upperhand, nearly knocking Haddix out with an awesome European uppercut. Reed then pushed Kade up onto the ring apron. Kade immediately began fighting back, and gained the advantage. Then, Haddix went for a piledriver on the ring apron. What a distasteful act. Reed luckily avoided injury by blocking the piledriver, and back body dropped Kade Haddix. Kade hit the apron hard and tumbled to the floor. Deshaun then got back into the ring and connected with an impressive over the top rope suicide dive!

Deshaun sent Kade back into the ring and climbed to the top rope. Deshaun went for a senton from the top, but Kade got his knees up and connected with Deshaun’s upper back. Kade then quickly hoisted Deshaun up and hit him with a lumbar check. Haddix went for the cover, but Deshaun kicked out at two. So Haddix climbed to the top and hit a frog splash. He hooked the leg for another pin attempt. 1…2… and another kick out.

Haddix was showing some frustration on his face. He pulled Reed up to his feet and went for his Flatliner finisher. But Deshaun Reed fought out with two hard elbows to Kade’s head. Reed then hooked Haddix from behind and planted him with a full nelson facebuster! Deshaun rolled Kade over and attempted the pin. 1…2… and Kade got his shoulder up. The Detroit crowd was loving this match. And so was Brian Young and Morgan Alexander at ringside.

Deshaun hit a running Liger Bomb and went for another cover, but again Kade Haddix got his shoulder up just before the three count. The Detroit crowd was clearly rooting for Deshaun, almost erupting in cheers thinking he had gotten the three count. Reed called for the Crash Landing and began to pulled Haddix up. But Kade was able to quickly hook Deshaun into a small package. And the surprising move nearly got Deshaun, who kicked out just before the three count. Both men scurried back to their feet, but Deshaun hit Haddix with a spinning back elbow. Haddix looked out on his feet. Deshaun then scooped Kade up and this time successfully hit the Crash Landing. Deshaun rolled Haddix over and made the cover. 1…2…3! Deshaun Reed had won the match.

Both men were exhausted. Deshaun pushes himself up and the referee raised his arm as Brianna the ring announcer announced Reed the winner. The Detroit crowd stood and cheered as Deshaun pumped his fists in the air.

But his celebration was cut short when Kade Haddix nailed Deshaun with a vicious chairshot from behind. Reed fell to his hands and knees, where he was victim of two more wicked chairshots to the back. Kade flipped Deshaun over onto his back and drove the top of the chair down into his ribs. After three shots to the ribs other FFP referees rushed to the ring to stop Kade’s attack. But Kade blasted one with a punch to the head and tossed a couple more through the ring ropes. By now Deshaun was attempting to get back to his feet, but Kade quickly blasted him with a chairshot to the head. Reed fell down hard. Haddix dropped the chair beside him and stood, his face emotionless. Then, he pulled Deshaun to his feet one more time and hit the Flatliner, right on the steel chair!

Deshaun Reed was out cold. And Kade Haddix simply stood up and looked down at Reed’s still body. Haddix then turned around and left the ring, ignoring the crowd’s boos and disappearing behind the entrance curtain.

FFP Honor Title
(c) Caleb Newstead vs Tyreek Hyde

The match started out fast, with both men hitting some solid shots on the other. Tyreek hit a spinning elbow into a side suplex followed by a running kick to the chest that put Newstead flat on the mat. But Caleb fought back, eventually getting the upperhand and hitting a couple of snap suplexes before clotheslining Tyreek over the top rope. Newstead joined Hyde on the outside where they continued going back and forth. Hyde got the advantage, scooping Newstead up and hitting a Samoan stop that slammed Newstead onto the ring apron. Tyreek then joined the Honor Champion on the apron where he attempted a suplex. But Newstead was able to block and simply body slam Tyreek to the arena floor. As Hyde got back to his feet, he was noticeably limping. Apparently the way he landed tweeted something in his leg. As he held onto the guardrail to try to walk it off, Caleb leveled him with a chop block.

