02/05/2019 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

February 5, 2019
Brian Young
Morgan Alexander
Knoxville, TN

The show opened up with a shot of FFP Hall of Famer Brandi Moore making her arrival earlier in the day. Brandi had teased a big announcement to which there was much speculation. Was she going to retire? Was she going to set her sights on a championship?

The scene then cut to ringside. Brian Young and Morgan Alexander were going over what we’d see tonight, including the newest FFP signees Michael Showtime and Bobbi Jackson. But the commentators were interrupted when Matt Kraven made his way out to the ring. Kraven grabbed a microphone and called out Kratos. Kratos had attacked Kraven last week after his victory in the main event six-man tag.

Kratos came out and climbed into the ring. He was much taller, and bigger than Kraven. But that didn’t stop Matt. The two trash talked for only a moment, then they began to trade blows. Right hands, left hands, forearms and chops. Kraven got the upperhand in the brawl and nearly knocked Kratos down to his knees. Matt then charged the big man, but Kratos hit a big boot that sent Kraven back first to the mat. Kratos went for a big stomp, but Matt rolled out of the way and ended up on his feet on the outside of the ring. Stuart Cavanaugh then came out with the rest of The Conglomerate by his side.

Cavanaugh said that Kraven had just proved that Kratos not only had his number, but that The Conglomerate was at the top of FFP. But as Cavanaugh spoke, Daniel Matthews exploded out of the backstage area, hitting Trent Wolfe with a big clothesline from behind. Wolfe quickly got up and the two began beating on each other. But Population Control was there ready to back Trent up, and it wasn’t long before they hoisted Matthews up and dropped him sternum first on the steel guardrail. Matt Kraven rushed to his friend’s aide, but Kratos joined in on the brawl. And moments later, Kraven was lying motionless beside Daniel.

Cavanaugh stopped the beat down. He seemed happy with the carnage, and instructed his group to follow him backstage. The FFP medical staff came out and tended to Kraven and Matthews.

Mateo Chavez vs ATM
Mateo Chavez attempted to keep the pace of the match very quick. ATM slowed it down using his technical wrestling ability. Chavez hit a springboard dropkick and followed that up with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Chavez then delivered a brainbuster for a two count. Mateo went up top to try to hit a high risk maneuver against ATM, but ATM reversed the attempt into an incredible Code Breaker. ATM then made the cover for the three count.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Raquel St Claire who was standing by with the FFP Network Champion Austin Briggs. Raquel said that Austin had requested interview time. He held the title up to the camera and said that he had been carrying it around for way too long without defending it. He said that next week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he will issue an open challenge for the Network Title. Briggs said that he wanted to legitimize the title, so he wanted the best of the best to challenge him next week.

Now the scene cut back to ringside where the High Society had come out. Malaya Diyosa and Mercedes Fairfax were not popular with the Knoxville crowd. Malaya got on the microphone and said that they booed because they were jealous. Malaya then said that after some consideration, she would like to invite Zoey Kiehl back out to the ring.

Kiehl came out, looking like she didn’t want any part of High Society. Malaya told Zoey that the group wanted her to come out to tell her that they respected her and didn’t want any bad blood between them. Before Zoey could respond, Malaya told her that she wanted to give her one last chance at joining the stable, saying that the trio would be completely dominant in FFP’s Women’s Division. Zoey said she appreciated the offer, but wasn’t interested. She went to turn around, but Malaya grabbed her arm. She warned her not to turn her back on her again. But Zoey pulled her arm away and turned around. Malaya then said the word “Now”. Mercedes jumped in front of Zoey, and hit her with a right hand. Malaya then grabbed Zoey from behind and threw her to the mat.

The duo pummeled Zoey down to the mat, kicking and stomping her. Malaya then grabbed Zoey and threw her toward the ropes. Zoey’s head went inbetween the top and middle rope. Malaya grabbed her long dark hair and pulled her head up, pulling her back with her shoulder blades up against the top rope. Malaya began to scream at Zoey while Mercedes got on the apron and began chopping Kiehl’s chest.

