01/29/2019 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

January 29, 2019
Brian Young
Morgan Alexander
Dallas, TX

The show opened up with the entrance of The Conglomerate. Like many Tuesday Night Wrestling episodes, Stuart Cavanaugh took the microphone and welcomed everyone to the show. Then, he said that everyone had been asking him who Miles Lynch was going to defend the FFP World Championship against at Desperate Measures. Cavanaugh said even Miles himself had asked. Stuart said that after much consideration, he decided that next week’s show would feature a battle royal that would determine the new number one contender, and that wrestler would challenge Miles at Desperate Measures. Cavanaugh then warned Miles, saying he had hand pick some of the best in the world to compete in said battle royal.

60 Minute Men vs God Among Men
A solid opening match with a lot of strikes and power moves. Ernie Harlow showed off legit power, getting Eddie Siebenthaler up for a superplex. Tyler Cook hit Ernie with a hard lariat, and spiked him on the top of his head with a DDT. However it was Charles Vornholt who hit Tyler Cook with the Destino to get the three count for the 60 Minute Men.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Raquel St Claire who was standing by with Vision. She asked Vision about his match with Blaine Edwards at Desperate Measures. Vision said that Blaine didn’t understand that he was simply paying attention to Izzy Laroo and her beauty, but Blaine took it as Vision trying to hit on her. Vision then said that the reason Blaine was probably so volatile when it came to Izzy was because he wasn’t confident in his abilities to keep her satisfied. Vision then said that Blaine was in for a rude awakening at Desperate Measures when Vision defeats him.

Now we saw a promo for the upcoming FFP Ironwoman Championship Match at FFP Desperate Measures, Noel Zelig defending against 16-to-1 Tournament winner Kimber Stiles!

Austin Briggs vs Kade Haddix
A back and forth and hard fought match. If Kade Haddix could pull the victory out against the likes of Austin Briggs, it definitely would be one of his biggest wins in his career. And after he hit a diving European uppercut, then a swinging DDT on Briggs, it looked as if Kade was on his way to a victory. Haddix then set Austin up for the Flatliner, but Austin was able to escape, and roll Kade up for a pin attempt. Briggs pulled on Kade’s tights to get the leverage he needed, but Kade was still able to kick out. They both popped back up to their feet, but Briggs hit Kade with a hard knee to the side of the head. Austin then hoisted Kade up and planted him with the Brainbuster for the three count.

Next we saw Ava St James backstage. Simone Williams approached her. Simone said that she had thought about Ava’s offer to help her out, and she thought that it could help them both if they worked together. The two then shook hands. What could this mean for the Women’s Division of FFP?

The scene cut to ringside where we saw professional wrestlers/married couple Michael Showtime and Bobbi Jackson. The two had quite the careers, but were rumored to be looking to sign with a wrestling company. And some people assumed Showtime and Bobbi could wind up in Full Force Pro.

As the two stood and waved to the fans while they were shown on the big screen above the entrance, Stuart Cavanaugh came out. Cavanaugh walked around the ring and approached Showtime and Bobbi. He said that he hoped that they were enjoying themselves here tonight, and reminded them about how many zeros he put in their contract offers. Apparently Cavanaugh was hoping to sign the two stars. Cavanaugh then complimented Bobbi, and told Showtime he was a lucky man, and that he could be even luckier when the two became a part of The Conglomerate.

Brian Young said that he had been watching Showtime and Bobbi for quite some time, but he thought they were done with the sport of professional wrestling. Morgan Alexander said that Bobbi Jackson was hot and he hoped she would not only sign with FFP, but replace Brian at the commentary table.

The scene now cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman had caught up with Wyatt Cobb. We hadn’t seen much from Wyatt Cobb, and he reminded everyone who was listening. He said that he was sick of being on the roster and not doing anything, so he turned toward a door and said the first person to walk through that door was going to feel his frustration.

A moment later, Bryce Devlin stepped through the door, and Wyatt immediately attacked him. After slamming him into the concrete wall, Cobb front face locked Devlin and planted him with a DDT on the concrete floor. The sound was disgusting, and Bryce was obviously knocked out. But Wyatt continued the assault, hitting punch after punch to the side of Devlin’s head. FFP security rushed to the scene and pulled Wyatt away.

