01/15/2019 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: January 15, 2019
Location: San Francisco, CA
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opens up with the entrance of The Conglomerate. Stuart Cavanaugh leads his group down to the ring, with the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch, Lux, and Population Control following. Cavanaugh grabbed a microphone and said that The Conglomerate were here to party because they welcomed a new member of the group. Then, he announced Trent Wolfe. Wolfe got into the ring and said that he was proud to join the group. He said that it was about time that people saw how much talent he had.

Stuart said that Trent was a great acquisition to the group. But before anything else could really be said, Daniel Matthews charged down to ringside with a steel chair in hand. Daniel slid into the ring, going right after Trent Wolfe, clobbering him with the chair. Trent had hit Kennedy Matthews with his Bloody Sunday finisher at the FFP New Year’s Eve Show, and apparently Daniel was still irate about the assault. Wolfe went down hard, but Miles Lynch and Population Control quickly pounced on Daniel. It wasn’t long before he was laying prone on the mat, and both members of Population Control came down hard on him with big splashes.

Stuart Cavanagaugh then got on the microphone and said that that would teach Daniel Matthews or any other superstar in the back not to go interrupting The Conglomerate’s time, or sticking their nose in Conglomerate business.

Vision vs Blaine Edwards
A back and forth match with Blaine Edwards controlling quite a bit of the match, but Vision used his speed and elusiveness to not only get the advantage on Blaine, but escape his attempted Tiger Driver and plant him with a vicious DDT. Vision then hoisted Blaine up and planted him with a split-legged Death Valley Driver for the three count.

After the match Blaine’s girlfriend Izzy Laroo came down to check on him. Vision stepped closer to her and ran his fingers through her blonde hair. Then he touched her nose, and climbed out of the ring. Brian Young said that it was rather creepy, and expected Blaine to have something to say once he saw exactly what happened.

Backstage | Stuart Cavanaugh’s Office
The scene cut Stuart Cavanaugh’s office where Charles South was set to interview the owner of Full Force Pro. Cavanaugh said that he enjoyed Charles’ South Report on the FFP website and told him to keep up the good work. Cavanaugh then explained that tonight there would be a number one contender battle royal, with the winner receiving a World Title shot at FFP All on the Line. Cavanaugh said that the last man to be eliminated would get his choice of an Adrenaline, Honor or Network Title shot. The third place wrestler would pick between the two titles left, and obviously the fourth place wrestler would get the left over title shot.

Cavanaugh then reminded us that at All on the Line we would also see Masina defending the Women’s Title against Giovanni Gotch, Noel Zelig defending the Ironwoman Title against Lucy Baddock, the FFP Tag Team Titles on the line when Detmer & Ryan defend against Matt and Billy Rich, and Lizzy Kraven & Suki Okada would defend the Women’s Tag Team Titles against Courtney Kennedy and Minnie Nova.

But before Charles wrapped up, Cavanaugh also said that Kenzie Anderson had spoken to him about issuing a Spirit Title Open Challenge at All on the Line, and he granted her that request.

Shootin’ with DeMarco
Joey DeMarco comes out to a half and half reaction from the crowd. He welcomes everyone to the first edition of Shootin’ with DeMarco of 2019. Then he says let’s get down to business, and introduces Lacey Abernathy. Abernathy made her return to FFP at the New Year’s Eve Show, counting us down to midnight. Now, with electric purple hair, Lacey has come back to do what she loves.

Joey asked her why she came back and why she was fired in the first place. Lacey said that when she left FFP her attitude wasn’t in the right place, but now she’s working hard, she’s putting in the time and effort and she can’t wait to get back into the ring and do what she loves, wrestle. DeMarco asked her what her main goal would be here in FFP now that she’s back. She answered, saying that every woman’s goal is to win the FFP Women’s Championship, but she knows that she’ll have to climb the ladder to the top and earn her shot.

DeMarco then asked her who she had her eyes on to step in the ring with. As she began to answer, she was interrupted by the music of Camila Dinero. Dinero came down and got in Lacey’s face. She had her own microphone, and didn’t hold back. Camila said that Lacey WAS one of the top women in FFP, but the key were is WAS. She said that now this was her division, and the purple haired FORMER champion needed to get to the back of the line and wait her turn. Camila said that if anyone deserved a chance to climb to the top, it was her.

Lacey stepped up, saying that if she wanted so bad to climb to the top, why was she floundering at the bottom. The two then traded insults until the verbal sparring became physical. DeMarco tried to separate the two, but what ended up happening was Lacey shoved him off, and when she turned back around Camila hit her with a superkick, laying Abernathy out. Camila stepped over Lacey and talked a little more trash before leaving the ring.

Backstage | Stuart Cavanaugh’s Office
Blaine Edwards barged into Stuart Cavanaugh’s office next, demanding that he get another match with Vision at the next Tuesday Night Wrestling. Cavanaugh said he understood how Blaine felt, with Vision touching Izzy like he did. Cavanaugh said that he would be fine with them having a rematch. Stuart then told Blaine that the intensity that he sees in his eyes is something that he really likes.

