01/22/2019 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

January 22, 2019
Brian Young
Morgan Alexander
Adrianna Ocampo
Austin, TX

The show begins with the entrance of the FFP Tag Team Champions, Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan. They talked about defeating Matt and Billy Rich at All on the Line, and about the brothers attacking them after the match. Then, of course Assault & Battery making their FFP return and coming out as well. Detmer and Ryan said that they were holding the Tag Team Titles. They were the best tag team in the world. And whether it be the Rich Boys, Assault & Battery or whoever else, they’d continue to show the world that they are the absolute best.

This brought out Matt and Billy Rich, who were happy to come down and talk about how they were better than Detmer and Ryan, and that every dog has their day from time to time. Matt and Billy said that they were making a point to the world, to show that they’d do anything necessary to get the titles back around their waists.

Then, Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan came out. Assault & Battery said that whether it be Detmer and Ryan, or Matt and Billy, that sooner than later the FFP Tag Team Titles will come back to where they rightfully belong, Assault & Battery. They all bickered back and forth until Stuart Cavanaugh came out. Cavanaugh said that in FFP we don’t settle things with words, we settle them with action. Then he announced that at FFP Desperate Measures Detmer and Ryan would defend the Tag Team Titles against the Rich Boys AND Assault & Battery, in a three-way Ladder Match! The crowd loved the announced, exploding in cheers as the teams continued to talk trash to one another.

Vision vs Blaine Edwards w/ Izzy Laroo
Quite a bit of animosity in this match. The two faced off before, with Vision winning and running his hand through Izzy’s hair. Obviously that upset Blaine, and he wanted another chance to get his hands on Vision. The two traded back and forth blows, mostly forearms and punches. Blaine got the upperhand, hitting a blue thunder bomb for a two count. He went for his Tiger Driver, but Vision escaped and hit a superkick, then a DDT that had Blaine landing on the top of his skull. Vision went for his finisher, Just Close Your Eyes, which is a shuffling knee to the jaw, but Blaine dodged and rolled Vision up for a pin. Vision kicked out at two, but when he got back up Blaine planted him with a STO. Blaine called for his Tiger Driver again, but when he hooked Vision for it, Vision spun out of his grip and hit a roundhouse kick. Vision then rolled out of the ring and ended up landing on the arena floor next to Izzy. He gave her a look and winked at her. Blaine saw and immediately went after Vision, who quickly slid back into the ring. As Blaine slid back after him, he successfully cracked Edwards with Just Close Your Eyes! Vision then made the cover. 1…2…3! Vision had won another match against Blaine Edwards, and still left a bitter taste in Blaine and Izzy’s mouths.

After the match Izzy crawled in to check on Blaine. Vision stood over Izzy, brushing the sweat from his brow and giving her quite a look. He reached down again and went to touch her hair, but Izzy reached back and slapped him across the face. Vision laughed it off, and backed out of the ring.

Backstage | Stuart Cavanaugh’s Office
The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman inside the office of FFP owner Stuart Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh requested this time to address everything going on between Daniel Matthews and Trent Wolfe, as well as the rest of The Conglomerate and Matt Kraven and Odell Porter. He said that the time has come that some of this stuff needs to be put to bed. So, Cavanaugh announced that next week’s Tuesday Night Wrestling main event would be Daniel Matthews, Matt Kraven and Odell Porter vs The Conglomerate, Trent Wolfe and Population Control. Stuart said that he looked forward to finally seeing Matthews, Kraven and Porter get what they deserve, and for The Conglomerate to get a big win.

Mercedes Fairfax w/ Malaya Diyosa vs Zoey Kiehl
Mercedes Fairfax was looking for a pretty significant win in her first official match as a member of Full Force Pro. With Malaya Diyosa out there, Mercedes had someone to run to a few times to get advice. Malaya was definitely playing the role of the ring veteran to the rookie. Zoey had had enough of Mercedes constant time outs and snap mared her to the mat by her hair. Zoey hit the ropes and delivered one hell of a kick across Mercedes’ chest. Mercedes got up and Kiehl scooped her up and slammed her. Then she went to the middle rope and went for a splash. But Mercedes got her knees up. This was the opening she needed. She pulled Zoey up by her dark hair and planted her with a spinebuster. Then, a snap suplex. Fairfax was feeling the momentum. She pulled Zoey up again, and looked to be setting her up for The Matter of Fax. But as Mercedes leapt up to deliver the move, Zoey turned and caught her in a fireman’s carry. Malaya climbed up onto the apron to try to instruct Mercedes what to do, but Zoey swung Mercedes around so that her feet hit Malaya, sending the former OWF Women’s Champion to the arena floor. Kiehl then took Fairfax to the center of the ring and planted her with a Death Valley Driver. But she wasn’t done.

