The Best Matches of 2018

We here at Full Force Pro would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas! This year has been the most successful for us here at Full Force Pro, and we look forward to the upcoming new year.

But, let’s not fast forward too fast. Christmas is a time to celebrate, get together with family, enjoy gives and enjoy ourselves. So, in the spirit of giving, here is a special treat from all of us to you. Please enjoy FFP’s best matches of 2018. From Japan to New York, from Michigan to Florida. Enjoy the likes of Matt Kraven, Trent Wolfe, Aiden Conrad, Noel Zelig, Nina Fox and Veronica Clyne.

Please enjoy the ten matches that the FFP staff have voted as the best of 2018. And Merry Christmas.

03/18/2018 | FFP Tokyo Rumble | Tokyo, Japan
FFP World Title
(c) Matt Kraven w/ Amanda Kraven vs Trent Wolfe

Trent Wolfe came out first with a big ovation from the Tokyo crowd. Matt Kraven came out next with Amanda Kraven by his side. Before the match started however, Amanda Kraven grabbed the microphone and said she had a surprise for Matt. Then, a couple of women from Japan came out and presented Matt with huge bouquets of flowers. They bowed to him as he accepted their flowers. Amanda was all smiles, clapping as the ceremony happened. Trent Wolfe was obviously growing impatient.

When the match finally started, Trent stood calmly in his corner. Kraven stormed out, charging at Wolfe. Wolfe raised a knee and cracked the incoming champion in the jaw. Kraven fell prone to the mat. Was he out already?! Wolfe covered the World Champion. 1…2… and Matt Kraven kicked out. It was so close! That quickly we almost saw the World Title change hands. Trent grabbed Kraven, but Matt was able to get out of his grip and escape to the outside of be ring. Amanda checked on him, while he took deep breaths. He knew he was so close to losing that title.

Kraven reentered the rjng. This time he charged at Wolfe attempting a clothesline. Trent ducked the attack and caught Kraven with a German suplex. After the impact Kraven rolled back, trying to get to his feet, but Wolfe charged, going for another knee to the jaw. Matt ended up jumping inbetween the top and middle rope to escape. All of the momentum was with Trent Wolfe. And Matt Kraven was having a hard time. The Tokyo crowd continued cheering for Trent. Meanwhile Kraven spoke with his wife on the outside of the ring, covering his ears to try not to listen to the crowd cheering for the challenger.

Kraven finally got back into the ring and this time took things slow. He locked up with Trent and grabbed him in a headlock. Wolfe sent Matt off into the ropes and attempted another knee to the jaw. Wolfe was attempting to put an end to the match quick. But Kraven dodged it this time and hit a dropkick. When Wolfe got back to his feet Matt hit another. Then a hip toss. Kraven turned to the crowd and out his arms up. Apparently he felt he had proved something. But when he turned back around he was struck with a kick to the skull, rocking the champion. Trent then grabbed Kraven and hooked him for his finisher, the Bloody Sunday. Kraven fought out and hit Trent with a hard clothesline. He laid in a couple boots, then went to the top rope.

Wolfe got back to his feet, and Kraven hit a flying double axehandle, shades of “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Kraven then went back up to the top rope and hit a beautiful moonsault. The momentum was beginning to swing in Kraven’s favor. After going for a pin and only getting a two count, Matt waited for Wolfe to get back to his feet. Kraven then hit him with a gruesome chop block to the front of the knee. Wolfe went down hard. Kraven laid a couple stomps to his knee and slapped on a figure four leg lock. Wolfe was in pain, but wasn’t about to give up. He reached and stretched for the rope. He also tried like hell to scoot himself and Kraven closer and closer to the ropes. Finally, he reached out and grabbed the bottom rope. Kraven had to release the hold, although he kept it on as long as he could without getting disqualified. Kraven then grabbed his leg and pulled him back in the center of the ring. He grabbed Wolfe’s leg again, but this time Trent was able to use his other leg to connect with a kick that sent Kraven stumbling back. Trent got back to his feet, but Matt hit a dropkick to the knee. Then, he slapped the figure four right back on. Wolfe let out a groan. Obviously in a lot of pain, the challenger was trying everything he could to get out of the hold. He reached and stretched for the ropes again. And this time Amanda Kraven went to the side of the ring that Trent was aiming for, and began pulling the rope back. The referee however saw this, and demanded that Amanda leave he ringside area.

Amanda was irate, screaming at the official. But he said that she had to leave ringside. As he argued with her, Kraven went to the outside and grabbed a steel chair. Amanda continued arguing, and keeping the referee distracted. Trent Wolfe got up to his feet, walking with a noticeable limp. Matt then leveled him with a chairshot to the head. Wolfe fell to the mat. Now bleeding from the chairshot. Matt tossed the chair out of the ring and Amanda agreed to leave. Kraven made the cover as the referee was finally able to pay attention to the match.

1…2… kickout! What?! Brian Young and Morgan Alexander couldn’t believe it. Neither could Kraven. He turned to the official and demanded that he ring the bell. Kraven kept saying, that was three! Matt turned around to see Trent Wolfe trying to get back to his feet. Dawning a crimson mask, the tattooed Brit was hellbent on surviving this, and walking out the World Champion. But Matt had other plans. Kraven grabbed Wolfe, and scooped him up onto his shoulders. But Wolfe was able to swing off of Matt’s shoulders, hooking Matt’s head and successfully spiking him to the mat with he Bloody Sunday! The crowd stood and cheered. Wolfe was groggy and couldn’t capitalize like he would have wanted. He slowly turned and draped his arm over Kraven’s chest. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Matt Kraven kicked out. The match continued!

Trent pulled Kraven up. Both men sweaty. Both men exhausted. And Wolfe’s face blood covered. He signaled for the end, and hooked Kraven for another Bloody Sunday, but Kraven spun out of Trent’s grip and hit a hard STO. He got back up and climbed up to the top rope. From there, he dropped a flying elbow on the challenger. But Kraven wasn’t done. He stepped into the corner, setting Trent up for the Superkick. Kraven went for the move, but Trent dodged it and hooked Matt’s head. Again, Wolfe planted Kraven with the Bloody Sunday! But this time it was too close to the side of the ring, and Kraven ended up rolling out of the ring. It didn’t even seem on purpose. It was just the way Kraven hit the mat.

Trent was obviously frustrated. Surely that would have been the end for Matt Kraven. Trent Wolfe would have been the new World Champion. But lucky for Kraven, he rolled out of the ring. Wolfe rolled to the outside. He pulled Kraven up, but Matt blasted him with a European uppercut. Then he shoved Trent backward. Wolfe stumbled back and ended up colliding with the steel ring post. Wolfe was knocked groggy. Kraven then sent Trent back into the ring. Wolfe was slowly pulling himself up, using the ring ropes. Matt scooped him up onto his shoulders and hit the Go to Sleep. The impact sent Trent stumbling back into the corner. So Matt grabbed his arm and pulled him forward again. Kraven scooped him up onto his shoulders once more, and hit another Go to Sleep! Kraven then fell on top of Wolfe’s motionless body. 1…2…3! Matt Kraven was still your FFP World Champion! And what a match!!!