Anthony Farrow vs Gabriel Nunez w/ Luciana Nunez
A very good match from beginning to end. Anthony Farrow tried to make quick work of Gabriel, but Nunez continued fight back, and eventually connecting with a tornado DDT, a moonsault and then a code breaker for the two count. Farrow fought back, using a couple of kicks to knock Gabriel off of his guard. Then he dumped him on the back of his head with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Luciana got up on the apron to attempt to distract Farrow, but the only person’s attention she got was the referee’s. However, this seemed to be good for Gabriel, as Evan Kaine came out of the crowd and blasted Farrow from behind. This gave Gabriel the opportunity to hit the Backpack Stunner on Anthony for the three count.

After the match, Gabriel and Luciana left the ring while Evan stood over Anthony. Evan’s girlfriend Randi Wilson came down to the ring carrying a microphone. The couple was all smiles as Evan took the microphone and said that he had spoke to Stuart Cavanaugh, and on the January 22 episode of TnW, he would face Anthony Farrow in the main event, in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Evan then promised that he would win the match, but that he and Randi would celebrate all night long.

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Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman who was joined with Kade Haddix. Tyrece asked Kade what was next for him. Kade came into FFP with a lot of momentum, but had seemed to slow down as of late. Kade said that he was so proud to be the first ever FFP Honor Champion, but that right now he is so excited for his girlfriend Noel Zelig’s incredibly successful and impressive Ironwoman Title reign. Haddix said that he is ready and willing to put in all the hard work in to be as successful as ever in Full Force Pro, but if he can sit back and watch Noel put on five-star matches while making a new title one of the most prestigious in the business, he’s more than happy to do so.

Quinn Delaney vs Simone Williams
Two accomplished women, however Simone hadn’t quite seen the success that Quinn Delaney had. Most likely because Simone originally came in to FFP as the bodyguard of Lenore Spade. Quinn was careful against Simone, not wanting to make a mistake that could cost her the match. And with Simone’s size and weight advantage, Quinn couldn’t be too careful. Simone tried grounding Quinn, using her size to keep her on the mat and ground and pound, hitting multiple elbows to the shoulders and head. Delaney fought back, using striking of her own, including an array of three European uppercuts, each one harder than the last. Quinn then hit a running clothesline that sent Simone over the top rope and to the arena floor.

The crowd was impressed. But when Quinn went for a suicide dive and Simone caught her in mid-air, the crowd seemed even more impressed. Simone then planted Quinn with a powerslam on the arena floor. Delaney seemed to be hurt. Simone pulled her up and shoved her back into the ring.

Williams then climbed up onto the middle turnbuckle and went for a big splash. But Quinn moved out of the way. And after Simone hit the mat, she attempted to quickly get back to her feet. But Quinn made sure to beat her opponent to her feet, and hit Simone with a hard shining wizard. The impact of the foot hitting the skull echoed through the arena. Quinn then hooked Simone’s leg, and got the three count.

Brian Young and Morgan Alexander commended Simone’s effort, and applauded both women.

This Saturday night Full Force Pro will present All on the Line! Every single title will be defended on this show, live from Los Angeles, California. Don’t miss Masina defending the Women’s Title against Giovanni Gotch, Detmer & Ryan vs the Rich Boys for the Tag Team Titles, and Noel Zelig vs Lucy Baddock in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match for the Ironwoman Title. All those matches and so much more this Saturday!

Ringside | In the Ring
The FFP Tag Team Champions Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan came out to the ring. Detmer grabbed a microphone and said that Saturday night they’d beat up Matt and Billy Rich again. Detmer said that they had beaten up the Rich Boys, the Internet Darlings and Head Trauma, and it’s clear that they are the best tag team in Full Force Pro, bar none.

Matt and Billy Rich interrupted them, saying that that was no way to talk to former two-time Tag Team Champions. Jason Ryan then chimed in, saying that they were former champions because he and Jackson had the titles, and that wasn’t going to change.

Of course this turned into a brawl, with fists flying all over the ring, and a couple of guys tumbling to the outside. While Jackson Detmer went one-on-one with Matt, Billy grabbed a steel chair and clocked Jason Ryan over the head with it.

Billy then slid into the ring and it became a two-on-one against Jackson Detmer. And after the brothers spiked Jackson with a spike piledriver, the Rich Brothers grabbed the Tag Team Titles and held them up in the air for the crowd to see. Was this a foreshadowing of what is to come at All on the Line?

The scene cut backstage where Simone Williams was throwing a fit. Obviously she was not happy with the outcome of her match. She tossed a trash can into a wall and flipped a table over. Roxi Haacke approached trying to calm Simone down, but she grabbed Haacke by her hair and slammed her up against the wall. Brian Young said that everyone should watch out!