The Honor Champion then sent Tyreek back into the ring and continued working his leg over. After a couple of dragon leg screws, Newstead hoisted Hyde up and dropped him with his knee landing bent on the mat. Caleb then locked Tyreek in the Figure Four leg lock in the center of the ring. Hyde held on, screaming in pain and reaching toward the ropes. He attempted to pull himself closer to the ropes, but as he did that it put more pressure on his knee. Tyreek had to submit.

Brian Young chimed in saying that it was a good match, but it was a shame that Tyreek seemed to have suffered an injury in what was his most important professional wrestling match to date.

The scene cut backstage where Tyreek Hyde was being helped to the back. He was limping and obviously in pain. Then, Wyatt Cobb rushed into the shot, hitting Tyreek from behind and knocking him to the concrete floor. Wyatt landed a couple of stomps on Tyreek’s injured knee. Hyde screamed in pain. Wyatt pulled him back up and threw him into the concrete wall. He then began pummeling Hyde with punches. Finally FFP security and referees arrived to pull Wyatt Cobb away.

Kenzie Anderson’s FFP Spirit Title Open Challenge
There was speculation on who it would be that would face Kenzie Anderson for the Spirit Title in her open challenge. Would it be a return? The names of Lacey Abernathy, Kemina and Katrina had been rumored. Kenzie came down first, holding her Spirit Title on her shoulder and looking confident as ever. She grabbed a microphone and asked who was ready to challenge her, and lose tonight.

Music hit. And Kenzie had quite a surprised look on her face when the former FFP Women’s Champion Katsumi Akiyama came down the isle. The Detroit crowd loved it, cheering the Japanese superstar on. When the bell rang, Katsumi hit Kenzie with a flurry of stuff strikes. Kenzie looked to be in trouble early. And it only got worse when she was able to duck a kick and roll Katsumi up for a count of two. Because when Katsumi popped back up, she hit Kenzie with a vicious kick to the side of the skull that echoed through the arena. Kenzie was surely out cold. Akiyama covered the Champion. But at the count of two Kenzie was somehow able to drape her leg over the bottom rope. The Detroit crowd had thought Katsumi had won it.

Katsumi pulled Anderson up and set her up for the Tiger Suplex, but Kenzie spun out and took the challenger down with a STO. Kenzie then went to the top rope, and hit a missile dropkick. Kenzie had some momentum. But as Akiyama began to get back to her feet, Kenzie charged, attempting a kick to the skull. Akiyama dodged and was able to catch Kenzie with a snap German suplex. Kenzie looked to be in trouble again. Katsumi approached her again, possibly going for a Tiger Suplex, but Kenzie grabbed the top rope, and was hanging on for dear life, trying not to let Katsumi dump her on her head again.

To break Kenzie free from the ropes Katsumi began striking her in the head. Akiyama then hit the ropes and charged at Kenzie. Anderson ducked and back body dropped Katsumi, however the Japanese wrestler was able to catch herself on the apron. She immediately rocked Kenzie with a hard elbow, sending Kenzie stumbling back. Katsumi then reentered the ring, but as she went toward the Spirit Champion, Kenzie blasted Katsumi with the Busaiku Knee. Katsumi went down hard, and Anderson made the cover. 1…2… and Katsumi kicked out!

The crowd cheered, relieved that Katsumi still had a chance to take the title away. Kenzie was shocked, and demanded that the referee’s count was slow. Morgan Alexander agreed with her, saying the count was indeed slow. When she turned back around Katsumi went for a spinning back fist, but the champion ducked and Katsumi struck the referee. He stumbled back and fell to a sitting position. He looked to be covering his eye. Katsumi now knelt down to check on the official, who looked to be okay, just stunned. But when Katsumi got back up and turned around, she was leveled with another Busaiku Knee! Kenzie then hooked Akiyama’s leg. 1…2…3! Kenzie Anderson had retained the FFP Spirit Title.

Kenzie grabbed the Spirit Title and clutched it in her chest. She walked up the entrance ramp basically hugging her title.