Mile High Club vs SUCCUMB
Logan Christopher and Malakai came out with a lot of animosity toward Lafter and Caligula. After the sneak attack by SUCCUMB last week, obviously the Mile High Club were looking to get a little payback. The match was a brawl in the beginning. A lot of hard punches were thrown. Eventually the match settled down into the type of match that Logan and Malakai preferred. They attempted to wear Lafter and Caligula down and start going for some of their aerial moves, but Lafter and Caligula had other plans. And when Lullaby climbed onto the apron and distracted Logan Christopher, Lafter leveled him from behind, and hit him with a vicious package piledriver that he called the Slow and Painful Death. However, Malakai was able to break the pin up which brought Caligula into the ring.

As Malakai and Caligula battled, Lafter pulled Logan back up and went for another Slow and Painful Death. But this time Logan was able to escape out, and hit a ripcord knee to the chin. Logan then hit a back suplex, putting Lafter down hard on the back of his head. Logan went up top for his Shooting Star Press, but Lullaby climbed onto the apron again and attempted to grab a hold of Logan. Logan fought her off by pushing her back, and went for the Shooting Star Press. However, Lafter was able to get his knees up and Logan came crashing down. Lafter then planted Logan with another Slow and Painful Death, and pinned him for the three count. SUCCUMB was able to pull out the victory against the Mile High Club.

February 23rd Full Force Pro heads back to the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden to present Desperate Measures! Don’t miss Noel Zelig put the Ironwoman Title on the line against 16-to-1 Tournament winner Kimber Stiles. We will also see a three-team Ladder Match for the FFP Tag Team Titles, and Miles Lynch defending the FFP World Championship!

FFP Spirit Title
(c) Alexis Reed vs Kenzie Anderson

Kenzie quickly attacked Alexis as she was getting into the ring. They battled back and forth with Alexis finally getting the upperhand, and hitting a superkick that put Kenzie down flat on the mat. Alexis then went for her Split-Legged Death Valley Driver, but Kenzie was able to spin out of her finisher attempt, and hit Reed with the Busaiku Knee! Alexis looked down and out. And Morgan Alexander cheered for Kenzie to quickly make the cover. She did, however after the two count Alexis was able to reach her leg out and touch the bottom rope. Kenzie had hit the move too close to the side of the ring.

Kenzie pulled Alexis up and set her up for a suplex, but Reed was able to reverse it, hitting a snap suplex of her own. As Kenzie fought to quickly get back up, Reed hit her with a shining wizard. The Spirit Champion then went up top and hit the Five Star Frog Splash for the three count! Alexis Reed had retained the championship against former champion Kenzie Anderson!

After the match Ava St James and Simone Williams came out onto the stage. Ava said that now that Kenzie was in Alexis’ rear view mirror, Alexis should be looking forward toward her newest challenger, and St James recommended that Reed’s next challenger should be herself. Alexis asked Ava what she had done to deserve a shot at the Spirit Title, to which Ava said that if she needed to beat her to prove she deserved a shot at the title, she’d gladly do so. Alexis said that next week she was free, and if Ava wanted a non-title match, she’d be all for it.

Next we saw Giuliana Rubio walking with Cidio toward the entrance area. Cidio was going to make his debut tonight with the leader of the Cartel de Rubio accompanying him.

Cidio w/ Giuliana Rubio vs JJ Perry
This was the official FFP debut of Cidio. He and JJ were both extremely talented wrestlers, with a ton of athleticism. But Cidio was absolutely vicious in this one. Obviously he wanted to show Full Force Pro what he was capable of, and surely Giuliana got in his ear before the match and instructed him to really make a lasting impression. JJ fought hard in the match, but Cidio hit his finisher, the Super Spikerana and made the cover for the three count. What an impressive debut for Cidio.

After the match the scene quickly cut backstage where Lacey Abernathy and Camila Dinero were in a screaming match. Camila was telling Lacey that Lacey was washed up and Camila was the hot young bombshell in Full Force Pro. Security was already there trying to keep the two women separated while they screamed at each other. Surely we would see the two face off again inside the squared circle sooner than later.

Ringside | In the Ring
Next, Malaya Diyosa and Mercedes Fairfax came down to the ring. The team known as High Society were flashing their expensive clothes and shoes while ignoring the fans, and trying not to let anyone touch them. Malaya got on the microphone and asked Zoey Kiehl to come out. Zoey came out onto the stage, but didn’t come any closer to the ring. Malaya then said that she was impressed by Zoey’s match with Mercedes last week, and said that her and Mercedes talked it over, and had a very interesting offer for Zoey. They offered to have her become the third member of High Society.