Finally Malaya let go of Zoey, who tumbled into the arena floor. Malaya grabbed the microphone again and said that Zoey would regret her decision. Then, her and Mercedes left the ringside area.

Evan Kaine w/ Randi Wilson vs Bryce Devlin
A fast paced match, featuring two of the up and coming wrestlers of Full Force Pro. Of course Evan had been in a heated feud with Anthony Farrow, but on this night he was determined to defeat Bryce Devlin. Devlin had other plans, putting a beating on Evan. After hitting a Superkick and a Falcon Arrow, Devlin hit a beautiful flying elbow drop for a two count. Bryce then went for the Tiger Suplex, but Evan was able to fight free, grab Bryce’s leg and roll him chest first onto the mat. Evan quickly got back up as Bryce attempted to get to his feet, but Evan hit a Bicycle Knee to the Jaw. But Evan wasn’t done. He went up top and hit a double stomp. He made the cover and got the three count. Evan Kaine was your winner.

After the match Anthony Farrow rushed to ringside. Randi Wilson had made her way into the ring, but quickly made her exit as Anthony slid in. Anthony floored Evan with a couple of clotheslines, then planted him with the Wrist-Clutch Exploder. Farrow stood over a Evan with a smile on his face. Randi slid into the ring and approached Anthony, hitting him with a hard slap across the face. Anthony just smiled, and grabbed Randi by the hair. The crowd cheered, hoping to see him hit her back or maybe even hit her with the Wrist-Clutch Exploder. But instead he shoved her back, and exited the ring. Randi then checked on Evan.

Now the scene cut backstage where Blaine Edwards and Izzy Laroo were in their locker room. They were discussing Blaine’s upcoming match with Vision at Desperate Measures. Blaine said that he had never been so irritated in wrestling, and that he wanted to teach Vision a lesson that he shouldn’t come into a new place and make waves like this, especially the way he had. Izzy said that Blaine needed to keep his cool and just focus on getting the victory.

Elimination Three-Way Tag Team Match
Courtney Kennedy & Minnie Nova vs Tokyo Angels vs Rocky Kaos & Lindsey Valentine

A back and forth matchup all the way around. All three teams looked impressive. Brian Young said that you’d have to believe that the winning team would be in consideration for a future FFP Women’s Tag Team Title opportunity. The Tokyo Angels were surprisingly eliminated first after the sister duo of Rocky and Lindsey hit a Shatter Machine on Akane Mae.

Courtney Kennedy and Minnie Nova then brought the fight to Rocky and Lindsey, with them cutting the ring in half and working Lindsey over. She fought and fought to tag in her sister Rocky, but Courtney was able to his the Muscle Buster on Rocky for the three count.

After the match Courtney and Minnie helped Rocky up and shook hands with her and her sister Lindsey.

Cidio w/ Giuliana Rubio vs Abdul Kassab
Cidio made his FFP debut just last week, and he continued the momentum this week, hitting some high impact moves on FFP newcomer Abdul Kassab. But Kassab was able to hit some big moves of his own, including a frankensteiner off the top rope. Kassab then went up top again, and hit a picture perfect 450 splash for a two count. Giuliana Rubio was visibly angry with Abdul’s flash of offensive, but Cidio turned the momentum around with a hard kick to the skull, then a shining wizard. He went for a modified double underhook Bloody Sunday, but Abdul stopped it and hit a Northern Lights suplex. Abdul then connected with a Superkick, and a German suplex. Kassab went back up top, but Giuliana climbed into the apron and began yelling at Kassab. Off the distraction, Cidio was able to hit Kassab causing him to crotch himself on the top turnbuckle. He then planted Kassab with a hangman’s DDT. Cidio made the cover and got the three count.

Giuliana joined Cidio in the ring and proudly raised his arm into the air victoriously. Cidio then pulled Abdul up and hit a dangerous Spikerana. He stood over Abdul and held his arm up in the air. The Knoxville crowd booed while he and Giuliana stood.