Backstage | Interview Area
Now we saw Raquel St Claire speaking with FFP Ironwoman Champion. Raquel asked Noel about her boyfriend Kade Haddix’s recent actions against Deshaun Reed. Noel said that she wasn’t sure what had gotten into Kade. She said that she knew that he was frustrated with some of his recent losses, but said she was disappointed to see him attack Deshaun after their match.

Raquel then asked Noel about tonight’s match with Lucy Baddock. Noel said that she knew it would be possibly the hardest match of her championship reign, and that at the end of the night that win, lose or draw, she’d be leaving everything out in the ring and either way will be proud of her performance.

Last Man Standing
Daniel Matthews vs Trent Wolfe
This was an all-out brawl. It being a Last Man Standing Match makes sense that it would be so. Daniel came out on fire, looking to destroy Trent Wolfe. In fact, after spearing Trent out of the ring, Daniel rammed his head into the steel ring post, the steel steps and one of the steel guardrails. And that wouldn’t be the end of the use of guardrails, but we will get to that later.

Daniel attempted a piledriver on the entrance ramp, but Wolfe back body dropped him, which was the first offense Trent saw. As Daniel got up to his knees Trent hit him with a Superkick to the jaw. Daniel fell back to the ramp, and Trent went on the offensive. He mounted Matthews and began pummeling him with punches. Wolfe then went to the ring and grabbed a steel chair from underneath. He approached Daniel and went for a chairshot, but Daniel rolled out of the way. He quickly got back to his feet and hit Wolfe with a shot to the gut. Daniel then ripped the chair away from Trent and blasted him in the head. Wolfe to the entrance ramp and looked to possibly be out. The referee began the mandatory ten count. But Wolfe was up before the count of six.

This is where Daniel got another guardrail involved. After ramming Wolfe into it, and nearly knocking it into the first row, Daniel unhooked the guardrail and propped it up on the side of the ring, making it nearly into an almost table. FFP security had to step in to make sure the fans didn’t rush the ring with the guardrail gone. Daniel then grabbed Trent and set him up for a powerbomb on it. Wolfe however was able to reverse into a frankensteiner, flipping Daniel onto the guardrail. The steel on the back had to be painful.

Daniel rolled off of the guardrail and got back to his feet. Trent charged, but Daniel caught him and slammed him with a spinebuster onto the guardrail. The guardrail was now bent. And now, Daniel took possession of another chair. As Wolfe was slow to get up, Daniel struck him with a chairshot to the head. Wolfe collapsed up against the guardrail, now blood coming down his face.

Daniel looked out into the crowd, and called for the Death Valley Driver. He pulled Trent up and hoisted him up into his shoulders. If he hit his finisher in the guardrail, it would surely be over. But Trent pushed himself off of Daniel’s shoulders and rammed Matthews up against the ring post. Trent then rolled Daniel back inside the ring. Wolfe grabbed a bag out from under the ring and rolled in himself. The bag was of course filled With thumbtacks, which Wolfe spilled out on the mat.

Trent went for a suplex on Daniel, hoping to drop him right on the thumbtacks, but Matthews was able to fight away and break free from Trent. Daniel then went for a Roaring Elbow but Wolfe ducked it then hit a back suplex in the corner. He pulled Matthews up and set Daniel up for a powerbomb on the tacks. Daniel broke free and hit a kick to the gut on Wolfe. Then scooped him onto his shoulders again. Daniel was going for another Death Valley Driver. But again, Trent pushed himself off of Daniel’s shoulders and now struck him with a spinning heel kick. Trent was then able to muscle Daniel up and successfully hit a falcon arrow, right on the thumbtacks!

It was brutal! Daniel rolled over revealing tons of tacks stuck in his back, with blood oozing out of many of the punctures. Trent then rolled back out of the ring and began rooting around under the ring. Wolfe pulled a cinder block out. What kind of evil thought could Trent Wolfe have with a cinder block?