Zoey now hooked Mercedes in her submission finisher, the Muta Lock. A move she learned over in Japan. Kiehl had the hold locked in, and Mercedes had nowhere to go. Malaya had gotten back up and reached out to Mercedes, screaming at her not to submit, but the pain was too much. Mercedes tapped out.

Although she lost, Mercedes had a pretty good showing for her first match. But Zoey Kiehl stood tall as the winner. Malaya got into the ring to check on her partner, meanwhile Zoey climbed out and celebrated up the entrance ramp.

The scene cut backstage where Vision was walking down a hallway near a table with FFP merchandise folded up on it. Blaine Edwards charged into the shot, leveling him from behind with a clothesline. Vision fell to the floor, but immediately turned around and tried double-legging Blaine. Blaine fought with Vision and the two wound up rolling onto the table. As they both tussled to get the upperhand, the table collapsed under the weight of the two men. Security then quickly rushed in and pulled them apart.

February 23rd Full Force Pro heads back to the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden to present Desperate Measures! Don’t miss Noel Zelig put the Ironwoman Title on the line against 16-to-1 Tournament winner Kimber Stiles. Also set to appear, The Conglomerate, Daniel Matthews and Duncan Wright Jr!

Lacey Abernathy vs Camila Dinero
Although these two women had never wrestled, there was a lot of animosity. Lacey Abernathy made her FFP return on an episode of Shootin’ with DeMarco, and ended up on her back from a superkick courtesy of Camila Dinero. Lacey wanted revenge, and Camila wanted to gain a victory over a former FFP Women’s Champion. Early on Camila hit a diving DDT, diving from the middle rope and planting the now purple headed Lacey Abernathy. But Lacey kicked out at two. Camila continued working Lacey down. But when she attempted a clothesline, Lacey ducked it and hit a superkick of her own. She followed that up by sending Camila into the corner and hitting a running clothesline. When Camila stumbled out of the corner, Lacey jumped to the middle turnbuckle and hit a beautiful moonsault. Something we definitely hadn’t seen her do too often in her first stint in Full Force Pro. As Camila got back up, Lacey hooked her head and sent her crashing to the mat with a DDT. Abernathy hit two leg drops, and then grabbed Dinero’s arm. She was going to go for the Code Red Armbar. Or should it be the Code Purple Armbar now?

Camila was able to grab Lacey’s arm, hook around her leg and school boy her for a pin attempt. Camila attempted to stack Lacey up on her shoulders. 1…2… and Lacey was able to kick out. But as Lacey tried getting back to her feet, Camila cracked her with a superkick. Just like on Shootin’ with DeMarco. Camila went for the cover. 1…2… and Lacey kicked out. Camila was shocked. She slapped the mat and yelled at the referee saying it was a slow count. Morgan Alexander of course agreed with her. She then grabbed Lacey by her purple hair and began pulling her up. But Abernathy was able to grab Camila’s arm in the process, and lock the armbar in! Camila flopped to the mat and began trying to kick her legs and move her body toward the ropes. But Abernathy kept the hold locked in tight. Camila screamed out in pain and tapped out. Lacey Abernathy had won the match.

After the match, Lacey was proclaimed the winner. She raised her hands in victory as the fans cheered. But Camila attacked her from behind, leveling her with a double axehandle to the upper back. Lacey went down, but tried to fight Camila off. But Dinero hit Lacey with a hard kick to the chest, then her finisher, the Money Kick. Lacey fell face first to the mat and Camila stood over her yelling that she was better. Apparently this feud was just getting started.

Now we saw Simone Williams backstage. The last time we had scene her she was throwing a fit because of her loss last week to Quinn Delaney. Ava St James walked up to Simone, and before Simone got irritated seeing St James approach, Ava quickly turned on the charm, saying that she knows how frustrating it is to not have things go your way, and that she would be more than happy to work with Simone and try to help her out. Simone asked what the catch was. Ava said just the small thing of “you scratch my back, I scratch your’s”. Ava said that she wants to see Simone succeed, and if they can help each other out on the way to success, what’s so wrong with that. Williams said she’d think about it, and Ava said she appreciated her taking the time to listen to her.

Deshaun Reed vs Griffin Austin
This was a respectful and well fought match, from both wrestlers. Griffin Austin tried to take the match down to the mat, where he could try to take Deshaun apart with submission holds, but his gameplan sort of backfired on him. Deshaun was able to not only flip Griffin over onto stomach, but he was able to hook his arms and lock in a Jim Breaks Armbar. A very effective and very painful armbar. Brian Young quickly brought up the absolute pain that Griffin had to be in in this move. Morgan agreed, saying it would be very hard to fight out, because you could use either arm to fight for the ropes. Reed only had the move locked in for a few seconds before Griffin finally tapped out.