Zoey said thanks, but no thanks, and turned around making her exit. This set Malaya off. Diyosa yelled into the microphone, demanding that Zoey come back out and said, “how dare you turn your back at me”. After repeatedly asking Zoey to come back out, she did not. Malaya and Mercedes then left the ring and headed backstage.

In March FFP will be heading off for it’s annual Tour or Japan. And the Tour of Japan’s biggest event will be the second annual Tokyo Rumble! Don’t miss it, coming to you live on March 16th from the Tokyo Dome!

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene now cut to Charles South who was joined by Evan Kaine and Randi Wilson. Charles asked Evan about his feud with Anthony Farrow and if he thought it was going to continue, or if Evan was moving on to something else. Evan said that he and Randi were ready for something else. Something bigger, something better. He said that he was the future of Full Force Pro, and he was going to show the world and eventually not only win all the gold in FFP, but be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Evan told Charles to ask Randi how good he was, but before Randi could speak Anthony Farrow burst into the scene, blasting Evan with a clothesline from behind. Evan fell to the floor, and Farrow began putting the boots to him. Randi looked as if she was going to grab Anthony, but he quickly turned to her. As Anthony was distracted, Evan hit him with a low blow from behind. Kaine then grabbed Anthony and rammed him hard into a nearby rolling box cart. It looked as if this feud wasn’t quite over yet.

The Conglomerate vs Daniel Matthews, Matt Kraven & Odell Porter
First of all, this match was an all out brawl, and second, it was confusing. Before the match officially began, Stuart Cavanaugh announced that the match would be elimination. Then, Population Control completely dismantled Odell Porter. After Able hit Porter with a powerbomb and Zeke hit him with a splash, they pinned Porter and he was eliminated. Daniel and Matt had teamed together as well as were best friends. They worked well as a team, and first eliminated Zeke with a double superplex.

Then we had Daniel Matthews and Trent Wolfe go at it, with both men attempting to beat the ever living out of each other. With their built up animosity due to Trent continuing to fight with Daniel as well as taunt and attack his wife, it was only natural for Daniel to want to take Wolfe out. The two eventually fell to the outside of the ring where their brawl really took a turn. Both men ended up armed with steel chairs, and began trading hard chairshots to the head. The referee had no other option but to disqualify both men. We were down to Able vs Matt Kraven!

Matt had quite the disadvantage, with Able not only much taller, but also much heavier than Kraven. But Matt fought hard, and after kicking out from a powerbomb from Able, Kraven fought back up and hit the Superkick. It stunned the big man, but he stayed on his feet. So Kraven backed away, and hit another Superkick! Able dropped to one knee, where he was hit with a third Superkick! Kraven the made the cover, and got the three count. It had appeared that Matt Kraven got the victory!

However, Stuart Cavanaugh quickly grabbed a microphone. Cavanaugh said that he was impressed with Matt Kraven, but that he had failed to mention that The Conglomerate had one more member that Kraven had to defeat. Then, a monster of a man stepped out onto the entrance stage. Cavanaugh announced the new member of his group, Kratos! Kratos came down to the ring and stood face-to-face with Kraven, although Kratos towered over the FFP Hall of Famer. Kraven threw some punches, trying to rock the newest member of The Conglomerate and keep his team on the winning side of things. But Kratos leveled Kraven with a monstrous right handed clothesline that sent Kraven to his back. Kraven had already been through a good amount of punishment, but Kratos continued the assault, stomping on Kraven’s back before pulling him up and hitting a big boot. Kratos then pulled Matt up once more, and planted him with a Tombstone Piledriver. Kratos then made the cover, and got the three count.

The Conglomerate had won the match. Stuart Cavanaugh quickly climbed into the ring and gladly raised Kratos’ arm in victory. The owner of Full Force Pro was all smiles as Kratos stood in the center of the ring looking like a complete monster.

Next Week On Tuesday Night Wrestling
• A number one contender battle royal.
• Alexis Reed vs Ava St James – if Ava wins she gets a Spirit Title shot.
• What’s next for Cartel de Rubio?
• What will The Conglomerate do next?

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