Wolfe climbed back into the ring and raised the block over his head. He was clearly going to try to collapse Daniel’s head with it. But Kennedy Matthews rushed down the isle. She slid in and went after Trent, but Wolfe saw her before hand. He dropped the cinder block to the mat and grabbed Kennedy by her hair. She tried to fight free, but Wolfe flattened her with a ripcord clothesline. Wolfe then looked over at the thumbtacks and got a smile on his face. He began to pull Kennedy back to her feet, but before he could do anymore damage to Daniel’s wife, Daniel blasted Trent in the back of the head with the cinder block. Wolfe collapsed to the mat below and Daniel took Kennedy into his arms.

As Wolfe lie motionless on the mat, the referee made the count. And after the count of ten, Daniel was pronounced the winner of the Last Man Standing Match. Daniel stood over Trent’s body with Kennedy by his side. Was this the end of the feud, or just another violent chapter?

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We saw Seth Lykins backstage. Lykins didn’t look happy as he walked through catering. Seth walked up to Roderick Jamison and shoved a plate of food off the table. Seth said that he was going to be in control of his own destiny here, and wanted to face Roderick on FFP’s special New Year’s Eve Show. Roderick said that all he had to do was ask, and he would be happy to face Seth on December 31st.

FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Noel Zelig vs Lucy Baddock

From a violent Last Man Standing Match to a beautiful technical wrestling match. Noel Zelig and Lucy Baddock were close friends, who started this match with not only a handshake, but a hug as well. Noel tried to get the early advantage with an armbar into a headlock takedown. Pure technical wrestling. Baddock used her strength to break free of Zelig’s grip and get her in a front facelock. Lucy kept ahold of Noel, trying to wear the Champion down making her work. Noel was able to muscle herself back to her feet, and show power with a belly-to-belly suplex. Zelig then turned to her speed, hitting strikes and playing keep away from the challenger.

Lucy got a huge advantage, getting ahold of Zelig and planting her with a powerslam. Baddock then hooked Noel in a Boston crab, wrenching back hard on Noel’s legs. Of course this was doing great damage to the champion’s lower back.

After several moments of fighting, Zelig was able to get to the ropes. But the damage had been done to her back. Lucy continued working over the Champion. First a scoop slam, then a senton across the back. Baddock then hooked the Ironwoman Champion in a camel clutch, with her knee in the lower back. Zelig looked to be in trouble again. Reaching hard to get to the ropes.

Eventually Noel was once again able to reach the ropes. Lucy pulled Zelig up and went for her Scoop Brainbuster, but Noel was able to fight out and hit a Superkick. The blow sent Lucy to the ground, but Noel fell as well. The two women pushed their way back up and began to trade solid shots. Eventually Noel ducked a punch attempt and caught her friend with a German suplex. Impressive strength by the champion. When Lucy got back up, Noel hit a spinning elbow. She sent Baddock into the ropes and hit a dropkick. She went for a cover, but only got a two count.

Lucy battled her way back, and the two began trading hard shots again. Noel got the upperhand and jumped onto Lucy’s back, applying a sleeper hold. Classic old school wrestling. Lucy tried getting to the ropes, but ended up dropping to one knee as Noel had the hold locked in. But Baddock was able to push herself back up and try to back into the corner, hoping to smash Noel between herself and the turnbuckles. But Noel hopped off of Baddock’s back just as she made contact with the turnbuckles, and Noel quickly blasted her with a kick to the side of the head. Noel backed up and charged, now hitting a Stinger Splash. Lucy stayed in the corner, so Noel backed away and went for another splash, but this time Baddock came out of the corner, charging at Noel and hitting an awesome spear. It looked to turn the Champion inside out. Lucy was slow to make the cover, but finally did, draping her arm over Zelig’s chest. 1…2… and Noel barely got her shoulder up.

