01/31/2019 South Report

Finally I’m back on ffpwrestling.com, and I’m pumped to be able to talk about everything going on in Full Force Pro. The 16-to-1 Tournament, the Winter Jam and the rumors about a former World Champion signing with FFP. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Kimber Stiles won the 16-to-1 Tournament, and absolutely made a name for herself by attacking Noel Zelig. I have Kimber winning the Ironwoman Title from Noel at Desperate Measures. Noel’s title reign has been impressive, but Kimber is on a roll.

Are you guys ready for the Winter Jam? I love this idea. Randomly placed tag teams battling for future title shots. Daniel and Kennedy Matthews got so lucky and got teamed together. They have to be the odds on favorite, but I’d like to see a more interesting duo pull out the victory. Maybe Aiden Conrad and Katsumi Akiyama or Evan Kaine and Ava St James.

Vision has come into FFP making waves. Apparently he got to handsy with Izzy Laroo and totally pissed off Blaine Edwards. The two will clash at Desperate Measures, and I’m looking forward to it. Blaine has to be careful though. Sometimes your mind can get in the way of victory.

Michael Showtime and Bobbi Jackson were seen at ringside on Tuesday night. Rumors are flying that they’re about to sign a huge contract with FFP. I don’t know… He’s alright, and she is absolutely HOT. But I still think we’re gonna get surprised with Adam Hyatt and Madison Hyatt being the new signees.

It has been far too long since I’ve got to name a Babe of the Week! So here it goes. I’ll admit, I sorta wanted to throw Bobbi Jackson up here just to make people talk. I also thought about naming Ava St James the first ever two-time Babe of the Week. But FFP is full of babes. So let’s get a new one, shall we?

My Babe of the Week. Randi Wilson.

Randi Wilson is the boyfriend and valet of Evan Kaine. The couple is a young up and coming couple who are currently in the midst of making Anthony Farrow’s life a living hell, and loving every minute of it.

I believe that 2019 will be their year, and Randi will be leading Evan to multiple championships before year’s end. Randi is beautiful, and will constantly be giving men whiplash as they watch her walk up and down the isle. Congrats Randi, you’re the Babe of the Week!

The Tokyo Rumble will be here before you know it. The poster is awesome, and the event will be even better. The second annual Tokyo Rumble, with matches that will definitely set us up for an amazing Spring and Summer. Full Force Pro is on a roll, and I’m loving it.

Speaking of on a roll, The Conglomerate is taking no mercy on their opponents. And with the big FFP newcomer Kratos, The Conglomerate just continues to get stronger and stronger. In 2019, Stuart Cavanaugh could very well earn himself the Manager of the Year Award.

That’s it for me tonight you guys. Keep clicking on my articles and showing the bosses that you wanna hear from me. Tweet me whenever you can, and use the hashtag #SouthReport.

Good night.

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