02/19/2019 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

February 19, 2019
Brian Young
Morgan Alexander
Boston, MA

The show began with the entrance of The Conglomerate. Brian Young made mention that it seemed as if this was a Tuesday night tradition, for Stuart Cavanaugh to parade his stable out for everyone to see. Morgan Alexander said that it was great to see them, and warned Brian that he shouldn’t be so critical about the boss. Cavanaugh got in the ring and grabbed a microphone. He talked about how great his stable was and how after Desperate Measures they’d have even more gold in the group.

Then, Cavanaugh talked about how he had promised something special. But before he could say much, Patrick McCoy made his entrance. McCoy said that since Malakai beat Miles Lynch last week, he deserved something in return. McCoy suggested that if Malakai beat him again tonight, that he should be added to the World Title Match at Desperate Measures. Miles and Stuart Cavanaugh scoffed at the idea. But Patrick kept on, saying he knew Miles was afraid that he’d lost tonight, and then have no chance at Desperate Measures facing both McCoy and Malakai. Lynch said he knew what McCoy was trying to do, and he wouldn’t bite. But, moments later after more trash talk, Miles agreed to the stipulation tonight. If Malakai could beat Miles again, he’d be put in the World Title Match at Desperate Measures!

Abdul Kassab vs Gabriel Nunez w/ Luciana Nunez
A fast paced matchup for sure. These two guys went at it. High impact moves, moves off the top rope, and an attempted running powerbomb over the ropes and to the floor but reversed into a frankensteiner. Kassab got the upperhand off the frankensteiner and hit an Asai moonsault on the floor. He sent Gabriel back into the ring and set him up for the Israeli Destroyer, but Luciana got on the apron to distract Abdul. Lucky for Abdul, Fiona Burke made her way out to ringside. She grabbed a hold of Luciana by her leg and pulled her from the ring apron. This opened up the opportunity for Abdul to his his Israeli Destroyer and get the three count.

After the match Luciana and Fiona brawled at ringside. The two had heat from Fiona’s teaming with Gabriel Nunez at the Winter Jam. Brian young made mention again of the very bizarre relationship between the brother/sister duo of Gabriel and Luciana. The brawl ended when Fiona took Luciana into the ring and hit her with the FAB Drop!

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut backstage to Raquel St Claire who was joined with Kimber Stiles. Stiles would be challenging Noel Zelig for the FFP Ironwoman Title this weekend at Desperate Measures. Raquel asked Kimber about her preparation for this monumental moment. Kimber said that she has been training hard to be ready for what she knows will be a hard hitting match. But Stiles said that she was 100% positive that she would be able to take the title away from Noel. Kimber said that she was sure that Noel was probably scared, and most likely would want her boyfriend Kade Haddix to come down to ringside with her just in case she needs help. Kimber said that she could bring Kade, because either way Stiles was going to defeat Zelig and finally put a stop to her title reign.

February 23rd Full Force Pro heads back to the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden to present Desperate Measures! Don’t miss Noel Zelig put the Ironwoman Title on the line against 16-to-1 Tournament winner Kimber Stiles. We will also see a three-team Ladder Match for the FFP Tag Team Titles, and Miles Lynch defending the FFP World Championship!

60 Minute Men vs Internet Darlings
A very competitive tag team match. It’s always refreshing to see a wrestling match that has a lot of mutual respect between the competitors. This was this match. Handshakes before the match, plenty of great wrestling, and handshakes afterward. Morgan Alexander kept saying that he wanted to see one of the teams do the other dirty by hitting them from behind or landing some kind of cheap shot. But that wasn’t the case. Hayden Flowers looked to go for the win with the Frog Splash, but Ernie Harlow got his knees up. Ernie then hit the Tower of London on Hayden for the three count. A big win for the team of the 60 Minute Men.

Backstage | Stuart Cavanaugh’s Office
Now the scene cut to Stuart Cavanaugh’s office where Luciana Nunez barged in. Nunez demanded that she get a shot at Fiona Burke as soon as possible for messing with her and her brother. Stuart asked Luciana about her relationship with Gabriel, but then said that he actually didn’t want to know. He announced that on the FFP’s upcoming Tour of Japan, he would have the two lock horns.

Backstage | Interview Area
Now we saw Tyrece Beckman with the FFP Ironwoman Champion Noel Zelig. Tyrece asked Noel about Kimber’s comments earlier, and her confidence in her winning at Desperate Measures. Noel said that confidence is a good thing to have, but like anything else too much is a bad thing. She said that she has proudly defended the Ironwoman Title all over and she was looking forward to adding one more name to the List of Zelig.