Lucy was determined. She pulled Noel into a sitting position. Then she hit the ropes and hit a diving cross body block, flattening Zelig to the mat. She hooked the leg for another pin. 1…2… and Noel kicked out again. Again, it was barely. Brian Young made note that Noel’s kick outs seemed weaker and weaker. Lucy now drug Noel into the corner. She climbed onto the middle rope, about to attempt the Luce Drop. But as she dove in the air, Noel moved out of the way. Lucy hit the mat. And as she pushed herself up to her knees, Noel was quick to grab her and plant her with a DDT. Zelig got up and backed away. As Luce pushed herself up again, Noel blasted her with a shining wizard. Noel then went for a cover. 1…2… and Lucy kicked out! What a match!

Noel pulled Lucy back up and muscled her up to the top turnbuckle. Zelig climbed up with her, setting her up for a top rope frankensteiner. But as she attempted the move, Lucy reversed it into a powerbomb off the middle rope! Both girls were down, and motionless.

It took a Lucy several seconds to finally roll over and make a cover. Again the referee made the count. 1…2… and Noel for her shoulder up again! But this time, she not only got her shoulder up, but she also hooked Lucy’s head and arm into a Koji Clutch.

Noel had the hold locked in tight, in the center of the ring. Lucy reached out with her arm, trying to reach the bottom rope. She began using her feet to try to push her and Noel closer and closer to the ropes. It wasn’t exactly unsuccessful, but didn’t move them far enough. Lucy began to fade. And several moments later, the referee began checking Baddock’s arm. He lifted it up and shook it before letting go and it immediately dropping to the mat. Lucy Baddock was out. The referee called for the bell. Noel Zelig had won the match, with Lucy passing out in the Koji Clutch.

After the match the referee handed Noel the FFP Ironwoman Title. She held it in one hand and knelt down by her friend, checking to make sure she was okay. The match was a great one. Back and forth and very competitive. Surely Lucy was disappointed, but they put on an amazing match.

Handicap Match
Matt Kraven vs Population Control

Now it was time for the handicap match. Morgan Alexander called it the certain death of Matt Kraven. Kraven looked reluctant as he came to the ring. And Population Control came out looking bigger and scarier than ever. And Stuart Cavanaugh came out with them. The rules were that Zeke and Able would need to tag in and out, giving Matt Kraven a little more of a chance only having to go one-on-one with both men. But let’s be honest, Kraven didn’t stand a chance did he?

He had periods of offense, using some hard kicks to the leg to slow Zeke and Able down. But the big men used their power to force Kraven into their corner, there they could double team him often.

At one point in the match Matt rammed Able into Zeke, knocking Zeke off of the apron. Kraven then hit a running knee to Able before somehow being able to muscle Able up for a German suplex. Kraven then waited as Able began getting back up. Matt was going to attempt the Superkick. But Zeke reached in and grabbed Matt’s leg. Matt turned and tried to kick at Zeke, but the distraction was enough for Able to charge and hit Kraven with an avalanche in the corner. Able then tagged in Zeke. The two men hoisted Kraven into the air and hit him with a spine jarring spike powerbomb. But they weren’t done. The two hoisted Kraven up for two more of the same spike powerbombs with each being harder than the last.

Finally, Zeke made the cover and got the three count. Population Control had decimated Matt Kraven.

After the match Stuart Cavanaugh got in the ring and said something to Zeke and Able. Able then went to the outside and grabbed a table. They set it up inside the ring, but before they could do anything with it Odell Porter sprinted to the ring. Porter had suffered the same beat down from Population Control.

Odell tried to help Kraven out, hitting a couple shots on one of the big men, but they flattened him. Zeke then put Kraven up on the table, and the duo hoisted Odell up and spike powerbombed him onto Kraven, sending both men through the table.

Finally Stuart lifted his tag team’s arms in victory before walking with them toward the back.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Masina vs Brandi Moore
It wasn’t normal to see Brandi Moore be the underdog in a match. The FFP Hall of Famer had accomplished about everything there could be to accomplish in FFP. And now she was looking to end the impressive and dominant Women’s Title reign of Masina.