Kraven rolled over and sat up. Exhausted. Covered in sweat. The referee handed him the World Championship. Amanda Kraven now ran to the ring to congratulate Matt. He rolled out of the ring and was greeted by a hug. She held his arm up in the air as they headed back toward the backstage area.

The Tokyo crowd stood and applauded for the match itself, but also for Trent Wolfe. He had sat up in the ring, but was still a little groggy. The crowd continued to cheer as Wolfe finally pushed himself up to his feet. He hadn’t been successful in winning the World Championship, but he put up one hell of a fight and gained everyone’s respect.

04/13/2018 | FFP Friday the 13th | Birmingham, AL
FFP World Title
(c) Matt Kraven w/ The System vs Deshaun Reed

So the main event was going on first! Deshaun got into the ring and Kraven immediately attacked. The System hasn’t even had a chance to get out of the ring before Kraven hit Deshaun with a couple kicks, a few forearms and a big spinebuster. It wasn’t looking good for Deshaun as Matt Kraven loaded up, getting ready for the Superkick. But as Kraven went for the move, Deshaun dodged and hit the World Champion with a snap German suplex. The momentum of the move made Kraven hit the mat, but flip back over and end up in his knees. Deshaun then cracked Kraven with a Superkick. Matt’s body went limp and he fell face first to the mat. Deshaun rolled Matt over and hooked his leg. The referee slid into position. 1…2… and Kraven barely kicked out in time!

Deshaun couldn’t believe it. He thought he had won. The System couldn’t believe it either. They all breathed a sigh of relief. But Deshaun wasn’t done. He took to the top rope. And hit a beautiful 450 Splash. He hooked he leg again. 1…2… and this time Amanda Kraven grabbed Matt’s leg and placed it in the bottom rope. Reed again thought he had won. He slapped the mat and stood back up. Now setting his sights on The System, Deshaun hit the ropes and dove over the top rope, landing on Everett Moses and Miles Lynch while Amanda Kraven high tailed it away from the challenger. Vanessa took possession of the World Title and went after Deshaun. She attempted to hit him with it, but he ducked and she cracked Miles Lynch right in the skull. Lynch felt back to the arena floor. Vanessa again attempted to hit Deshaun but he ducked it and she nearly hit Amanda Kraven. Kraven let out a scream as Vanessa put the brakes on. Everett Moses then tried to hit Deshaun from behind. Again Reed moved out of the way, and Moses crashed into Vanessa and Amanda Kraven. Sending both women to the arena floor.

The System had been wiped out, at least for the moment. Deshaun slid back into the ring to go at the World Champion again. But Kraven had gotten back up, and immediately hit Deshaun with a Superkick. Deshaun fell to the mat, and the World Champion made the cover. 1…2… and Deshaun kicked out! Brian Young couldn’t believe it. He shouted on commentary, “He kicked out! He kicked out!” Kraven pulled Reed back up to his feet and set him up for another Superkick. Deshaun was standing in the middle of me ring, groggy. Kraven went for the move, but Reed dodged it again and hit Kraven with a knee to the jaw. He then grabbed Matt and drove him to the mat with the Crash Landing! Kraven had to be out!

Deshaun hooked Matt Kraven’s leg. The referee again slid into position. 1…2… and suddenly the referee was pulled out of the ring by Everett Moses. The referee had landed in his feet, so he immediately began yelling at Everett. The camera picked up the referee screaming, “what the hell are you doing?!” Deshaun still had Matt Kraven pinned, so the referee went to get back inside the ring. So Everett blindsided him with a shot to the back of the head. The referee slammed into the apron of the ring and fell to the arena floor.

Everett now slid into the ring. Deshaun got up to try to fend off the monster, but Everett got his hands on Reed and hit him with a big slam, all of Everett’s weight coming down on top of the challenger. Moses now pulled Matt over top of Deshaun and exited the ring. But the referee was still absolutely knocked out. Moses pulled the ref up and slid him back into the ring, but he was still out cold. Finally a second referee rushed out from the back. He slid in and began making the count. 1…2… and Reed was somehow able to kick out. The Birmingham crowd exploded. They loved it. The match would continue.

Matt Kraven pulled Deshaun up. Kraven was obviously frustrated and surprised. He did not think Deshaun would give him this much fight. Kraven set Deshaun up for a piledriver, but Deshaun reversed into a back body drop. Matt Kraven was able to land on his feet, and immediately went for a Superkick. Reed moved out of the way and Matt inadvertently hit the referee. That’s two referees down in this match!

Kraven turned his attention back to Deshaun, but Reed cracked the Champion with a roaring elbow. Reed then scooped Kraven up and hit a beautiful Death Valley Driver. Miles Lynch now entered the ring. Deshaun caught a glimpse of Lynch, but it was too late. Miles hit him with a hard punch to the jaw. The sound echoed through the arena. Miles then took hold of the challenger and spiked him face first to the mat with the Flatliner. Miles then stood, looking down at Kraven who was just getting back to his feet. Lynch flashed a smirk and put his hand out, looking to almost present Kraven with Deshaun Reed lying motionless on the mat. Miles Lynch was set to challenge for the World Championship at FFP Devastation. Was this Lynch warning Kraven, saying “look at what I can do”?

Miles climbed out of the ring and Matt Kraven made the cover. The original referee for the match was finally gaining consciousness, and made the slow count. 1……2……3! Matt Kraven retained his World Championship, but needed a ton of help to do so.

Kraven rolled out of the ring and took possession of the World Title. He walked to the back with The System behind him. Except Miles Lynch, who had walked backstage after the Flatliner to Deshaun Reed.

After The System disappeared behind the curtain, and Deshaun had regained consciousness, the Birmingham crowd gave him a standing ovation. Reed waved to the crowd as he walked up the entrance ramp.

05/20/2018 | FFP Vendetta | Brooklyn, NY
FFP World Title
(c) Miles Lynch vs Hiroki Ito

Hiroki Ito came out first. Ito got loud cheers from the Brooklyn crowd, apparently many of the fans would have loved to see Hiroki win his first ever FFP World Championship right here tonight. The FFP World Champion came out next, but for the exact same reaction, cheers.

The match was brutal, with hard and stuff shots back and forth the entire time. Miles rocked Hiroki early with a hard elbow to the head, and a knee to the face. Ito fell to the mat and Miles went for the cover, but only got a two count. Lynch continued on the attack, raining strikes down on Hiroki’s back before hitting a snap suplex. Then, a running kick to the upper back. Miles pulled Ito up and hit a couple of European uppercuts and slammed him to the mat with a DDT. Lynch then climbed up to the middle rope and called Hiroki to get up. When the challenger reached his feet, Miles jumped off the middle rope, attempting a DDT. But Hiroki our the brakes on, catching Lynch and reversing into a Northern lights suplex. Hiroki bridges after the move and the referee slides into position. 1…2… and Lynch kicks out.

Both men scurry back to their feet and charge. Hiroki ducks a clothesline attempt and hits a jumping knee to the back of Lynch’s skull. He then grabs Lynch and hits him with a high angle back suplex. Lynch was rocked. He sat up, but was blasted with a running kick to the chest. Hiroki backed up again, and once again Lynch sat up. But, once again Hiroki hits a running kick to the chest. This happens once more, leaving a noticeable red welt across Lynch’s chest.