Zoey Kiehl vs Anna Minster
A technical matchup with both women being careful not to make mistakes. After hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Zoey went up top and hit a missile dropkick. She went for the Blue Thunder Bomb, but Anna escaped out and hit Zoey with a STO. Minster then set Zoey up for the Exploder Suplex, but Kiehl was able to reverse into a pinning combination. The referee made the count, and Zoey got the three count.

After the match, High Society came to the ring. As Zoey got to her feet, she knew she was in for a fight, and immediately went after Malaya and Mercedes. The numbers game was too much, and like weeks before, Malaya and Mercedes pummeled Zoey. Morgan Alexander said that if only Zoey would have accepted High Society’s invite, none of this would be happening.

Bobbi Jackson vs Roxi Haacke
A clash of styles as Bobbi attempted to technically outwrestle Roxi while Haacke used her strength and power to try to gain the victory. Bobbi worked on Roxi’s lower back, setting her up for the Show-Shooter. But Haacke gained the upperhand with a monstrous clothesline and a Samoan Drop. Roxi then took Bobbi up to the top rope and hit a superplex. She went for the cover, but Bobbi kicked out at two. Haacke hoisted Jackson up and went for her Running Powerslam, but Bobbi was able to slip off of Roxi’s shoulder and hit her with a spinebuster. She then locked Roxi in the Show-Shooter in the center of the ring. Haacke screamed out and reached for the ropes, but couldn’t take the pain. She tapped out.

An impressive debut for Bobbi Jackson for sure.

The scene cut backstage where we saw Matt Kraven. Kraven hyped up his match with Kratos, saying that at Desperate Measures he’d take out The Conglomerate’s big man. Kraven said that the numbers game continued to go against him, but Saturday would be a different story.

FFP Network Title
(c) Michael Showtime vs Austin Briggs

Another back and forth match. Austin Briggs was determined to win back the FFP Network Championship. And when he rocked Showtime with a running knee to the side of the head, and turned it into a neckbreaker, the champion looked stunned. Austin pulled him up and set him up for the Brainbuster, but somehow Showtime reversed into a small package. The referee made a two count before the champion kicked out. Both men quickly got to their feet, but Briggs hit a Superkick, something Austin wasn’t that known for. He then grabbed a hold of Michael and dumped him over with a belly to back suplex. After a knee drop across the head, Austin pulled Showtime up again, and planted him with the Brainbuster. Was Austin Briggs going to win back the Network Title?

1…2… and Showtime got his foot on the ropes, just before the three count. The crowd couldn’t believe it. Neither could Austin, who immediately turned to the referee and yelled at him to learn how to do his job. Austin pulled Michael up again and looked to be going for another Brainbuster, but Showtime spun out of Austin’s grip and hit him with a spinning back elbow. Showtime hit an array of kicks and punches followed by a hard elbow that nearly sent Austin to his back. Michael then hit a kick to the gut and planted the challenger with the Pedigree. He flipped Briggs over and made the cover. 1…2…3! Michael Showtime had retained the Network Title in one hell of a match!

Backstage | Interview Area
Now we caught up with Raquel St Claire in the interview area with FFP Adrenaline Champion Duncan Wright Jr. Raquel asked Duncan about all the rumors and hints that he was going to be the next member of The Conglomerate. DW Jr said that he tries not to pay attention to rumor and innuendo, and instead is focusing on his match with Deshaun Reed at Desperate Measures. Duncan said that he was so proud to be the Adrenaline Champion, and he knows that Deshaun will giving it everything he has at Desperate Measures this Saturday. Raquel brought The Conglomerate up again and Duncan quickly shut it down, saying maybe they had an interest in him, but he was only concerned with preparing for his match this weekend.

FFP Spirit Title
(c) Ava St James w/ Simone Williams vs Alexis Reed
This match had some animosity. Of course Alexis came out on fire, trying to get the best of Ava and not leave it in the hands of her and Simone Williams. In fact, after Alexis hit a tilt-a-whirl slam, she hit the ropes and delivered an over the top suicide dive to Simone. Alexis got back into the ring and continued working Ava St James down. Reed went for the Split-Legged Death Valley Driver, but St James was able to slid off of her shoulders, and plant her with a full-nelson facebuster. St James rolled Reed over and made the pin, but Reed kicked out at two. Ava continued her attack, pummeling the challengers with punches and forearms. Then she went for another pin, but again only got a two count.