Masina used her power to toss Brandi around the ring. And got a close two count after blasting Brandi with a clothesline that send the challenger hitting the mat so hard that the back of her head slammed hard. Masina pulled Brandi back up and picked her up on her shoulders for a Samoan Drop. But Brandi reversed it into a spinning DDT. Brandi then got back to her feet and as Masina got to her hands and knees, Moore hit the End Game. She had defeated the likes of Veronica Clyne, Taylor Clawson and Nina Fox with that move. Brandi made the cover. 1…2… and Masina kicked out. But Brandi was feeling the momentum.

As Masina began to get back up again, Brandi hit her with a hard kick to the chest, then planted her with another DDT. Brandi stood again, setting Masina up for another End Game. As Masina began to push herself up again, Brandi blasted her. Masina looked down and out. But Brandi didn’t go for the pin. Instead, she backed away, looking for one more End Game. If she hit the third End Game, not only could she possibly injure Masina, but she would most definitely be able to get the three count.

As Masina began to move, Brandi sized her up. She charged at the Women’s Champion attempting a third brutal End Game. But somehow Masina charged as well and flattened Brandi with a spear. A spear from hell. Brandi hit the mat hard. The impact was nearly barbaric. But Masina wasn’t done! She pulled Moore back up, holding her by her hair and yelling at her. Masina then blasted the Hall of Famer with a Samoan Spike. But again, Masina wasn’t done. Masina now hit the ropes, and hit Brandi with a Big Splash. She hooked Brandi’s leg and got the three count. Masina was still the FFP Women’s Champion.

After the match Masina was presented her title, and she left the ring with a smile on her face. And in the meantime, Brandi was slow to come to, but finally pulled herself into a sitting position. The Detroit crowd cheered her on for her incredibly brave performance. Then, music hit.

Giovanni Gotch came down to the ring. Gotch grabbed a microphone and said that it was a shame that she wasn’t featured on the pay-per-view. Giovanni said that if she would have taken the place of Brandi, that she would have walked out of Throwback as the new FFP Women’s Champion, but instead the FFP crowd had to watch pitiful washes up Brandi Moore lose again.

Brandi stood up, and ripped the microphone out of Gotch’s hand. Brandi said that Giovanni thought she was good but wasn’t featured on the show because absolutely no one cared about her. Gotch retaliated by kicking Brandi in the gut. Moore stumbled back. Gotch then muscled her up and hit her finisher, the Hellacious Powerbomb. Taylor Clawson rushed to the ring to help her best friend, but Gotch quickly made her exit through the crowd.

Joey DeMarco was backstage to hype up his interview segment on the Christmas edition of Tuesday Night Wrestling. DeMarco said he would be interviewing the FFP Adrenaline Champion Duncan Wright Jr.

FFP World Title
(c) Miles Lynch w/ The Conglomerate vs Christopher Morgan w/ Lux
It was time for the main event! And what a big fight feel. Christopher Morgan looked to be the only person at FFP Throwback to force a title change, but he had quite the mountain to climb, especially with Stuart Cavanaugh’s Conglomerate at ringside.

Miles Lynch got the advantage early when Stuart Cavanaugh got onto the apron and distracted Morgan enough for Lynch to land a solid kick to the kidney. Lynch pummeled Morgan down, attempting several pins to try to make quick work of Morgan. Lynch then went for his old finisher the Flatliner, but Christopher escaped the attempt and rocked Miles with a jumping knee to the jaw. Then, he planted Miles with a side suplex, dropping him right on the back of his head. Morgan looked out to Cavanaugh and made the cut throat motion. He then pulled Miles up and planted him with the Tiger Driver! Brian Young shouted out that that could be it for Miles Lynch’s 237 day World Title reign. Morgan covered the Champion. 1…2… and Lynch kicked out! Miles Lynch kicked out at two. But Christopher had been in high stress matches before. He stayed in the right frame of mind, continuing to work Miles Lynch down.