Hiroki now grabbed Miles, pulling him up to his feet. It looked as if Ito was attempting to scoop Miles up onto his shoulder for the Go to Sleep, but Miles hit a couple hard elbows to the side of Hiroki’s head. Lynch then grabbed Ito and planted him with the Flatliner! Miles hooked Hiroki’s leg for the pin. 1…2… and Hiroki kicked out. Lynch looked out to the crowd, then to the referee. Hiroki had kicked out of his finisher, and it was something that Miles wasn’t too happy about. He pulled Hiroki up and set him up for another Flatliner. But Hiroki elbowed his way out of the move, then grabbed Lynch’s arm and flipped him into a MMA style armbar. Lynch immediately began reaching for the ropes. If Ito could really lock this hold in the World Champion could be in a lot of trouble.

Lynch gritted his teeth, pulling the weight of Hiroki toward the ropes. Eventually, the Champion got to the ropes to force the break. But damage had been done to his arm. Ito released the hold and waited for Miles to get to his feet. He charged, and leveled Lynch with a knee to the ribs. Ito backed away, and did it again. Then, again. Hiroki went for a fourth, but Miles ducked and back body dropped Hiroki over the top. However, Ito landed feet first on the apron and cracked Miles with an elbow to the back of the head. Ito then slingshot himself back into the ring over the top rope, and cracked Lynch with another knee to the back of the head. Miles stumbles forward and fell to his hands and knees. Ito quickly grabbed Lynch, scooped him up and successfully hit the Go to Sleep! Hiroki lunged onto Miles for the pin. 1…2… and Miles was somehow able to get his shoulder up just before the three count.

The Brooklyn crowd was shocked. Morgan Alexander screamed, “how the hell did he kick out?!” Brian Young answered, “I have no idea!” Hiroki asks the referee if he was sure it was only a two count. Hiroki then turned back to Miles, bending over and grabbing Lynch by the hair. Miles grabbed Hiroki and was able to hook him in a small package pin. The ref made the count. 1…2… and Hiroki kicked out. Both men were quick to their feet, but Hiroki scooped Miles up and hit another Go to Sleep! The impact sent Miles stumbling backward and fell through the ropes, landing on the arena floor. Hiroki tried to grab Lynch before he fell to the floor, attempting to keep the Champion in the ring. You could see the disappointment in Hiroki’s face that Lynch had fallen out of the ring. If Miles wouldn’t have fallen out, surely Hiroki Ito would have got the three count.

Hiroki went to the outside and pulled Lynch up. He stuffed him back into the ring, and followed. Hiroki hooked Lynch’s leg, but Miles was able to kick out before the three. Hiroki slapped the mat out of frustration. He backed up and waited for Miles to start getting up. Ito then charged, going for a shining wizard. Lynch ducked the attempt and retaliated with a huge clothesline sending Hiroki crashing to the mat. Next, Miles pulled Hiroki up and spiked him to the mat with a DDT. Lynch dropped a couple of knees to the back of Hiroki’s head, then pulled the challenger back up and planted him with a piledriver. Miles then looked out into the crowd and called for the end. He pulled Hiroki back up and set him up for the Flatliner. This would be the second time Lynch hit the maneuver, but Hiroki escaped out of it after a couple of punches to the ribs. Ito then swung around Lynch’s body and attempted a back suplex. However, Miles went over top of Hiroki’s body, landing in his feet behind him. When the challenger turned around to face the champion again, Miles grabbed him and slammed him to the mat with the Flatliner. Lynch then hooked Hiroki’s leg for the pin. 1…2…3! Miles Lynch had successfully retained the FFP World Championship. And what a match it was!

After the match the referee handed the World Title to Lynch, who was sitting on his knees. He scooted over to Hiroki and patted him on the chest. It was one hell of a match, and Lynch knew that Hiroki had taken him to the limit. The Brooklyn crowd gave a standing ovation to both men. The show came to an end as Miles rolled out of the ring, clutching the World Championship in his arm as Hiroki lay in the center of the ring.

06/10/2018 | FFP Uprising | Orlando, FL
FFP Adrenaline Title | Cage Match
(c) Aiden Conrad vs Trent Wolfe

Another feud which was getting heated. Trent Wolfe came to Orlando to dish out some pain to Aiden, and win himself the Adrenaline Title. And he had the Orlando crowd completely behind him. Which was especially evident when after the match had been going back and forth, Aiden stopped to taunt, and the place filled with boos. Then, Trent put his arms out and the place blew up.

Wolfe gained the upperhand with a huge European uppercut and a running STO. That was when Trent made his first escape attempt, beginning to climb the cage. Conrad was able to get up and get ahold of Trent’s leg. Trent tried kicking away but Aiden successfully pulled him off of the cage and cracked him with an elbow to the head. Conrad then hit a swinging neckbreaker. He went to the top rope and proceeded to hit a flying knee drop. Aiden looked confident. He looked out at Pandora and winked. Then began to climb the cage. But Trent was up, albeit slow. Wolfe missed Conrad’s feet at first, but on the second try barely did. Aiden was nearly hanging halfway over the cage. Wolfe hit a couple of solid shots to Conrad’s lower back before turning him by his hair, and delivering a grueling and dangerous superplex from the top of the cage! Brian Young and Morgan Alexander freaked out! Both men could have ended their careers!

Both wrestlers slowly began to push their way up to their feet. Trent was first, with Aiden not far behind. They met in the middle of the ring where they began trading shots. Punches. Chops. Forearms. Open hand slaps across the chest. They both were left with bright red welts across their chest. Aiden went for a big kick, but Trent ducked it and blasted Aiden with a spinning clothesline. Wolfe looked up at the cage. Both men had taken a beating. Wolfe crawled to the side of the ring, and began to climb the cage. Aiden was moving toward the cage, but Trent was getting dangerously close to escape. So the FFP Tag Team Champions Matt and Billy Rich made their move, going to the side that Trent was on and started climbing toward him. Wolfe seemed to be in a pretty bad spot.

But just as the Rich Brothers began to interfere, getting ready to take shots at Trent, Wolfe began blasting them both with punches. Trent then slammed their heads together. But by this time Aiden had gotten to the side and began to repeatedly hit Trent from behind. Wolfe turned, and leapt into the air, hooking Aiden’s head and delivering an amazing blockbuster off the cage! Again, careers could have ended! Surely they had been shortened with this match!

Both men lie motionless on the mat below. But unfortunately for Trent, Matt and Billy had made their way into the cage. It was now three-on-one. Matt and Billy pulled Trent up and delivered a vicious spike powerbomb. Then, they began helping Aiden up, and attempting to get him up the cage. Both of the Tag Champs climbed, while holding Aiden and trying to pull him up the cage. And although Trent was still down, the tide changed. Because the returning Assault & Battery came out from backstage!

Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan rushed to ringside where they climbed up the cage and lit the Tag Champs up with rights and lefts. Eventually Hart and Lewan were able to pull Matt and Billy over the top of the cage. Matt and Billy fell to the arena floor, and fell victim to being launched into the steal guardrail by Assault & Battery.

