A New Ironwoman Champion

On Saturday, February 23rd live from Madison Square Garden, we saw one of the most impressive title reigns come to an end.

In the second to last match of the annual February pay-per-view Desperate Measures, Kimber Stiles defeated Noel Zelig to become the second FFP Ironwoman Champion. The match was incredible. But the ending was controversial, and heartbreaking.

Noel Zelig won the FFP Ironwoman Championship on April 24, 2018 at FFP Devastation, defeating Anna Minster in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match. She would go on to defend the title successfully against many great women wrestlers in FFP, including two Hall of Famers. She even got to the point where she had a list of women she wanted the honor of defending the championship against.

She defended the title against Quinn Delaney, Katsumi Akiyama and FFP Hall of Famer Veronica Clyne in her first three defenses. Talk about a who’s who of FFP women wrestlers, with all of them being a former champion, whether it be FFP Women’s, FFP Diamond or even FFP World! But the difficult defenses didn’t stop there. Next she defended against Fiona Burke, Hisoka Li and Zoey Kiehl. Then, another FFP Hall of Famer Nina Fox.

After that she headed to London and defeated Yuriko Fuji, and a month later came to the states to defend against Keira Brimm. She continued on her winning ways defending against Akane Mae and Quinn Delaney again, before defending the title three times against Lucy Baddock in the span of two months.

A total of 14 successful title defenses in ten months, not too bad considering the competition she faced. But after Kimber Stiles had won the 16-to-1 Tournament earlier this year, which guaranteed her a shot at the Ironwoman Championship, Kimber stood in front of Noel with nothing but confidence. And after winning the title, she slapped Noel across the face just to let her know that she meant business.

The two had an incredible match at Desperate Measures, with quite a controversial ending. Noel’s boyfriend Kade Haddix came down to the ring to argue with the referee about something that occurred in the match. But in the midst of all of this, it looked as if Kade had accidentally spit water in the eyes of Noel. This led to Kimber Stiles being able to get the three count and end the 300-day title reign of Noel Zelig. But after Kade got in the ring and seemed concerned about Noel, he turned on her, hitting her with a shot to the face and kissing Kimber.

Noel’s title reign was a whopping 300 days long. And even though it was only the very first Ironwoman Title reign, the reign goes down as the eighth longest title reign in Full Force Pro history.

We congratulate Noel Zelig on her incredible title reign, and wish to see nothing but greatness for her in the future. And we also congratulate the new Ironwoman Champion Kimber Stiles. Kimber is a young, confident strong woman who could very well surpass Noel’s title reign. Let’s wait and see what happens.

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