02/12/2019 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

February 12, 2019
Brian Young
Morgan Alexander
Pittsburgh, PA

The show opened up with the entrance of The Conglomerate. Stuart Cavanaugh led his team to the ring, and they celebrated Trent Wolfe and how Wolfe put Daniel and Kennedy Matthews down at the end of the Winter Jam with a Singapore Cane. Daniel had been injured in the attack, and he and Kennedy were not here tonight.

Bryce Devlin vs Wyatt Cobb
These two had an altercation when Wyatt Cobb attacked Bryce backstage. So both wrestlers came out with a lot of intensity. Wyatt hit a flapjack, slapping Bryce face first into the mat, and continued hitting several kicks to the head. He spiked Devlin with a DDT, and then went for his finisher, Delight in Your Misery, but Devlin reversed it into a rollup, and surprisingly got a three count!

After the match Wyatt quickly blasted Devlin from behind with a clothesline. He pummeled Devlin with kicks and stomps and left the ring to a chorus of boos.

Now we see clips from the first ever FFP Winter Jam. The winners of the tournament, and the King and Queen of the Winter Jam was Evan Kaine and Ava St James.

Backstage | Interview Area
Now the scene cut backstage to Raquel St Claire who was joined with the King and Queen of the Winter Jam, Evan Kaine and Ava St James. Raquel mentioned that both of the wrestlers get a shot at a title of their choosing, but also Ava had a Spirit Title match tonight that she had already earned. Raquel asked if either of them had decided what title they would challenge for. Evan said that he had his sights set on the FFP Honor Title, but he had to think about it a little more. Ava said that all she was worried about at the moment was her match against Alexis Reed. Ava said that tonight she would walk out the new Spirit Champion, then she’d decide what other gold she’d chase here in FFP.

February 23rd Full Force Pro heads back to the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden to present Desperate Measures! Don’t miss Noel Zelig put the Ironwoman Title on the line against 16-to-1 Tournament winner Kimber Stiles. We will also see a three-team Ladder Match for the FFP Tag Team Titles, and Miles Lynch defending the FFP World Championship!

Las Mascaras de Sangre vs 60 Minute Men
A fast paced match that saw both teams control it at points. The 60 Minute Men used power to get the advantage, but Ochoa and Red Devil cut the ring in half, and Red Devil used his speed to get the uppperhand on Tyler Cook. Ochoa then got the tag in and planted Charles Vornholt with the Burning Hammer for the three count.

After the match Giuliana Rubio got on the microphone and said that Las Mascaras de Sangre was an up and coming tag team in Full Force Pro, and before long they’d be the most dominant tag team in FFP history. Morgan Alexander talked about how Giuliana was so beautiful and stunning. Brian Young said she seemed fairly conceited and selfish.

Backstage | Stuart Cavanaugh’s Office
Next we saw the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch talking with Stuart Cavanaugh. Miles said that tonight he wanted a match, that way he could get warmed up for his title match at Desperate Measures. After a moment of pondering, Cavanaugh decided that Lynch would face Malakai tonight in a non-title match.

Now we saw Malaya Diyosa and Mercedes Fairfax heading toward the entrance area. Malaya was scheduled to face Zoey Kiehl here tonight, but Malaya stopped Mercedes and talked to her about her being the one to face Zoey. Malaya said that Zoey didn’t deserve to put her hands on Malaya, and honestly Mercedes had to be ready to get a victory over Zoey since Zoey got lucky and beat Mercedes. Mercedes agreed to the switch.

Zoey Kiehl vs Mercedes Fairfax w/ Malaya Diyosa
Mercedes came out wanting to beat Zoey and even the score when it came to their one-on-one matches. Zoey was able to overpower Mercedes, but Malaya got up onto the apron to force a distraction. Whether she distract Zoey or the referee, it seemed she would be content with either. The referee was the one distracted, but Zoey put Mercedes down with a spinning clothesline, then knocked Malaya off the apron with a running knee strike.

Zoey then went toward Mercedes, but she was able to hook Zoey into a small package. Kiehl kicked out at the count of two, and when the two got back to their feet Zoey hit a roundhouse kick, then threw Fairfax to the mat with a German suplex. Zoey then made motion for her finisher, the Blue Thunder Bomb. But before she could hit the move, Malaya Diyosa slid into the ring and hit Zoey with a double axehandle to the back. Diyosa put the boots to Kiehl before hoisting her up and hitting the Maximum Overdrive.