Aiden was still clinging onto the cage, trying desperately to escape. But he was exhausted, and beaten down. Pandora finally began to scale the cage, reaching down and grabbing Aiden’s hands. She tried and tried to pull Aiden up. But Trent had finally gotten back up. He hit Aiden with a couple punches to the side. Then, he turned and set Aiden up for a powerbomb off the cage. Wolfe stood in the top rope, attempting to hit the move. But Pandora still had a hold of the champion. Wolfe finally muscled Aiden up and hit a huge powerbomb off the top rope. But Aiden still had a hold of Pandora, and she came crashing down as well, right on top of Aiden! Morgan Alexander exclamed that both had to be dead.

Trent smiled at the site of the chaos. He turned and pulled himself up to the top of the cage. He swung a leg over and looked down one more time. Aiden and Pandora were laid out. Trent then climbed down the cage and dropped to his feet on the arena floor. Trent Wolfe was the new FFP Adrenaline Champion.

Gregory and Kevin congratulated Trent as he was presented the championship.

06/10/2018 | FFP Uprising | Orlando, FL
FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Noel Zelig vs Katsumi Akiyama

This match began with a handshake. Gotta love the sportsmanship. Mutual respect between both women. And the crowd was behind them both 100%. Noel grabbed a headlock and took Katsumi down. Akiyama fought out using her legs to grapevine Noel’s head and escape. Katsumi caught an armdrag, and locked in a quick armbar. Back and forth, fast mat wrestling. That’s until Noel escaped a headlock takeover attempt and hit a dropkick. Katsumi hit the ground hard and rolled out of the ring. She looked at Noel with a smile on her face. They were loving it.

When Katsumi got back into the ring the two locked up. Noel hit Katsumi with a quick snap suplex. Katsumi got up, again seeming impressed with Noel. Locked up again, and this time Katsumi was the one hitting a snap suplex. Tit-for-tat. Noel got back up and the two went eye-to-eye. A little bit of trash talk was going on. Then, Katsumi hit Noel with a big chop across the chest. The crowd groaned. It had to hurt. But Noel returned the favor. Then Katsumi. Then Noel. Eventually the chops became forearms. Then punches. In a matter of moments this thing turned from a mat classic to a brawl. Katsumi got the upperhand with a jumping elbow to the head, then caught Noel with a German suplex. Katsumi made the cover. 1…2… and Noel kicked out. Close one!

Katsumi stayed on the champion, pulling her back up, hitting three chops across the chest and whipping her into the ropes. Katsumi went for a spinning back kick, but Noel ducked it and cracked the Japanese superstar with a Superkick. Akiyama stumbled back from the move, then fell victim to a rolling heel kick. Katsumi stumble back again but fell to her knees. Noel jumped back to her feet and hit a shining wizard. Zelig continued her assault, pulling Akiyama back up and hitting a back elbow, then a Flatliner. Katsumi was in trouble. Noel hooked the leg. 1…2… and Katsumi kicked out. But when she did, Noel grabbed her arm and hooked on an armbar, Ronda Rousey style.

Katsumi scooted as close to the ropes as she could before Noel got the move completely locked. The proof of a ring veteran. Akiyama reached for the ropes, mainly using her legs as Noel continued to wrench on the arm. Katsumi was finally able to reach the ropes with her feet. The hold had to be broken. That didn’t stop Noel’s attack though. She allowed Katsumi to get up, but went at her. Katsumi ducked and back body dropped Noel over the top, but Zelig caught herself on the apron. Then hit Katsumi with s jumping kick to the head. Katsumi stumbled toward the middle of the ring. Noel went for a springboard clothesline, but Katsumi caught her by the arm in the air, and was able to catch her into a crossface as soon as she hit the mat. Noel seemed to be in trouble, attempting to use her free arm to break Katsumi’s grip. But to no avail.

Noel attempted to wrap her free arm around Katsumi and turn her into a pinning position, but Katsumi was able to rock back down so Noel was on her chest. Katsumi really began wrenching on the champion’s head, torquing her neck. Zelig was trapped. And things weren’t looking good. Brian Young even said it may be wise to submit, and not risk injury. But Noel continued fighting, reaching out for the ropes, as well as using her feet to attempt to push her toward the ropes. It was working, but very little. And the more she moved, the more pressure was applied on her neck.

Noel attempted to swing Katsumi back onto her shoulders again. But this time, Katsumi let go, rolling onto her feet. Then, when Zelig began getting up, Akiyama blasted her with a running knee to the head. Noel’s body collapsed. Katsumi quickly rolled her over for the cover. 1…2… and Noel kicked out. Barely! The crowd couldn’t believe it. Katsumi looked a little shocked, but knew she needed to take advantage of having the upperhand. She pulled Noel back up and hit a back suplex, folding Noel in half. What a suplex! Katsumi stepped back, waiting for the champion to get back to her feet. When Noel finally did, Katsumi went for a kick to the skull again. Noel ducked, and rolled Katsumi into a school boy pin. Akiyama wasn’t expecting it, but was able to kick out before the three. Then, she cracked Noel with a devastating kick to the side of the head. Zelig again collapsed to the mat.

Katsumi called for her finish. She pulled Noel up and set her up for the Tiger Suplex. Noel tried to fight out of the move. If she could free her arms, she’d be in a good position. But Katsumi locked her fingers. Noel finally pushed back, using her legs to run backwards, ramming Katsumi’s back into the corner. Noel had to do it once more to break Katsumi’s grip. Noel then hit a back elbow. She rolled forward, jumped up and hit a splash in the corner. Katsumi stumbled out of the corner, and Noel jumped to the middle turnbuckle. She proceeded to hit a diamond dust. Noel went for the cover. 1…2… and Katsumi got her leg on the bottom rope.

Noel didn’t miss a beat. She pulled Katsumi up and planted her with a devastating Jumping Piledriver. Noel’s finisher. That had to be it, right? She covered the challenger. 1…2… KICKOUT! WHAT?! Noel couldn’t believe it. She looked like she was nearly in tears. What did she have to do to keep Katsumi down?!

She pulled Katsumi up and took her to the corner. Noel placed her up into the top turnbuckle and climbed up with her. Was she going for a superplex, or a frankensteiner? Neither! Noel hit an impressive overhead belly-to-belly suplex off the top turnbuckle! “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Morgan Alexander exclaimed. Noel scurried over to Katsumi and hooked her leg. 1…2… kickout! Again! What?!

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” again came from Morgan’s mouth. Katsumi Akiyama wasn’t human! Noel took a deep breath. She got up and approached Katsumi again. She pulled Akiyama to her knees, but Katsumi broke Noel’s grip and hit her with an open hand slap across the face. The shot echoed. Noel then pulled Katsumi up by her multi-color hair and spiked her with another Jumping Piledriver. But Zelig wasn’t done there. She pulled the challenger up and hit ANOTHER Jumping Piledriver. Had to be it. Had to be…

Noel covered Katsumi. 1…2…3! Noel Zelig had successfully retained the FFP Ironwoman Championship in a war of a match!

After the match the referee awarded the title to Noel. With tears in her eyes she accepted it. Then she knelt down by Katsumi, checking on her opponent. Eventually Katsumi regained consciousness. She shook Noel’s hand and embraced her. Sportsmanship to the end.

Katsumi rolled out of the ring and allowed Noel to take center stage and celebrate with the championship. The crowd gave both women a well deserved standing ovation.

