Brandi Moore Calls It a Career

The FFP Hall of Famer has decided to call it a career.

If you’re a fan of Full Force Pro, you clearly know who Brandi Moore is. Hall of Famer, former World Champion, former Diamond Champion, and the list goes on and on. Truly one of (if not THE) greatest FFP superstar(s) of all time.

When you say the name “Brandi Moore”, your mind could go to a million different things. Obviously her extremely good looks. Her very open personality, especially in her early days of FFP. Her stellar career, both as a singles competitor as well as tag team. Bottom line is, Brandi Moore has had the career that aspiring superstars would salivate at the chance of.

Brandi started out in Full Force Pro as the girlfriend and manager of Logan Christopher. Accompanying Logan to his matches, including the first match in FFP history, Logan vs Caleb Newstead. And Brandi played a pretty big part in the match, being inadvertently struck, which caused a distraction leading to a Caleb Newstead victory. That would be a sign of things to come, as eventually Brandi turned on Logan for Caleb, joining Newstead and his stable known as Simply the Best.

“I was excited to add Brandi to the group,” Caleb Newstead told us. “Simply the Best was going to be the group that dominated, and we needed a talented woman. Brandi caught my eye right away. And it so happened that she wanted a chance to really shine, so she jumped ship. And the rest is history.”

While being teamed up with Simply the Best, Brandi worked on her in-ring skills. And on October 4, 2008 she won a Triple Threat Match (also including Veronica Clyne and Firefly) to become the very first FFP Diamond Champion. After 91 days as Champion, Brandi finally lost the title to Christi Carter. However, Brandi won it back from Christi on March 28, 2009. Brandi went on to hold the Diamond Title another four times. She won the Diamond Title more times than anyone in the title’s history, six times.

Speaking of multiple titles…

Seduction Inc dominated the Diamond Tag Team Division.

Brandi introduced the world to her BFF Taylor Clawson in Simply the Best’s early days. The two gorgeous, sexy, incredible blondes teamed up to make up the team of Seduction Inc. They teased all the men, they beat up all the women and they didn’t apologize for any of it. And on November 1, 2008 Brandi and Taylor became the first ever FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions.

“I’ve known Brandi for so long. We’ve been like sisters for so long,” Taylor Clawson said. “We always had so much fun together, and we decided to just transfer that to FFP. We’d tease poor Michael Graham so much. And we’d just dominate the ring. Like mean girls, who can actually fight.”

The duo would end up losing the titles only a week later to Veronica Clyne in a handicap match, but Seduction Inc reclaimed the titles four days later. In the seven year history of the Diamond Tag Team Titles, Seduction Inc held the titles a record setting seven times.

“Gosh, we were always winning titles. I know it sounds cocky,” Clawson told us with a smile on her face. “Diamond Tag Champs, Women’s Tag Champs. But Brandi always seemed to have the singles success. I won the Diamond Title later on, but I could never reach Brandi’s singles success. She’s without a doubt the best woman wrestler to ever step foot in FFP.”

Hot. Dangerous. And intelligent.

Now you’ve probably noticed a name that continues to be repeated in this article. Veronica Clyne. Brandi and Veronica were involved in possibly the most hate filled feud in FFP history. It all started when Brandi injured Veronica with a running knee to the skull, a move she would later coin “The End Game”. Veronica came back, ready to take Brandi out and win herself the Diamond Title.

On March 28, 2009 Brandi and Veronica both took part in an elimination four-way match for Brandi’s Diamond Title. The match also involved Taylor Clawson and Madison Grey, but the Brandi/Veronica feud took center stage. And as Veronica locked Brandi in the Sharpshooter and it looked as if she finally won the Diamond Title, her boyfriend at the time Matt Kraven hit her with a Superkick. Brandi got the three count, retained the title, and also stole Kraven away from Veronica.

“That was so intense. It was so emotional. I visited Veronica in the hospital after Brandi gave her the concussion, then we started dating,” the former owner of FFP Matt Kraven told, “And then all the sudden boom, I Superkick Veronica in the middle of the ring. Brandi wins, and then it’s the Matt Kraven and Brandi Moore show.”