Ringside | In the Ring
In the ring was the former FFP Spirit Champion, Kenzie Anderson. Kenzie already had the microphone and was yelling about how Alexis Reed wasn’t even signed to the company, and she should have never been able to challenge her for the Spirit Title at All on the Line. Kenzie demanded that Alexis come out and give her back her titles.

Alexis did come out, but she obviously wasn’t about to hand over the title. Alexis came out and laughed, telling Kenzie that when you issue an open challenge, that you never know who might show up and take you up on the offer. Alexis said that she did however have a plan of giving Kenzie a rematch for the title, maybe next week. Kenzie stomped her foot and crossed her arms in disappointment. She said that the Spirit Title was her title and she shouldn’t have to do anything to get it back.

Alexis then said that that’s fine, and she would find someone else to give the opportunity to, but Kenzie quickly changed her mind, saying that next week she’d see Alexis in this very ring, but she’d be walking out the only two time FFP Spirit Champion.

Now we saw the FFP Ironwoman Champion Noel Zelig, along with her boyfriend Kade Haddix. But Kimber Stiles quickly stepped in front of Noel. The two went nose-to-nose, and they both had intensity written all over their faces. Kimber told Noel that in a few weeks, she would be without the Ironwoman Championship. Noel said that everyone has said that to her since she won it, and she will continue successfully defending it, in February, March, April and further.

Stiles stepped closer, saying that Noel may have been able to beat her fat best friend, but that when it came to Kimber Stiles that there was no chance Zelig would be able to get the job done. Noel shoved Kimber out of her face but Kimber quickly retaliated with a punch to the face. Kade got inbetween the two ladies a quick as possible, pulling Noel away.

Las Mascaras de Sangre vs Mile High Club
A very entertaining match. Ochoa and Red Devil had quite a mix of wrestling styles, doing some lucha, doing some mat wrestling, and some brawling. The Mile High Club brought the same type of style. And although Malakai didn’t quite have a big experience edge, Logan Christopher did, being in the first match in the history of FFP. With Giuliana Rubio at ringside, Las Mascaras de Sangre looked very impressive. Red Devil was making his official FFP debut, while Ochoa had wrestled here before. However, their hands were full with the Mile High Club. Logan and Malakai played the match safe, trying to work both of their opponents down, but it was Ochoa who swung the upperhand toward Las Mascaras de Sangre, dropping Malakai with a hard spinning back fist, then planting him with a cradle DDT. Ochoa tagged Red Devil in who was going to go for his finisher, the Coupe de Grace. However Malakai rolled away before Red Devil could try it.

Malakai tagged Logan in and he went toe-to-toe with Red Devil. After Logan got the advantage with some knife edge chops, a hard dropkick and a pump handle slam, Devil tagged Ochoa in. Ochoa rocked Logan Christopher immediately with a running big boot, then dumped him on the back of the head with a back suplex. Ochoa hooked Logan for his finisher, the Vertabreaker, but Christopher was able to fight out and hit a Roaring Elbow, knocking Ochoa to the mat. Logan went for the tag, but Red Devil came into the ring and blasted him with a knee to the back. Malakai came in to try to help his partner, but the referee stopped him. And as the referee was distracted, Ochoa and Red Devil hit Logan with their tag team finisher, the Symphony of Death, a version of the Dudley Death Drop. Ochoa then made the cover. 1…2…3! Las Mascaras de Sangre had won their first match in FFP. And Giuliana Rubio stepped into the ring and raised her clients’ arms in the air.

As far as Giuliana’s group Cartel de Rubio was concerned, we hadn’t got to see Cidio just yet, but this tag team looked rather impressive.

After the match Las Mascaras de Sangre left the ringside area with Giuliana leading them. Then, the lights in the arena went out. An evil laughter came on the speakers of the arena, and smoke began to fill the arena as well. It was an eerie feeling as the laughter got louder and louder. When the lights came back on, it was SUCCUMB! The last we had saw of SUCCUMB was in the OWF. But Lullaby, Lafter and Caligula were standing inside the ring. Lafter and Caligula each picked a member of the Mile High Club up, and proceeded to hit their finishers. Lafter driving Malakai to the mat head first with the Slow and Painful Death, a package piledriver and Caligula planting Logan Christopher with the Absolute Terror, a burning hammer cradle shock driver.

They both stood over Logan and Malakai, obviously making a statement that they were here in Full Force Pro, and they had their sights on the Mile High Club. Lullaby stood in front of them, with a big smile on her face.

The scene cut backstage where the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Lizzy Kraven and Suki Okada were making their way through the area. Olivia Lee stepped into view and Lizzy welcomed her with a hug. She asked Olivia if she had seen their match at All on the Line, and asked what she thought. Olivia said that she saw it, but was a little surprised at how rough the two got with Courtney Kennedy and Minnie Nova. Lizzy said that sometimes you had to do what you had to do to keep someone down. But Olivia argued back saying that hitting Courtney with three Kraven Lariats seemed a little much.