07/04/2018 | FFP 4th of July | Atlanta, GA
FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Noel Zelig vs Veronica Clyne

What a match this was. The match began with a handshake. But then, the two women got down to business. Hard strikes. High impact moves. Mat wrestling. This match had it all. After Noel missed a lariat, Veronica slammed her to the mat with a German suplex. Zelig popped back, but fell victim to a lariat. Then, another German suplex. When Noel got up the next time, Veronica muscled her up onto her shoulders for the Go to Sleep. Noel dropped off of Clyne’s shoulders and shoved Veronica forward. Noel went for a clothesline, but Clyne ducked it and scooped Noel up for the Go to Sleep again. She went for the move, but Noel caught Clyne’s leg in the process. Then, she was able to dump Veronica over with an Exploder Suplex. Veronica hit the mat hard, and her momentum sent her rolling to the outside of the ring.

The crowd was already hooked. And when Veronica got back to her feet, Noel charged, successfully hitting a suicide dive sending Clyne falling onto the entrance ramp. Noel quickly pulled Veronica up and sent her back into the ring. The momentum was completely hers. She pulled Clyne up and set her up for her finisher, the Jumping Piledriver. Brian Young made not of Veronica’s past with concussions, saying the Jumping Piledriver could end up really doing damage. But Clyne reversed it by back body dropping Noel. Zelig attempted to quickly get back to her feet, but she was met with a couple of awesome kicks to the chest. Clyne then scooped Noel up and hit a spinning scoop powerslam. Veronica hooked Zelig’s leg for he pin. 1…2… and Noel kicked out.

Clyne pulled Noel back up. She looked to be setting the champion up for one of her old finishing moves, the Vertabreaker! Morgan Alexander screamed it out. “The Vertabreaker! She’s going for the Vertabreaker”. But Noel was able to escape Veronica’s grasp. Zelig hit the ropes and delivered a Claymore Kick, flooding Clyne. Noel then made the cover. 1…2… and Clyne kicked out. Noel pulled Clyne back up, and again set her up for the Jumping Piledriver. Clyne muscled out of Noel’s grip. And hit her with a stiff forearm to the chest. Zelig retaliated with a knife edge chop. Veronica then hit another forearm. Noel answered back with a European uppercut. The crowd loved the back and forth strikes. Both ladies weren’t afraid of some hard loud shots. Eventually Veronica got the upperhand. After another couple of forearms and a spinning back elbow, Clyne sent Noel into the ropes. She ducked to back body drop the champion, but Zelig put on the brakes and surprised Clyne with the Jumping Piledriver! Morgan Alexander shouted, “that’s it! It’s over!”

Noel hooked Clyne’s leg. Securely in the middle of the ring. The referee slid into position. 1…2… and Veronica kicked out! “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Brian Young shouted. Noel looked puzzled too. She asked the referee just to make sure. Then she looked down at FFP’s first ever Hall of Famer. Noel pulled Clyne back up. Clyne was groggy. Pretty out of it. Noel proceeded to hit a German suplex on Veronica. But she wasn’t done there. She pulled Clyne back up and hitting a stalling Fisherman Brainbuster. Clyne had taken some punishment following the two count. So Zelig made another pin attempt. 1…2… and Clyne kicked out again!

Zelig once again looked up at the referee. You could even read her lips. “How?” She brushed her hair out of her face and bent over to grab Veronica again. As she began pulled Clyne up, Veronica hooked her into a small package. It surprised the champion, but she kicked out after a one count. Both women got back to their feet and charged at each other. But Clyne connected with a jumping knee to the chin. The blow sent Noel down to the mat. It was a solid blow to the chin. Clyne about fall onto Noel after the strike. But she pulled the champion up and scooped her onto her shoulders. Then, Clyne successfully hit the Go to Sleep. Another knee to the face! No way Noel’s title reign could survive! Clyne hooked the leg. 1…2… and Zelig kicked out! What?! No way!

Veronica now was the one looking puzzled at the referee. But she’d been to the dance far more often than Noel. She knew she had to stay on top of the Champion. So she pulled Zelig up, and set her up for the Vertabreaker one more time. But Noel was somehow able to use the power in her legs and back to pick Veronica up on her shoulders before she could get the move started. Zelig proceeded to dumb Veronica on the back of her head with the One Winged Angel. But Noel couldn’t capitalize. Both women were spent. They both lie on the mat.

Noel finally crawled over to Veronica and draped her arm over her for the pin. 1…2… and Clyne was somehow able to get her shoulder up just in time. Brian You told the FFP Network audience that if Noel would have been able to hook Veronica’s leg, he feels it would have been over. Morgan Alexander agreed. Noel tried grabbing a hold of Veronica, but like in the early Honor Title Match, Clyne was able to grab a hold of Noel’s arm and pull her down to the mat. Veronica then floated over Noel and grabbed her legs. Quickly, Clyne was able to lock in the Sharpshooter. Noel was in pain. The torque on her lower back was obviously excruciating. Veronica screamed out as she wrenched back on Noel’s legs. Zelig screamed out too, in agony. She reached out for be ropes. She surely could feel the Ironwoman Title reign slipping out of her finger tips. Zelig tried using her hands and elbows to power her and Clyne toward the ropes. She was reaching. Screaming. Stretching. Crying. The pain was so much. Brian Young was sure Noel was moments away from submitting. Zelig placed her hands on the mat and began pushing herself up. Eventually, she was able to break the hold! But, Veronica still had a hold of Noel’s legs. And after repositioning herself, she was able to stand back up and easily reapply the Sharpshooter.

Noel was in a lot of trouble. She reached out again, shouting, stretching, clawing at the mat. She reached back, grabbing Clyne’s leg, trying to get her off balance and make her fall forward to release the hold. After several grueling moments, Noel’s plan worked. She forced Veronica to fall forward, freeing herself from the hold. Zelig rolled to the edge of the ring, and ended up on her feet on the outside. Veronica Clyne knew she needed to capitalize. So she charged, attempting a baseball slide dropkick. But Noel dodged, and when did Clyne hit the mat Noel hit her with a solid right hand to the face. Clyne stumbled back and fell to her knee. Noel then hit a hard kick across the chest, and slid back into the ring. She was favoring her back. It was clearly hurt bad from the Sharpshooter.

Zelig stayed in the ring as Clyne climbed back in. She approached Noel, who hit a rising European uppercut that nearly knocked Veronica down. Veronica fired back with a right hand. They began trading shots. Back and forth. But Noel blocked a punch attempt and cracked Clyne with a headbutt. Then, a jumping knee strike to the chin. Veronica was stumbling back, and Noel charged flooring her with a hellacious spear. Clyne was down, with Noel knelt down beside her. Zelig pulled Veronica up and proceeded to hit the Jumping Piledriver. The crowd blew up, cheering for the finishing move. Zelig looked over at Veronica’s motionless body. She got up on her knees and brushed the hair out of her face. Then she pulled Veronica up again, and hit ANOTHER Jumping Piledriver. But Noel wasn’t done yet. She pulled the challenger up, and hit one more Jumping Piledriver! “She’s gonna kill her!” Morgan Alexander yelled. Exhausted, Noel hooked Veronica’s leg. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! Noel Zelig has successfully defended the FFP Ironwoman Title in one hell of a war, against arguably the greatest woman wrestler in FFP history. The crowd stood in appreciation. Cheering on both women. The crowd adored both women. And more importantly, they respected both women.