Backstage | Interview Area
Now we saw Charles South joined at the interview area with FFP newcomers Michael Showtime and Bobbi Jackson. Charles tried to get the big answers from the couple, asking about when they’d make their official in-ring debut, and if Stuart Cavanaugh was trying to broker a deal with the couple to sign them to The Conglomerate. Showtime said that he and Bobbi were so excited to be a part of the Full Force Pro roster, and that they were looking forward to stepping in the ring here. But before he could get to answering any more questions, Stuart Cavanaugh showed up. Cavanaugh said that he needed to speak with Michael and Bobbi about an upcoming opportunity, and it needed to be behind closed doors. The couple then followed Cavanaugh, leaving the interview area and Charles South with still a couple of questions looming.

Kimber Stiles vs Anna Minster
Kimber Stiles had the power advantage, but Anna had an experience advantage, especially with her past title wins in FFP. Kimber used her strength to overpower Anna and hit a couple of big loves like a belly-to-belly suplex, a lariat and a gorilla press slam. Anna fought back, keying in on Kimber’s leg. But after a missed clothesline Stiles hit Anna with a lung blower. Kimber then proceeded to hit the Curb Stomp and pinned Anna for the three count.

After the match Kimber got on the microphone and guaranteed that at FFP Desperate Measures she would dethrone Noel Zelig as the FFP Ironwoman Champion. Noel came out and congratulated Kimber, saying Anna Minster and her had quite a history. But Zelig said that at Desperate Measures she would be bringing her absolute best, and Kimber would find out that the Ironwoman Title was the most important thing to her and that she wouldn’t let go of it without putting up the fight of her life.

Next we saw Camila Dinero, who was getting her nails done backstage. Tyrece Beckman approached her to get a word about Lacey Abernathy. Camila said that she had nothing to say about Lacey, because she was a better wrestler, that Lacey was nothing but a flash in the pan and living off of the past, and at Desperate Measures she’d prove it if Lacey actually had the guts to accept the match.

Lacey then stepped into view, almost startling Camila. Lacey said that she would gladly kick her ass at Desperate Measures. Lacey then shoved Camila and grabbed her hands. She purposely made the woman doing Camila’s nails mess up, getting the nail polish all over her fingers. Camila got up, scoffing at Lacey. The two began to brawl before security showed up.

Lafter w/ Lullaby vs Logan Christopher
This was a fast paced matchup. Lafter brawled with Logan, a FFP Hall of Famer and former World Champion. He raked Logan’s eyes to continue keeping the upperhand and planted him with a full nelson facebuster. Logan fought back, hitting a spinning heel kick and a back suplex. As Logan gained the momentum, SUCCUMB came down to the ring. This brought Logan’s tag partner Malakai out. Eventually, Caligula went after Malakai, but Logan hit a suicide dive which sent Caligula crashing into the steel guardrail. Logan went back in after Lafter, but Lafter kicked the middle rope which hit Logan in the groin. Lafter then planted Logan with a hard DDT. He covered Christopher, but Logan kicked out at the count of two.

Lafter then set Logan up for the Slow and Painful Death, but Logan escaped the move and hit Lafter with a Pelè kick. Logan then hoisted Lafter up and planted him with a Brainbuster. He ascended to the top rope, and hit the Shooting Star Press. As Logan made the cover, Caligula jumped into the ring and attacked Logan. The referee called for the bell as Lafter was disqualified due to the outside interference. Malakai jumped into the ring to assist his partner, going after Caligula. Lullaby also joined in on the brawl and was able to stack the deck for SUCCUMB. When the smoke cleared, Lafter, Lullaby and Caligula stood victorious in the brawl, but the fact was Logan Christopher had won the match.

February 23rd Full Force Pro heads back to the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden to present Desperate Measures! Don’t miss Noel Zelig put the Ironwoman Title on the line against 16-to-1 Tournament winner Kimber Stiles. We will also see a three-team Ladder Match for the FFP Tag Team Titles, and Miles Lynch defending the FFP World Championship!

