01/02/2019 South Report

Sorry to be absent so long, but here I am for the first South Report of 2019. I know you all missed me, as well as my Babe of the Week. We have a special New Year’s present for you all though. We will have two Babes of the Week this edition. But we’ll get to that.

Anyway, the New Year’s Eve Show was a success. The World Title Match saw The Conglomerate add a new member to the group, Trent Wolfe, who still has bad blood with Daniel Matthews. We also got to see Kennedy Matthews and Lux come to blows, with Kennedy getting the best of Lux.

Also Noel Zelig defensed the Ironwoman Title against her friend Lucy Baddock. The two faced off at Throwback as well, and in both matches Noel had to force her friend to pass out to win the match. I’d really like to see one more match between these two, and I really want to see the match end in a normal way instead of someone going unconscious. If I were booker, I’d put the two in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match. But I’m just a writer.

16-to-1 Tournament participant Kendall Bentley sustained an injury and will not be able to wrestle win the tournament which is set to kick off next Tuesday. No word yet on who will take her place, but I have a few ideas. Whether it be former FFP Women’s Champion Lacey Abernathy or Kemina, or former OWF Women’s Champion Katrina or Chloe Banks, the options are out there. However, Kendall was a young rookie in this sport. If they want a rookie to replace her, the options are near limitless.

Speaking of Lacey Abernathy, we saw her return to the ring to count us down to the New Year. She said she missed the squared circle, and I can’t wait to see her come back full time here in FFP. She held the Women’s Title once before. Will she do it again?! Watch out Masina!

Another segue….speaking of the FFP Women’s Champion Masina…she will main event All on the Line againat Giovanni Gotch. Gotch could definitely be quite the challenge for Masina, who has decimated every challenger to step in her way. Masina vs Gotch has a big fight feel. Can’t wait to see it.

I’m really excited about the future of FFP. Stars such as Evan Kaine, Morgan Landings, Duncan Wright Jr and Anthony Farrow are climbing up the ladder and chomping at the bit for a big opportunity here in the big leagues. I’m certain that this year we will see these guys start leading the locker room and adding more and more achievements to their resume.

Okay, okay…earlier I said two Babes of the Week didn’t I? Well here we go!

Babe of the Week #1. Lux.

First of all, welcome Lux back to FFP! Lux, the epitome of the slang word “PAWG”, made quite an impression on FFP fans when she managed her then boyfriend Christopher Morgan. And during her first stint in FFP she even started to get into the ring as a wrestler. Although as it turned out, that wasn’t something she was all that interested in.

Lux is a big girl who is proud of her curvy body, and I have to say I don’t blame her. Since the first time I saw her I thought, “wow, she’s hot!” And I’m so excited to see her back in FFP, and now standing proudly beside her man, the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch. Babe of the Week #1 goes to Lux.

Babe of the Week #2. Lacey Abernathy

And Babe of the Week #2 is another comeback. We talked about her earlier…Lacey Abernathy. Lacey is a former FFP Women’s Champion. She came into FFP as a red hot redhead that was trying to make it in the wrestling business, and she ended up on top of the maintain.

Now, after turning her red hair to purple, she’s back to possibly climb up that mountain again. So congrats to Lacey Abernathy, my second Babe of the Week!

Make sure to go get your FFP hoodies. Or t-shirts. Or cell phone cases. Support FFP, they pay me. Have a good one you guys.

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