Malaya and Mercedes then tied Zoey up in the ropes and hit her with several punches as well as knife edge chops across her chest. Finally FFP officials rushed to the ring and was able to get High Society to leave.

In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where the FFP Tag Team Champions Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan came out. They hyped the three-team Ladder Match at Desperate Measures, saying it’ll be the match of the night, but they’ll walk in with the Tag Team Titles, and they’ll walk out with them as well.

Assault & Battery then came out, and they said that Detmer and Ryan were good, but that their success in FFP was already documented, and they’d continue that success at Desperate Measures.

Of course this brought out Matt and Billy Rich. The Rich Brothers brought up their recent success in FFP, and claimed that they would be the ones walking out with the Tag Team Titles.

The scene cut to outside of Stuart Cavanaugh’s office where Tyrece Beckman was beside him. Stuart Cavanaugh said that he had asked Tyrece to meet with him so he could make an announcement. Stuart then announced that at Desperate Measures Duncan Wright Jr would defend the Adrenaline Title in a rematch against Deshaun Reed. Cavanaugh then promise that if DW Jr needed backup, The Conglomerate would indeed be there.

Non-Title Match
Miles Lynch vs Malakai

Malakai came out using his speed to evade the World Champion, while also hitting effective strikes. Miles got ahold of Malakai and used his brawling to beat him down. On paper obviously Lynch had a huge advantage over Malakai. In fact it seemed as if that was the reason Cavanaugh chose Malakai. But when Miles Lynch set Malakai up for a Northern Lights Bomb and Malakai reversed it into a skull rattling DDT, the tide seemed to change. Malakai then climbed to the top rope and hit a picture perfect 450 Splash. He hooked the leg of the champion. 1…2…3!

Malakai had just pulled the biggest upset of his career. He defeated the World Champion.

As Malakai celebrated his victory, Miles attacked him from behind. After flooring the rookie, Lynch hit him with the Northern Lights Bomb. Lynch then stood over Malakai holding the World Title in his hand.

Backstage | Interview Area
Kade Haddix was backstage with Adrianna Ocampo. Ocampo spoke with Kade about Noel Zelig and her upcoming match with Kimber Stiles at Desperate Measures, as well as Kade’s next goal in FFP. Kade guaranteed that his girl would win at Desperate Measures, and said that anyone who was anyone would want the World Championship. Joey DeMarco then stepped up and said that if Kade wanted to be taken seriously, he would need to beat a former World Champion. Kade then challenged DeMarco to a match next week. Joey was happy to accept.

FFP Spirit Title
(c) Alexis Reed vs Ava St James w/ Simone Williams

Another back and forth matchup. Ava St James had won the right to challenge Alexis Reed with the help of Simone Williams, so Alexis attempted to keep her head on a swivel. Reed was a good technical wrestler, but took Ava down and brawled with her, hitting strikes and knees before getting her back to her feet and hitting a couple of suplexes. St James fought back with a shoulder to the ribs, and a shuffling kick to the chest. Ava then tossed Alexis out of the ring and grabbed the referee.

Simone approaches Alexis, surely trying to do some damage, but Reed hit Simone with a hard Superkick. Simone stumbled back, and Alexis charged. She hopped up, going for a Frankensteiner, but Simone held onto Alexis, stopping her in the air. Simone then slammed Alexis down back first on the ring apron. A powerbomb just like last week! Simone then pulled Alexis up and tossed her back in the ring. Ava quickly made the cover. 1…2… and Alexis got her foot on the bottom rope!

Ava couldn’t believe it. She screamed at Alexis and hit her with a couple right hands to the head. She pulled Reed away from the ropes and went for another pin. But Alexis kicked out at two. So Ava backed away. And as Alexis got back to her feet, the challenger charged. But Reed ducked and back body dropped Ava over the ropes. Ava landed on her feet on the ring apron, but Reed hit her with a kick to the side of the head that sent Ava crashing down into Simone. Simone caught Ava, but before she could do anything else Alexis hit a beautiful suicide dive, flooring Simone and Ava.