Courtney Kennedy & Minnie Nova vs Rocky Kaos & Lindsey Valentine
The match began with handshakes from the members of both teams. Brian Young spoke about sportsmanship and how it was always a good thing to see in this business. The match was fast paced. And each woman showed skills off from the top rope. Lindsey Valentine hit a beautiful moonsault to a standing Courtney Kennedy for a two count. Minnie Nova hit a missile dropkick. Rocky Kaos not only hit a springboard dropkick, but a frog splash, and Courtney Kennedy showed off what she had, hitting her 450 Splash on Lindsey Valentine for the three count.

After the match the teams shook hands again, and Rocky Kaos got on the microphone and wished Courtney and Minnie luck at All on the Line.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Raquel St Claire, joined by the challenger for the FFP Women’s Champion, Giovanni Gotch. Raquel asked Giovanni how she felt going into the main event of All on the Line against the dominant Masina. Giovanni said that when you are successful in this business, it’s because you can put fear to the side and do what you have to do to win. She said that she is in the Hall of Fame for a reason, and at All on the Line, in the main event she will beat Masina in front of the world, and walk out the new FFP Women’s Champion

The 16-to-1 Tournament is down to the Semifinals, and the matches look great!

So far we have Kimber Stiles going up against the bruiser Rose Hansan, and Serena Dawn facing off against Meegan Lynch.

Kimber Stiles has quite the advantage, being a former OWF Women’s Champion. But Rose is hard hitting, and not afraid of no one.

And Meegan Lynch is definitely the underdog to former MMA fighter Serena Dawn, but if anyone has the fight to take down Serena, it’s Meegan.

The two semifinal matches (plus a few extra matches featuring other participants from this year’s tournament) will take place this Thursday night, live on the FFP Network. Don’t miss it.

The scene cut to a brawl backstage. Apparently Daniel Matthews had found where Trent Wolfe was, and attacked him once again. This time, Population Control weren’t around, so Matthews got some good shots in on Trent before security showed up. Daniel promised that this was nothing compared to what he’d do to Trent soon enough.

#1 Contender Battle Royal
Featuring: Aiden Conrad, Alexander Modest, ATM, Chikashi Toma, Cooper Albright, Deshaun Reed, Evan Kaine, Everett Moses, George Furst, Griffin Austin, Hiroki Ito, JJ Perry, Joey DeMarco, Kashimanaki, Logan Christopher, Malakai, Morgan Landings, Roderick Jamison, Tyreek Hyde & Wyatt Cobb

A hard hitting battle royal from open to close. Roderick Jamison eliminated a handful of guys to start off the battle royal. George Furst did the same. And the two big men met in the middle of the ring. Everett Moses joined the fight, and the three biggest dudes in the battle royal began brawling. Unfortunately for them, guys like ATM, Cooper Albright, Deshaun Reed and Morgan Landings teamed up to dump all three of them over the top rope.

The final four came down to Deshaun Reed, Hiroki Ito, Kashimanaki and Malakai. The fans loved it. Didn’t seem to want to see any of the four get eliminated. However, Hiroki Ito was the first over the top, when Deshaun Reed and Malakai teamed up to eliminate him.

Kashimanaki was nearly eliminated next, when he charged at Malakai, but was back body dropped and landed on the apron. Deshaun Reed then charged at Kashimanaki, but the FFP Hall of Famer moved out of the way, and Reed also ended up on the apron. The two began to tussle back and forth. Malakai then charged, attempting to hit both men off of the apron and find himself the winner of the match. If he could do that, he’d be going on to face Miles Lynch for the World Title. But, Kashimanaki backed out of the way and Malakai struck Deshaun. Reed fell to the arena floor.

Kashimanaki quickly got back into the ring and began to use his trademark kicks to try to weaken Malakai. Malakai however, began using his speed to get the best of Kashimanaki. But, Kashimanaki is a former FFP Cruiserweight Champion, as well as many other accomplishments. He knew how to not only slow Malakai down, but take him down. He connected with a hellacious kick to the side of Malakai’s head. Then, he dropped him on the back of his head with a dragon suplex. Malakai was groggy, and slowly pulled himself up using the ropes. Kashimanaki then charged and clotheslined him over the top rope!

Kashimanaki was the winner, and would go on to face Miles Lynch at FFP All on the Line for the World Championship!

The scene quickly cut backstage where Raquel St Claire caught up with Malakai, Deshaun Reed and Hiroki Ito. Just like most people would have guessed, Malakai chose to challenge Duncan Wright Jr for the Adrenaline Title, Malakai chose to face Caleb Newstead for the Honor Title and Hiroki Ito was left challenging Austin Briggs for the Network Title. All the matches for FFP All on the Line were set, don’t miss it THIS SATURDAY!

This Saturday at FFP All on the Line
• Masina put the Women’s Title on the line against Giovanni Gotch
• Miles Lynch defends the World Title against Kashimanaki
• Noel Zelig puts the Ironwoman Title on the line against Lucy Baddock
• Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan defend the Tag Team Titles against the Rich Boys


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