After Noel was presented the title, she set it to the side and checked on Veronica. She helped her get to a seated position and the two talked. Noel wrapped Veronica in a hug before taking the title and leaving the ring. The crowd cheered as Noel Zelig left the ringside area with her championship. They also cheered Veronica Clyne, who was still seated in the middle of the ring. The event came to a close as Veronica rolled out of the ring and headed toward the backstage area.

08/19/2018 | FFP Glory | Chicago, IL
FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Trent Wolfe vs Duncan Wright Jr

These two wrestlers went to war for the Adrenaline Title a few weeks back, and this time was no different. The match began with a lot of mat wrestling, transitioning into some huge stiff shots. Back and forth shots that the Chicago crowd got louder and louder with each one. Wolfe rocked Duncan with a couple of hard forearms, and took him down with a running STO. He rolled over to grab Duncan in a front facelock. As DW Jr tried to fight out, Trent rolled him over onto his back. Trent went for a big knee drop, but Duncan rolled out of the way, and hit a hard kick across Trent’s chest. The shot echoed throughout the arena. It was obviously painful. Trent began to get back up, but DW Jr hit another hard kick to the chest. He went for a third, but Wolfe caught his leg. He threw it off to the side, causing Duncan to spin to the left, but when he spun back around he hit Trent with a hellacious elbow to the head. Wolfe went down hard, and Duncan made the cover. 1…2… and Trent kicked out. But it was close. Close to being over early!

Duncan rolled Wolfe over and locked in a short arm scissors. Wolfe fought to get out of the hold, and eventually reached out and grabbed the rope, forcing the break. Trent got back up, but DW Jr hit an armdrag, then locked in another shirt arm scissors. Wolfe got out of it again after rolling his body back and forth and getting a foot on the leg. When Wolfe got up again, DW Jr went for another armdrag, but Wolfe dodged the attempt, grabbed Duncan and rolled him back. But instead of pinning Duncan, Trent stood back up. The challenger rolled to his knees and Wolfe cracked him with a bicycle knee to the jaw. Wright’s body went limp for a moment. Trent went for the cover. 1…2… and Duncan kicked out.

Wolfe pulled Duncan back up, and hit a stalling suplex. Then, he dropped a knee on Duncan’s chest and went for another cover. But Wright kicked out at two again. Wright began to fight back up. Wolfe grabbed him in a headlock, but Wright attempted to break free. They tussled back and forth before Duncan shoved Trent forward into the corner. DW Jr then charged, but Trent stepped to the side and the challenger hit the corner. When he came out of the corner, Trent hit a discuss elbow to the back of his head. Wright stumbled forward to his knees, with his head on the middle turnbuckle. Trent then charged, hitting a running knee to the back of the head. Surely, Duncan was knocked out.

Wolfe went for the cover. 1…2… and Duncan was able to place his foot on the bottom rope to break the pin. But it was close. Brian Young was sure that Duncan was nearly knocked out for that moment. Trent pulled Duncan up and now hit a jackhammer. He backed up, waiting for DW Jr to get back to his feet. The Englishman was slow to get up. He got up to his knees and the champion charged. Wolfe went for another knee, but Duncan dodged it. He grabbed Wolfe from behind and hit a half-and-half suplex. Wolfe fought to get back up to his feet. Now the tables had turned. Trent was the one who was groggy. Duncan grabbed him again and hit a reverse Exploder Suplex. Wolfe was down, and he was in trouble. He pushed himself up, and was immediately blasted with a running dropkick to the head. The impact sent Trent rolling. He ended up falling off of the apron onto the arena floor, which was probably lucky for Trent Wolfe because DW Jr couldn’t go for a cover.

Wright went to the outside after the champion. He pulled Trent up and rolled him back into the ring. He got in after the champion and stood, waiting for Trent to get back to his feet. Morgan Alexander said that he was impressed with both men, but that it seemed like Duncan brought the fight tonight. As Trent got back to his feet, Duncan sized him up, and blasted him with a lariat. Wolfe went down hard. DW Jr then made the cover. 1…2… and Trent kicked out! Brian Young said he couldn’t believe it. He said that the fight in Trent Wolfe was amazing.

Wolfe pulled Trent back up. After hitting a couple of forearms to the jaw, Duncan blasted Wolfe with another lariat. Trent went down hard. But the challenger wasn’t done. He pulled Wolfe up once more, and hit ANOTHER lariat! Now, Duncan went for the cover, securely hooking the leg.

1…2… and Trent Wolfe kicked out AGAIN! “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Brian Young exclaimed. Duncan looked at the referee, then out to the crowd. He had to be thinking, “what do I have to do to beat this guy?!” He pulled Trent up and placed him up on the top turnbuckle. DW Jr joined Trent up there, setting him up for a superplex. But Trent began hitting punches to the ribs of the challenger. They began to trade shots. Punches, forearms, to the head and the body. Wolfe eventually got the upperhand after driving his elbow repeatedly into Duncan’s head. Wolfe then grabbed Wright and hit a falcon arrow off the top rope!

Wolfe was hurt. So was DW Jr. Wolfe slowly crawled toward the downed challenger. He draped his arm over Duncan’s chest. 1…2… and Duncan Wright Jr kicked out JUST before the three count! The Chicago crowd went crazy. What a match! Both men seemed spent. Duncan hooked his arm around Trent’s. And after a short struggle, Duncan flipped his body over Wolfe, locking in a bridging Fujiwara armbar. Wolfe was in pain. Immediately he began reaching for the ropes. He wasn’t quite in the middle of the ring, but he wasn’t close to the ropes either. And Duncan was really pulling up in Trent’s arm. The crowd actually groaned at how far Wright had the arm bent back. And to make it worse, he was using his body weight to pull the arm further and further with every pull.

Trent let out a scream. Both men were covered in sweat, bruised and exhausted. Wolfe reached back to try to break the hold, reaching for Duncan’s hands. But he couldn’t break the hold. Trent Wolfe then finally tapped out. Duncan Wright Jr had ended the 70-day Adrenaline Title reign of Trent Wolfe.

After the match Duncan rolled over and sat down. Wolfe rolled over, clutching his shoulder. The Adrenaline Title was presented to Duncan, who grabbed the belt and stared into it. He turned and reached his hand out to Trent. But Wolfe shook his head and rolled out of the ring. He walked up the entrance ramp, still clutching his shoulder. Duncan seemed a little disappointed that Trent didn’t accept his handshake, but he turned and raised the championship in the air. The Chicago crowd gave both men a standing ovation.

08/19/2018 | FFP Glory | Chicago, IL
Who is the Real Icon of FFP?
Christopher Morgan vs Daniel Matthews

This match had huge hype. And the Chicago crowd seemed to be split about down the middle. Tons of Daniel Matthews signs, but Christopher Morgan Signs as well. Brian Young hyped this one as being one of the biggest matches in FFP history, if not THE biggest.