Backstage we saw Kennedy Matthews alone in a hallway. She was on a cell phone, and quickly finished up the conversation. She noticed the camera and quickly made her exit before anyone could approach her. What was she doing?

Non-Title Match
Alexis Reed vs Ava St James w/ Simone Williams

This match had quite a bit of animosity in it. Ava immediately attacked Alexis as the champion got into the ring. Ava kept Reed down, at least down on her knees and hit a running boot to the head, then a running knee to the skull, knocking the champion down. Ava went for a quick pin, but Alexis fought out. St James continued pummeling Reed down, and eventually tossed her through the ropes and to the outside. Ava then grabbed ahold of the referee and began arguing with him. That opened up the opportunity for Simone to hit Alexis with a monstrous clothesline. She also rammed Reed into the steel guardrail then tossed her back into the ring.

As Alexis got back to her feet, Ava hit a swinging neckbreaker. She went for another pin. 1…2… and Reed kicked out. Ava couldn’t believe it, and looked out at Simone. Simone made the motion of Ava tossing Alexis back out to her. St James attempted it, but Alexis reverses and tossed Ava out, causing St James to fall out onto Simone. Ava and Simone began getting back to their feet, but Alexis climbed into the apron and hit an Asai moonsault.

Alexis then pulled Ava up and rolled her back into the ring. St James however quickly grabbed the referee and looked to be complaining about an injury. As Alexis pulled herself back up onto the apron, Simone grabbed her leg and pulled her off, forcing her to fall to the arena floor. Simone then pulled Reed up and hit a vicious powerbomb on the edge of the ring apron. Williams rolled Alexis back into the ring and Ava quickly let go of the ref and made the cover. 1…2…3, Ava St James had won the match, and earned herself a future Spirit Title shot.

Now we saw Matt Kraven backstage with Daniel Matthews by his side. Both were being looked at by EMTs, but obviously neither seemed to be interested in getting checked out any further. Matt told Daniel that the war with The Conglomerate was getting old. Daniel said that he wanted to not only tear Trent Wolfe apart, he wanted to destroy Cavanaugh’s group. Stuart Cavanaugh then showed up, saying that Matt started this fight, and The Conglomerate finished it. Matt said that if Cavanaugh’s group would actually fight fair, the war would already be over. Stuart said that no one would be able to beat The Conglomerate, and insinuated welcoming new members. Was he talking about Michael Showtime and Bobbi Jackson?

Ringside | In the Ring
Now we saw the FFP Tag Team Champions, Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan. The two came down to address the three-team Ladder Match at FFP Desperate Measures. Detmer said that Matt and Billy Rich, and Assault & Battery were great tag teams, but that they were on a quest to show the world that they were the greatest tag team to ever live. Better than Matt and Billy, better than Assault & Battery, even better than the FFP Hall of Fame tag team American Bulldogs.

Jason Ryan then added that the Ladder Match wasn’t quite their specialty, but inside the ring they were always ready to fight, ready to do whatever it takes and ready to win. He said that after Desperate Measures, we’d be looking at the retaining Tag Team Champions.

In March FFP will be heading off for it’s annual Tour or Japan. And the Tour of Japan’s biggest event will be the second annual Tokyo Rumble! Don’t miss it, coming to you live on March 16th from the Tokyo Dome!

Backstage | Interview Area
We cut to Adrianna Ocampa who was joined by Ava St James and Simone Williams. Adrianna asked Ava about her victory tonight over Alexis Reed, and when she planned on challenging for the FFP Spirit Title. Ava said that she already knew she’d win the match tonight, and that now it was just a matter of time before she’d raise the Spirit Championship high in the air. Adrianna said that many people felt like Ava was simply using Simone to get ahead in FFP, and that it was proven tonight when Simone helped Ava defeat Alexis. Ava quickly argued back, saying that she didn’t need help defeating Alexis because she was a much better wrestler. Then she said that as far as Simone went, Ava was helping Simone and the two of them would rise to the top of the Women’s Division. Ava and Simone then stormed off.