As Olivia left the scene, Suki reassured Lizzy, saying that she figured Olivia was just a little irritated because she misses being in the ring. Suki said it would be okay, and told Lizzy that she did great on Saturday.

In March FFP will be heading off for it’s annual Tour or Japan. And the Tour of Japan’s biggest event will be the second annual Tokyo Rumble! Don’t miss it, coming to you live on March 16th from the Tokyo Dome!

Backstage | Interview Area
Raquel St Claire was joined by Giuliana Rubio, who had the entire Cartel de Rubio behind her. Raquel asked Giuliana about SUCCUMB making their debut tonight, taking out the Mile High Club. Giuliana said she didn’t care about SUCCUMB. And the only debut that anyone should be talking about tonight is the debut of the Cartel de Rubio. She said that Las Mascaras de Sangre took out the Mile High Club first, and next week they’d continue their dominance, taking on any tag team that wanted to get destroyed. Raquel then asked Giuliana when we’d see the debut of Cidio inside the ring. She said that she pushed to have him debut tonight as well, but the card was already set. But she said that as soon as possible, she wanted the world to see the danger she calls Cidio.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Evan Kaine w/ Randi Wilson vs Anthony Farrow

This match was brutal. Both men came out of their corners ready to fight it out. Kaine got the advantage with a thumb to the eye, totally legal in this match. He began to really target Anthony’s head with closed fist punches, busting Farrow open above the eye. Evan then clotheslined Anthony over the top, and hit a springboard cross body block to the outside. Evan rammed Anthony into the steel guardrail, and turned his attention to Randi, giving her a kiss, making the crowd boo even harder.

Anthony got his first break after Evan kissed Randi. He turned around and Farrow floored him with a clothesline. Anthony then grabbed a steel chair, and lit Evan up with it! Three chairshots to the back, and one to the head. Kaine was down, and this match looked to be over already. Anthony turned to Randi and brought the chair back. She screamed and ran away. He didn’t look to actually have the intent to swing it at her, but who knows. He turned back to Evan and lifted the chair again. But this time Evan hit Anthony with a hard shot to the gut. Evan then grabbed Farrow and rammed him shoulder first into the steel steps. Evan then took control of the chair, again hitting Farrow multiple times, mostly in the back. Kaine then grabbed Anthony’s arm and stretched it over the steps. He brought the chair back and smashed his arm. Farrow was hurt, and let out a scream of pain. He was holding his upper arm, which gave Evan more motivation to go after it.

Kaine brought Farrow back into the ring and attempted to put Anthony’s arm in the chair and try to smash it shut on his arm. But as Evan climbed to the middle rope to jump down on the chair, Farrow got free and picked the chair up. Evan attempted to dive off the turnbuckle and hit Anthony, but Farrow rammed the end of the chair into Evan’s ribs. Then, he hoisted Kaine up and dropped him ribs first across his knee.

Anthony set Evan up for the Wrist-Clutch Exploder. Farrow had put a lot of wrestlers away with the move. But as he hooked Evan and was about to deliver the effective move, Randi Wilson climbed into the ring. Wearing a tight pink dress and pink high heels, she had no place in the ring. Brian Young said that she was going to end up getting hurt, but Morgan Alexander warned Brian, saying if Anthony puts his hands on Randi, he should not only be fined, but fired as well!

Anthony released Evan and turned his attention to Randi. He said something, and she drew back and slapped him across the face. Farrow simply smiled, and said something else. She reached back and slapped him again. This time, Anthony grabbed her by her blonde hair. What was he going to do?! Hit her? Throw her? Wrist-Clutch Exploder?!

As Anthony began to yell at Randi, Evan snuck up behind him and leveled him with a low blow, blatant. Anthony let go of Randi and dropped to his knees. Morgan said that Anthony got what he deserved. As Farrow stayed on his knees, holding himself in pain, Evan hit the ropes and connected with his finisher, the Bicycle Knee to the Jaw. Farrow crumbled to the mat. He was out, cold. Kaine hooked his leg and the referee made the count. 1…2…3! Evan Kaine had stolen another one from Anthony Farrow.

Evan got up and Randi wrapped him in a big hug. Morgan Alexander cheered and said that those two would definitely be celebrating tonight. Brian Young said he didn’t want to hear about it, but Morgan called him a prude. Evan and Randi kissed in the ring, to the disgust of most of the fans in attendance.

Next Week On Tuesday Night Wrestling
• Who will challenge Miles Lynch for the World Title at Desperate Measures?
• Alexis Reed will defend the Spirit Title against Kenzie Anderson in an All on the Line rematch
• Will Blaine Edwards be hellbent on getting his hands on Vision?
• Daniel Matthews, Matt Kraven & Odell Porter vs The Conglomerate

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