Opening part of the match was pretty typical, with both men trying not to open themselves up to any kind of mistake that could cost them the match. Solid strikes, technical moves, a hip toss by Daniel, a dropkick by Christopher. Matthews got the first advantage rocking Morgan with an elbow to the jaw that knocked Christopher to his butt. Daniel charged, going for a soccer kick, but Morgan laid down to avoid it and rolled Matthews up, but only for a count of one. Then both men popped back up. And the crowd went crazy.

They locked up again. Daniel grabbed a headlock but Morgan backed him into the ropes and shot him off. Matthews dropped down and Christopher leapt over him, but as Daniel got back up Morgan hit a one foot dropkick to Daniel’s face. Christopher then grabbed a hold of Matthews and set him up for the Tiger Driver. But Daniel broke free and shoved Morgan back. Christopher put his fingers up as if to say, “you were that close”.

Daniel charged at Morgan who side stepped him. When Daniel came off the ropes Morgan caught him with a spinning powerslam. Daniel rolled out of the ring for a timeout. Christopher put his arms out in the air, taunting his rival. When Daniel got back into the ring it’s like the match started again. Both guys trying not to make a mistake. Morgan grabbed a front facelock, but Matthews got out of it by grabbing Christopher’s leg and pulling it out from under him. Daniel then hit a jumping elbow drop. Matthews got up and went to the corner. As Christopher got up Daniel charged, going for a clothesline but missing. When he turned around Morgan went for a right hand, but Matthews ducked it and caught Morgan with a high angle back suplex. He folded Morgan in half. He went for a quick cover, but only got a one count. Daniel then pulled Morgan back up and scooped him onto his shoulder. Daniel then slammed him down with a standing powerslam. He followed it up with a leg drop. Then a knee drop to the skull. He rolled Morgan over and now applied a traditional STF.

Matthews kept the grueling hold locked in. But Morgan eventually broke out and rolled to the outside. But Daniel got up, but the ropes and delivered a suicide dive to Christopher Morgan. The impact sent Morgan crashing back first into the steel guardrail. Daniel got up and acknowledged the crowd as they started a “Daniel Matthews” chant. But when he turned his attention back to Christopher, Morgan shoved Daniel back, his lower back slamming into the steel ring steps. Morgan then charged, going for s knee to Daniel’s ribs, but Daniel moved and Morgan slammed his knee into the steps. Daniel now grabbed Morgan from behind, hoisted him up and rammed him knee first into the steel ring post. He sent Christopher back into the ring and proceeded to attempt another pin. 1…2… and Morgan kicked out. But Daniel didn’t sweat it. Instead, he grabbed Morgan’s leg and dropped a couple of elbows to the inside of the knee. Then, he slapped in a figure four. Morgan was in a lot of pain, trying to get to the ropes, or turn the figure four over. When it looked like he was about to flip the both of them over, Daniel tilted back, rolling Christopher right back onto his back.

Christopher continued fighting for the ropes, putting a lot of pressure on his knee as he fought back toward the ropes. Finally, he was able to grasp the ropes. But the damage had been done. Most noticeable when Morgan got to his feet, and had to limp extremely bad to move around. Daniel didn’t help the situation (obviously), hitting a nasty chop block from behind. Morgan collapsed to the mat. His knee had to be in rough shape.

Daniel looked out into the crowd and called for his finisher. He scooped Christopher up onto his shoulders for the Death Valley Driver. Brian Young noted that if Matthews connected with this, it would have to be over. Morgan swung his legs, sliding off of Daniel’s shoulders and landing behind him. But as he landed it seemed as if he landed wrong in the bad knee, and he dropped down to his knees in pain. Daniel quickly took advantage and hit a shining wizard. He hooked Morgan’s leg. 1…2… and Christopher barely kicked out. It was CLOSE. Daniel pulled Morgan up, but Christopher grabbed Daniel’s trunks and pulled him forward, causing him to fall through the ropes and onto the apron. Both men got up, and Morgan connected with an elbow knocking Daniel to the arena floor.

This gave Christopher just a little time to recover. As Daniel began to pull himself up, Christopher slapped and rubbed his knee, trying to get some feeling back into it. Daniel slid back into the ring and Christopher went on the attack, pummeling Daniel before he could get to his feet. He pulled Matthews up and scooped him up for a bodyslam, but the weight of Matthews put more weight on Morgan’s knee, and he fell over. The knee being hurt was definitely coming into play. Daniel then cracked Morgan with a hard kick to the skull. He pulled Christopher up and now planted him with the Death Valley Driver. Matthews hooked the leg. 1…2… and Morgan kicked out! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!

Daniel pulled Morgan up again. He scooped him back up for another Death Valley Driver, but Morgsn reversed in mid-air and hit a DDT. This was the opening Christopher needed. Daniel got back up, but Morgan floored him with a STO. He dropped a couple of elbows on Daniel, then waited for him to get up. Still favoring the knee, Morgan grabbed Daniel and slammed him with a spinebuster. It seemed the momentum had started to change. Morgsn waited as Matthews got back to his feet. He hit a kick to the gut, then the Tiger Driver, Christopher’s finisher. Morgan hooked the leg. 1…2… and Daniel kicked out. Morgan immediately drove a couple of elbows into Daniel’s skull. Then he pulled him up again, and hit another Tiger Driver. He wasn’t ask quick to make the cover this time because his knee was still bothering him. But he hooked the leg. 1…2… and another kickout. What?!

Morgan stepped back, waiting for Matthews to start getting up again. Morgan grabbed his knee pad and pulled it down from his knee. As Daniel got to his knees Christopher charged, going for a running knee to the jaw. Daniel side stepped, and caught Christopher with a snap German suplex. Daniel got up, but Christopher Morgan immediately got up as well! It must have been Adrenaline. Daniel turned around only to be blasted by a running knee from Christopher. Morgan then pulled Daniel up and planted him with a third Tiger Driver. Christopher hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Christopher Morgan had defeated Daniel Matthews in one hell of a match. The crowd stood and applauded. The commentators did the same. So did Brianna the ring announcer and time keeper. Morgan dropped to his knees. Sweaty, exhausted, beaten and sore. Daniel was slow to push himself up, into a sitting position. The two shared words. And Morgan extended his hand out to Daniel. The two men shook hands, and Morgan pulled Matthews in for an embrace. He then helped Daniel up and held his arm in the air. Daniel did the same to Christopher.

Then, Veronica Clyne, Caleb Newstead and new FFP Hall of Famer Patrick McCoy came out to the ring. They joined Daniel and Christopher inside the squared circle. Handshakes and embraces went all over as the wrestlers congratulated Morgan and Matthews for such a good match, and for amazing careers. Every person in the ring was a Hall of Famer. Every person in the ring had been with FFP since the beginning. It was an iconic moment for sure.

Simply the Best vs the Soul Assassins was one of the biggest early feuds in FFP. It shaped the company for sure. And tonight, it seemed like that feud was finally over.

09/30/2018 | FFP Lethal Injection | Las Vegas, NV
FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Noel Zelig vs Nina Fox

Noel Zelig has had a string of great matches while defending her Ironwoman Title. And this was no different. Looking to cross off possibly the most impressive woman to defend her title against, Noel came to the ring with a lot of intensity. And these two ladies put a whooping on each other.