Morgan took Lynch up to the top turnbuckle and proceeded to hit a superplex. Cavanaugh got up on the apron again, but this time Christopher shoved him off. But when Morgan turned back toward Lynch, Miles hit him with a hard European uppercut. The move sent Morgan down to his back. Lynch then began hitting Morgan with repeated stomps and kicks.

Lynch stayed on the offensive, hitting a ghostbuster and a back suplex into the corner, dropping the back of Morgan’s head onto the turnbuckle. Lynch also whipped Morgan out to the outside of the ring and grabbed the referee to distract him. Meanwhile, Population Control pounded on Morgan before sending him back into the ring. Miles then set Christopher up for the Northern Lights Bomb, but Christopher was able to reverse into a small package. 1…2… and Lynch was able to kick out. But Morgan charged him and hit him with a Claymore kick. Christopher had the upperhand again. But as he set Miles up for the Tiger Driver, Lux had climbed up onto the ring apron. Morgan paused for a moment, noticing her and wondering what she was doing. But Lynch was able to escape Christopher’s grip and shove him back. The challenger stumbled back and made contact with Lux, sending her crashing to the arena floor. An honest mistake.

Lynch then charged Morgan again, but Christopher ducked and back body dropped Lynch over the top. Christopher then went to the outside to check on Lux, and make sure he didn’t hurt her. Stuart Cavanaugh climbed into the ring to talk to the referee. Morgan Alexander was sure Cavanaugh was going to tell the referee to eject Lux from ringside. But as the referee and Cavanaugh spoke, Miles grabbed the World Title from the time keeper and blasted Morgan in the back of the head while he was checking on Lux. Lynch then pulled Christopher up and sent him back into the ring. Lynch made the cover as Cavanaugh climbed back out of the ring.

1…2… and Christopher kicked out. Barely. It was close. Cavanaugh even reprimanded the official. But Miles reassured Stuart. He pulled Morgan back to his feet and planted him with the Northern Lights Bomb. That had to be the end. Morgan was hurt. Miles hooked his leg, but at the same time Lux rolled into the ring. The referee turned to her, trying to get her to get out of the ring. Stuart Cavanaugh yelled at the ref to get her out of the ring. And Lynch turned his attention to Lux as well. Christopher had enough time to push himself up, and as Lynch turned his attention back to the challenger, Morgan caught him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Lynch began to get up again, but Christopher scooped him up and hit a gut buster across the knee. Miles Lynch seemed to be in trouble.

Zeke and Able climbed onto the apron, but Christopher was able to hit them both with punches that knocked them off the ring apron. Morgan then turned back to Miles Lynch, and successfully drove him to the mat with the Tiger Driver. The referee was still dealing with Lux, so Morgan grabbed him. He motioned for Lux to get out of the ring. But Lux grabbed Christopher and planted him with a kiss on the lips. Morgan was confused. He looked at Lux with a puzzled look. But then, she blasted him with a kick to the groin. Morgan collapsed to the mat as an evil grin grew on Lux’s face. Stuart Cavanaugh quickly got the referee’s attention, telling him to not disqualify Miles.

Lynch then pulled Christopher Morgan up and planted him with the Northern Lights Bomb. Lynch made the cover and Cavanaugh demanded the referee make the count. The referee reluctantly did as he was told. 1…2…3! Miles Lynch retained the World Championship.

Miles stood up and Stuart handed him his World Title. Lux then ran to Miles and jumped into his arms. The couple shared a kiss in the center of the ring as Lynch reached down and groped Lux’s backside, standing right over top of the unconscious Christopher Morgan. It was all a ploy. Lux was out in Christopher’s corner so that she could screw him and assist in a successful title defense. Cavanaugh was all smiles as the two continued to make out in the ring. Population Control joined the owner of FFP and the World Champion in the ring as confetti fell from the ceiling. The Conglomerate stood proudly in the ring as the Detroit crowd let their feelings be known, loud boos filled the arena. The show went off the air as Lynch held the World Title in the air as he kept his arm around Lux, apparently the newest member of The Conglomerate.

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