Eventually Alexis was able to regain the upperhand, back body dropping Ava over the top rope. St James landed on her feet on the apron, but Alexis hit her with a pele kick which sent Ava crashing to the arena floor. Alexis then climbed to the top rope. Simone Williams stood in front of Ava, daring Alexis to dive down on her. After a brief moment of thought, Alexis did exactly that. She dove off the top rope and knocked Simone to the arena floor. But the move did a number on Alexis as well. Ava quickly pulled Alexis up by her hair and whipped her back into the ring. Then, she went in after her. She pulled the challenger up and slammed her to the mat with a Straight-Jacket Powerbomb. St James then made the cover. 1…2…3! Ava St James had won the match, and retained the Spirit Title.

But the referee didn’t catch that Alexis had gotten her foot on the bottom rope, but Simone Williams quickly slapped it off. Either way, Ava St James was the winner.

Backstage we saw Evan Kaine who was talking with his girlfriend and valet Randi Wilson. In the middle of their conversation, Anthony Farrow walked by. Evan quickly attacked him from behind. The two immediately engaged in a hard hitting brawl trading hard punches and attempting to slam each other down on the concrete floor. Security quickly arrived and attempted to pull the two men apart. It took many security team members to do so. Stuart Cavanaugh also arrived, screaming at the two to separate. Cavanaugh then said that if the two wanted to fight so bad, at Desperate Measures he’d put them in a First Blood Match. The Boston crowd cheered loud at the announcement.

In March FFP will be heading off for it’s annual Tour or Japan. And the Tour of Japan’s biggest event will be the second annual Tokyo Rumble! Don’t miss it, coming to you live on March 16th from the Tokyo Dome!

Now we cut back to the backstage area where Giuliana Rubio was with her stable Cartel De Rubio. Giuliana was hyping the team up, saying that even though they weren’t booked tonight and they weren’t booked at Desperate Measures that their time to show the world who they are is now. She said that going into the Tour of Japan and into the Tokyo Rumble, Cidio, Ochoa and Red Devil will prove to the world that they are the most dominant group in Full Force Pro history.

Non-Title Match | If Malakai Wins, He Joins the World Title Match at Desperate Measures
Miles Lynch w/ The Conglomerate vs Malakai
A fast paced match, which seemed to favor Malakai. Lynch wasn’t a stranger to using speed in his matches, but he attempted to wear Malakai down and outwrestle him, down on the mat. Lynch was successful early on, grounding the high flyer, but after a missed clothesline which led to Malakai hitting a loud roundhouse kick, Malakai got the advantage. Then, he went up top. And that is where Malakai shined. After hitting a beautiful moonsault for a two count, Malakai hit a lung blower. Then he went back up top and hit a five-star frog splash. He went for a pin. 1…2… and Miles kicked out. So close from Malakai joining the main event of Desperate Measures and getting a shot at the World Title.

Lynch gained the advantage with a running knee to the back when Lux got onto the apron and caused a distraction. Lynch then hit Malakai with a bunch of power moves. A gourdbuster, a DDT, and a falcon arrow, followed by a powerbomb. Then, a running soccer kick across the chest. Lynch went for a pin, but only got a two count. So he pulled Malakai up and set him up for the Northern Lights Bomb. But Malakai fought free with a couple of punches, and sent Miles to the mat with a frankensteiner. Lux got onto the apron again, to the enjoyment of Morgan Alexander who couldn’t put over her hourglass figure enough. But Malakai hit the ropes, and smacked Lynch with a dropkick to the face. However, when he sprung off the ropes it sent Lux crashing to the arena floor. Morgan Alexander began screaming about how Malakai should be disqualified.

The referee went to the side of the ring to check on Lux. Meanwhile, Zeke of Population Control retrieved the World Championship and slid it into the ring to Miles. Lynch grabbed hold and as Malakai was also turned to make sure Lux was okay, feeling guilty that he caused her to fall, Lynch smacked him in the back of the head with the belt. Miles tossed the belt out of the ring, pulled Malakai up and planted him with the Northern Lights Bomb. Lynch made the cover, and Stuart Cavanaugh demanded that the referee pay no attention to Lux, but make the count. The referee did just that, and Miles Lynch got the three count.

After the match Patrick McCoy came out. He and Miles went face to face with a lot of trash talk. The Conglomerate got into the ring and stood behind Miles just in case the confrontation got physical. The show came to an end with the two nose-to-nose. Miles Lynch vs Patrick McCoy for the FFP World Title this Saturday at Desperate Measures. Don’t miss it!

This Saturday at Desperate Measures
• Miles Lynch defends the World Title against Patrick McCoy
• Noel Zelig defends the Ironwoman Title against Kimber Stiles
• The FFP Tag Team Titles will be on the line in a three-team ladder match
• Lacey Abernathy vs Camila Dinero
• Matt Kraven vs Kratos
• And much more!

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