A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a gourdbuster from Nina Fox gained her the momentum. And she set Noel up for the Superkick, but Noel ducked it and caught Nina with an Olympic Slam, Kurt Angle style. Nina got back up, but Zelig hit a belly-to-belly suplex. Then, another. As Fox struggled to get up, Noel went for a shining wizard. Nina dodged it and caught Zelig with a snap back suplex. Then, a running bicycle knee to the chin. Zelig seemed to be knocked silly, but stumbled back and fell inbetween the ropes to the apron.

Nina bounced off the ropes and hit a spear through the ropes. Both ladies crashed to the arena floor. They were both exhausted, after so many brutal and hard hitting moves. Nina pulled Noel up and rolled her into the ring. She pulled the champion up, scooped her onto her shoulders and hit a Death Valley Driver. Nina covered Noel. 1..2… and Noel kicked out!

Nina took Noel to the corner next. After a couple of shots to the midsection, Nina took Noel up to the top rope and proceeded to hit a devastating superplex. Fox then went back up top and hit a Guillotine leg drop. Zelig seemed to be in trouble. But Fox still wasn’t done. Nina pulled Noel to her feet, scooped her up and hit a Michinoku Driver. She then went for the pin. 1…2… and Noel kicked out again! What fight the champion had!

Fox looked to not know what to do. She turned to the ref, then back to Zelig. Of course she had to be thinking, “just stay down”. She pulled Noel up, but as Zelig reached her knee, she hooked Fox in a small package. It surprised the challenger. 1…2… and Nina kicked out. Nina quickly popped to her feet while Noel began pushing herself up. But before she was to her feet, crack! A Nina Fox Superkick! Nina dropped to her knees in front of Zelig. She hooked her leg. 1…2… and YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Noel kicked out AGAIN!

Nina looked as if she couldn’t believe that Noel actually kicked out. Nina took a step back, watching as Noel again tried to push herself up. Fox looked to be getting ready for another Superkick, waiting patiently for Noel to reach her feet. When she did, Nina went for the move, but Noel dodged and caught Nina with a stalling German suplex. It had to take so much out of Noel to perform the move. Both ladies were slow to get up. Noel grabbed Nina’s hand and proceeded to blast the challenger with a Rainmaker clothesline. But Zelig wasn’t done. She pulled Nina up again, and hit another stalling German suplex. But this time, she kept a hold of Nina, pulled her back up to her feet and hit another Rainmaker.

Noel then called for the end. She pulled Nina up and planted her with the Jumping Piledriver! Noel made the cover. 1…2…3! Noel Zelig successfully retained the Ironwoman Championship in one hell of a war! Noel was presented her title. She then helped Nina up and shook her hand. The two women embraced, and left the ring together, with Nina lifting Noel’s hand at the top of the entrance ramp.

12/22/2018 | FFP Throwback | Detroit, MI
FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Noel Zelig vs Lucy Baddock

From a violent Last Man Standing Match to a beautiful technical wrestling match. Noel Zelig and Lucy Baddock were close friends, who started this match with not only a handshake, but a hug as well. Noel tried to get the early advantage with an armbar into a headlock takedown. Pure technical wrestling. Baddock used her strength to break free of Zelig’s grip and get her in a front facelock. Lucy kept ahold of Noel, trying to wear the Champion down making her work. Noel was able to muscle herself back to her feet, and show power with a belly-to-belly suplex. Zelig then turned to her speed, hitting strikes and playing keep away from the challenger.

Lucy got a huge advantage, getting ahold of Zelig and planting her with a powerslam. Baddock then hooked Noel in a Boston crab, wrenching back hard on Noel’s legs. Of course this was doing great damage to the champion’s lower back.

After several moments of fighting, Zelig was able to get to the ropes. But the damage had been done to her back. Lucy continued working over the Champion. First a scoop slam, then a senton across the back. Baddock then hooked the Ironwoman Champion in a camel clutch, with her knee in the lower back. Zelig looked to be in trouble again. Reaching hard to get to the ropes.

Eventually Noel was once again able to reach the ropes. Lucy pulled Zelig up and went for her Scoop Brainbuster, but Noel was able to fight out and hit a Superkick. The blow sent Lucy to the ground, but Noel fell as well. The two women pushed their way back up and began to trade solid shots. Eventually Noel ducked a punch attempt and caught her friend with a German suplex. Impressive strength by the champion. When Lucy got back up, Noel hit a spinning elbow. She sent Baddock into the ropes and hit a dropkick. She went for a cover, but only got a two count.

Lucy battled her way back, and the two began trading hard shots again. Noel got the upperhand and jumped onto Lucy’s back, applying a sleeper hold. Classic old school wrestling. Lucy tried getting to the ropes, but ended up dropping to one knee as Noel had the hold locked in. But Baddock was able to push herself back up and try to back into the corner, hoping to smash Noel between herself and the turnbuckles. But Noel hopped off of Baddock’s back just as she made contact with the turnbuckles, and Noel quickly blasted her with a kick to the side of the head. Noel backed up and charged, now hitting a Stinger Splash. Lucy stayed in the corner, so Noel backed away and went for another splash, but this time Baddock came out of the corner, charging at Noel and hitting an awesome spear. It looked to turn the Champion inside out. Lucy was slow to make the cover, but finally did, draping her arm over Zelig’s chest. 1…2… and Noel barely got her shoulder up.

Lucy was determined. She pulled Noel into a sitting position. Then she hit the ropes and hit a diving cross body block, flattening Zelig to the mat. She hooked the leg for another pin. 1…2… and Noel kicked out again. Again, it was barely. Brian Young made note that Noel’s kick outs seemed weaker and weaker. Lucy now drug Noel into the corner. She climbed onto the middle rope, about to attempt the Luce Drop. But as she dove in the air, Noel moved out of the way. Lucy hit the mat. And as she pushed herself up to her knees, Noel was quick to grab her and plant her with a DDT. Zelig got up and backed away. As Luce pushed herself up again, Noel blasted her with a shining wizard. Noel then went for a cover. 1…2… and Lucy kicked out! What a match!

Noel pulled Lucy back up and muscled her up to the top turnbuckle. Zelig climbed up with her, setting her up for a top rope frankensteiner. But as she attempted the move, Lucy reversed it into a powerbomb off the middle rope! Both girls were down, and motionless.

It took a Lucy several seconds to finally roll over and make a cover. Again the referee made the count. 1…2… and Noel for her shoulder up again! But this time, she not only got her shoulder up, but she also hooked Lucy’s head and arm into a Koji Clutch.

Noel had the hold locked in tight, in the center of the ring. Lucy reached out with her arm, trying to reach the bottom rope. She began using her feet to try to push her and Noel closer and closer to the ropes. It wasn’t exactly unsuccessful, but didn’t move them far enough. Lucy began to fade. And several moments later, the referee began checking Baddock’s arm. He lifted it up and shook it before letting go and it immediately dropping to the mat. Lucy Baddock was out. The referee called for the bell. Noel Zelig had won the match, with Lucy passing out in the Koji Clutch.

After the match the referee handed Noel the FFP Ironwoman Title. She held it in one hand and knelt down by her friend, checking to make sure she was okay. The match was a great one. Back and forth and very competitive. Surely Lucy was disappointed, but they put on an amazing match.

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