#1 Contender Battle Royal
To be honest, the wrestlers featured in the battle royal were no names. The FFP audience hasn’t seen any of the wrestlers, and didn’t really have one participant to root for. Brian Young one commentator explained that this had to be Stuart Cavanaugh’s doing to get Miles Lynch an easy opponent at Desperate Measures. When the last elimination occurred, the wrestler got a small response from the Knoxville crowd. Then Stuart Cavanaugh came out to congratulate the winner.

Miles Lynch came out next, going face-to-face with the winner. The size difference was laughable. Cavanaugh grabbed a microphone and began to announce the World Title Match at Desperate Measures. But he was interrupted by FFP Hall of Famer Patrick McCoy. The Knoxville crowd loved it, as McCoy grabbed a microphone and entered the ring. He said that the battle royal was bull crap and that Miles was having Cavanaugh set him up with an easy defense because he knew that he couldn’t get the job done in the ring. Stuart Cavanaugh tried to deny McCoy saying that the winner of the battle royal won fair and square.

Patrick continued, saying that if Lynch were a real man and a real champion he would defend the title against a decent wrestler, a good wrestler or maybe even a Hall of Famer like himself. Cavanaugh tried interrupting, saying that McCoy was just trying to interject himself into the title picture, but McCoy demanded that Cavanaugh let Miles talk for himself and stop being a “little bitch”. This seemed to bring Lynch to life. He stepped up and began trading insults with Patrick. And finally, the confrontation turned to a fight, with Patrick getting the upperhand and clotheslining Miles over the top rope.

Cavanaugh tried to deny McCoy’s attempt to get himself a World Title shot, but Miles Lynch stopped Cavanaugh, ripping the microphone out of his hand and telling Patrick that he would defend the World Title against him at Desperate Measures, and that he would end McCoy.

Ringside | In the Ring
Now the scene cut back to ringside. We saw the entrance of FFP Hall of Famer, former FFP World Champion, former Diamond Champion, Diamond Champion, Women’s Tag Team Champion, etc, etc…Brandi Moore! Brandi came out to a great response from the Knoxville crowd. She grabbed the microphone and waited for the crowd to die down, which took several moments.

Brandi then said that there was a lot of speculation regarding her announcement tonight, and that she didn’t want to come out and make a big deal about it or take the spotlight off of anyone else. Brandi said that she had been fighting a few injuries, and that after a lot of thinking and self evaluation, she decided that it was time for her to hang up her boots, and call it a career. Brandi said that she had a great career in Full Force Pro, that she was proud to have been involved since day one, and that in some kind of capacity, she’d like to be involved for as long as she can be.

Then, she was interrupted by familiar music. Music we had heard before. Music from another FFP Hall of Famer. Actually, the first Hall of Famer. It was Veronica Clyne! Veronica, who seemed to be retired as well, had a microphone in hand. The crowd greeted her with as much fanfare as they greeted Brandi. Veronica thanked them, and said that she had a proposition for Brandi. Veronica said that the feud between her and Brandi was arguably the most memorable and the hardest hitting in Full Force Pro history. Veronica said that before Brandi called it a career, why not the two of them go one-on-one, one last time. Veronica Clyne vs Brandi Moore at FFP Glory!

Brandi smiled. She said that it was an honor to feud with Veronica, and the two of them indeed beat the hell out of each other. Brandi said that she felt she had accomplished everything she needed to in FFP, but that one last match between Veronica and herself would be great. Brandi accepted, and said that at Glory in August, herself and Veronica would burn down the house one last time.

Veronica then joined Brandi in the ring. They embraced, and shook hands. FFP Glory can’t get here soon enough!

This Friday it’s FFP Winter Jam
• Tyreek Hyde & Luciana Nunez vs Daniel Matthews & Kennedy Matthews
• Morgan Landings & Giovanni Gotch vs Cooper Albright & Amy Kraven
• Aiden Conrad & Katsumi Akiyama vs Evan Kaine & Ava St James
• Deshaun Reed & Quinn Delaney vs Gabriel Nunez & Fiona Burke
• Who will win the mix-tag team tournament?!

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