Reed pulled Ava up and shoved her back into the ring. As Ava tried crawling away Alexis grabbed her leg. But Ava kicked her, sending her to her knees on the outside. St James then grabbed the referee again, complaining about Alexis and claiming she was cheating. This opened up the opportunity for Simone to grab Reed, hoist her up and hit ANOTHER powerbomb on the ring apron!

Simone tossed the Champion back into the ring and Ava quickly made the cover. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! Ava St James had won the FFP Spirit Title!

Morgan Alexander stood and clapped, saying that Ava was quite possibly the most beautiful woman on the roster, and she fought and fought and finally won the Spirit Title. Brian Young pointed out all the interference from Simone Williams, but Morgan accused Young of always being so negative.

Backstage we saw a dark room. One candle. The group SUCCUMB was in the room. It was Lullaby who spoke, while Lafter and Caligula stood behind her. She warned Logan Christopher and Malakai, saying that they weren’t finished with the Mile High Club. Lullaby then warned Full Force Pro in general, saying everyone will succumb.

In March FFP will be heading off for it’s annual Tour or Japan. And the Tour of Japan’s biggest event will be the second annual Tokyo Rumble! Don’t miss it, coming to you live on March 16th from the Tokyo Dome!

Next the scene cut backstage to the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Lizzy Kraven and Suki Okada. They were talking about upcoming challengers for their titles. Then, Lizzy’s Lipstick & Powerbombs partner Olivia Lee entered the picture. She talked to the team for a moment. When Lizzy had to step away for a moment, Suki and Olivia seemed to have a little tension between them. Weeks ago Suki claimed that Olivia was probably jealous that she wasn’t a part of their team anymore, so Olivia piped up and said that she was happy for the two, and although she missed being in the ring, she wasn’t jealous. Suki said, “oh, okay”, and left the scene.

FFP Network Title
Austin Briggs Open Challenge

Austin Briggs came out and talked some trash on the microphone. He asked if anyone had the guts to come out and try to take the Network Title from him. The Pittsburgh crowd was ecstatic to see the entrance of FFP’s newest duo, Michael Showtime and Bobbi Jackson! The place blew up as the hometown heroes walked down the isle. They got into the ring and stood in front of Austin Briggs. Briggs asked them who they were, but as Showtime answered Austin blindsided him with a right hand.

The bell rang as Bobbi left the ring, and Briggs continued striking Showtime. Michael tried fighting back, but Briggs cut him off with a kick to the gut. He then whipped the challenger into the ropes and hit a huge spinebuster. Austin called for his Brainbuster. He hoisted Michael up, but Showtime was able to use momentum to go up and over Briggs. When he turned around to face Showtime, Briggs fell victim to a hard knee to the jaw. Briggs stumbled back, then forward. Showtime then hit a kick to the gut, and planted Austin with the Pedigree! Was that it?! Would Michael Showtime win the FFP Network Title in his first match?!

Showtime could have went for a pinfall. Briggs looked to be out. But the challenger opted for a different option. He hooked Briggs in the Show-Shooter. Briggs was in pain. He reached out, trying so hard to get to the ropes. Trying so hard to keep a hold of the Network Championship. Austin clawed and clawed, moving little by little toward the ropes. But Showtime had the hold locked in, and he began to wrench back further and further. Briggs’ back had to be on fire. And after grueling moments locked in the hold, he tapped out. Michael Showtime had won the Network Title in his debut match!

The crowd went bananas! The referee handed the hometown boy the Network Title. His beautiful wife joined him in the ring. They kissed and embraced, and Showtime proudly held the title in the air. The crowd broke out in “Showtime, Showtime” chants.

Stuart Cavanaugh was then shown on the entrance stage, smiling and clapping. Cavanaugh had been teasing Showtime and Bobbi joining The Conglomerate. Cavanaugh was obviously happy with tonight’s outcome.

Next Week On Tuesday Night Wrestling
• The last TnW before Desperate Measures!
• What will Alexis Reed’s reaction be to losing the Spirit Title to Ava St James?
• Is Michael Showtime and Bobbi Jackson a part of The Conglomerate?
• Bobbi Jackson makes her official FFP in-ring debut!

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