Veronica did eventually win the Diamond Title from Brandi in April of 2009 in a Ladder Match. But the feud was far from over. In fact, these two continued to have hard hitting and intense matches for years to come. But eventually, the two joined forces to create The Kingdom, a stable that looked to tear down Matt Kraven and take over FFP. The group added many members and did a fine job at causing chaos, but eventually Brandi was kicked out of the group. And in 2014 they lost their fight for FFP.

An in-ring career that began in 2007 and went to 2019. Absolutely impressive.

Brandi laid low for a while, still winning titles with Taylor Clawson. But eventually the group split. And on August 27, 2017 Brandi Moore vs Taylor Clawson main evented FFP’s biggest event of the year, FFP Glory (then known as Blaze of Glory).

“Seduction Inc main eventing FFP Glory was huge,” Taylor Clawson stated. “Every tag team splits one day, but to main event the biggest show of the year is so cool. I always knew that when we’d clash, I’d be in for a hell of a fight.”

The two feuded like many tag teams eventually do, but after awhile things got patched up. However Brandi’s career was still going up, and she was about to do something that she had never done before.

On September 17, 2017 at FFP Lethal Injection, Odell Porter successfully defended the FFP World Championship against Mikhail Vakhrov. And after winning the match, ATM cashed in his ANY Case. Odell was able to defeat ATM, but was attacked by ATM after the match. This brought out the Women’s ANY Case holder, Brandi Moore. Moore cashed in and defeated Odell, becoming only the fourth woman in history to hold the FFP World Championship. In fact, no woman has held the title since Brandi.

“I remember that night so well,” Matt Kraven recollected. “When ATM came out everyone was like, ‘oh he’s cashing in’. Then he lost and everything settled for a second. Then it was like, ‘here comes Brandi!’ First time ever to see back to back cash ins. Of course it would be Brandi to do another first-ever.”

Brandi and Taylor were feuding at this time, and ended up going head-to-head to main event FFP The Haunting and FFP Rebirth in 2017. Unfortunately on January 10, 2018 on a special episode of Wednesday Warfare, the duo main evented for the World Championship again but the match ended in a no contest due to an injury Brandi sustained. Days later, Brandi vacated the World Championship. And sadly, that was the last title that Brandi Moore held in Full Force Pro.

“We all knew something was wrong,” FFP Hall of Famer Daniel Matthews remembered. “We just knew that there was a problem and that the match was done. When they wheeled out the stretcher, it really hit home. No one wants to lose a match that way, let alone have to relinquish the most important title in our sport like that.”

Brandi made her return to the ring after the injury and even took FFP Women’s Champion Masina to the limit in a couple of matches. But it was on February 5, 2019 that Brandi came out on an episode of Tuesday Night Wrestling and announced that she was going to hang up her boots, and call it a career. And after the announcement was made, Veronica Clyne came out to issue one last challenge to Brandi Moore. The Brandi Moore vs Veronica Clyne feud would have one final chapter. Brandi Moore vs Veronica Clyne at FFP’s biggest pay-per-view of the year FFP Glory in Cincinnati, Ohio!

“One more time. Brandi vs Veronica, one more time,” Veronica Clyne said. “I guess I’m retired too, although I’ve gotten back into the ring a little here and there. But I knew that if Brandi Moore was going to end her career, we needed to have one more match. We always brought the best out in each other. And at Glory we will get to do that one more time. Buckle up Cincinnati. Buckle up FFP fans. One last time, Brandi vs Veronica.”

It’s sad to know that Brandi Moore is going to retire. It’s sad to know that we will not longer see Brandi make that trademark sexy entrance, most likely carrying some kind of championship down to the ring. But the memories are still there. So many memories. Brandi as the Diamond Champion, as the World Champions, and all those Tag Titles with Taylor Clawson (and one Women’s Tag Team Title reign with Amy Kraven). In an old article written about Brandi it stated that if FFP ever created a Hall of Fame that Brandi would be a no-brainer. And she absolutely was. Her and Taylor were inducted into the first class of the FFP Hall of Fame in 2015.

Her legacy will live in on and on the FFP Network. It’s absolutely a bummer to say goodbye to such a talented professional wrestler, but we are sure we will see Brandi around FFP in some other role. Or at least we can hope.

Congratulations Brandi. You’re one of a kind.

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